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Why ADS Is PERFECT For Winning Gunfights (Valorant Guide) hey guys so today i'm gonna be talking,abo


Updated on Jan 09,2023

Why ADS Is PERFECT For Winning Gunfights (Valorant Guide)

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Why ADS Is PERFECT For Winning Gunfights (Valorant Guide)

hey guys so today i'm gonna be talking,about if ads'ing or aiming down in,sights and valerian actually has,benefits and it actually does so we're,gonna go and jump into this ads inc is,very beneficial but before we start let,me get you guys to go to general tab,here and make sure that your scope,sensitivity multiplier is probably going,to be you're probably going to hit one,so this is basically saying multiply my,actual sensitivity and,that's what my scope sensitivity is so,this goes for pretty much everything,and also,whenever you go to controls here you're,going to want to go to equipment and aim,down sites i like to have them both on,hold,for sniper and for aimed on sites we're,basically talking about aim dot sights,here but also i'll talk about snipers in,a little bit so continuing into what the,benefits are of adsing you can see if,you hit the buy menu and then hover over,weapon on the right side bottom right it,says alt fire right down here,you can see that the zoom is 1.25 x,meaning you get a 0.25,x zoom which is this right here you can,see it magnifies my screen by just a,little bit it's the same for the,phantom as well and also the fire rate,is slowed down to a 90 percent,so if i shoot here normally just hit,fire,you can see here on the left,it's actually a little bit slower,and it's the same with the phantom,so 10 slower on the left side,okay so you might ask why why would i,use this well the zoom is inherently,good for longer range fights as you can,see that i'm actually zooming in,and also the slower fire is also good,for longer ranges obviously you don't,want to be spraying at long ranges just,like this but this is much easier to,control,than this,as you can see,even if it's just by a little bit,uh it will take some practicing so this,is definitely something you're going to,want to practice because it will feel a,little bit weird at first to control the,recoil at 10 percent slower rate but,this is what the range is for right so,um i'm not going to talk too much else,about those i would definitely suggest,learning but i'm gonna go and move on to,other weapons that you might have not,known about so guardian is a 1.5 zoom,which means you have 0.5 x zoom over,normal this makes sense this is a reason,why the guardian is a really good weapon,or one of the many reasons um you can,see i zoom,a little bit more than,like the vandal for example so this is,really good for a long range weapon this,bulldog is also 1.25 x,uh,aries and vandal are one point,but a 1.15 zoom uh the cool thing about,the ares is actually whenever you ats it,shoots faster so i'm gonna shoot on the,right here normally,then the left,you can notice how much quicker that,shoots,so that's pretty cool i didn't actually,i mean i knew that but i didn't really,um you know i never knew that it was 30,faster so,also the spectre and the stinger are,1.15 x and,last but not least we have the marshall,and the op so the up it actually shoots,faster when you scope in so you hover,over it you see it says,uh fire rate is 125 percent whenever you,zoom so,and then as compared to the hip fire,kind of hard to tell the difference but,um yeah so the marshall this one is,actually opposite it shoots faster when,you no scope which is why no scoping can,be very very strong with the marshall,i'll go ahead and show you that so i'll,shoot scope first,let's see quite like moderately faster,there this is,uh 80,so 20 faster here on the left,um so yeah basically the main takeaway,from this is that the phantom the,vandals since these are the primary,weapons that people use,uh on buy rounds uh they have a 1.25 x,zoom and the fire rate is 90 also you,can read in the bottom right other,things,about all fire it says move speed at 76,which means you're a little bit slower,when you ads,uh slight spread and recoil reduction,and cross air follows recoil so,you can see,here if i spray like this,whereas like this,so you can see actually the cruster is,following the recoil that's very,interesting,isn't that that's very interesting i,didn't know about that but the main,benefits are the zoom and the slower,fire rate so make sure you guys try this,out practice in the range if you really,want to learn and it's completely good,to hold angles like this in games,but without further ado remember guys,above me,people percentage of you who are not,subscribed to watch my videos please,subscribe trying to get 10 000 subs but,without further ado i will see you guys,in the next one peace

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