what should dropshipping policy include

πŸ‘€ What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping you know what despite the several,successful dropshippin

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

πŸ‘€ What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

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πŸ‘€ What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

you know what despite the several,successful dropshipping case studies on,this channel i still occasionally get,people leaving comments like drop,shipping is dead if it was ever properly,alive to begin with increasing e packet,rate it literally kills drop shipping,it's too late for this business,most businesses fail i will never waste,my time and money trying to start a,business ever again and if you're smart,you'll do the same thing,hmm yeah well okay obviously i strongly,disagree with those comments because,here's the thing a lot of people will,say things like drop shipping is dead or,it's too late or businesses don't work,and the reason why they're saying these,things is because they are making,several assumptions that are all wrong,and so if you are looking to start a,store it's crucial then that you,understand what these assumptions are,before you start drop shipping so that,unlike these people your store can be,successful because no it is not too late,one people won't buy from you they'll,just buy from amazon instead but wait,sarah you ask why would anyone buy,products from me if they can buy,products directly from amazon themselves,now it is absolutely true that if you,head on over to amazon that you will,find lots of products that can be,purchased directly from aliexpress,sitting on amazon's digital shelf as,well and of course if customers were to,purchase your products on amazon they,would then get to take advantage of,their prime two-day shipping so how on,earth could drop shippers successfully,dropship these guitar coffee spoons with,two to three week shipping via china's,cheapest fastest shipping option a,packet when a customer could come and,buy them on amazon with two-day shipping,i mean come on sarah just think about it,amazon is only growing in q3 2019 their,product sales were up over 17,from the same time in 2018. won't amazon,steal away all of our sales,no,no they will not you see here's the,thing there is some truth to these,comments amazon is arguably the better,deal for usa citizens it is better for,the consumer to purchase the products on,amazon so if they figure out that the,product that you are selling them is,indeed on amazon for purchase you can,bet that amazon will take that sale away,from you but you know what we literally,don't care and you know what drop,shippers never have the sorts of people,who see a product and decide that,they're going to research the absolute,best deal for it were never our,customers in the first place nope it's,the 44 of people that impulsively,purchase products online that we are,targeting and of course as shown by how,millennials are even more prone to,impulsive purchases with 80 of them,impulsively buying products the overall,percentage of impulse e-commerce,purchases for us to target as drop,shippers is only growing and growing you,see successful drop shipping stores are,built around that target customer the,type of customer that enjoys impulsively,purchasing products it also means that,the successful drop shipping stores are,usually built around selling products,that spike an emotion in a customer that,makes them think i need to buy this,right now it's why this aliexpress dog,caller has made hundreds of thousands of,dollars,the advertising dropshippers used spike,fear and dog owners pointing out how,many dogs dying in car accidents each,year from not being seen that is why,when recently i saw this comment from,this viewer asking why their online,store wasn't successful i pretty much,instantly knew that the store would be,selling extremely boring products and lo,and behold i was right now of course,this is actually a print on demand store,not a drop shipping store but the exact,same principle applies why would,somebody want to buy this hoodie when,they can go to amazon and find cheaper,hoodies and shirts with inspirational,messages on there because here is the,reality typing vision in a plain white,circle is not exciting so let's compare,this hoodie to this hoodie what is the,difference between the two well the,difference is that one hoodie is very,boring and the other is extremely,interesting unique and unlike anything,people are likely to have seen before,which is why this hoodie's facebook,advertising campaign made so much money,for the successful aliexpress,dropshipping store freaky pet and of,course if you're ever wondering this,exact same answer applies to the people,that ask the question why would,customers not go directly to aliexpress,themselves well again it's because good,aliexpress drop shippers sell products,that trigger emotions on people and get,them to impulsively buy their products,so that they never even think to go,check if a product is on aliexpress,because they see and go that's so,amazing i must buy one now and by the,way if you've learned something from,this video and you would like to learn,even more about starting a successful,drop shipping store then be sure to,subscribe and click that little,notification bell next to it so that you,don't miss out on any of our videos two,dropshipping is a scam i just want to,quickly address this because these,comments are really dumb you know you,might have noticed that earlier in this,video i freely admitted that it would be,a fast superior financial choice for a,customer to buy this hoodie on amazon,with two day shipping for a fraction of,the price compared to what they would,pay for it on freaky pet and so what do,people say to that oh the customer can,get it cheaper elsewhere quicker that,makes your store a scam nope it does not,number one if it weren't for your,facebook ad the customer would never,have known about that product that they,really enjoyed getting in the first,place people really love this hoodie and,we're really grateful that it was,advertised to them and they bought it,you had to pay for that advertising to,do that which you pass on to the,customer amazon doesn't advertise,products customers have to find them,themselves and number two as an,entrepreneur you are in no way obligated,to offer your product for the lowest,price here are two coffee shops around,the corner from my apartment they are,across the road from each other i walked,into coffee shop a and bought my,favorite coffee a long black for three,dollars and yes i know that overseas the,phrase long black might conjure up some,different thoughts but here in new,zealand and over in australia too a long,black simply refers to pouring an,espresso shot over 100 to 120 mls of,boiling water to create a stronger,version of an americano with creamer,next i went into coffee shop b and again,order long black but this time it cost,four dollars completely different prices,for an extremely similar product and you,know what coffee shop a's three dollar,coffee was the best would you say that,coffee shop b is a scam for charging a,higher price for a worse version of this,coffee no you would not pricing is,entirely subjective and is actually,determined by the customer not you you,present the customer with the price and,it is up to them to decide if that price,is worth it or not and at the end of the,day if freaky pet are able to create a,marketing campaign that gets people to,purchase their hoodie for a higher price,while being entirely upfront about the,shipping times then they 100,deserve that sale 3. drop shipping is,saturated perhaps the most bizarre of,all the claims is that drop shipping is,dead and it's over since well it's,saturated and the truth is when i see,comments like this it blows my mind,because this comment literally makes no,sense here is what market saturation,literally is it's when a product has,been maximized in a market in other,words when all of the people who would,want that product have bought it already,and here is what drop shipping is drop,shipping is when a customer buys a,product that you've listed in your store,for a markup price when they do you go,to the manufacturer and you purchase,that one product for the wholesale price,and then have them ship it out directly,to the customer while you keep the,difference as profit and large retail,stores have been drop shipping for years,drop shipping isn't a product it's,simply a way to fulfill products only,products can be saturated and so,whenever you see someone equate the two,in the youtube comments section you can,be sure that they don't understand what,they are talking about so sarah you say,maybe dropshipping can't be saturated,but are all of the aliexpress products,instead saturated the answer here is,nope although yes indeed some are,saturated and surprise surprise it's the,products that pretty much everybody is,trying to sell do you know what's,saturated cheap women's apparel and,accessories and do you know what the,number one aliexpress drop shipping,store i see people trying to create is,if you guessed cheap women's apparel and,accessories you would be correct and,this viewer posted their comment for me,to review their store literally on a,video where i talked about how generic,women's watches is a terrible saturated,niche and here is the thing these,products that are saturated on,aliexpress these saturated product,niches they are saturated regardless of,how you fulfill your orders which is why,one of the biggest retailers for this,niche forever 21 recently filed for,bankruptcy the reason their store chain,failed wasn't because of their method of,fulfillment it was because their niche,was too competitive and too saturated,and so to survive in it you needed to be,extremely skilled and they were not,skilled enough to compete in such a,cut-throat market saturation is a,product problem not a fulfillment,problem the solution sell unsaturated,products regardless of how you're,fulfilling your orders that's exactly,why freaky pet had such huge success,they found a product that few people,were selling and they put it in front of,the people that would love to buy it,choosing products like this is something,i focus on in my premium curated drop,shipping course the econ clubhouse and,if you're interested i'll have a link to,it in the video description below four,donald trump's war with china has killed,dropshipping so if you haven't heard the,news donald trump announced the enter e,packet the cheapest fastest shipping,option from china to the usa packages,could arrive in as little as 10 days,halfway across the world for just two,dollars an absolute steal and you know,not a lot of people know about this but,for over 190 countries the international,postage rates are mostly negotiated and,set by a worldwide organization,universal postal union known as upu and,historically the prices have generally,been set by how poor a country is,considered to be if they were rich like,the united states then they had to pay,higher prices but if they were poor then,they could have lower shipping prices to,stimulate economies and so because in,the past china had a lot of poverty they,were able to successfully negotiate with,the upu a very low postage rate and of,course as you can imagine having a low,cost fast shipping option from china,made drop shipping from china much much,easier but then in 2018 something,completely unprecedented happened noting,that china's financial fortunes have,drastically changed over the past little,while as part of the ongoing trade war,donald trump threatened to pull the usa,out of the upu unless the rules changed,and they could declare their own,shipping prices for china now as you can,imagine if the united states arguably,the biggest economy in the world were to,pull out of the upu that would mean 190,countries would suddenly have to,negotiate their own shipping rates with,the united states and that would be an,absolute disaster donald trump gave an,ultimatum the upu had 12 months to,implement this change or they'd be gone,well it's over a year later and e packet,is still here in the united states,they're still in the upu so what,happened how can both of these two,things be it's because the universal,postal union scrambled they held an,emergency meeting in september 2019 and,they struck a deal with the usa the,united states can now charge up to 70,percent of the postage rate i.e if the,price of an e-package shipment was,previously two dollars they can now,charge four dollars,not exactly the literal death of drop,shipping is it for a business that was,already working on 20 to 25 profit,margins and honestly when i saw the news,i pretty much shrugged because i was,like you know what even if a packet,disappears there is absolutely no way,that china post is not going to come up,with their own alternative which is,exactly what they did there is now a new,shipping option being rolled out,aliexpress standard shipping which,surprise surprise is a near clone of a,packet and as a further backup more and,more aliexpress suppliers are opening up,their own fulfillment centers in the,united states which means that you can,now dropship products with four to seven,day shipping times for four to five,dollars five most people who dropship,will fail so a few weeks ago i made a,video tutorial which show people how to,drop ship products from aliexpress with,four to seven day shipping times well,someone came in and made this comment,why don't you mention the roadblock,everyone hits which is marketing causing,99 to fail and i was admittedly a little,bit snarky and i was like maybe the,reason why i didn't mention this in the,video was because that video was you,know about something else but i do,understand why that comment was posted,because do you know what 99 of gurus,won't tell you they won't tell you that,99 of people will fail but you know what,on this channel i don't shy away from it,it's absolutely true oh my goodness,sarah and 99 fail right that's insanely,high why would i start one well what i,would tell you is that the main reason,why 99 of people fail is extremely,avoidable and really easy to not do,yourself because i'll tell you this now,the main reason why 99 of people fail is,not because they don't have enough,knowledge about facebook ads oh no in,the internet video age we are swimming,in knowledge we are practically drowning,in it at this point you can purchase a,curated video course like the econ,clubhouse or you can watch a series of,disorganized youtube videos either way,the knowledge is out there what those 99,of people are missing is the knowledge,that you gain through going through the,learning curve of actually marketing,your products to consumers real talk you,cannot bypass this there is absolutely,no guru that you can follow that will,allow you to somehow bypass this now let,me ask you a question if you read these,five books on being a barista after,never having made a coffee in your life,do you think that you'd make the perfect,latte on your first day on the job nope,and if you read these five books on,cooking after never having cooked a meal,in your life that your first dinner,would be a fine dining masterpiece nope,i am sure that everybody watching this,video agrees if you want to cook well it,doesn't matter how many books you read,you need to practice and make many meals,before you get good so why on earth then,do people think that there is some,formula that some guru can teach them,that will mean that they can get really,good at marketing fast without having to,put an experience actually doing it and,every day i see so many people that seem,to be searching for that but that's not,how it works sure reading these books,will definitely help you make tastier,meals faster but none of them are a,replacement for the real world,experience gained from actually cooking,run ads see how people interact with,your ads in your niche make changes,based upon how people interact with them,and you know what every single person's,learning curve is going to be unique to,them but most people want fast easy,money not to actually learn how to make,real money and so when they don't get it,fast they usually do the one thing that,guarantees a 100,failure rate and that is giving up so if,you don't want to be part of that 99,failure rate that's fine don't come and,ask me questions like is 200 enough to,invest is that enough money for me to,start making money or asking me how long,is it going to take me to make money is,it going to take me two weeks is it,gonna take me three weeks i can even,wait four weeks four weeks is fine if,it's going to take four weeks no don't,ask me those questions instead ask,yourself the question that that one,percent who have success ask themselves,am i willing to invest the time and,money that i need in order to overcome,the learning curve of marketing in sales,learn from my mistakes and ultimately be,successful am i willing to do what it,takes for me to succeed thanks for,watching my video i hope you appreciated,the honest advice and if you would like,to learn even more about drop shipping,you should download our free ebook the,six steps that six figure online stores,follow to make over ten thousand dollars,a month and you'll find a link to,download that ebook in the video,description below

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