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Shopify Tutorial: Size Chart Tutorial Guide (2022)hello everyone and welcome to the video,my name is

Clean Canvas

Updated on Jan 24,2023

Shopify Tutorial: Size Chart Tutorial Guide (2022)

hello everyone and welcome to the video,my name is mitch i'm part of the content,creation team here at clean canvas,and today i'm going to show you a,tutorial about how to set up the size,chart on your store,i'm going through it from start to,finish on my test store so if you follow,along hopefully you'll have no issues,and i'll be able to,point out any key parts that might be,finding difficult with this setup,and if you have any questions after,watching the video just drop them below,hopefully we'll be able to respond and,we'll be able to help you get to where,you need and get your store elevated to,a higher level and your customers will,just enjoy the experience even more i'll,just say this as well if you do like the,content we have be sure to like and,subscribe as we'll be putting out more,content over the coming weeks,which will hopefully help you know about,some features that you might be aware of,with your theme or new features that we,might be adding to themes that you might,find interesting you'll be able to find,out here first if you're subscribed so,with that said guys i'm going to get,into the video right now and hopefully,you'll find it interesting and we'll get,through it together,alright guys so first thing we're going,to want to do,is we're going to want to create a size,chart page because that's going to tell,our,theme where to show from so we're going,to go to online store,click pages and since i have no pages,created i'm going to,add my first one and i'm going to call,it size,chart it doesn't have to be if you have,like a more interesting name you want to,use you can use that,and then here is where we're going to,put in the information of the,basically the sizes you have three,options um,you can insert an image you can insert a,table,um or you can type it out but for me,i prefer using images because i think,they're a lot clearer and,the insert table feature it takes a,little while to set up so,i felt that creating an image in that,time was better,so if i click insert image these are all,the images i've added to my store over,time,if i didn't have it here i would just,click upload file but i've already,uploaded so i'm going to select it,and then from here i'm going to get some,options so under,image alt text i usually just put in um,so size chart,and then i would put in the name of my,store so mitch demo store,you don't have to put in anything if you,don't want to but a lot of people say,that this helps with seo,so this could help you you know rank a,bit higher if you put in more info,information into your alt text and,images so that's why i'm going to do it,here,now my image size is not a square it's,more of a rectangle so shopify is trying,to,recommend me to use large uh so,480 by 480 and i know that's going to,make my,image look really really bad i should go,with the original but i want to show you,a feature that maybe a lot of people,aren't aware of,and we're all about like you know,teaching people,new things about shopify so this is,going to be a little bit of a hack,so let's just say i clicked large and i,clicked insert image by mistake and i'm,here and i'm like oh no it looks,horrible,and i'm just going to delete it and just,go and insert it again,you don't have to do that um a lot of,people don't know that if you double,click on an image you get um,you get a feature that allows you to,edit the sizes so if you double click an,image,this will pop up and it has the,proportions that it set itself to,after i click insert image but if i want,to set it back to my original,i'll just go here and click original so,i hope that little,you know tip helped if it did and you,weren't aware of it be sure to like the,video,and yeah so now i'm going to set to the,original and you're going to see,a drastic improvement of the image,so it's set to the original the original,is 720 i believe,so 720 wide um if i click here,346 in height so that's why the 480 by,480 made it look so squished together,but i'm very happy with this i'm going,to leave it at 720 for now i,might adjust it after if i'm not happy,with how it looks because if you adjust,the size here,it'll adjust it on your website i'll,show you what i mean by that,a little bit later in the video but once,i show you you'll understand what i'm,talking about,so i'm going to click save,and now that's saved i just want to make,sure that it's saved in the pages,section which i can see it showing here,and that's perfect so now we're going to,want to head over to the theme section,and we're going to want to click on,customize theme for the purposes of the,demo i'm going to use symmetry,but if you're using a different theme,other than symmetry these same,rules will apply to yourself i'm gonna,pick it up,over in the customized theme area so,i'll check back with you guys in a,second,all right everyone now that we're over,at the customized themes section we can,move on to the next,stage of the tutorial so from here we're,going to want to go to one of our,product pages,and we can do that in two ways we can,click over here in home page,and select product pages that's going to,bring you over to the very first product,that you've created on your website but,for this i want to use my duffel bag,so i'm going to go here and click on,duffel bag,now i'm using symmetry so what i'm,doing may not look exactly what you're,doing but it's in the same,area so what i mean by that is if i go,here to theme settings,and i click on products i'm gonna find,the option for,my size chart at the very bottom here,now if you don't see it there,not to worry it's probably in a,different area it's probably over here,in sections,and you'll see product pages and we,click in here,i scroll down to the very bottom i click,theme section settings,and i can see the enable size chart here,now,you're going to want to do what you're,going to want to do,to see the rest of the settings you're,going to want to click on,this option you're going to want to back,out,and then go back in and then here you're,going to see,the option name so i'm going to put in,size,and i'm going to go back out and i'm,going to go back in,and then we'll see the select page,option so don't worry if you're not,seeing these two options that's the,reason why so if you follow this,uh you'll be able to see it so for the,purpose of the,video i'm just gonna go undo that and,i'm just gonna do it from here,so i click on products and i go down to,the very bottom,and now that i'm here i can see over,here i have my size,if i click enable size chart nothing's,going to happen,because i haven't told the theme where i,want the size chart link to appear,now i want the size chart link to appear,underneath size,so that means i'm going to want to put,size in here but if i put size in with a,lowercase,s i just want to show you because i know,a lot of people get caught out by this,it's not going to show and the reason,being is we have,said it that it matches the exact,characters,um capitals and all because some,countries have,different symbols for their letters so,we had to do it this way,to ensure that it works for everybody so,if i go over here and just change this,to a capital s then this is going to,tell,the system to please put size chart,underneath size,i could do the same thing with a color,if i put in color with a capital c,it's going to have it appear underneath,here but of course that would make sense,so i'm not going to do that,and now if i click on size chart we'll,see that it pops up but there's nothing,in it because we haven't told the theme,where to look for the size chart so,that's what we're going to do here,we're going to select select page and,here we're going to,click on size chart,and click select and the page loads here,you see this bloom,uh you know going across every so often,that just means the page is what it's,doing it's reloading the page so you,don't have to go and click refresh the,page,so now that i've done that if i click,size guide,i can see that's pulling in the image,that uh,i wanted to pull in now,here is where um you might be wondering,like oh my image doesn't look good it's,too big or it's too small like how do i,fix this i,i want it to be working don't worry all,you need to do,is you have to go back to that page we,created and we can adjust the size from,there so that's what i'm going to do,so i'm going back to the page here and i,have my image,i'm going to click on the image and then,i'm going to grab this guy in the corner,and i'm going to adjust them down so i'm,going to adjust them to,say five let's just have it there 585,and width,once i do that i'm going to click save,that's told me it's saved i'm going to,go back to the,customize theme section now in order to,see it i'm going to have to click save,because this is a change that happened,outside of this page,it won't load in until i click save and,now that i've clicked save,if i click on size guide you can see,that the page,the image has gotten even smaller it's,still nice and clear i'm quite happy,with how it looks,thanks guys for watching i hope this,tutorial was able to help you set up,your size chart on your website if,you're still unsure about anything,just drop a comment below uh in the,comment section i will respond or,someone from youtube community might be,able to help you out,and we will also have documentation on,size chart,linked below in description so you can,also check out that page,if you need some added help and we will,be releasing more,uh content on youtube going forward,about our theme so we'll be having,tutorials and then giving updates on,features that we're adding,to teams so i would suggest uh,subscribing to the channel,giving us a like because you might want,to be notified when we have stuff,that you guys are interested in having,and we are here to try and elevate your,website,to its fullest potential through our,themes so if there's anything that we,can do or if there's any features you,want to see in the themes,that aren't already there just drop,comments below our developers will look,at this kind of things because we do,want,we do want to know what you guys want,because if we don't we're just going to,end up having to come up with ideas on,our own,and usually those ideas are great but,it's better if we know the feedback from,the people,instead of trying to create it from,ourselves so again guys thank you very,very much for watching i hope you have,yourselves a great day

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Shopify Image Size - which image size is best for your products, hero images, logo and favicon?

Shopify Image Size - which image size is best for your products, hero images, logo and favicon?

hey guys it's maggie from rock paper,copy in this video i want to talk to you,about,shopify image size and what kind of size,is best for shopify images,welcome to rock paper copy best place,for shopify store owners to learn about,seo getting traffic and sales so as we,know,you really need a right shopify image,size,to make sure that your website isn't,overloaded,and that it loads really fast without,really compressing,each image individually you really want,to avoid,using huge image file sizes especially,if you've got plenty of,product images or videos sliding images,and so on so your customers will,struggle,to load pages especially product pages,which will deter them from buying and,obviously it will also affect your seo,because slow loading website,isn't user friendly and user experience,is very important for google so what,kind of image slices are we looking for,when it comes to products the best image,size,to stick to is 600 pixels up to 800,pixels,not going over 800 pixels because even,if you've got a zoom,this is perfectly enough for people to,to see the detail of the product so up,to 800 pixels this is not too,demanding for your website and this is a,great size when it comes to hero images,obviously you need slightly bigger files,so i do recommend,going up to 1500 for the width,and the height up to 1000 pixels,but it also can be slightly shorter,obviously to save on the above default,area,when it comes to favicon the recommended,size as i remember,in shopify is 35 pixels by 35 pixels so,just a small square,however if you are designing to eat,designing it with canva the smallest,size you can create in canva is 100,pixels on,100 pixels so you have to create that,100 100 and then resize it using your,own computer program or using other,resizing tool,and remember to upload images like logos,favicons with transparent background so,they don't stick out with like white,background if you've got the green,website and suddenly you've got the,white background square on your logo,this looks very unprofessional,so remember to always pick or select the,transparent background for your logo and,for your favicon as well,and when it comes to your logo i do,recommend going,up to 300 pixels but you can easily,resize it or you can easily change,the display in shopify but don't design,any bigger,longer than that if you love this video,smash the like button now,and subscribe to my youtube channel for,regular shopify,and seo tips now check those two videos,recommended for you here to watch next,to learn about running a successful,online business,driving free traffic and sales i'll,speak with you soon bye

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