whats better for drop shipping expressfy or aliexpress dropshipping?

ALIEXPRESS VERSUS ALIBABA! WHICH is Better for DROPSHIPPING! and this video I'm going to give you th


Updated on Jan 14,2023


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whats better for drop shipping expressfy or aliexpress dropshipping? catalogs


and this video I'm going to give you the,difference between Alibaba and,Aliexpress what's the difference what,are they for how to use them which one,is better for all sell which was better,for dropshipping can you use Alibaba for,dropshipping all of that kind of stuff,going to share in this video and the,reason why I want to talk about this is,because I think there are so many,misconceptions kind of people talking,about that have no idea what they're,talking about so after living in China,now for the last seven years and I speak,Chinese and I have a sourcing company in,China we actually have employees that we,pay salaries and Scholz of social,insurances and all that kind of stuff,like a actual real business and not just,some freelancers working somewhere so,what I want to talk to you about is,exactly that Aliexpress versus Alibaba,what is it what does it mean what do you,do with it and give you my take on that,based on all the sourcing experience,that we have here on the ground in China,so very briefly Alibaba is a wholesale,company so how about how Alibaba started,basically Alibaba was one of the biggest,changes that happened in China and China,have the big increase in business,because if you think back China was the,the the country that was really cheap to,produce things but it wasn't always the,country of production before things were,made locally in your new local domestic,countries but then China raised up to it,and and started to preview things really,really affordably and that attracted a,lot of business from everywhere around,the world everyone wanted to buy in,China everyone started buying in China,well the difference is although the,difficulty then was trust how do you,trust someone who is in China who you,have never seen who you've never spoken,to you've never visited how do you trust,that first tool you know receive your,money and actually deliver the product,that you want to in the quality that you,want to and based on that that was the,whole premise of how Alibaba started and,Alibaba is founded by a guy called,Chacma or Chinese money and he's founded,the company and he wanted to put the,trust in it he wanted to have a platform,that is act like a broker to me in,between the companies that order in,China and the companies that produce in,China and that kind of companies that,were that it all dropshipping wasn't,even a thing it didn't exist,so alababama first and it was just where,companies abroad bought big bold orders,of staff in China so the wholesalers and,everyone came bought these things in,China and that is why Alibaba,traditionally is a whole set platform,where people that sum up Amazon where,people that buy in bulk where whole,sellers Heather sellers distributors,brands and buy products in bulk and,China container loads or smaller smaller,shipments too big contain a lot of,things that they buy in China that's,what Alibaba was originally made for and,then people started and came up with a,kind of a idea and say well if people,buy big quantities in China maybe people,want to buy small quantities like one by,one by one units in China and that is,where Aliexpress came in so Jack Ma saw,well why don't we do like like the,Amazon for from China and that is where,Holly Express came in so if you're,buying things on Aliexpress the idea was,look we have local Chinese sellers that,are usually not manufacturers there are,brands in China that are sellers in,China trading companies or brands in,China people that have little local,stores like people in our countries have,eBay stores right that is basically the,eBay stores in China but not to the,Chinese people are to the foreigners,because the Chinese have another,platform is called Taobao that's the,biggest Chinese Amazon Chinese eBay,however the would you want to call that,and that is where the difference is,where they say okay let's find a,platform where Chinese cannot buy but,what Chinese can sell to end consumers,and that is where Alex press cameras on,Aliexpress if you buy product you can,buy one unit two units three units very,small units from a company in China that,is a trading company that already bought,big quantities from Chinese,manufacturers and they then ship it out,to you and that is where drop shipping,came in what people say well look if I,can send one individual product to me,then I can send one individual product,to one individual buyer so people start,up put up Shopify stores and say okay,now that my store is up if people buy,I'm gonna take that money from the,customer I paid me and I've gotta put,part of it and give it to an Aliexpress,supplier,and then have them ship out the,proactive now when we speak about a,development an express nowadays a lot of,people try to use Alibaba for,dropshipping the course they look at,Aliexpress and Al Express sellers they,already know they can they they put the,prices as high up as they can because,they kind of know what appealing people,willing to pay for it because it's still,cheaper to buy it on on those prices,then if you will buy it locally in your,country so but this is where people,started to get smart and say look if I'm,paying this much wanna express maybe I,can get a better price on Alibaba so now,people start reaching out to suppliers,on Alibaba and it's horribly difficult,to find a supplier on Alibaba who can,drop ship your products because usually,the people that have an account on the,Alibaba platform they are there to sell,big quantities initially on those,platform it was all manufacturers now it,has shifted and mostly the companies,that you see on Alibaba are also trading,companies so the same trading companies,that you have selling on Aliexpress sell,on Alibaba they sell bigger quantities,on Alibaba but their dropship from,Aliexpress so now if you look on Anna,Barra and you find people that you want,to drop ship your product on that,platform some of the sellers do that,because they also offer the same service,on Aliexpress but they are also on,Alibaba so they do that from there too,so you can't find better prices,sometimes but it's usually not really,words that thick because if you get the,price initially from the early harvest,supplier for dropshipping you could get,the same price from that same supplier,on Aliexpress was just a little bit of,negotiations sometimes it can be worse,to do it however most of the time,suppliers are not interested in doing,drop shipping because that's what they,are the planet is not the right platform,for this a different platform so if you,want to do things simple if you just,want to start out if you want to go,straightaway find a way that quickly,gets your supplier you go to Aliexpress,and you have a transmitter if you want,to buy for some book you go to any,bother if you want to have an even,better solution you hire a company like,where we help you source your product,and do the whole thing for you think,course sometime I said I tell your story,right my China my my girlfriend's,Chinese if I go with her to the fish,market fish market just down the street,and we'd buy some veggies fish shrimps,whatever it is if I'm with her the,prices that she gets up twenty thirty,percent higher right off the patch if,she goes without me the price has,dropped twenty to thirty percent and,that is because she's Chinese because,the Chinese seller knows he cannot sell,that high because she will not buy now,if I'm with her she's like oh the,foreigner there he must be rich I can,charge more that's kind of mentality,because they know they can charge more,and the same thing happens to your money,Papa the same thing happens to you on,Aliexpress if you message a supplier,your price will always be higher than,the Chinese price now as a Chinese,company we can get your clients down we,can do all the world load for you and,usually the fee that you pay us this the,savings are greater than the fee that,you pay us so usually it's a no-brainer,to just go with us if you want to do,that there's a link below here in the,description where you can just schedule,a call with me out with my team we speak,about your products see if your project,is something that we can actually help,you with and if so we'll make your,proposal that you cannot refuse if you,have more questions about Alibaba,Aliexpress what ways to use make sure to,check out this channel and subscribe,because we're going to do an in-depth,comparison video of the pros and cons of,Alibaba and Aliexpress for either drop,shipping or bulk orders and we're gonna,do some more videos on where do you go,after you start at the drop shipping,after you made some sales how do you,transition from Aliexpress when you do,one by one by one to pull orders to,increase your profit margins by a lot,we're going to do all of this videos so,make sure that you subscribe and like I,said if you want to learn how to sell,products there's web plus below in the,description that teaches you how to,profitably sell your products and,replace your income if you want help to,source your products there's another,link so it's get a little call with us,we're very friendly we don't write and,we just jump on a call and see if we,could work with you so all that SADS,probably hear you soon on the phone so,catch you that Cheers

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