what is the difference between fba and dropshipping

Amazon FBA VS Dropshipping | Which One Is Better? Pros and Cons i'm gonna cover the pros and cons th

Pat Harris

Updated on Jan 12,2023

Amazon FBA VS Dropshipping | Which One Is Better? Pros and Cons

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what is the difference between fba and dropshipping catalogs

Amazon FBA VS Dropshipping | Which One Is Better? Pros and Cons

i'm gonna cover the pros and cons that,come with drop shipping in amazon fba,what is up everyone welcome back to my,channel if you are new to the channel my,name is pat harris and i'm a full-time,amazon seller,on my channel i share tips that help,with my own amazon business so i could,help others out i also like to share,videos related to the stock market,investing making money online so if you,like this type of content make sure to,hit that like button hit the subscribe,button and hit the bell icon i know i,say it in every video but it really does,help out with the youtube algorithm and,just by liking and commenting on my,videos,i do a giveaway at the end of every,month so keep an eye out for that i give,away my amazon fba course or a hundred,dollar prize and i announce it at the,end of every month in my videos but,let's get into the actual content of,this video so in this video i'm going to,cover the pros and cons that come with,drop shipping in amazon fba,i get a lot of people asking me should i,do drop shipping first is it easier to,dropship than do amazon,so i'm going to cover both of them and,hopefully answer all of your questions,so you can decide which business model,you want to go with so if you don't know,my background a couple years back i,started with retail arbitrage i went,store to store i was scanning items and,trying to resell them on amazon,but i didn't like the experience i don't,like shopping i was going to different,stores and i could only find a couple,things that i could resell and i,wouldn't make that much,profit so i started looking into drop,shipping and amazon fba and i chose,amazon fba i've been doing it for over a,year and a half now but i've never done,drop shipping but i did learn a lot,about drop shipping and i've talked to,other people that drop shipped and i'm,gonna go over,what it is so drop shipping is where you,have a storefront either on shopify or,another,website and then a customer will go to,that website they buy the product,and then that product links to a,manufacturer in china from aliexpress,and that supplier will ship out that,order once you get a sale on your,storefront there's software that linked,the two but the only problem is,customers have to wait one to two weeks,to get that actual product and if you're,like me you don't want to wait a long,time to get products a lot of people are,impatient,so that's one of the downfalls with drop,shipping another negative thing about,drop shipping is you have to do,a lot of advertising you have to get,influencers you have to run,facebook and instagram ads and you're,gonna spend a lot of money trying to get,customers to go to a website that,they've never heard of,if you think about it when is the last,time you went to a website that you've,never heard of and actually bought,something from that website i know i,have never gone to a random website and,purchased anything i always go to amazon,because i have an amazon prime,membership amazon has all the products,that i need,and it only takes one to two days to get,my products,so those are a few things with drop,shipping you're gonna have a random,storefront that nobody's ever been to,you're selling random products that will,eventually die out different trends will,die out and then the customers have to,wait,one to two weeks to actually get their,products that's why i never went with,drop shipping i went with amazon fba,because,you have to buy the products where in,drop shipping you don't actually have to,buy the inventory with amazon fba you,buy the products in bulk and you ship,them directly to amazon's warehouse and,then when you get an order amazon,handles all of the orders for you they,do the shipping the customer returns,they pack your products so that's why i,love amazon fba because,they do all of the work even though you,have to buy the inventory it's still,a great business model and the main,thing is there are millions of people on,amazon every day buying products and,i'll put a chart right here but you can,see how much sales come from amazon us,so all you have to do is run your ads in,the amazon platform and then once that,product is in front of a customer's eyes,they might buy that product if you have,a good product and a good listing where,if you drop shipping a customer might,not even go to your website because,they've never heard of it everyone has,heard of amazon,nobody has heard of your website so that,is the main differences,amazon has a lot better platform for,selling and the shipping is only one to,two days but the only downfall is,you do have to buy the inventory in bulk,and then you do have to pay amazon,storage fees and fba fees,so some people will say the fees are way,too high and it sucks but then if you,think about it when you're getting sales,at home and you don't have to do any of,the work i would rather pay,amazon all of those fees to handle the,orders rather than handle all of them,myself,having to pack and ship the products,drive them to the ups store,if i sell 50 units in one day i couldn't,even imagine packing and shipping 50,units i would have to buy a truck so,that's why amazon fba is great because,they store all your inventory you don't,have to have a warehouse,drop shipping could be good for you if,you're really good at marketing or,you're a big influencer and you have a,lot of followers that might buy the,product but you have to run a lot of ads,to get customers to go to your website,where amazon,millions of people are searching every,day if you look around on youtube you'll,see a lot of videos saying drop shipping,is dead and that is because drop,shipping had a huge boom,a few years back and then it slowly died,out because everybody was opening up,these shopify stores,selling random products and a lot of,people like me don't go to random,websites to buy products i just jump on,amazon buy the product and i get it,fast so now i hope you understand the,difference between drop shipping and,amazon fba,it's up to you on which business model,you want to go with i prefer amazon fba,private label i've been doing it for,over a year and a half now and i love it,even though there's a lot of fees with,amazon it,still beats having to do all the work so,you could sit back and relax as you get,orders on amazon you do have to run the,advertising but running ads on amazon is,a lot easier than running facebook ads,trying to get customers go to a website,that they've never heard of all right so,i hope you like this video if you want,to learn more about amazon fba check out,my other videos you could join my amazon,fba facebook group,i also have a discord and that is it all,right so i hope you enjoyed the video i,will see you in the next,video goodbye,you

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