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Top Custom Automations for Your Shopify Store [Shopify Flow App]All our one position here.,You know,


Updated on Jan 23,2023

Top Custom Automations for Your Shopify Store [Shopify Flow App]

All our one position here.,You know,,you can set up an automation,to automatically hide products,if they're out of stock,and you know that,you can do this for free.,Yeah, you can do this,with the new Shopify Flow app,and you can,actually do a lot more than that.,So let's talk about custom,automations on Shopify.,So in order for us,to really take advantage,of these automations,,we need to install the Shopify,Flow app.,I do want to know,that is only available,to customers in the Shopify,Advanced or Shopify Plus plan.,Flow is also only available,in English right now.,What exactly is Shopify flow?,So Shopify,Flow is an e-commerce,automation solution,that was purpose,built to help solve,the unique challenges,that Shopify merchants face,that would flow.,You can actually build,workflows to automate,tasks, campaigns, processes,all across your store,and dozens of different apps.,These automations,give you the power,to build the custom,solutions that your business,probably needs right now.,You actually have the opportunity,to choose,from a library of templates,that we can kind of get started,right away.,Or you can use the visual,workflow builder,to actually,create your own custom automations,depending on the problems,that you face.,This actually is amazing.,This app was available,only for plus users,and Shopify has just recently,opened it up for more users,with Shopify in an advanced plan.,And I cannot be more excited,because I actually haven't,been able,to play around with it too much.,But I already know that,there's a lot of challenges,out there,and a lot of you,who are running into problems,and things that you cannot achieve,because you didn't have this.,Think of this,as the Zapier of Shopify.,You may actually be able to do,some of the things,that you want to do with Zapier,,but we don't want to pay,for Zapier.,The thing that's free,we mentioned was free. It's free.,It's free.,Now, before we move on,,and I'm pretty excited about this,,there's,one of the women who goes,by name is Christian,Finnegan,,one of the co-founders here,at Big Branding,,or an e-commerce,growth industry,that specializes,in helping clothing,stores grow and scale,profitably online.,We drop new videos every week,,literally twice a week at least.,So make sure you hit a scribe,button and turn notifications,to mess up.,Now, before,we get into the nitty gritty,,I do want to know,that Shopify flow,,what they call workflows, right?,They have three components.,And again,,if you're familiar with Zapier,,you can probably skip through this,and get toward,the end of the video,where I'm going to talk about,some of my favorite automations,right now,that I believe,not every store owner,of a majority of store owners,should have,installed and turned off.,But I do want to mention,,just kind of give you,a little brief,on how these workflows work,,and those three components are,the trigger.,So there's an event,that starts a workflow,that could be something,that happens in your store,or in a supported app.,So, for example,,a new order,is created on your store.,That could be the trigger.,Number two,,the condition is determines,whether an action is taken,based on,the conditions that you set.,So an example the,an example of a condition,would be to check,whether the total amount paid,for that new order is over $300.,Right.,And then after the trigger,,the condition, then comes,the action,and the action is a change,that made to your store or app,if the condition is met. Right.,So for example,,if the total amount pay for,the order is over 300,,then a tag is added to the account,of the customer,who placed the order.,So this is kind of a brief example,of that, but to be honest, like,there are some workflows,that they could do,a bunch of different conditions,and based on the conditions,that could be different,actions, etc..,So there's a lot of things,that you can do with this.,And like I said,,there's a lot of apps right now,that are being supported,,but I'm,guessing that now that it hasn't,been open to more customers,a lot of these apps,are going to be able,to just,get on with Shopify flow,and become available. Right.,So you can actually do a,lot more with it.,So this is one of,those things, again,,that it's just started,and it's just going to get better,and better.,All right.,So in order to add it,,you just go to apps,and you,actually just have it,installed in here.,So but you want to go to apps,,search for Shopify Flow,and it's made by Shopify,and it's going to be a free app.,Once you have it installed,,it's going to look like this.,And again,,you have the ability,to browse templates,or create workflows on your own.,And let me just scroll down here,just a second,to just kind of,give you a little glimpse, right,,of where you can do so here.,Now they have,the most popular templates.,So, one,,you can get notified,when product,variant inventory is low,and capture payment,if order is not high.,Fraud,risk in organized customers buy,lifetime spend tiers,and then you can tag orders,that contain a product,with a specific tag.,Very important.,Okay. So there you go.,Some of the most popular templates,right here.,Now.,Now, I do know that this video,is about,some of the top automations right.,So we're actually going to go in,and browse some templates,and I'm going to show you,how they're done.,But before we do that,,I want to do creative workflow,just so we can,kind of,get you familiar, right,,with the triggers and actions,and the conditions.,So when I select Trigger here,and as you can see,,this is going to give you,like a full list,of all the trigger,that are available.,So when a collection is created,,when a customer's completed,,when an inventory item is deleted,,when the order is canceled,,that everything that maybe,when a product deleted,,a high risk is analyzed a refund.,So there's a lot of,different things here,within the triggers.,You can actually get more triggers,depending on apps.,So there's actually going,to show,you apps that we might not,necessarily have installed,right within our store,,but that are supported right.,When it comes to triggers.,All the triggers,that we were going over there,based off of like,just plain old Shopify.,So actions,or things that happen,within Shopify,where you can have,things that happen,within other apps. Right.,And look at this.,I mean, there's this,,right, 100 different after here.,And by doing that,and adding some of these apps,or if you already have,some of these apps and,your ability,to do triggers, conditions,and actions, it's going to be,way better.,So just want to kind of,give you that.,Now, let me just kind of,just put something together here,quick.,Let's just say customers created,just so we can kind of move on,to the next step here,,end of that.,So the trigger,we've already set that up,for customers created,and then you can either,go straight to an action,,you don't necessarily,have to have a condition,,but we're going to do a condition.,So we're going to do,customer created.,And then we can have in here,if all conditions are met,or if any of the,conditions are met.,So let's do all the criteria.,This is going to be,that spend,that we were talking about.,They're going to do customer,and then customer,object is amount to spend.,We're actually going to do amount.,Then here's,where we have the opportunity,to do equal to greater than.,So we're going to do greater,than let's do here the $300.,And as you can see here,,you can add more criteria.,So you could do they,,you know, greater than $400,and they live,in this certain location or,I mean,,the opportunities here are insane.,So you can do,a lot of different things in here.,So we add the condition.,So again, customer,graded,amount is greater,that they spent greater than 300.,Then does the action,and the action for this one,,we're,just going to do a customer tag.,So first one right there.,So we're,going to add customer tag.,And then in,this one, we're,just going to do VIP,300 300 Club.,There you have it.,This is just a simple,from scratch automation,that we created.,When a customer is greater,and they spend more than $300.,I want to add this tag for VP,300 Club.,What do I do with that VIP,300 Club?,I can actually run,some marketing campaigns later on,and actually,be more specific, right,,about more campaigns.,And if I know that this person,has spent more than $300,,maybe I want to reward them.,I don't know.,There's a lot of things,that I can do,right after,I have my customers,sort of segmented into,different tags.,And that's just the beauty of it.,Like this is just again,,we're just,scratching the surface here.,There's a lot of things,that you can do,with these workflows,,but I just wanted to show you,the basics, right?,The trigger condition and action.,Now, I want to let you,in a little secret.,We're actually,using a tool called Triple World,for all our clients,and group coaching members.,And this powerhouse of a tool,allows us to see the lifetime,value of a customer,at 30, 60 and 90 days.,But we're most excited about,is the estimated action,at customer.,So imagine,being able to run,ad an ad campaign,or send out emails,to customers,who are likely to buy from you,a second or third time,and actually knowing,when to send out these,marketing messages,to people,is super, super powerful.,To actually centralize,all of your metrics,from all the tools that you use,right into one location,as they simplify and form,and save you time.,Make sure to check out the link,the description below,for a special discount,just for you.,We've added our workflows in here.,Now I want to show you,what I would,consider,some of the top custom automation,right now,that I think everyone watching,this video,should either consider,or maybe even add them right away.,All right.,So let's exit,out of this workflow.,As you can see,,we have the workflow,creator right in here.,Now we're going to click on,Browse templates,,but so we have 168,different workflows in here.,Again, a lot of these are amazing.,A lot of these will probably solve,some of your problems,that you can see here,at a birthday tag to customers.,So the customer enter,their birthday with the,I think reconfigure.,So it uses that remember app.,The beauty of this too is that,even if you don't have,some of these apps,,you can still add the workflow,and it will tell you,,Oh, for this particular workflow,,you'll need this app.,So make sure to install those apps,you can actually,use this workflow.,So I think,the number one workflow,that everyone should have,and again,,it depends on how you handle,your inventory and out of stock,and back in stock,and all that stuff.,But if you don't want your store,to be just plagued,with out-of-stock items, then,this automation,is going to solve that problem.,I think this is something,that a lot of people,will have requested,,and that is the,when an item is out of stock,,simply just hide it.,So let's,go ahead and search for hide.,And as you can see in here,,you can hide and republish product,based on inventory level.,This is like,,I don't know, there's,probably like ten different videos,online,on how to get this done,or people asking for like,,is it pretty crazy?,So again,,once you click on the workflow,,it's automatically,,automatically populates,everything for you.,So you have to go to the,time process of time,sensitive, I guess,,process of adding all the,,all the things,that you can see like,this is way more complex,than what we created,just a little bit ago.,Well, it's kind of like,,see this how this works.,So when inventory quantity change,,so that's a trigger.,Then there's two things,that I guess,would be the conditions, right?,Check if has a product,hot tag out of stock,and at least a variant,has a positive stock.,If that's the case,,then publish the product,and remove the out-of-stock tag.,Now that's,if the product has availability,,but you can also said,the other conditions.,So check,if does not have a product tag of,out of stock,and no variants,have positive stock,,that means that,it needs to hide the product,and add that stock tag to it.,I mean, that's just beautiful.,That's just beautiful.,And again,,I know a lot of you,are probably,looking for this right,now, the solution,and this is it again,,it depends on the theme,that you have,another theme,,the the Shopify plan,that you have.,And again,,all of this right,here is only available in English.,So there's a few limitations,and hopefully,they'll get better with these.,But this is probably,one of the number one,top automation that,,again, depending on,how you work your store,,this will probably be,the number one,for a lot of people.,Some of you may even do this,manually where,if you run,in some sort of promotion,where you're giving away,a free gift to a customer,and some people,are even doing this and know where,throughout the checkout process,or emails or anything,,does it say,that they are actually,getting this free gift?,So if you want that opportunity,,then this one,and this will give you,an example of an app,that is needed.,So when I click on the action,,you'll see here that apps use it,,edit order by clever effect.,So it gives you the opportunity,to add the app right within here.,Obviously,,some of these apps,are going to have,their own charges,potentially, you know,,monthly charges,or maybe a one and done.,So you definitely want,to make sure,that you check out,the app store, your installing,and how they affect,your your bill,at the end of the month,if you're interested,in doing something like this.,So it adds a free gift,to orders over a certain number.,Or you can again,,you can manipulate this to make it,where, you know,,it could be other parameters.,It doesn't have to be,when you want to do the over 100.,It could be,when they had specific products,,for example.,So, again,,you have the opportunity.,This will give you the template.,And then from the template,you can actually manipulate it,and make it even a little bit,better.,Now, besides those two,,the other top automation,that I would say,,and this is actually,a really cool one,,this one right here,,so you can send a handwritten note,after a customer places,a second order,or it could be a third,or fourth order,depending on how,you want to do it.,And again,,this one is one of those,that has an app.,So it's called Scribe List.,So you can get the app,,but how cool is that,when a customer orders,their second,or even third order or whatever,,however you want to do it,,you can automatically send,a handwritten note,to that customer like that,customer experience right there,that's like,really good customer experience.,So being able to automate,that a little bit,,that's amazing,,especially if you have,a lot of customers,and a lot of things going on.,The other one,that I saw was the wish list.,So see,if I just type,in wishlist in here.,Yeah,,that actually works with Klaviyo,,but it also works with some other,mail apps.,But when the customer,a wish list is on sale,,any item is on sale,,then it will send out,an email campaign to them,or just a single email,you know, to them,to let them know that,,hey, some of your items,that are on Wishlist,are on sale,,so go ahead and go to our store,and check them out.,Like, how amazing is that?,Obviously this one uses,to grow wave,,so you have to have that wish list,after the wave and then Klaviyo,to send out the actual,email campaign like that.,Is that. Yeah, that is amazing.,Right.,Think,let's see,what else we had in here.,So this one,you can get notified,when demand increases,for out-of-stock products.,So again,,this depends,on how you run your store,,but you have the ability,to get a notification,when and,I think the way that is set up,,yeah, current,demand is equal to ten.,So when ten,people have actually said that,they want to get,a customer alert, right.,For when this item gets,back in stock,,then you'll get a notification,saying, hey,,there's a lot of people interested,and this particular product,or this particular variant.,So might be a good idea to,to bring it back.,So again,,this is,just like the little things here,and there,that are really going,to help you out a lot.,These are just,some of the top ones that,I've seen or I've sort of started,experimenting with.,Again, there's 168 different ones,,so there's a lot in here.,I would highly, highly recommend,for you to install this app,,start playing around with it,,start using it,because this is just,going to get better.,They're just going to add,more apps.,They're going to make it,so that it's just easier for you,eventually, maybe expand,it even a little bit more.,So if you get familiar,with this now,,then it's just going to,make it easier in the long run.,If you have any questions,about Shopify flow,or if you have any specific items,that you're trying to solve,,then let us know,in the comments below.,Let the community help you out.,There might be a automation,all ready for that,and there's not.,I'm definitely going to be,making more videos on Shopify,Flow and automations,,so if you guys have enough,things,that you want to get automated,and you'd leave them,in the comments below,,then we'll make a part two,and then solve,some of your problems,on the next video.,So see.

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Shopify Flow Explained - What is Shopify Flow And How To Use it?

Shopify Flow Explained - What is Shopify Flow And How To Use it?

all right what's so amazing about,shopify plus you're asking maybe it's,the fact that you're gonna save a lot of,money in transaction fees,oh but this video is not about saving,money on transaction fees because,who cares about that no it's about,saving money on your staff,with shopify flow okay so here's the,situation you spend half of your time on,boring repetitive tasks right now that,are just,sucking out your energy and you're not,being able to grow your business because,of it so you're smart you say problem,solution,boring repetitive task i'm just gonna,hire an assistant right,wrong you should use shopify flow it's,100,free if you're on shopify plus now what,does it do can i read a shopify flow is,a system for,setting up automated tasks inside your,shopify admin,tell me not so if you ever used zapier,it's basically zapier on steroids,but built within shopify built,by shopify frankly from all of our,shopify plus customers the list of,benefits of having shopify plus,goes lower transaction fees shopify flow,a shopify script okay so let's take a,little look on the back end of shopify,flow how does it look well first of all,you're going to go to the app store,and you're going to look for shopify,flow and you're going to be installing,okay so once the app is installed you'll,end up on your dashboard that looks kind,of like this,let's zoom in the dashboard has a simple,design with only a few buttons,shopify flow is created to save your,time so go into the template section,and you'll get all the flows that you,need for starting to automate your,business,so that's pretty cool just like we,covered in the scripts video it's,actually out of the box these flows but,you can also build your own and frankly,just like with zapier setting up a flow,just takes a couple of minutes and,you're ready to save some money okay now,let's build a quick flow together one of,our favorite flows that we build,with our clients or that they're,actually building themselves,is automatically cancel risk orders,concept if,it's pretty simple if there's a high,risk order that comes in,just automatically cancel that order,restock the item and,send a cancellation email to the email,address of the high risk order,pretty straightforward saves you a lot,of time if you do,a lot of revenue okay so you just click,on create a workflow from the template,and you are on a new page and here you,can see the details of the workflow add,tags enable disable it and also edit the,workflow,let's edit it to add more conditions so,as mentioned before this app works with,an,if then logic if this happens then just,do this,so the first step for that is the,trigger if this happens so trigger is,just a specific event and basically when,that event happens,shopify flow is going to start out of,the box there are nine default,triggers and i'm going to show you all,nine right here and that way you're like,oh my god i can do that,i need that and if you're not thinking,oh man i'm missing some of the triggers,it's not doing this or that as a trigger,well you can add additional triggers,with third-party integration apps if,those apps,are you know supported shopify flow apps,okay now that we have the trigger we,have to set up the condition condition,statements are basically rules that must,be passed as either,true or false in order to dictate what,is going to happen,there are over a hundred different,conditions to pick from each with a,number of,variations available multiple condition,statements can be grouped together,meaning all statements,have to be true to pass the entire,statement,but zoo the first condition is if the,risk order level is equal to high,then take certain action here on the,right you can set up the additional,conditions,and the process is rather simple like,when you are making automatic,collections,okay now that we set up all the,conditions and the triggers we need to,create actions basically what's going to,happen when all of that is met,and shopify actually works with a bunch,of tools,outside of shopify in order to make it,simple for example you can send a,message to slack,but you can also work with all of these,out of the box being like hey,update my google sheet please and all,the other things that's pretty useful,so in this specific example when the,analysis returns a high risk level just,cancel the order send an email add a,customer tag,and add an order tag and actually now,that we're at it also add a slack,message,in our group right here and actually um,let's add another condition so,if the order is medium risk i just want,to be notified on slack so i can look,into it,so click on add condition on the right,choose order risk level is equal to,medium,and then here we're going to go to,choose which actions you want to perform,and in our case just send us a slack,message and that's,pretty much it i'm gonna save the,workflow turn it on and,boom it's like magic do you believe in,magic,that was not okay i shouldn't do that,again i'm very sorry okay so now you're,getting a good idea of what you can,really do with shopify flow and why,some people say oh my god it's the best,thing about shopify plus,beside then the fact that you know you,pay lower transaction fees again that's,the biggest thing about shopify plus,but if you keep in mind that like you,know an average assistant,is gonna cost you about two thousand,dollars a month all in,in the united states and shopify plus,starts at two thousand dollars a month,you know maybe there is some,math going on there okay you might be,thinking andrew can you give me a,bit more of a global picture what we can,do except doing the high risk and medium,risk order,sure you can also play with things like,inventory loyalty and promotions,customers,orders and products okay for inventory,you can just,tag products that are low or out of,stock you can also temporarily remove,products that are low or out of stock,automatically with flow,and you can also make sure that you know,if a product gets below a certain,inventory level to,automatically send an email to maybe,that supplier being like hey we need to,add her some more to this,we need to add her some more that's not,even english andrew,get it together boy loyalty and,promotions,okay with this flow you're basically,tracking the use of discount codes,you can get an email notification when,you get a huge order that way you can,kind of look into it or maybe give vip,treatment,and it can also integrate with other,loyalty apps which is very useful,some examples of integrations can be,these guys,we reviewed some of these you should go,check it out okay when it comes to,customers you can add tax to customers,from really anything based on like,postal code or ip address or really,order size pretty much anything you can,organize customers by their lifetime,spend but you can also,track customers who do a lot of refunds,that's one that we see often be like oh,really you ordered again but you keep,refunding,so i'm not going to sure that i'm going,to help you out on this one or i'm going,to call you first because i don't want,another refund that costs any money when,it comes to orders you can just send an,email to your staff automatically when,there's an,order or specific type of order or maybe,a very large order or you can track all,the orders that are made with,a gift cards and send emails with,reports of that that's pretty cool as,well and then for the last category,about products,every time you add a new product it can,automatically add it to a specific,collection,depending on the tag um that's pretty,cool it's going to save you some time of,back and forward,nice shopify so i hope with this little,video series that we do about shopify,plus we're demystifying some of the,elements about shopify plus,such as shopify plus transaction the,cost the scripts and today was shopify,flow i hope you enjoyed it make sure to,give it a like or subscribe that would,mean the world to me and see you in,another video,bye

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