what's a best practice for building ads with ad gallery?

Facebook Ad Image Size (& Best Practice) hey guys uh my name is sydney welcome,back to our channel a

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Facebook Ad Image Size (& Best Practice)

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Facebook Ad Image Size (& Best Practice)

hey guys uh my name is sydney welcome,back to our channel and today i'm going,to be talking to you about,facebook ad image sizes and best,practice for different placements,on inside of your facebook ads um,so what we see most of the time and,honestly something that i used to do was,simply create a square image because,everyone said that you know,square this square format was the best,size,to have for a facebook ad or any sort of,um,post that you're making because it kind,of takes up the most amount of room,but now we're seeing lots of results on,different,in different ad placements so we need to,adjust those images accordingly,and i'm going to show you how to do that,and the best practice for it,so i'm inside of my ads manager right,now,and typically what i would do is i would,just upload this image right here which,is actually,five tools to simplify and improve,facebook advertising so that's actually,something that we're,giving away for free right now so if you,did want to download the five tools that,we actually,use every single week with our clients,from,their onboarding to managing and,actually optimizing their facebook ads,you can go ahead and download those five,tools um i'll put the link in the,description below,but anyways i would use a creative like,this,or something along these lines um for an,ad that i would create for,for these tools what i've done for the,ad set level and the placements is i've,just chosen,automatic placements down here it's,recommended by facebook they're doing a,lot to,find the best variations for you and for,your ads they have a pretty good system,of doing that,so i always in most cases unless we want,to specifically target,one sort of placement i'll just put on,automatic placements,and let facebook do the job so that's,what i've done here,so when we're uploading an image ad,it basically can go across all different,placements,um and if we just kept it the square,format then there'd be some placements,that,facebook will add their own background,to it based on,what your ad looks like so for example,we can actually,view it,by pressing the the view placements,um and so you'll see here that let me,for a story placement for example you'll,see that this,like we didn't optimize this,image to fit a story which facebook does,a pretty good job you know they put some,light blue up here dark blue down here,to match the picture but,it could look a lot better and look,native to,that placement and that's what we want,to do because we want people to feel,like,that was meant to be on their story and,some ad showing up,and the best way to do that is to,actually optimize it for that placement,so if you're using canva or really any,other sort of,photo editing software if it's photoshop,whatever the other ones are we use canva,it's really simple to use,um it doesn't require that much coding,or it doesn't require any coding it's,just,it's really easily easy and there's lots,of versatility,so what you would want to start off,doing,is just go over here and select an,instagram,post so this will bring up the,recommended size which is 1080 by 1080,and that will give you the square format,so if you just click this one here this,is what will show up so it gives you a,nice square format and you can,start to create your ad this way now for,this video i've already done it i'm not,going to build the entire thing right,now,so this is what i came up with so once,you download it,what you can do so you don't have to,restart making the entire,creative again is go in the left hand,corner here and press,resize now this is where you can choose,a new size for your,ad to like be made in so a story for,example,um that's one of the placements that we,want to edit it would show up in other,places too but story is kind of what we,can,base it off of so if i just type in,story,facebook story instagram story same size,it's 1080,by 1920 pixels so i could choose either,one of these,i'm gonna press it and i'll press copy,and resize so it'll take this entire,design,copy it but for the new size that way,you don't have to build the entire thing,over again so,again i've already done this so this is,what it'll look like when it,gets copied but again like that,doesn't really look like it's native to,the story although it does look better,i've got to say like if you just,really wanted to keep it like that you,could probably pass,by doing that but what i've done is i've,kind of made it,look a little bit more like it was for a,story if i put the text and the images,all across uh the the,the size of the image so that it,actually looks like it was made for,stories or wherever,place whatever placement that it's going,to go to so then i can download this one,just by,going here and i would choose either png,or if you're adding some animations to,it downloaded as an mp4,which is also another great option um,and then once i'm done that you can just,go resize again or you can go back to,the square one,since um it'll be easier to actually,like edit it all again it's more similar,to the square,so i'm going to go back to resize and,now i know,the dimensions that we need for a,facebook ad for the horizontal view,would be 1920 by 1080 which is basically,the same size as the story format except,opposite because it's more horizontal,rather than vertical,so i copy and resize it and then it's,going to turn out,to be something like this now obviously,because it was a square format before,everything is crunched to the middle,so again i've gone through it and i've,edited it the way that i would like to,and this is how it comes up okay and i,just added this one over here because i,want them to know that they can get,access for free,um because we have all this room to fill,up it's always the same content,same background same text that you have,in there the same kind of fonts,you don't want to get confused with,which,creative or colors that you're using for,different,you want to know that this ad is,producing this result,because of everything that i've used in,it and not simply the placement,because it looked different i hope that,makes sense but i want you want to keep,everything consistent between,the horizontal view vertical,and also square okay so download all of,those,go back to your ads manager and once you,upload a square format,what you can do is scroll down,and you'll see edit placement okay so,you want to click,select a placement to edit and you'll,see that there's six,placements that use a square which is,the one to one ratio,there's five placements that use the,full screen,vertical which is a 9 to 16 ratio,which is of the stories what the stories,look like and then there's three,placements that use,the horizontal view so which is 1.91,to 1 ratio so since i've already,uploaded the square format,i'm going to go to stories apps and,sites,and i'm actually going to change that,image,so if you do go right here you press,change,and i have already uploaded it so i'm,just actually going to click it right,here,and now you can see that it takes up the,entire story,okay so,if you wanted to add any specific,primary text headlines or link to this,specific placement you could do so here,and you also get the option to add a,poll so you could like ask questions and,people could respond to it,but for this video i'm just going to,show you how to change the,creative for the different placements so,press save,and now you can see that four placements,use this image the nine placements do,this image and now i also want to add,the horizontal one,i'm gonna press change,and i'll press this right here,okay so i've uploaded that now if you're,getting this here,um that's just because there's no link,here so i'll just put our website,oh it's actually wrong,all right and then here is where you can,see,all the different placements that you'll,have what's going to look like and,you'll see that,actually down here the apps and sites i,don't get anything,because they're for videos and this is,on a video it's an image,so that's why it looks like that um but,yeah we found actually that when when,you,actually take the time to optimize it,for the different placements,you actually get end up getting better,results because people,feel as though it's more native,to that placement so for example when,that creative isn't really meant for,that placement it can kind of look,out of place or it looks too small um,it's like not the really the right size,and i'll show you a few examples here,so for example um there's actually a,screenshot that i took on one of on my,personal um facebook and you can see,here on the right hand side,there's a nice square format um you can,see like it's taking up as much room as,it can,you can really easily read this text,whereas this one you actually can't,really so,it's kind of something to take into,account the kind of like what the,placement is gonna,what the image is gonna look like in,that placement so,for this one for hot jar for example i,actually,would probably recommend to go back into,the placement for the,right um right sidebar and maybe make it,so the text looks a little bit bigger so,you can see it and that's maybe,something that you could also take into,account when you're creating those kind,of ads,but this one right here by shopify you,can see like sell your homemade goods it,looks really great i know exactly what,um i can i can see it i can read it,really well,so that's a really great placement,whereas if you look at another ad that i,saw,here by clickfunnels it's actually,pretty,small because you can see that it wasn't,edited,or that image wasn't edited specifically,for that placement,so now not only is it missing out on the,space that it's taking,i can't even read that like that's,that's too small i,generally i mean okay i can if i bring,my head a little bit closer,but it doesn't really catch my attention,right,now something else that i saw here you,know for bowflex,you know i i know the company but this,ad,actually isn't really that compelling,you can see it's almost like off-center,a bit too like it doesn't really look,like it's meant to be there,there isn't much color behind it so,especially in that kind of placement,you can't really see it that well it's,not really compelling,so always think about the kind of colors,also that you're using you want to use,bright colors,that they can easily read they can,easily see what it is whereas if this,had maybe like some things behind it,to show me like a little bit more of,what it was i would understand it a,little bit more,so those are just some examples of,placements that were not,optimized for that specific image,so i hope that kind of helps out gives,you a clearer picture of why you should,be editing them for those specific,placements and how to do it,if you're using any other tool other,than canva same principles just resize,the image,so that it is specific for that,placement,and i guarantee after you make those,changes you'll actually start to see,better results within your facebook ads,because people feel like it's really,meant for that placement and,they're able to read it better but,always make sure that when you're,making your creatives that people will,be able to read it,um and actually now that i think of it,maybe this text is actually a little bit,too small and that people wouldn't be,able to read that if it was on the right,hand side,so just some little things to keep into,account when you're making them,also don't forget to hit that subscribe,button if this dude did find this,valuable,and i'll catch you in the next video

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