what makes a good dropshipping product

The Only Dropshipping Product Research Guide You'll Ever Need. tick tock drop shipping is a differen

Nathan Nazareth

Updated on Jan 11,2023

The Only Dropshipping Product Research Guide You'll Ever Need.

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The Only Dropshipping Product Research Guide You'll Ever Need.

tick tock drop shipping is a different,game winning product life cycles are,shorter creatives that are performing,very well might only be profitable for a,matter of days and with the amount of,people who have shifted their efforts,over to drop shipping on tick tock,competition is fierce if you want to be,successful you must do what others are,not willing to do you must sell products,that are yet to be sold by the masses,you must cleverly craft your marketing,angle offer and product in a way that is,unique branded and unlike anything,anyone has ever seen before but on the,flip side of things the amount of users,and shoppers on tick tock is growing,every day by the second tick tock drop,shipping has taken the world by storm,it's unlike anything i've ever seen,before and in a matter of just days you,can build a soar up to multiple,thousands of dollars per day just like,this one here,and it all starts with finding the right,product,what's popping youtube welcome back to,the channel if you're new here if you're,old here my name is nathan nazareth i'm,a 21 year old e-commerce entrepreneur,based out of vancouver british columbia,canada and just before we get started,here i do want to remind you that every,single week i do a giveaway for a custom,built dropshipping store built by me and,my team all you have to do to enter this,giveaway real quick is go ahead and,smash a like on this video comment,something insightful down below and,subscribe to the channel those three,things you're automatically entered for,the chance to win your very own custom,mail drop shipping store in which i'll,announce in next week's video now let's,get straight into showing you guys,exactly how i go and find my seven,figure winning products to sell with,tick tock drop shipping all right so,before i show you exactly how to find,seven figure winning products to sell on,tick tock,first things first you need to know what,a seven figure winning product looks,like and it's pretty straight,straightforward so we're gonna use this,four-step framework that i personally,use to validate every single product,before i even test it on an initial,launch so first things first we're,looking for a wow factor okay so this,product needs to be able to catch,somebody's attention in less than three,seconds people have the most ridiculous,attention spans now due to tick tock and,obviously because we're advertising on,tick tock we need to really hit home,with this product in one two possibly,three seconds another point here is it,needs to be easy to market you need to,have different marketing angles and,creativity with the product you need to,be able to make really cool and unique,video ads if it's like i don't know,maybe some just basic pen how are you,gonna make a bunch of really cool video,ads around a basic pen i mean i'm sure,it's doable,sell me this pen,but the cooler and the more unique the,product that'll also contribute to its,wow factor and how easy it is to make,creatives around that product now the,next point here is price,typically we're looking for a product,that can sell between 15 and 45,with at least a 3x markup that's going,to give us a solid profit margin across,the board when selling on tick tock and,what i typically find is anything over,45 dollars yes you still can sell on,tick tock but it's very very difficult,and that's because the large majority of,the user demographic on tick tock is,younger people so they don't have the,same purchasing power that customers on,facebook ads do in general now of course,times are changing and older people are,hopping on tick tock as well but it's,still the general consensus but lower,ticket products tend to serve you better,step three how exclusive is the product,okay and by exclusive i don't just mean,how many of your competitors are selling,the exact same product i mean can you go,over to your local walmart or target and,pick the product up cheaply and easily,and also do they have it on amazon prime,you know nine times out of ten your,products gonna be on amazon that's,totally fine but if it's in every single,warehouse and everybody everywhere can,get that product in less than a day,shipped to their house and for cheaper,than you're selling it might not be the,most unique and exclusive product so i'd,probably look somewhere else and then,lastly how broad is the product broad,audiences have been crushing on tick,tock so that's why i like to keep the,product as broad as possible and also,have it be an evergreen product meaning,that you can sell it year round and not,just in a specific season or a specific,point in time and also no age,restrictions okay as i said older and,older people are coming on tick tock so,it's not just 15 to 18 year olds on,there anymore so you want to keep the,product open to as broad an age range as,possible that being said you can kind of,focus in on the younger demographic a,little bit more with your creatives the,way that you're marketing it but you,want to keep it as open as possible in,that regard and then gender you can sell,a male or female product and still find,success uh but again the broader the,better now for the methods on how to,actually uncover these winning products,to sell you've probably seen some of,these before if you're watching this,video you probably watch other product,research videos so i'm gonna do,something different and i want this,video to be as valuable as possible for,you so what i've done is i've taken the,top three methods that i personally use,and i put them through a ranking system,so you can see exactly which one will be,best for you to use and i'll show you,what i mean okay so there's four,categories to this ranking system we,have cost product ease of use and speed,now i'm going to put more weight on,product i'm going to give product 20,points and each of the other categories,10 points so each of these three methods,i'm about to go over will score a total,score out of 50 and that way you can,easily see which method will be the best,and i'll also have the ranking under,each category so you can see which one,will be best for you all right so,starting with method number one we have,what i like to call the organic method,so this one is very simple you may have,seen it before it consists of going to,tick tock and searching up amazon fines,tic toc made me buy it and unboxing,those are three terms or three hashtags,that i like to use the most and that i,typically find the best products with,now you want to go to the filters and,you want to click on most liked and less,than one month so you're going to get,all of the videos that have the most,amount of likes that are going super,super viral and that have just been,created less than one month ago so that,way you're going to get untapped fresh,winners that you can start selling i'm,gonna quickly run through and quickly,run through exactly how to do this uh,first of all quick shout out to your boy,on tick tock the nathan nazareth go toss,them a follow uh next thing that we're,gonna do is we're gonna go over to our,home page i'm gonna go to the search bar,here and we're gonna type in tick-tock,made me buy it,okay so from there we're gonna get this,top kind of feed here but what we wanna,do is go over to the top right hand,corner to these filters or these slider,looking things and then go to date,posted and click this month and then go,to sort by and click most liked then,just go ahead and click apply and you're,going to see all these product videos,that are going absolutely viral right,now so click on this,so one on this one as you can see it's,some sort of mini home projector with,the right creative obviously this,product is going to sell well on tick,tock it's going to fly the next one here,is looks like some really cool toy that,people can put in their office or,somewhere and play with it at home,almost like a fidget type toy um but,that is pretty cool like that's going to,catch someone's attention it's catching,mine right now so what you can do is you,can just scroll through all these videos,because all these videos have gone viral,like the millions of likes tens of,millions of views so if you make similar,creatives like those and post them,organically and post them on tick tock,ad platform as well you're off to the,races with some of these products so,like i said we got to give this a quick,ranking so the organic method comes in,at a 10 out of 10 for cost because it's,completely free to use,for products that you can find i gave it,a 14 out of 20. for the most part the,products are relatively unsaturated,relatively new with the right filters,but again this is a common method so,lots of people are going to be using,this that's why i gave it a 14 out of 20,for product ease of use 9 out of 10. you,saw how easy i did that in like 30,seconds on my phone there so i had to go,ahead and give this one a nine and speed,eight out of ten the speed in which you,can find winning products lightning fast,i mean you saw me scroll a couple of,pages and already found a couple good,products so overall this method gets a,41 out of 50. that's going to be tough,to beat but let's see if the other two,methods can do it all right on to method,number two which is what i like to call,the paid method now for the paid method,i'm going to be talking about what i,call the big three so these are the,three big ad research platforms that i,personally like to use the most and this,is at syria mania and pp ads at least as,far as tick tock goes those are the big,three so let's get started right here,with ad syria so at syria i honestly,don't look too much at their hand-picked,winning products because i know they,have a lot of users on their platform,and a lot of people are seeing these,products pop up every day nonetheless,they are still good products to take a,look at but what i personally like to do,on this platform is actually go over to,store finder,and i'll tell you why this feature is so,crazy right now so what i do with the,filters is i go ahead and go shopify for,filter by platform and then for filter,by store age over here i can select an,age that's relatively new for a new drop,shipping store let's say less than six,months that usually works pretty well,and if i wanted to go one step deeper if,i already had a branded niche store i,could go in and pick the category but,for now we're going to leave it at those,two and then pop over here to filter by,store monthly revenue so we're going to,go ahead and go less than 250 000 that,way we know this store is pulling in,somewhere between 50 and 250 000 per,month and they've only been around for,less than six months so this is a,perfect way to go ahead and find those,winning products now you're probably,wondering how does this relate to tick,tock specifically but they went one step,further and if you go over here to,filter by store tag you can actually,choose trending on tick-tock this,basically means that the store was found,because of ads that went viral and were,trending on tik-tok and then the,employees at syria went ahead and added,this store to their list of stores that,you can go ahead and analyze i mean just,a genius genius feature if you didn't,know about this already i'll have the,link down below for ad syria and i'll,also have it down below for all the,other resources i'm gonna be talking,about in this video and some of the,links down below will be affiliate links,so if you want to support the channel if,you're planning on buying this anyway i,would really appreciate it and again,every single platform that i talk about,in this video and my other videos are,platforms that i personally use and i,would never become an affiliate partner,with a platform that i didn't use,because i'm not just going to sell out,to you guys like that cheaply anyways,now we can actually scroll through this,list of stores it's going to show us the,monthly sales it's going to show us,their global ranking their shopify,ranking and it's actually going to tell,us the niche on the right-hand side as,well so like i said this is just an,amazing tool now if we go over here to,where this one says 800 000 in monthly,sales it's actually going to give us a,description it's going to show us the,products that they're currently selling,right now so we don't actually have to,go over the store and check it ourselves,if we want to be lazy this is literally,one of the easiest and best ways to find,great products now let me run through,mania and pp ads real quick you've,probably seen them around before so i,don't want to take up too much of your,time with them but basically these are,ad spying platforms so what the,employees do is they go out on tick tock,ads facebook ads even pinterest ads and,scrape some of the best performing ads,and put them all into this platform with,product descriptions copy video ads that,you can go ahead and download and,everything else you need to get started,with selling some of these products of,course what i use them for is both,competitor research and finding winning,products in the case of tick tock ads,specifically they both have a section,specifically dedicated towards showing,us tick tock ads now if we click on tick,tock ads on the left hand side here what,i like to do is i like to do keyword,search so we can go to the top we can,type in certain words that resonate with,a product that solves a problem that,serves a purpose or there's just a wow,factor product in general so one example,of a keyword you could search would be,the word help because if the word help,is in the ad it's probably something,like this product helps you to do x or,this product helps you to do y in which,case it should be a problem solving,product which as you guys know is just,always something that's going to work,very well when it comes to selling a,product you need to sell something that,serves a purpose for a specific client,or provides them a benefit and then of,course from there you want to make sure,that product has a wow factor and you,can market it creatively so from here we,can simply scroll and look at all the,different products and again there's a,bunch of different keywords that you can,search up so you can search up like,alleviate relax,uh assist you know all these types of,words that are going to help find those,products that are actually solving,problems in people's lives and again you,can even look up terms like 50 off or 75,off and you're gonna see a lot of offers,that they're really trying to catch you,on that impulse and make you purchase,with all the urgency tactics and stuff,like that which could go into the right,wow factor products that we're looking,for as well but as you can see the list,goes on there's endless uh you know,products and ad videos to scroll through,and of course there's tons of other,filters you can play around with as well,so i like to choose shopify for the ecom,type and then for likes i like to,usually give it a minimum amount of,likes of about a thousand or somewhere,in that range so we're making sure we're,only looking at ads that are actually,being ran to a certain point which means,they're probably profitable,so that's pretty much all i like to do,for filters like to keep it pretty,simple and then just scroll down here,and pp ads is the exact same thing it's,just laid out a little bit differently,but they do have one other feature for,tick tock here which is this product,search here so if you look up a product,keyword if you already know what you're,looking for it's great because you can,find the product you can find suppliers,you can find competitors really really,easily and then the last thing they have,this winning product tab up here in the,middle and this just shows you literally,the most viral ads like i'm talking,about the best performing tech talk ads,right now so you're going to find,saturated products doing this for sure,but you're also gonna find products that,are popping off that are just blowing up,so nonetheless if you use both of these,methods you're gonna find a ton of great,winning products right away but now it's,time to rank these and see how this,stacks up against our organic method so,as you can see here organic gave us a,final result of 41 out of 50 and paid,fell short with 37 out of 50. here's why,i gave cost a 5 out of 10 for the paid,method because again i think pps is a,little expensive around 150 bucks a,month money is a little cheaper like 30,or 50 a month somewhere in that range,and ad series again cheaper like similar,to mania but still nonetheless if you,were to buy all these platforms you'd be,looking at maybe 200 plus per month um,which is kind of getting up there you,know for somebody freshly starting into,drop shipping and wanting to find,winning products that's why i gave the,cost of five,products i gave 15 out of 20. i gave it,slightly higher than the organic because,you can find some great untapped,unsaturated products through using those,methods but again lots of people are on,these platforms lots of people know,about it so that's why i did not max out,that 20 out of 20 but the next method is,going to show you some serious untapped,unsaturated winners so make sure you,stick around for that and then lastly,ease of use 7 out of 10 you know it's a,little bit complex and tricky to get to,know all these different platforms but,overall it's still pretty easy to use,and speed 10 out of 10 i mean i don't,think there's you know much faster of a,way that you could filter through,hundreds of the best performing tick,tock ads than use these ad spying tools,nonetheless this method is really really,valuable as well it just fell short of,organic but let's see how the next,method can stack up against these two,alright so method number three is the,supplier method now if you've been,following me for a while you guys,already probably know i have a soft spot,for this method and i've found over 75,of my winning products using this right,here now don't worry i'll still rank,this up against the other two methods,fairly using the four pieces of criteria,that we came up with so the supplier,method entails you first going to,aliexpress okay,and when you're on here what you want to,do is you literally want to click on any,product as long as it has a high order,volume so this one here has about 21 000,orders high amount of uh ratings and,stars so all we want to do is scroll,down we're not interested in this,product at all i mean maybe you are,maybe it caught your eye but what you,want to do is you want to go over to the,seller and we're looking for anything,above 93 positive feedback and above 5,000 followers what that means it's,basically they're highly rated by other,people and also they have a lot of,followers so they're probably pretty big,establishment they probably source a lot,of products have a probably pretty big,operation with tons of employees which,is what you're looking for so then you,just go ahead and click contact now from,here what you want to do is you want to,type up a little message like so,okay so i said hi i'm an experienced,dropshipper looking to sell your product,what did i do there i told them that i'm,experienced that i've sold products,before and they want to make money just,as badly as we do so they're going to be,interested after a little message like,that then i said can you please message,me on whatsapp for further collaboration,and then i sent my phone number in,now you have to be very careful if you,notice how i put the spaces in between,my phone number i'm actually going to do,the same thing with whatsapp this is,because aliexpress wants to keep you on,their platform okay because they make,seven percent fees on every single,transaction but what's wrong with that,is you can't really communicate this to,the supplier you have this little,communication panel here but you can't,do much right you can't really negotiate,different shipping rates you can't see,the inner workers their factory you,can't build that relationship you can't,ask them for winning products and so,much more so the first step is getting,them over to another platform the big,three are typically whatsapp wechat or,skype so recommend you have those three,ready to go i usually start with a,whatsapp and then i fire off the message,now give them like 24 hours or so to,respond again you want to reach out to,as many of them as possible because like,i said probably only 10 will get back to,you and set something up now i just want,to show you an example of when i've done,this in the past and this is you know,actually what i did so as you can see i,wanted to sell this liquid eyeliner pen,and i told them my whatsapp number and,then what they did is they went here and,sent me theirs okay so then i simply hit,them up on whatsapp and i started,building that relationship now why this,is so important is because what you,actually want to do with this method is,you then want to reach out to them and,say hey listen you know i'm experienced,i can make you a lot of money you know,once you're communicating with them on,whatsapp and say but i just need to know,do you have a solid factory right can,you fulfill my orders in bulk can you,fulfill them at scale these are the,types of questions you want to ask and,then also once you think you have a fit,to work with them,say hey listen i want to test out a,bunch of new products on my store can,you please send me a list of the top,selling fat products in your factory,right now but not just the top selling,products i want to see the top trending,products so has there been any drop,shippers or any e-commerce brand owners,that you're working with currently in,your factory that have had a massive,spike in order volume as of lately so,then if you're lucky what they're going,to do is they're going to send you the,list of their top stores they work with,their top suppliers their top drop,shippers because again they want to make,money really bad and if you convince,them enough that you're experienced and,that you're going to make sales for them,and bring them home the bacon well,they're just going to give you the keys,to the inner workings of their factory,which is going to reveal some of the,best most untapped winning products that,are just taking off right now because,you're literally going straight to the,source before you've seen them ran on,facebook ads by the masses so i hope,that makes sense i know it's a lot to,take in at once but i have other videos,on the topic you can always reach out to,me on instagram if you're unfamiliar,with this method,now let's see how it stacks up against,the organic and the paid method so cost,10 out of 10 again completely free,product 20 to 20. i've found 75 plus of,my winning products my best products to,date using this method ease of use 3 out,of 10. it's complex it's difficult,there's a language barrier it's hard to,get through to a lot of suppliers it,takes some time,but speed once you get it working right,it can be fast you know you can get tons,of winning products served you on a,silver platter by just a singular,supplier so overall this method is quite,a bit different than the first two but,it came in at a 40 out of 50. so just,behind the organic here's the ranking,organic supplier method paid and you can,see the rankings for each category so,now hopefully you guys can have an idea,of which one you want to run with the,supplier method is personally my,favorite but again the results show,different and the organic is on top but,don't go anywhere because i'm showing,you my seven-figure strategy right now,exactly how it looks using all three of,the methods that i just talked about so,step one begin with the supplier method,okay so reach out to 50 suppliers this,will take you approximately an hour if,you're quick at it uh possibly longer,step two use the organic method while,waiting so once you're waiting for all,those suppliers to get back to you,find at least five products probably,more while you're waiting as you can see,i just got a sale right now um coming in,from one of the winning products that i,found using my supplier method actually,uh step three i actually messed up the,order on this infographic here but step,three receive winning products from,supplier and create list okay so once,you get the winning products from your,supplier add them to the list with your,organic method winners as well step four,go through with a winning product,criteria checklist that was this,checklist up here does it have a wow,factor what's the price point like is it,exclusive how broad is the product if it,hits on every single piece then move to,step five use the paid method so i'm,talking about adsiri i'm talking about,mynia pp ads not only to find products,but to spy on competitor ads to go ahead,and take inspiration from existing,stores and see if you can really make it,go with this and then the final step,launch the corresponding winners that,made it through these five steps and,rinse and repeat this has been my seven,figure strategy to date and i'm giving,it all to you guys right now and in,exchange all i would like is you go,ahead and smash that like button share,it to a friend i promise you this,strategy if implemented correctly will,make you a ton of money as it has done,for me,just before we wrap up congratulations,to it's marco not polo for winning the,custom-built store this week just go,ahead and shoot me a message on,instagram we'll get right in the works,of setting up your store but seriously,thank you guys so much for all the,support right now it's been unreal and,i'm gonna keep dropping bangers like,this and giving you guys all of the,knowledge all the value all the sauce,completely free because you're showing,me so much love thank you guys so much,i'll see you guys next week have a great,one peace out,you

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