what's ads in modern warfare

Modern Warfare 2 - How to Get Max Ads speed and No Recoil! what's going on everybody here I know,wh


Updated on Jan 10,2023

Modern Warfare 2 - How to Get Max Ads speed and No Recoil!

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Modern Warfare 2 - How to Get Max Ads speed and No Recoil!

what's going on everybody here I know,who it is it's your boy the dry nude,here and today I kind of found something,out doing a lot of weapon testing and,it's going to help you a lot on mouse,and keyboard and just some things that,are just actually crazy to me so one of,the first things I want you guys to do,is to go into your settings go to your,graphics and go to your view so a lot of,people have been playing on this wide uh,weapon uh field of view right I play 120,affected and this wide uh field of view,it's good don't get me wrong but what,I've noticed is a lot of the times even,when it looks like your Crosshair Is On,Target or when you're aiming down sight,it's not really on Target in my personal,opinion,um I hit my shots way better with the,default field of view and even the,narrow one is uh not bad in my personal,opinion uh this basically what helps,with like the weapon sway when you're,like moving around and uh you'll see,what I'm talking about so,another thing that I want to give you,guys is basically how to tune your,weapons so they added weapon tuning back,right and I'm just using attack 56 if,you guys want to see this is the uh,class setup I am using this is the grip,that I have on because my webcam is,blocking the way,um but basically when I tune every,single one of these uh attachments okay,there's a couple of things I look out,for all right so on the grip I almost,always go aim down sight speed and then,Sprint to fire speed okay and then on my,um stock here I usually do aim walking,steadiness and then aim walking speed,and walking steadiness basically is like,how your steady your gun is when you're,walking,um so I do that and then a lot of the,times people don't understand this but,you can actually customize your uh,bullets that you put in okay so high,velocity bullets what I do is increase,the damage range and bullet velocity,that basically has it to where this gun,is like it's crazy it's crazy when you,put this on your gun and it just makes,it that much better for the barrel I,usually tune aim walking speed and aim,down sight speed the image range it,doesn't really seem like it hurts that,much with the damage range so if I can,increase this it doesn't seem to do that,much it's like I don't know five meters,or something like that so I really don't,care about that and recoil steadiness on,my mouse and keyboard so I really don't,care about like the vertical recoil or,how steady The Recoil is I can control,it especially with most of the guns in,this game it's either up to the left to,the right or just straight up or,vertical,um so there's not much horizontal recoil,in my personal opinion and then for the,uh grip,um the under Barrel sorry I use aim down,side speed and aim walking speed okay uh,so it's a good balance so when I go into,the firing range okay I want you guys to,see this,um when I go into the firing range right,I could jump look at like when I jump,around look at my strafe speed okay,you guys see that,you notice a difference it's very slight,fast ads,fast yes like it's actually kind of,crazy now another thing is let me show,you guys,um when you go in and you go into your,graphics and you go to your view and you,go to like say it's the we have it on uh,wide uh this default let's go wide,wide weapon field of view okay when I,ads look at that sway dude like that,sway is freaking ridiculous and that's,definitely going to hurt like your first,shot accuracy like I'm having to control,it right,um but when I go here and I go into the,graphics and then I go to the review and,then I go to narrow,you see the sway,it's not as crazy,and it actually looks cleaner in my,personal opinion and this thing is just,a laser beam like this is not this is me,not controlling recoil,absolute beam dude and the cool thing is,like you could get your knife out and,jump oh my bad I don't even have uh fast,hands because you can't activate it but,when I jump and then I strafe it's,actually kind of crazy I I feel like,narrow or default is like better in my,personal opinion okay especially on uh,when I'm shooting like it just feels it,feels better right because that's what,like we used to the iron sights on here,are really clean,um but basically yeah that's just all I,wanted to talk to you guys about,um I I changed a few things also,um I'm always testing out like different,sensitivities in this game and on the,narrow sensitivity and how everything,works in this game I actually changed my,sensitivity to a four back down to a,four War zones coming out next week and,I want to be as accurate as possible and,I'm not even warmed up and you guys can,already see like the Snaps are there,okay so that's just what I'm wanted to,talk about in today's video hopefully,you guys learned something for this if,you're playing on mouse and keyboard and,you're trying to uh work on your flicks,and working like how you set up a gun we,can use a different gun,um well let's just say let's customize a,different gun okay uh a gun that,everybody uses and actually I'm gonna do,a class setup video on this class setup,right here,um let's go to the gunsmith this is my,74u class setup and for the grip for you,guys who wants to see the true tack,um I'm using the same one pretty much,and I kind of tune it the same way,Sprint to fire aim down sight speed and,then I tune um my aim walking speed and,then my 80 now side speed again you,can't tune the laser uh I actually was,trying out different barrels on this gun,and um I actually think this Barrel is,one of the best but I can actually since,this gun already has really good,um ads speed I can tune this for damage,range and recoil control and then I can,tune this uh for uh aim walking speed,and aim down sight speed okay and then,these are just tuned all the same way,um pretty much as the other one and then,if we go into the firing range here,um look it like it barely moves you can,barely see the idle Sway and it's still,it's still ads is really fast the um aim,walking speed is not as fast because I,didn't tune it for aim walking speed but,like you guys will see I'm coming at,Sprint,this gun just absolutely like destroys,man it's so good and this class setup is,so easy on mouse and keyboard it's so,easy to control and you actually can,rush into like Rush this game like rush,around and have fun,um so basically it's just how you tune,the weapon and how you tune,um how you want it tuned,um I really do I like I said The more I,play this game the more I find out,everybody's talking about oh the print,the Sprint to fire speed is like super,slow no you can actually just tune your,weapon and make it to how you want it if,you're a rusher tune it for like crazy,ads speed I can tune this,um right now and if I say oh you're,having a problem controlling recoil well,I can change the idle stability I can,change the aim walking steadiness I can,go ahead and tune the velocity damage,range,um I can tune this out to be a super,Accurate Gun if you're like struggling,with recoil right so I can go in,uh let's go back into the firing or the,firing range,and now,see how slow I walk but I'm super,accurate like this gun,it's still super accurate,right it's just pretty much pulled down,but you're really slow like it you you,when you're strafing it's super slow so,you can,Max this out and say like okay you have,amazing recoil control okay I'm gonna go,in here and I'm gonna choose uh this one,and downside speed I'm gonna choose uh,aim down side speed I'm gonna max out,all my aim down side speed and movement,speed okay,excuse me,um let's go in and,let's not put a four grip on it and,let's go ahead and put a laser on,aim down sight speed okay now I'm going,to tune this all for Sprint to Fire and,ads speed,and you guys are going to see uh what,what happens here in outside speed and,walking speed and then we can tune this,for uh,yeah that's fine,um so we got everything tuned here okay,and then I don't know why I keep doing,that we can go into the firing range and,then look out my my ads walking speed,like see how much faster that is and,then you could still control The Recoil,it bounces a lot more in my personal,opinion but say like you don't mind it,bouncing okay say you you just,want to shoot for the the,um the middle of the Target and let the,recoil go up and get a headshot right,that's an old trick I can shoot and I,can move but at long range it's not that,good another weapon that I've been using,um a lot and going around is the AK okay,I I like the aka the AKA is one of my,favorite guns um so let's make a AK,class real quick so you guys can,understand uh how uh the AKA actually,works okay so we're gonna actually go in,and do something a little different,we're gonna go in and we're going to go,to the firing range okay and this is,this is how it is without uh any,attachments right,ads is really slow ads is really slow,but it packs a punch okay it has a,little bounce to it and at long range is,a little harder to control so my thought,process is hey I'm gonna put a sign on,this okay I have the blue dot right here,I'm gonna put a laser on this to help,out with the ads speed okay and then for,a barrel we can see see what the barrels,are here we have aim down sight speed,um I think we're going to put on one of,these barrels okay and then for the,stock I want a little bit more recoil,control okay so I'm gonna see what stock,has good recoil control because I'm just,kind of going through and this is just,like an example guys recoil control and,then we actually can put a muzzle on,here too for uh horizontal and vertical,recoil control,um and I think I'm actually going to,take the laser off and put a grip on for,a downside speed okay so I'm going to,tune you can tune when you put on a site,I'm gonna tune this site I'm gonna put,ads speed and then here's another thing,I like the far uh the far uh weapon tune,for When it comes to uh your site I like,having it far and then I like going,through and I like going through a,walking speed and downside speed we,already have recoil control I'm gonna go,in and now side speed walking speed the,damage range we're not worried about and,then for this I mean idle or gun kick,control if this gun kicks a lot so I'm,gonna go all the way over for gun kick,control and I'm gonna go all the way,down for ads speed again remember the,attachments we put on help with our ads,and help with our um recoil control so,when we go in we fine tune these,attachments we can fine tune it to our,liking the grip a sprinter fire speed,and on-site speed boom now all of a,sudden I want to have a faster AK now,we're going to go into the firing range,okay and this is what the site looks,like when it's far see how far it is,um from the gun if this was closer if we,went in and I tuned it to be closer,um,let's go back to the firing range,look how close it is look how big this,site is look how much sway there is when,it's closer like you can really see it I,don't like that I don't like that so I'm,gonna come back and I'm gonna be like,hey I'm gonna tune this again I'm Gonna,Go Far and remember this gives us a,little ads speed okay so I'm gonna go,back here and I'm gonna go to the firing,range and then look at this,oh my goodness I could see clearly and,see that Sprint to fire time,it's way faster than what it was before,and then the recoil not hard to control,our mouse and keyboard because we have,that bounce like control so you can run,around with your favorite weapon once,you get it maxed out once you get that,weapon tuning,you can make it to however you want it,okay you can make it to where it's,insanely accurate and like I said it's,not hard to control,um The Recoil in this game so let me go,to my settings real quick and bullet in,a pack some sprays uh let's apply this,so if I shoot it at this door,look at this recoil guys look at how,that recoil is see it's not even that,bad,we know the recoil goes up and to the,right so how do you control that down,into the uh left okay so basically all,you're going to do is pull down and,you're always going to have a nice,consistent,um recoil pattern pull down and to the,left,now that we know that recoil patterns,like that let's back up here let's go,here down into the left,um,it's nice and tight so we know that we,can go ahead down and down and to the,left always be accurate so hopefully you,find this video helpful for you guys,when it comes to building certain you,know meta attachments really I think,that it comes down to your personal,preference and your play style maybe you,don't run around a lot maybe you want to,have that gun that's just insanely,accurate and you always ads but I,personally I think this gives me an,upper hand one of my mouse and keyboard,or if you're playing controller because,I can run around be insanely accurate,and still hit my shots right and I could,do this all and I could test it all in,the firing range so I highly suggest you,guys check this out let me know down in,the comment section below if this helps,you out as always guys stay blessed and,stay humble and I'll catch you in,another video peace

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