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The Best Platform For eCommerce and Drop-shipping | SaleHoo Review hi there guys it's Chrissy with s

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

The Best Platform For eCommerce and Drop-shipping | SaleHoo Review

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The Best Platform For eCommerce and Drop-shipping | SaleHoo Review

hi there guys it's Chrissy with self my, and welcome to this sale who,review so here you can see I'm in the,dashboard of cell who and what it is,it's really an all-in-one dashboard for,educating yourself and building an,e-commerce store uh whether that's,through you know sourcing your own,products storing your own products or,even Drop Shipping,um it has everything you need so you can,first get educated and then utilize the,tools that sale who offers So today,we're going to take a deep dive into,cell who I'm going to show you what it's,all about so before we do drop a like,subscribe and turn on the Bell if you,want to be updated with new videos,coming out all the time,so here I am in the salhu dashboard and,uh it's recommended straight off the bat,that you go through a little bit of the,the introductory training so here's sort,of an intro video which I'd recommend,going through first and then you have,your training your Drop Shipping,training,um so how to integrate uh sail who in,with Shopify,um to save you a lot of time on you know,populating your store with products,products that are validated product,products that are more likely to sell so,you're not just kind of guessing,um that's one of the major selling,points of Sal who so I'd recommend going,through the training there as you can,see there's a lot of different resources,down here as well add them at the bottom,here you can see a couple of additional,features 100 of Google ads credit seven,figure Facebook ads eight uh strategy uh,influencer Outreach templates profit,margin calculator,pre-filled legal and policy pages and,eight free Shopify apps that you need to,have so it's really an all-in,encompassing app or dashboard or,platform for getting you started with,Ecom or Drop Shipping at the top here we,have a menu so what you can do first is,find suppliers okay so there's a,database of suppliers here and what you,have is your categories or your Niche so,if I just show you what that looks like,so if we just go to pet supplies for the,purpose of the exercise you can see all,the products that are available so the,number here is 68 332 now you can narrow,down your search here,so drop shippers wholesalers Liquidators,manufacturers so depending on you know,do you want to just be Drop Shipping or,do you want to be able to store you know,products in bulk so that's going to be,dependent on what your objectives are so,if I go to wholesalers let's say my,location let's say my audience is from,the United States so I want my delivery,times to be quick so I also want them,located in the United States,ships worldwide sure we can turn that on,as well,and we can do more filters minimum order,say up to a hundred dollars uh tax,required let's say not required so you,can sort by products uh or you can sort,by suppliers and what I'd recommend,doing is seeing what products are kind,of on here what is kind of,um,you know browsing through and then just,saving them here,on these Hearts there you can save them,to your favorites,and then later going back to your saved,searches and then going through them,again and you just do that from going,again to the top here directory and,going to your favorites,now if you go to Labs the next tab over,we can go discover products it says if,you're not quite sure what to sell,browse over 4 000 of the best-selling,products,so you can see some of the information,here like the average price you can also,see the sell rate and you can also,compare them as well compare different,products so product type let's stay on,the,what was it Pats and we can up our sell,rates okay so if we want to do I don't,know,19 20 percent,um,that kind of gives us some idea of what,is actually selling okay like people get,turned off if something is selling too,much when they're like oh the market,must be saturated um but actually what,it does is it proves that there's,actually a market there okay so we can,click on any one of these products so,here's a groomer and we can check out,you know the different suppliers we can,look at similar listings the list price,um so you can sort of maximize maximize,your margins there you can also sort by,competition if you're worried about that,low medium high and also average price,so if you have a price set in mind for,how much you want to spend on a product,um you can adjust that as well and,similar to the suppliers you can click,on the heart here you can save these,products to a favorite list and then uh,come back over to saved product ideas,another cool feature is product trends,um I know one of the the big um sticking,points with e-commerce is people it's,really something that you have to,experiment a lot with,um and there are a lot of tools out,there that like style who which I'd,really recommend because with,experimentation you know experimenting,on the product experimenting on the,price and then experimenting on the,promotion or the running of the ads uh,it can you can end up throwing a lot of,money away by not selecting you know not,by not getting those three things right,so sail who is definitely taking care of,you as far as the product goes with this,trending products feature so you can see,these masks over here so that's going to,be an obvious one because of covet,um,but you know a bunch of different,products and different niches I like,these pet feeders here this is actually,something I'm actually looking for,um so I'm going to try that so A bunch,of different feeders here average price,high sell rates as well,um so you can find out the details of,these find out the suppliers,and again find out similar listings as,well so this is great for kind of,getting some ideas of where you're going,to Source your products from okay once,you've found out you know the kind of,store you want to create the kind of,Niche you want to attack the next tab,over we have resources so you can see,there's lots of free guides if you're,new to e-commerce if you're new to drop,shipping I definitely recommend going,through those first they can you know,guide you very well on things like,getting started,um what to actually sell you know how to,find you know the right products so,you're not wasting money on ads and,things like that with a product nobody,wants finding suppliers so it has kind,of the all of the steps that you really,need to go through when you're setting,up your econ business there's also,communities for Drop Shipping selling,tips marketing importing customs and all,that so really a One-Stop shop for,everything e-commerce and Drop Shipping,so on the main button here,um we have these tabs here educate,so there are different courses here,available that you can also join for a,little bit of structure as far as,educating yourself goes so this one was,the what was on the front page there,when we first started so I would,definitely recommend going through that,um and then deciding on these others as,well now the next one down is a sell who,Dropship and this is going to make,things extremely easy for you if you,have a Shopify store and you want to,populate that with products so usually,um when I got into Ecom and Drop,Shipping uh in around about 2015 you,know it was a case of going to, or going straight to,AliExpress or somewhere like that,finding the products saving the images,saving the descriptions,you know all that kind of stuff then,manually entering into Shopify store and,it was extremely tedious,so with the cell who Dropship feature,um you don't have to deal with any of,that so what you do here is you come,through and you just connect your store,very easy to do just go to connect store,here or at the top here and there's a,like a three or four step process with,connecting your Shopify store so what,that means then is that you can come,through you can again filter so if I,want to uh if I want products that ship,to the states and they are from the,states so that ensures that I have very,low delivery time so here 4 to 13 days,uh the delivery estimate,I can even bring that down let's say 10,days,the category so again let's go to pets,uh the price so I don't want to be,paying too much up front so I'm going to,bring my price down to say under fifty,dollars and then I want products that,I've had maybe at least uh I don't know,let's say 750 orders so I know that the,niche is validated I know that there's,people already selling so then we can go,through and see you know,what comes up all right,so this looks pretty cool this ball that,like cats can roll under,um so I'm gonna check that out,so you just click on it uh you can add,it to your import list and by adding to,an import list because we've just,connected to our Shopify store we can,automatically populate our Shopify store,from directly within cell who so some,details there and you just simply click,this plus button here so I'm going to,add that to my import list,um let's add some of these,um,verbal lint rollers in there let's add a,leash in there a couple leashes,um one of these and a brush what is this,a poop bag I thought it was a,dog yoga mat there for a second and,these get added to our list and then,come up the top here to import list and,here and from inside here you can edit,how it's going to show on your Shopify,store okay so we could just copy that,put that in there product type so you've,got to think about the categories you've,set on your store you can input your,descriptions and,uh the shopping options pricing and,variants so here's like different colors,maybe different sizes,um where it ships from you can also,select your images and if we wanted just,this product we just got to upload to,Shopify and that would automatically,populate in our Shopify store uh we,could also just tick them off as we go,down and confirm them and as you can see,this pop-up down the bottom here we can,go upload to Shopify there as well okay,or delete from import list so it's easy,to add and remove from inside cell who,and you know within minutes we've,populated our Shopify store and we're,ready to start marketing so the next one,across here is orders so you can also,track you know as your orders are going,out there's also another feature like if,you don't want to mess around on pricing,and adjusting all these you can actually,set your margins from inside sell who so,if you want to ensure that you're making,like double your money back from Drop,Shipping you can just set the price as,time two and then when they're populated,in your Shopify store so for example if,you're paying 346 for them uh this will,double so that the cost that it will be,on your store will automatically be set,to two three four five times or whatever,whatever margins you want so we've got,the education we've got the directories,there we have the Drop Shipping feature,and then we also have the affiliate,dashboard that you can join you can,become an affiliate Excel who if you,want to make money that way promoting it,so I'd recommend definitely clicking,that link in the description and coming,through here and checking it out on your,own because it's definitely going to,save you a lot of time and a lot of,money when it comes to setting up your,Shopify and Drop Shipping or e-commerce,store as far as all-in-one platforms go,usually you either get the tool or you,get the community or you get the,um the directories right so sale who is,really just taking care of all of the,angles here even the education so I,definitely recommend signing up for all,of those reasons get yourself educated,get the right suppliers okay you have,the tools so you don't need you know,more third-party Tools in your Shopify,store you can use sell who directly to,import and populate your shop so you can,just get started you know on what,matters which is selling as quickly as,possible so that's just a walk through,there of Sal who guys if you do want to,check it out again do go through that,link in the description and check it out,if you have any questions drop them in,the comments if you found value in this,video drop a like subscribe and I'll see,you on the next video take care

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