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Google Ads Specialist? What Does a Google Ads PPC Specialist EVEN DO? hey guys what's going on rob f

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

Google Ads Specialist? What Does a Google Ads PPC Specialist EVEN DO?

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Google Ads Specialist? What Does a Google Ads PPC Specialist EVEN DO?

hey guys what's going on rob from clicks,geek,in today's video i want to walk you,through what,is a paid search specialist right so we,hear you keep hearing a lot of things,about it and a lot of people who don't,know,anything about adwords are very confused,with what people who manage adverse,campaigns actually do,and uh their actual job so this is this,is not for,advanced marketers so if you're advanced,marketer sorry guys this video is not,for you,this is more for people who just want to,learn more about what,what goes into actually running a,successful google ads campaign,so there's a few different a few,different things here that,you have to take into consideration when,you hire a paid search specialist,their job is to do the research,build your campaigns write all your ad,copy find all your keywords,all that stuff okay their job is to,launch your campaign,their job is to make sure that your,campaign is producing leads and phone,calls at a profitable rate,and their job is to adjust course if,things,start to go sideways or the campaign,starts to fail,their job is to make sure it gets back,on track and uh,producing again right so that is the,gist of what a paid search specialist,does i'm actually going to go into,a live campaign and show you some,nuances of things that they might be,doing inside of your campaign to make,sure,all those things are met right so we're,at google right now you can see here,if we just go to let's try something,like pest control,ah let's try here test,control,you'll see here we have two different,types of ads we have these are google,home service ads we're not going to,touch on those today those these are,completely different than,google ads these are the google ads all,right,so these are the types of ads that your,page search specialist is going to be,building,and running for your business okay,and there's more down here you can see,so these are,showing bucks county which is where i am,which is right outside of philadelphia,if you're wondering why,and there's a bunch here i've actually,used these guys they're great,so that's it that is google ads that's,where they show when someone searches a,keyword your ads pop,up for your business right here and that,the search,specialist job is to make sure that your,ads are showing and that they're getting,clicked,and that they're producing leads and,phone calls so if we go into the back,end inside google ads you can see here,we have a junk removal client,this is their google ads campaign i'm,not going to go too,in depth into it today but they're,spending about 200 a day as their budget,in the last 30 days which was september,22nd to october 21st 2020,they've gotten 224 clicks on their ads,and they've gotten 81 conversions now,conversion is an inbound phone call or a,contact form submission,okay their cost per lead so they're,getting the leads at 34,and the conversion rate for those leads,is 36 percent,all right so that's exactly where we,want to be we're right on point with us,and um so we're paid search specialists,and this is what we do and this is what,every paid search specialist should be,doing,now if the next 30 days the cost per,conversion goes,up to you know 48 or 50,and the conversions are lower we gotta,then we got a problem,we got to go into the account we gotta,start going through the keywords you,gotta start going through the ad groups,we have to uh diagnose the issue and,course correct it so we're back on track,again,all right that's pretty much it there's,not really i mean there's more in-depth,stuff that goes into managing the,campaigns but that's,not really for this video i mean you got,to find the profitable keywords how to,do that you got to write the ads,that actually make people want to pick,up the phone and call you you got to,craft a hook,what's your hook for your ad like why is,someone going to choose you or the other,eight ads on the page you got to manage,the keywords you got to you know,increase bids on the winners and pause,the losers,you gotta monitor and analyze and report,all the data that comes through the,accounts all the raw search terms,bid prices stuff like that conversion,rates,click through rates you gotta stay,current on google ads,you know learning and stuff like that,and make changes when they're needed,and that's the job of a paid search,specialist so hopefully i've,helped clear that up for you on what,exactly they they're doing when you hire,them,if you're confused or anything like that,so hopefully i've answered that question,now don't forget to subscribe to our,channel guys and give this video a like,if you can and check out the links in,the description i put some,some cool stuff in there for you guys,alright catch you later

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