what is considered a conversion in google ads

What is a Good Conversion Rate for Google Ads? what is a good conversion rates in a,Google ads campa

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

What is a Good Conversion Rate for Google Ads?

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What is a Good Conversion Rate for Google Ads?

what is a good conversion rates in a,Google ads campaign this is a question,that a lot of advertisers ask themselves,when they're reviewing the performance,of their campaigns and it really is,dependent on the industry that you are,in so I've created a useful tool that,can help to forecast your conversion,rate and compare that to the benchmark,for your particular industry now you can,access this tool from the from a link,that I'll put in the description of this,video it's through a Google sheet so,anybody can access it and in order to,use this sheet the first thing that you,want to do is in the top drop down menu,select your industry now if you're not,sure which industry would best suit your,particular campaign which industry your,campaign is most applicable to then you,can select average for all industries,what that will give you is the average,conversion rate across all Google ads,campaigns and we've got the conversion,rate for search campaigns here which is,an average of 3.75 percent and we've,also got the average conversion rate for,display campaigns which is generally,much lower than it is for search,campaigns so we've got a zero point,seven seven percent conversion rate for,display so the important thing when,you're considering conversion rate is,the industry you're in so we're gonna,select just as an example financed and,these metrics here I've actually taken,the monthly metrics from one of my,clients campaigns just so we're using,realistic stats here and what we can see,here is that the conversion rate that,they are achieving within their Google,Ad search campaign is actually over,double what the industry standard is,within finance so they're doing very,well there and it's important when,you're setting up these types of,or casts that you compare the two,because generally it is quite difficult,to achieve a conversion rate that's,significantly above in this case the,conversion rate that they're achieving,is a hundred and fifteen percent above,the benchmark for the finance industry,so it's important to compare those two,things and take a look at whether or not,is realistic because in some cases for,example if the conversion rate here was,thirty percent that in many cases might,not be achievable so when you're taking,a look at the conversion rate you can,then also consider things like your cost,by acquisition because this could be,related to the conversion rate and other,metrics that are linked to that so,hopefully this tool will help you in,order to see if your conversion rate is,high or low compared to the standard,within your industry and you can select,one of the options here so for example,if we select legal we can say that we,can see that conversion rates are,generally higher for legal and for,technology they're lower education,slightly higher and then automobile,we've got higher conversion rates so if,you go through select the industry that,matches yours and then you can see how,good your conversion rate is compared to,that you can see what you can expect in,terms of conversion rates if you're,forecasting so I hope you found that,useful if so feel free to subscribe to,this channel to get additional tips and,strategies on how to better manage your,marketing campaigns and thank you for,watching,you

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