what is playable ads

How to create playable Ads hey in this video i will show you how to,create an interactive ad in a fe


Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to create playable Ads

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How to create playable Ads

hey in this video i will show you how to,create an interactive ad in a few,minutes using ads kit,let's get started so i choose an empty,project this is what the workspace looks,like in the central part we see a,workspace and a demo in the left part,there are different stages of work and,in the right part we have settings,to begin with we need to understand what,we want to create and what assets we,have for this,in this example i want to create a,creative in which we will clear the,parking,jam the first stage of work is a layout,here we can set up general settings for,the creation like a background for,horizontal and portrait modes and a font,in preloader,let's choose a prepared background font,for texts and move on to the next stage,assets,here we customize the look of ad,elements like an image video or text,to add a new asset click the button in,the lower right corner of the demo,we see simple types of assets like an,image video text sounds etc,also the other assets like container and,the end frame container means a group of,other assets inside the container you,can place the elements or animate as a,group etc,end frame is a prepared group of assets,for the final screen but more on that,later,let's add the image to our first asset,in the right panel we see the parameters,of this image first of all download the,image after that we can replace the,unique id of this image,i will set up the image size as one,hundred percent,we can also choose the type of filling,for the image i choose fit which means,not to crop the image and fit it into,the container,the type of placement is also a key,parameter relative means that element,affects other elements absolute element,does not affect other,in our case absolute positioning is,suitable done next i am adding an,animated pointer there are at least two,ways to do this the first is a gif,animation,this is a simple and reliable method but,in my opinion a better and more flexible,method is sequence animation let's add a,sequence animation to begin with we need,to upload an image with all the frames,it is so called sprite sheet,then specify the number of frames and,the playback speed of the animation,also specify whether the animation,starts immediately and repeats,after that we are already familiar with,the positioning panels,done the next element is a text let's,add it to the scene we can change the,text color and font size,after that we are already familiar with,the positioning panels,done,the text does not look very readable so,i suggest adding a mask for a better,contrast,let's do this with additional quick,tools here we see four buttons,clickability visibility copy and delete,clickability means that the element is,not an object for interactions and we,can click on the elements below it,visibility means whether the element is,currently visible so we can hide some,parts and show them later with copy and,delete we can copy and delete items,accordingly,so i make a copy of our first object and,replace it with an image and an id,the elements are incorrectly located and,i want the text and the pointer layers,to be above the mask,to do this you need to increase the,value of z position i.e raise their,layer above the mask,i also add transparency,done finally video,we are already familiar with the,positioning panels,video should be the highest layer and to,be hidden i will show it to the user,after interaction,it would be cool to add animations for,the text there are two types of,animation entrances animation and loop,animation i will add the looped,animation from the list in the settings,we can change the animation speed delay,before the start the number of,iterations and the delay between,iterations,done,now it's more stimulating for users to,interact the last step is to set up a,creative script actions,we can see a workspace with two starting,nodes start in cta,i am adding a touch node to the,workspace and connecting to the start,node,all other nodes while we will add under,the touch node will mean actions after,the interaction,i will add a few action it is a node for,some action such as enabling video or,showing hidden items,let's show our video and start playing,it,checking,great now cta is an abbreviation for,call to action for example to open a web,page or app store i will do it 1.5 after,the video start thus it is possible to,build any complex scheme with many,variables and turns,i will also add the final screen to the,ad this is a good practice as the user,will see the screen when he come back,from the store,this can be done with a prepared end,frame element which is a set of images,and containers,i will change the icon in text,done creation is complete good luck in,your creations and don't be shy to,contact me

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