what to do about long shipping times with dropshipping

Dropshipping 101: How to Deal With Long Shipping Times? how do you deal with,long shipping times whe

Andy Mai

Updated on Jan 12,2023

Dropshipping 101: How to Deal With Long Shipping Times?

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what to do about long shipping times with dropshipping catalogs

Dropshipping 101: How to Deal With Long Shipping Times?

how do you deal with,long shipping times when you do drop,shipping because doesn't take,four to eight weeks to ship and arrive,to customers won't they get angry,this is the exact question though i am,constantly getting asked and that's,exactly what i'll address,in today's video,so what do we want to understand in,today's video,our goal is to understand the delivery,times in drop shipping,and how to go ahead and manage your,customers expectations,and customers questions with the,probability,that the shipping time is going to be,long now let's answer that first part,what is the reason for long shipping,times it is always on the end of the,supply,this is something that you cannot,control the reason for the long shipping,times that are uncontrollable,is due to situations such as lockdowns,travel restrictions covert chinese new,year,where china's just shut down and they,can't ship,anything out because no one's working,christmas and holiday periods where the,ports are just being jam-packed due to,this crazy holiday season those under,all the different reasons why shipping,times might be,much much longer than usual now how to,go ahead,and avoid long shipping times well one,you could go ahead and only select,suppliers,that offer epacket shipping because,that's gonna take your shipping time,from,six to eight weeks all the way down to,like two to three weeks,that's a 50 to 70 percent,decrease in shipping time two you always,want to take into account the processing,time,this is something people get tricked at,people only focus,on the delivery time and they ignore the,processing time,you want to look for suppliers have a,processing time of under three days,at most three this is also very,important and people overlook this is,you want to go ahead and look and read,the reviews,because when you go to the product most,surprisingly when you go to the product,you click on the reviews you go through,all the reviews people actually tell you,if the shipping time was fast people,will say things,such as this arrived much faster than,expected,wow this only took three weeks wow this,only took two weeks,whereas on a bad listing you might see,things such as,it took eight weeks but you know the,product is pretty good,or the shipping took really long but it,was worth it,those are like good but bad because,supplies sometimes,can remove bad reviews so you want to,look for those good bad reviews because,those,are showing the hidden lies within that,supplier,so if you see things like that where,it's like shipping took long but it was,worth,it then shipping is long and you,definitely want to go ahead,and avoid that supplier another solution,is if you have a winning product,you can order the product bulk from your,supplier,and have it just shipped to a local,warehouse and have your shipping times,go from two to three weeks down to two,to three days,now you only want to do this if you know,the product is a winner,because there's a chance where if you,order a thousand units at the time,it gets to your warehouse after three or,four weeks that the product just died,out on facebook ads and now you're stuck,with a thousand units now how do you,manage customers expectations and how do,you help them deal,with the long wait well one remote,products that,people do not abruptly need so you don't,want to advertise some medicine that,they need,asap you don't want to advertise,something that people need,urgently you want to advertise things,that people can wait for because it's,such a good product so,let's say if you go ahead and sell a,product that is not something that they,essentially need,at a particular moment customers won't,mind that the delivery time will be,longer than expected,two you want to be straightforward about,shipping times reflect the shipping,times,in your product description in your,shipping,info page and basically tell customers,up front about the shipping times,and guess what if the product is a good,and strong product,they're not going to mine now the trick,is you can go ahead and blame the long,shipping time,due to things such as covert holiday,season,christmas new year you put all the blame,on that so it makes sense to go hey,you know the business is you know every,business has to do with these issues,i'm more than happy to wait it out,that's what their response is going to,be if you,basically directly and clearly tell them,about the situation,three very important you want to have,strong customer support,reply to customers straight away,reassure them create a,conversation with them have strong,customer service,that can really take an angry customer,from like a 10 out of 10 angry,down to like a four out of 10 angry four,this is something i mentioned before,find local warehouses they can ship the,product to if a lot of your customers,are from the us ship the product to a,local fulfillment center,in the united states so let's wrap this,up what's the conclusion,the delivery times play a pretty small,impact on your e-commerce brand success,there's like things like kickstarters,where people are willing to wait,four to five months for a product to be,made there's things like,etsy where people are willing to wait,three to four weeks,for their products to be made so,shipping time,only pays a small impact in the world of,e-commerce,you want to be focusing on your customer,service value,and product and if you have long,shipping times that's not going to even,matter,delivery times should not be the reason,for you to be hesitant,about the drop shipping model this,should not be something that would stop,you from getting started,because there's tons of people,succeeding and drop shipping,and you want to look at the other,business model such as,done for you etsy kickstarter where,people are willing to wait a long period,of time,so don't let the long shipping time make,you hesitant,on starting on getting started on your,dream now let's go over some final tips,delivery time is a good factor to,consider when choosing the right supply,for you,knowing your target audience will help,you choose the supplier like let's say,you're selling women's clothing and you,just know that woman from the age of,25 to 30 are much more angry if i see,customers,then make sure that your shipping time,is really really good,for that demographic so let's do a recap,how do you avoid,long shipping time one you always want,to go ahead,and look if the supplier offers a packet,two you really want to take note of the,processing time,three you want to be reading supply,reviews four,and you wanna sometimes if the product,is a winner,order the product in bulk from the,supply and ship to your own fulfillment,center,how do you help customers deal with the,long wait one promote products that,customers do not,abruptly need right now tomorrow,two be straightforward and honest with,the long shipping times,and blame it on something like covert,holiday season give a reason to it but,tell them that it exists that you're,gonna have to wait for your shipping for,your product to arrive three,you wanna have strong customer support,very very important and four like i,mentioned before,find a local warehouse to ship your,products to especially if you have a lot,of customers in your final warehouse in,europe to ship your products to from,china and those are the reasons,and tips on how to go ahead and deal,with long shipping times,within drop shipping hopefully you guys,got value in today's video,now what you're seeing here is just a,small teaser of what we teach in our,program,we teach literally everything with how,to deal with long shipping times,faster suppliers working with agents and,if you want to go ahead and take your,drop shipping business,to the next level book in a call with my,e-commerce advisor and you'll basically,build your roadmap,on how to get to success or you can go,ahead,and watch our free documentary where we,go ahead,and show you guys how we consistently,get student results and people like you,successful through drop shipping,through using our proven blueprint check,out that document below,now let's go ahead and announce last,week as winners for a thousand dollars,worth of courses a consulting course,with me,the winner's here if you guys want to,qualify all you have to do is drop a,comment below,follow me on instagram hit the subscribe,button hit the notification bell,and i'll be picking the best comment,every single video other than that i,hope you guys have an amazing day,and i'll be seeing you guys tomorrow,with nothing but more value,and straight up no bs straight to a,point content,thank you so much for watching this,video hope you guys had an amazing day,and i'll see you guys tomorrow nothing,but more value,peace

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