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What is Shopify and How Does it Work [Shopify Explained]Are you interested in selling goods online?,

Merchant Maverick

Updated on Jan 24,2023

What is Shopify and How Does it Work [Shopify Explained]

Are you interested in selling goods online?,Are you writing the next great e-book?,Or could your new hobby become your next big side hustle?,If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions,,then you’ve probably come across Shopify!,But what is Shopify, exactly?,And more importantly - how does it work?,Well, no need to fear, because we’ve put together,the ultimate guide to this all-in-one e-commerce platform so YOU can take your business to,the next level.,What’s good Mavericks?,Welcome back!,And if you are new to us, please make sure to subscribe to our channel AND click the,bell right here (point over left shoulder).,Nothing makes us happier than seeing our,community of business-minded, tech-savvy viewers grow each week.(nodding yes yes yes),So today’s video starts off with the big question:,What Is Shopify?,Well, Shopify is a cloud-based software that’s packaged as a service shopping cart solution,,and allows businesses to set up an online store,with little to no hassle.,For starters, this e-commerce platform provides users with multiple pricing plans to choose,from, making it a suitable option for businesses,of all sizes.,That means everyone from startups to enterprise-sized businesses can benefit from,using Shopify’s easy-to-use features.,AND there are also plenty of integrations to help,grow your business too.,So, how does Shopify work, exactly?,Acting as a cloud-based software, Shopify offers its users monthly,subscriptions with access to an admin panel, where you can enter your store info, add products,,and even process orders.,The software is also extremely straightforward to use, and only,comes with a small learning curve for first timers.,So don't worry--you can get your online store,set up and running with just the click of a button.,And for those who love having plenty of options to choose from, Shopify has a wide selection,of free AND for-purchase design templates to,make your store as stylish as you’d like.,Varying from clean and modern to fun and vibrant,,the platform’s templates can be tweaked to your,liking by using any of Shopify’s editing tools now,available at your disposal.,This makes it easy to customize any theme to best fit your brand!,If the creative freedom isn’t convincing enough,,we should probably also mention how a subscription with Shopify includes secure, reliable web,hosting for your website.,So say goodbye to worrying about your site crashing during peak traffic,hours or hackers hijacking your transactions.,Shopify’s got you covered.,Now that your account is made and your template looks great, the next question is:,What can I sell on Shopify?,Well for starters, you can provide your customers with:,Handcrafted goods Beauty supplies,Home goods Outdoors gear,Clothing Digital products,Online classes Events,Gift Cards eBooks,And much more!,But even with its great versatility, Shopify might,still not be for everyone.,Like with everything, it’s always important to weigh the Pros,and Cons before making a decision.,First off: The Pros: Easy To Use - Low Startup Cost -,Beautiful Themes - Good For Dropshipping - Lots Of Support Options,The Cons: Limited Functionality - Costly Add-Ons - Transaction Fees - Strained Customer,Support If Shopify still sounds like a great option,for your business, you’re probably now wondering:,How to use Shopify?,Well, there are 7 basic ways for you to get the,most out of your Shopify subscription, and we’ve,broken them down for you right here.,1 - Starting with #1: Look into Shopify payments If you choose to use Shopify’s in-house,payment processor, Shopify Payments, you can actually,have the transaction fees waived.,Sounds great, but make sure you read through the Terms of Service before you count on enabling,the feature.,If you’re still interested in learning more about,the pros & cons of Shopify Payments, I suggest you read our full article linked below.,And if you need another payment processor, make sure to check out our website for more,information!,Next comes number 2 - Utilize Shopify themes & templates!,Shopify is best known for its ease of use and,modern web design.,And at Merchant Maverick, we are big fans of the drag-and-drop Section’s,Editor.,But let’s say you want even more control over,your site’s design.,Well, Shopify lets you change your template design by editing your site,code as well.,So for any coding wizards watching, feel free to make your Shopify site as personalized,as you’d like.,Number 3 - Become multichannel with Shopify POS,When you sign up for Shopify’s eCommerce store, you’ll automatically gain access,to Shopify POS!,Whether you have a brick-and-mortar or a pop-up shop, this software will make,running your business easy with its in-house POS system.,HOWEVER, if you are becoming a multichannel merchant WHO SELLS IN-PERSON AS WELL,AS ONLINE, Shopify is definitely a great option for you.,If you’re interested in more specific information regarding credit card processing and how to,use Shopify POS, we’ve written a full review available at the link below.,And that now brings us to our 4th option...,Try selling digital!,Selling digital products allows you to benefit from all the perks of selling online while,eliminating one of its biggest downsides: shipping!,By using Shopify’s native digital product features,,you can sell downloadable merchandise to customers anywhere.,This includes marketing your MP3 files, and distributing printables, videos, or even ebooks,to your clientele.,Customers can instantly download YOUR digital products directly from your site,,taking your business right into the modern age...,...Coming up next on our list is Number #5 Start A Blog!!!,Maintaining a blog can work wonders for your online store.,Not only do regular blog posts boost your SEO rankings, but they also help,build your brand’s identity.,Fortunately, Shopify is one of a handful of shopping carts that,comes with its own built-in blog features.,You can write, edit, and publish blog posts right in your,admin panel, allowing your customers to get to know,YOU a little better.,However, while Shopify’s blogging capabilities make it stand out amongst the rest, I should,warn you that its features are pretty basic.,Nevertheless, a few personal posts here and there are better than none!,Following this is number 6…,Tap Into Shopify Customer Service!,Shopify is a leader in today’s e-Commerce industry,when it comes to free technical support.,This includes a handful of services like phone,support, email support, live chat, written documentation,,video tutorials, webinars, and even a community forum for larger discussion.,And last by not least, rounding out our list is,Number 7: Shopify’s MANY Add-Ons!,Make sure you take advantage of them!,While the e-commerce platform comes packed with a whopping 3,500 add-ons and counting,,the 3 major ones that users are crazy about include:,ShippingEasy Ordoro, a shipping solution; and,ShipStation Of course, there are countless ways to make,the most of your Shopify experience, like Shopify,Shipping or Integrations with Amazon & eBay.,But if we didn’t quite cover all of your Shopify,questions or concerns and you’d like to discover,more, check out our full article currently posted,on our website.,And in case you want to experience all of these wonderful features yourself,,you can sign up for the 14-day FREE TRIAL TODAY!!!,Please be sure to leave us any questions or suggestions you may have, right here in the,comments section below!,And as always, your personal experience using the software is more valuable than any advice,I can give.,Thank you for watching and see you next week!,For other POS or eCommerce solutions, check out our playlists or visit

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What is Shop? || Shopify Help Center

What is Shop? || Shopify Help Center

Hey everyone, Aly here from Shopify.,Today I’m giving you a crash course on Shop.,Including what it is, how it can help you build loyalty with your customers, boost conversions,,and make sales.,For everything I touch on today, you can find the related help articles listed below.,So let’s dive right in.,Shop has two main components to it.,The first component is the Shop sales channel that you add to your Shopify admin.,The second component is the Shop app that customers have access to.,After you add the sales channel to your admin, you can sell products directly to customers,who have the Shop app installed on their smartphone or tablet.,But before you add the sales channel, you might be wondering why you should sell through,the Shop app and why customers use it.,First, customers with the app have an improved shopping experience that includes:,- discovering new stores and products - getting recommendations from their favorite,stores - and receiving customized deals and discounts,All of this gives new customers multiple ways to discover your brand and encourages existing,customers to buy from you again.,Next, the Shop app makes checkouts and payments fast.,Any purchase made through the app is processed through Shop Pay on Shopify Payments.,Shop Pay is Shopify’s accelerated checkout.,Customers can save their email address, credit card, shipping, and billing information for,a streamlined checkout experience.,This means they can buy through Shop with a single tap!,Not only that, but while shopping in the app, customers can add products from multiple stores,to their bag to check out with Shop Pay later.,This means that customers using Shop Pay are more likely to have a higher checkout rate,because of how efficient it is.,Finally, the Shop app also tracks orders so customers can follow delivery information,directly in the app.,This increases trust towards your brand, because customers don’t have to go through their,email inbox to find their order status.,Alright so that covers a lot of the benefits of using Shop.,Now let’s talk about eligibility requirements needed to use the sales channel and the Shop,app.,First, your store needs to be on an active Basic subscription plan or higher.,Your store needs to have Shopify Payments.,The Shop sales channel is supported in countries where Shopify Payments is available.,Your store needs to have Shop Pay enabled.,Your first Shopify Payments transaction was at least 90 days ago.,And you’re not using any password control, or page verification apps.,You also need to make sure that what you sell on Shop is not a part of the prohibited product,categories.,For a full list of prohibited products and eligibility requirements, see the links in,the description.,To add the Shop sales channel, start from your Shopify admin.,Beside “Sales channels” click the plus symbol.,On the new screen that opens, scroll to the Shop app and click on its name to learn more,about it.,Next, click “Add channel”.,Review the details, permissions, and privacy information listed.,When you’re ready, click the button “Add sales channel”.,Shop is now listed under your sales channels.,Depending on your store settings, you might need to complete other steps to finnish setup.,Click “Review in settings” for more information about next steps.,Under “Shopping requirements”, review and complete any remaining action items for,set up.,After you’ve completed the actions required, your store will be reviewed.,When it’s approved, the status will update and you’ll be able to start selling products,in the app.,Now just a quick overview of some of the things you can do in the Shop sales channel.,You can customize your Shop Store and choose what customers see on the app by adding a,logo, cover image, description and social media links.,Try downloading the Shop app for yourself to see what your store looks like from a customer,perspective!,You might also have the option to use Shop Pay Installments, which allows customers to,pay for their order in 4 equal, interest free installment payments.,You need to be based in the US, selling in USD, and have both Shopify Payments and Shop,Pay enabled to access this feature.,Check out the description below for more details!,You can also offer returning customers a discount to use at your store through the Shop app,after their order has shipped.,They can use this discount for their next purchase.,This is called a post-purchase offer.,The goal of this offer is to drive repeat purchases and increase what customers spend,in your store over time.,You can also find information about how this sales channel is impacting your business.,You can view specific metrics like sales, orders, follower count, tracking, and impressions,over a specific time frame.,The more customers that use the Shop app to buy from you, the more performance analytics,you’ll be able to access!,And finally, on the settings page, you can enable “Track with Shop” so customers,can see their order status right in the Shop app.,You can also monitor your store’s shopping requirements from the Settings page as well.,Changes can happen to your shopping status if you add new products or change payment,gateways.,I hope you’re excited about how Shop can help you build your business and make more,sales.,If you have any questions about Shop, check out the links below, or visit!

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