what to use in detailed targeting when posting ads on facebook

A BETTER way to target Facebook Ads in 2022facebook just deleted thousands of,interest targeting opt

Andrew Hubbard

Updated on Jan 21,2023

A BETTER way to target Facebook Ads in 2022

facebook just deleted thousands of,interest targeting options we also found,out that interest targeting is,inaccurate about 30 of the time and,we're starting to see more and more,examples of people finding the most,success with their ads by using no,targeting options at all so with all of,this going on how do you make sure you,get your ads in front of the right,people at the right time the good news,is there are several things you can and,should do and that's what we're going to,talk about in this video see the way the,facebook machine learning algorithm,works is it puts your ads out there in,front of people and it looks at who,engages and takes action on those ads,then it will go and show your ads to,more people just like those engagers and,action takers so the key is to make sure,that you get the right people taking,action on your ads so that the algorithm,gets fed good data and so it can get you,the results that you're looking for the,first way you can make sure you do that,is by creating ads that speak,specifically to your target audience,what do i mean by that well rather than,writing generic ad copy that speaks to,everyone or to a really broad audience,make sure you're writing copy that just,speaks to your specific target take a,look at this example and i'm not saying,this is a bad ad but what you'll notice,about this ad when you read the headline,and the opening few lines of the copy is,that it's very broad the famous,three-lane marketing method could be for,marketing any type of business it could,be for e-commerce courses,coaching or anything else you can think,of now one way you can make this more,specific really really quickly and it's,kind of obvious is to call your target,audience out directly so instead of just,saying the famous three-lane marketing,method you could say the famous,three-lane marketing method for online,course creators or the famous three-lane,marketing method for coaches what it,comes down to is it's about the who so,who do you want to target and then name,that person or call them out,specifically in your ad copy and the,place to do this is the headline or the,opening few lines of copy because that's,what people see when they first notice,you're out of the news feed here's,another example it's kind of generic at,the moment it says how to convert,clients from small groups well you could,apply what i just said and make this,more specific by calling out your target,audience simply by saying how to convert,coaching clients from small groups or if,you were targeting bookkeepers you could,say how to convert more bookkeeping,clients from small groups so you can see,that tiny tweak makes a big difference,in terms of who the copy speaks to now,one thing i'll mention here is that yes,this is going to probably drive up your,lead costs a little bit but it's going,to lead to higher quality leads or a,higher percentage of your leads being,the exact person you're after because,again if you were say targeting,bookkeepers like i just said and you,used a generic option well maybe one in,five or one in 10 people who come in,through that lead magnet are going to be,the bookkeeper audience that you're,looking for but this way if you call,them out specifically pretty much all of,them are going to be the target leads,that you want so yes it's more expensive,but they're better leads the next thing,you can do to help is tap the like,button on this video that really does,help this channel helps get this video,out in front of more people and it helps,tell me what type of content i should,create more of and if you do decide to,do that thanks so much i really do,appreciate it okay so back to the,serious stuff the next thing you can do,is use creatives that only appeal to,your specific audience so what i mean by,that well most of the creatives that you,see meaning the images of the videos in,the news feed are quite generic but what,you can do is you can flip that around,and use really specific creatives,creatives that contain images or video,that is only instantly recognizable by,the person that you want to pay,attention to that ad for example if i,want to get in front of seo experts or,people who understand seo let's say i've,got a course that teaches advanced seo,tactics and strategies well one thing i,could do in my creatives is use a,screenshot with a chart from google,search console now the only people who,know what the inside of google search,console looks like is going to be,somebody who's familiar with seo or,who's trying to figure out seo right,anyone else who sees that ad are going,to look at that and have no idea what it,is or what it means and that's what,makes this particular tactic really,effective it's instantly recognizable,for the right people and it gets ignored,by the wrong people which is actually,what you want deterring the people who,are not interested in your ad or who you,aren't interested in turning into leads,is just as important as attracting the,right people another example is let's,say you teach people how to use,microsoft excel well in that example you,would use an image or a video that only,people who are familiar with microsoft,excel would recognize let's go even,deeper with an example of that let's say,you have a lead magnet that teaches them,how to solve a specific error that is,common among excel users you could have,a screenshot that just shows an image of,the error or you could have a video that,shows somebody typing into excel and,that particular error appearing if,somebody is struggling with that problem,and they see that ad,of course they're going to click it,because they know that it's going to,help them with the exact problem they're,experiencing right now now that kind of,leads me into the next one that is using,hooks and talking about problems that,only your audience would experience,let's say you've got a company that,teaches bookkeepers how to scale their,business and increase profits well you,could create an ad that says something,like here are three simple tactics that,we use to help businesses increase,profit by 200 percent sounds pretty good,but every business owner wants that that,is so generic and has such a broad,appeal that you're going to attract,every business owner you're not going to,just attract bookkeeping company owners,through that particular hook but if we,change that a little and use a hook like,how we increase our profit per book,keeping client by 200,without cutting corners then that is,hyper specific that hook appeals to,bookkeeping companies and bookkeeping,companies only another example talking,about a specific pain point for the,bookkeeper example could be something,like customer churn is one of the,biggest challenges any bookkeeping,company faces here's how we cut ours in,half really simple hook again it talks,to a very specific pain point we call,out that bookkeeper audience at the same,time so we're kind of blending two,together here it's going to be very,effective in attracting just the type of,leads that we want which leads me to the,next thing which dramatically affects,the quality of the leads that you bring,in and the roads that you deliver from,your campaigns i've actually seen this,change completely turn around the,performance of an ad campaign and it's,often not even thought of when trying to,troubleshoot why a campaign isn't,performing and that is thinking about,who your lead magnet itself meaning the,free opt-in that you're offering who is,that actually attracting into your,pipeline or into your business so what,you want to do is make sure that your,lead magnet attracts people who are,ready and willing to buy from you that,means people who are ready and willing,to buy from you now and have the problem,that you actually solve and people who,are in a financial position to buy from,you as well because if you have a lead,magnet that attracts the wrong person it,doesn't matter how good your ads are it,doesn't matter how cheap your leads are,if they're attracting leads who aren't,actually ready to become customers of,yours yet then the roas is never going,to be there so to do that you need to,create a lead magnet that solves a,problem that the person who is ready to,jump on board become a client or a,customer of yours now is actually,experiencing so they can come in have a,great experience to your lead magnet and,hopefully turn into a customer let's,look at an example because i know this,can be a little bit abstract at first,but let's say you've got a business that,helps other companies scale from six,figures up to seven figures now there,are a set of challenges or problems that,a business experiences at six figures,that they need to overcome in order to,get to seven and those challenges and,problems are different than when you go,from zero up to the first six figures so,your lead magnet shouldn't be appealing,to somebody who's trying to overcome the,challenges of going from zero to six it,should be appealing to the people who,are trying to overcome the challenges of,going from six figures to seven for,example if you wanted to appeal to the,six-figure business owners to help them,get to seven you might offer them a lead,magnet that teaches them how to hire for,key management positions or maybe an,automation guide to automate certain,time-consuming repetitive tasks that,happen once you hit a certain scale now,both of these are real problems that a,six figure business owner will have but,anyone who's got a smaller business will,not be experiencing if they're owning,twenty thousand dollars a year they're,not going to be looking to hire,management positions they're going to be,running everything and so a hiring guide,for managers isn't going to appeal to,them and that's a good thing now what,you don't want to do is have a lead,magnet that's something like how to get,your first clients or how to get your,first 5000 followers on instagram,because that's going to appeal to all of,those newer business owners and while,there's nothing wrong with those,business owners they're not who you are,trying to attract and so generating,leads based on a lead magnet like that,is going to bring you a bunch of leads,and they might be low cost leads but,none of them are going to turn into,customers which is at the end of the day,the whole purpose of running your,facebook and instagram ad campaign right,now when it comes to actually targeting,like setting up an ad set you're,probably still wondering how should i do,that the three things that i will tell,you are broad interest targeting is,number one so instead of going for,specific interest now go for big broad,wide interests okay now this is going to,include a lot of people who aren't in,your target audience but as i said,earlier interest targeting isn't super,accurate anymore anyway and facebook,have actually deleted a lot of the,interest targeting options that we used,to have that were quite specific so go,with broad interests and use these,things that i've just told you create,ads that speak to your specific audience,make sure you're using hooks and talking,about problems that your audience,experiences and make sure you're,creating lead magnets themselves that,actually appeal to this specific,customer that you want to acquire in,terms of lookalike audiences go for,bigger broader look-alikes as well so,i'm tending to find that five percent,look-alikes and above are outperforming,the smaller one to two percent,look-alike audiences and then the third,thing to try is open targeting meaning,you don't target any interests or any,custom audiences you simply target the,countries that you want maybe the age,bracket that you want and the gender and,that's about it you leave everything,else open and then use these things i've,just talked to you about in this video,to do the targeting for you now when it,comes to setting up your ads if you want,to avoid the biggest mistakes that i'm,seeing right now that are costing,advertisers a lot of time and a lot of,money make sure you check out this video,next thanks for watching and i'll see,you in the next one bye

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what to use in detailed targeting when posting ads on facebook catalogs

Facebook Ads Targeting: How to do Detailed Audience Targeting in FB Ads - Full Guide

Facebook Ads Targeting: How to do Detailed Audience Targeting in FB Ads - Full Guide

Hello everyone! Once again welcome to Facebook Ads course. Myself Umar Tazkeer. In this video, we are going to,talk about targeting. In the previous video, we discussed what are the different ,settings in these levels. There are settings related to targeting, at what level ,they are found and in what way we can do targeting.,Here I will take a scenario with ,which we will try to set the targeting. First case is, ,suppose if you want to target for a travel agency. or they are hotel booking websites,That is, you should know in advance what are the attributes, ,characteristics, behavior, interests of your target audience. ,You target the same things on Facebook. You have to do some study on all these ,things. Let's say I want to set a target for a travel agency, ,our client is a travel agent. I would like to target people who are travellers,,Those who follow travel-related magazines, ,visit travel-related websites or blogs ,or visit booking websites. Because this preception is made, ,people who go on frequent trips or tours, ,then they will visit the travel booking website or hotel booking website. People who have interest in the,booking website or follow the pages related to them on Facebook, then it is a perception. If we talk about the age group ,of the target audience, then I can consider the age from 18 to 50 here.,Age group is a very important thing. If you provide financial services then your target audience will be 20+. ,In most of the cases you observe that the audience below 20 is not there in financial investment. You have to understand these things that ,what can be the characteristics of our target audience. It is also possible that you may not be able to mention those characteristics.,You are targeting on the basis of their characteristics, attributes, behavior, perceptions.,You can see that I have written some things here. We can target frequent travellers. I am trying to build a broader audience.,I am not talking about narrow audience. For example,,I want to come here and target the entire Uttar Pradesh audience. I want to exclude Lucknow.,I have the option of 'Exclude Location'. We include Uttar Pradesh because I am creating a scenario in front of you.,I will include Uttar Pradesh. Now I can move on with the exclude option which is present over here & then go to Lucknow.,Let me exclude Lucknow. You have to take care of even the smallest options. We can also exclude Kanpur.,I have set here that I want to target Uttar Pradesh. I zoom out. You can see this thing well in the map that,I actually trageted the entire Uttar Pradesh.,Now, we've excluded to major cites from Uttar Pradesh which are Kanpur and Lucknow. It depends on,yourself. Such scenarios can also be made, so I have taken this case.,Scroll down. In the age group, 18 to 50 are selected. Gender, let us keep it as All Gender.,And here we have to enter the keyword. I will write travel here.,Let's see if I see a few things here. As I am writing Travel, I see Frequent Travellers here.,I will select Frequent Travelers. I will select travel again. I write travel again. We can also select Travel Consultants, Travel Coordinators.,This is depend on us. We can target those who have interest in Travel photography. There are more chances that ,people who have interest in Travel photography will also have interest in travel. Travel photography, Travel websites, all these options are here.,Lets write travel again. If your agency provides International Tours and Travels Services, then you can target these people as well.,We have different options. Then go to travel once again. Travel bloggers, Travel adventures, Travel channels, Businss travel,,you can target these kind of people. Here I have selected some things. Along with this, I want some more suggestions.,I can go ahead. Click on the suggestions. Outdoor photography, landscape photographer, tourist agent, tour operators, ,wildlife photography, travel consultant, travel + lesiure, travel consultant, corporate travel agent. ,There are so many options on the basis of which you can target. This is broad targeting.,You can see that Estimate Daily Result. You can see the budget over here.,Daily budget is eight hundred rupees. You can see what is the estimation in this location.,You will get reach upto 12 thousand to 34 thousand & you will get links click within 339 to 979. This is estimation.,I'm going ahead. I am doing some changes here ' 400 Rs'. You can see that things will change here.,You are getting these estimates on the basis of these settings. Right now we won't be talking about Custom Audiences. We are talking,about Facebook audience, how can we target in it. If you ,want, you can also go to the Browse section. In demographics, you'll get,lots of options. You can select any of these if you want. We can select travel.,Air travel, beaches, car rentals, if people are interesting in car rentals, holidays, hotels.,Those who have interest in tourism, all these options are available to you.,So you have these options. You have to explore again and again, understand targeting in detail, understand every,option of open targeting. What type of options come under this category, you will have to do this manual work ,because if you do not understand targeting then there will be a problem for you. We have discussed the example.,In today's video we have understood the example of targeting. ,In this video we are going to understand advanced example how we can do targeting. When you work for a client, ,company or agency, you will get different types of projects, ,different scenarios. So there should be your thinking ability that,if there is a scenario or targeting audience of this type, then how do we have ,to set it in this tool. I have some examples to understand ,other types of targeting methods and we will implement them practically. ,Such scenarios can also come in front of you. If we talk about audience creation cases then, case one ,is students from Delhi university & Amity University doing MBA.,There are three things here. I have taken the condition here that I have to target those people ,who are doing MBA, they are doing MBA from Delhi University and Amity University.,I'll explain this a little more. These students are from Delhi University. Along with this, ,these are students of Amity University. Students of Delhi University and Amity University ,have to be targeted. In which one should be enrolled, which study are they doing? ,MBA, Masters of Business Administration. We have to ,target them. Now let's see how we will target it. Here I am going to,introduce the concept of narrow targeting. You have to understand ,very carefully. On the side, you have to keep an eye on the audience definition ,and estimated daily results. I am targeting now. I have selected the location ,India. Here I am taking age group 18 to 35. I have ,to target in this age group. So I have selected this age group. I will not make any change in gender.,Next is detailed targeting. Now you have to look carefully here. In detail targeting I am writing here 'Delhi University'.,'University of Delhi'. You can see that you have a lot of options related to the University of Delhi.,We have to see how many students are studying in 'University of Delhi'. Those who have mentioned schools and University of,Delhi have to be targeted. I am targeting University of Delhi. The budget is already selected here.,Our budget amount is eight hundred rupees. I reduce it. I want to run this campaign in the budget of five hundred.,We'll get reach in between seven thousand to ninteen thousand. I write this thing down in notepad. In which case would this happen? ,When I am targeting the students of Delhi University. ,Now if I add the students of Amity University to it, then its data will increase a bit.,Now we will see the data of Delhi University and Amity University here. Now let's see how much it will be. Scroll down.,Here I choose Amity University. Sometimes it is buggy so you don't pay attention to it but logically, then your targeting must have improved a bit.,It will not decrease. Sometimes there is a bug in it, so don't pay attention to it. It must have been incremented.,Now we target MBA as well because we had three scenarios.,Now you have to understand carefully. If we combine Delhi University and Amity University, then,our potential reach is around nineteen thousand. If I also select Master of Business Administration in it, ,it is not visible here but its reach has increased because now we are targeting three things, ,people who are studying Master of Business Administration all over India, those who are studying in Delhi University, ,those who are studying in Amity University. It is targeting all three. Let me tell you how targeting is happening.,Let's say our potential reach is 1,000 when we target Delhi University. Similarly, targeting at Amity University, our potential reach is 1,000.,So our overall reach is 2,000. Now understand carefully. When we are filtering out the,students of MBA, then it will be less than the total because when Delhi University is targeted ,then student of all field are included in it. Amity University also has 1,000 people studying in all fields.,So, total people is 2,000. But if we talk about only MBA students then they should be less than 2,000.,But when we are targeting MBA as well, let's say it also has 1,000 people, then it is targeting 3,000.,Here it is not filtering it out. To filter out, we have to use the narrow option.,I close this. Now I will go to the narrow audience. Now here I select Master of Business Administration as a field of study.,Now you can see that the potential reach has reduced. Initially, we were getting the potential reach around 19K, ,it has reduced now. There is an another option called narrowing down. We can implement the narrowing down option in this way.,and how narrow down concept can help us in targeting, from tht point of view,Let's say, I want to target the employees of Tata.,I will remove all these. You can remove them by the cross button. Write Tata Consultancy here.,Tata Consultancy Services. There are two options here. There is an ,option for those who are interested in Tata Consultancy Services. People who follow TCS-related pages, ,visit websites, it give an indication to Facebook that these people are interested in TCS. But when I have,to target people who work in TCS, if I have mentioned in my Facebook profile ,that I work in TCS, then Facebook considers those people in this category. I am selecting TCS.,It is done under Employers. I'll show you once again. As soon as I write Tata Consultancy Services here,,there are two things related to it, Interests and Employers. We had to target the employers. Let's see if Infosys can be targeting. ,There are two things related to Infosys, Interests and Employers. ,These scenarios can be useful for us. This is all an approach to targeting.,In the last two videos we have talked about Facebook targeting, and we understood the basic concept where we took the example of travel agency.,If our clients own a travel agency, for that we have to target, then what are the options we have.,How we can use Facebook Ads, we discussed this thing. After this, we discussed another interesting concept which was,concept of narrowing down. You have to remember this concept and see how you can adopt a hyper-targeted approach.,This type of pin-point targeting can be done. Whenever we do narrow down, our reach decreases.,The point is that our reach is more on hyper-targeted people than on them with relevant targeting.,If we want to reach to MBA pursuing people, then we did university wise targeting.,Here things become hyper-targeted, so we use the narrowing concept. In many concepts, we also remove the narrow concept,Where we don't have to use, where we don't have to target narrow audience, we are doing brand awareness,,we want to reach more people, in that case we also consider broad audience.,It depends on the situation. It is not that you will apply the concept of narrow audience in all the concepts. It depends on,what is the situation, what do you want to achieve, what is your objective. ,Objectives, goals, all these things are very important, so Facebook asks you at the start of the campaigning, ,what is your objective, what you want to achieve. According to that Facebook will ,deliver your ads to different people. It's all about Facebook's algorithm. There are some things related to targeting,,I will discuss them quickly, so that you can understand all these things also.,Detailed targeting expansion. It is written in it that reach people beyond your detailed targeting ,selections when it's likely to improve performance. If we have checked these options,,if you are targeting those people who are interested in digital marketing.,If I check these options, people who are interested in digital marketing will see our ads, under our budget.,But if Facebook thinks that this person is not interested in digital marketing but ,there is a chance that it will click on my ads,,but it is not comes under the category of digital marketing. If he comes in the expanded category, then in that case,it will show your ads to him too. This is called as detailed targeting expansion. If our budget is high, we are targeting wide, ,then we check this option. Otherwise, if our scope or budget is limited, so we don't consider the detailed targeting expansion much.,We get the language option in targeting. Language, as the name suggests, we want to target those people who speak Bengali.,I type Bengali here. I want to target those people who speak the language of Odisha. Here it is not in the option.,I want to target those people who speak Hindi, Spanish, Turkish. We have all these options. You will have a point in your mind,that how does Facebook know that the person speaks Turkish. It is revealed through our ,device. If we are browsing in our phone or we are searching ,on Google or we are accessing Facebook in,Hindi language, through all those things, a signal goes to Facebook that this ,person is a Hind or Spanish speaking candidate. Through this we can do targeting here, we can do language base,targeting. I have nothing to do with the language. If I just want to show my ads, then I will remove all these,things from here, that is, I am not considering any language now. Now there is no language factor here.,We get more targeting options.,We saw two more targeting, detailed targeting and detailed targeting expansion. We have discussed,the detailed targeting earlier with the example with the narrowing down.,Next is connections. There are options here. People who ,currently like your page. You can select your page from here.,I have selected my page 'WsCube Tech'. Your connection was successfully converted ,to people who currently like your page 'WsCube Tech'. In this way, we can create more audience,by going to the connection. People similar to those who currently ,like your page. My page is related to memes. So if I want to show my ads to similar audiences from ,people who like my page, then I can select from here.,I can select my page 'WsCube Tech' from here. This thing is shown within Custom Audiences.,I can remove it too. Here we have options that we can also create audience on the basis of connection.,There are different options here. Facebook pages, apps, if we have an app and ,people are using it, then we can also do it on their basis. Events, we create events.,If you go to a Facebook page that represents your business, ,you can create events based on them and on this basis, you can target and on this basis ,you can create audience. We have all these options. We can also make some advanced options.,There are multiple options here, people who are connected to, people ,similar to those who are connected to. In this way, we can also target with multiple combinations.,We understood the basic targeting, explored the detailed targeting option.,How to select the location, how to select the language, we also saw all these aspects. Also explored some advanced options like ,narrow targeting, how we can understand the concept of ,narrow targeting, how we can use the approach of narrow targeting, we looked at all these things.,I told you in the beginning of the video that when we run ads on Facebook, we say that,we create campaigns. We denote the advertisement from the campaign. A campaign has ,a campaign level, followed by an adset level, and then an ad level. With these three levels,,we design the entire campaign and make our ads live. In the adset level, ,we get the option of audience targeting. We made the ,required settings at the campaign level. We set the objective at the campaign level. After setting that, we come to the ,Adset level. Here we do research of the audience. You want that ,the time that is being spent in the research of the audience, I do not give here. That is, I should do audience research in advance and,select that thing at the time of campaign and bring it here. that means i am talking about situation where you do not create audience here.,You are not creating a campaign due to the campaign creation process. You already do audience research. After that, ,whenever you create a campaign, at that time you will get the option to select the audience here.,See, used saved audience. You go here and ,use the saved audience and select it here. At the time of creating the campaign, ,here you will save time of creating an audience because at that time ,you would like to set up campaign quickly. One is that you are creating a campaign and if ,you do audience research it will take too much time, so it will be a time taking process.,What did we understand, is there any option of this type in Facebook? here we have already created the ,audience and we use that audience at the time of creating the campaign. yes! There is such,an option here. We are going to consider some examples here.,Let's take an example which we discussed earlier. We have to target in the cities.,I write cities here. We have to target in Delhi and Lucknow. We had discussed the case of,University and narrowing, we consider the same.,We had to target MBA students from Delhi University and Amity University. We will create this audience.,I also mention age group here from 18 to 35. I choose this.,Now I want to save this audience. I am not creating here because this is something during the campaign creation process.,You can do it here too. But I am going to tell you how we can create audience. You have to click on this dot icon. I told you in the starting ,that you will get most of the settings here. You have to click on this dot icon. Here you will see the audience section. You have to ,click on the audience section. You get the option to create different audiences here.,Right now we are not understanding the process of creating different audiences. Right now, we have,to click on the option of Saved Audience. Here ,I will give the name of the audience. We will give a name that is easy for us as you can see that there is a lot ,of audience here. As your account gets old and you keep running the ads ,on your Facebook account, then this section will grow, ,more audience will be introduced here. In such a case, by looking at the name of the audience, you should understand,what this audience is for. I create audiences through a saved audience.,I write here Delhi University and Amity University and inside it we are targeting MBA students. It is totally upto you that,how do you write it. This is our cold audience. Here I am writing cold audience. Cold audience means ,that audience that has not interacted with our Ads or website.,Many people have visited our website but they did not take any action. Suppose if we are selling a course and there is a form on it.,Neither did he fill the form, nor did he purchase the course but he did visit the website. So now it will be called a warm audience.,There are three types of audience, cold audiences, warm audiences and hot audiences. A cold audience is someone who ,hasn't interacted with your business. We are trying to pick that audience. So for that reason we have named it Cold Audience.,Whether you use hyphens or pipelines is up to you. Write in a way that looks good too. You should use the same format,which you are adopting. We don't have to do anything in Custom Audiences. Next is ,location. In the location, we have to select Lucknow, as I have already told.,Lucknow has to be selected as a city which takes the radius around it. You can change it. ,You take care of the little things. I would select Delhi here. Now in targeting, Delhi and Lucknow are selected in the location.,Scroll down. Here I am selecting the age group from 18 to 35. It is completely up to you what you want to select.,There will be no change in gender. Ignore the languages. And here let's do the targeting. 'University of Delhi'.,I target the University of Delhi and the school. Here I am targeting Amity University.,Amity University was targeted. Now I am doing narrow down by Master of Business Adminstration.,You can see that our audience has been created here.,If we want to make corrections then we can do otherwise we will save this audience. Here I click on Create Saved Audience.,The audience has been saved here by this name 'DU +Amity - MBA Students - Cold',Its size is 3,300 and it is ready. It will turn green in a while, ,that means now you can use this audience.,Now whenever we will create a campaign, whenever you see green in availability, it means that now you can use it in campaign.,If we want to use the same audience in different campaigns, then every time we go again to different campaigns and do the same thing, ,then it will be very time consuming.,Now I am going back to the Ads manager. Ads manager means I come to the campaign level.,This campaign that I did not complete was saved in draft. If you want to remove from draft then you can click on Discard Draft. If I ,want to edit this, I will come here. I don't need to do all those things over and over again.,I am seeing the option of 'Use Saved Audience' here. When I search by typing 'DU', I have selected it. Now our audience are selected.,I do not have to do that work again and again manually, that thing is visible here.,I get a list of whatever saved audience I have created here. I can use it in any type of campaign or Ad according to my requirement.,So we should use these tools.,That's all for today's video. See you in next video. Good bye.

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