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Facebook Ad Video Size (& Best Practice) if you're looking for facebook ad video,size and best pract

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

Facebook Ad Video Size (& Best Practice)

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Facebook Ad Video Size (& Best Practice)

if you're looking for facebook ad video,size and best practice you've come to,the right place because my name is,sydney and today i'm going to be talking,about facebook ad video size and best,practices,so before we get started if you don't,know who i am i am an agency owner at,vertex marketing agency and we do,facebook ads,and if you haven't subscribed to our,youtube channel you should definitely do,that right now and if you get value from,this video definitely give it a thumbs,up and i really appreciate it alright so,let's talk about facebook ad video sizes,and best practices so if you go over to, and look at their guides,section they have all the information,that you need to be able to tell what,you need for your videos but,i have a little bit of a,tip to give you guys,so of course you can use mp4 mov or gif,files gifs are not very good quality so,you can't although you can use them,they're not very good quality now the,recommended ratio for videos on both,facebook and instagram they say here is,a one by one or a four by five for,mobile only because on stories is in,1920 by 10,ratio which is a 16x9,of course here it does say the,resolution should be at least 1080 by,1080 which make it a one by one and for,a four by five i like to put it at 1200,pixels by 1500 pixels,now the way that each of these are gonna,look is going to be a bit different,obviously so a 1080 by a 1080 it's going,to be a square right 10 to 10 and 80 by,1080 now when a square goes into a story,it doesn't take up that much room and,best practice is to be taking up as much,room as possible now this right here,this example is only a still image i,don't want to be too distracting so just,head into the video okay and i'll,actually have a tip,for if you only have images for your,brand for a client's brand what to do,with that and how you can turn it into a,video the problem with making all of,your creatives square is that when you,put it onto a story then it's not going,to be optimized for that position,although it used to be best practice to,just make videos 1080 by 1080 and even,the 60 by 9 which is a little bit even,smaller is what they used to say in the,past was the best size but because of,stories now it's actually completely,different,um now again stories you know is a,really great placement to have you can,see a lot of conversions in this area,because people are so used to that swipe,up feature but what happens is that if,you make a video that is specifically,for stories when you try to put it on,news feed which is actually the best uh,placement to get conversions your video,is either going to be smaller,because it has to cut the corners to the,top and bottom to make a square or,you're gonna have to add some padding to,the outside so that the video fits,which on stories it can look amazing but,i've found that when i'm working with,brands or with businesses that don't,have a huge budget or a huge production,team or time even to make videos,specifically for stories and,specifically for news feed and what i've,found to be the best solution is to make,every,video that you have in a 4x5 ratio which,would be 1200 by 1500 pixels and this,will allow you to have a really great,view while it's in story and also a,really great view while it's in on a,news feed,and both instagram and facebook support,the 4x5 ratio,in,plain images instagram only supports,1080 by 1080 at the moment currently,august,2021,so if you're using just a still image,then you would have to use a one by one,ratio for instagram but if you turn it,into a video if you have a still image,just like this one and you want to turn,it into a video all you need to do is,add animation to that image such as text,you know typing things that come in,maybe the logo appears and then,disappears maybe you have some little um,animation like fireworks coming out if,you can add some sort of animation into,your image then it will turn it into a,video and then on instagram and even,stories it'll take up more room and,it'll have that motion to uh to move it,the reason i recommend another reason,that i recommend the 1200 by 1500 or the,4x5 ratio is because you always want to,be making your content mobile first so,although here says that the 4x5 is only,for mobile first what happens when that,video the 4x5 ratio shows up on a,desktop on facebook is going to add a,little bit of a black space but on each,side of it to make up for that space,mist because unfortunately facebook,doesn't have the power at the moment to,actually just make it the whole screen,like it does on mobile so that's the,only downside and when you do make a,video that is 9x16,it gets even smaller right and although,it does look like something that's taken,on your phone it is mobile first,i just find that if they are on desktop,which people are typically on,desktop on facebook not so much,instagram on facebook and if they see,that,i just i find that a lot of black space,can be distracting and you want to be,taking up as much room as possible,although square does that i think the,1200 by 1500 makes it much more,versatile for all the placements and you,don't have to personalize it for each,one of them,now if you did want to learn more about,making mobile first uh facebook ads i do,have a video on it so you can check that,out but i just want to talk about the,facebook ad video size for this video so,this is a pretty short video i hope that,helped out but the main main takeaway is,to use the 4x5 ratio for the simplest,fastest easiest way to make video ads on,facebook so,that's it for today if you enjoyed the,video give it a thumbs up and we'll see,you in the next video,you

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