what is callout extension in google ads

Google Ads Callout Extensions google ads callout extensions are a,really simple to use easy feature

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

Google Ads Callout Extensions

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what is callout extension in google ads catalogs

Google Ads Callout Extensions

google ads callout extensions are a,really simple to use easy feature that,will help you,uh really make your ads perform better,in a couple of ways first of all it'll,actually increase your click-through,rate so you can see we got a,click-through rate of 18 here which is,insane normally it's like three percent,so,uh and click-through rate just means how,many impressions you get versus how many,clicks you get so,um 18 of the time that our ad shows up,people click on it which is great,basically what that does is,it shows google that your ads,really high quality and therefore,they're willing to,typically give you,less cost per click so it's cheaper to,run your ads and you get higher rankings,meaning your ads show up,closer to the top so if we look at an,example here,we have two ads that don't have callout,extensions and one ad that does and,interestingly the one that does is,ranked the very top,and most likely because it's getting a,higher click-through rate better,performance,and at the end of the day google's main,goal is to improve its its users,experience right that's what they're all,about,so if people are having a better,experience google's gonna favor your ads,over other people's ads,now the thing that you can notice about,these three different ads is this first,one takes up a huge amount of space like,four times as much space as these two,take up,individually,um,i mean this one takes up more space than,two of these combined so,what that does is it makes your ad look,more prominent it increases the odds,that somebody's going to click on your,ad versus somebody else's ad,now these two down here are actually,called,site links,site link extensions,we're not going to talk about those in,this video i'll cover those in a,separate video but the callout,extensions are actually these right here,at the very end of the ad,so we've got the title the actual,text description here of you know what,they're offering which is detailing,services,and then we have the,call out extensions at the end so,they're kind of like,it's almost like bragging about your,your products or services so it's like,we're awesome we're licensed and insured,we're certified dealers we do free,mobile service 100 service guaranteed,check us out we're amazing so that's,kind of the idea that's what i think,about when i go to create,call out extensions i'm like what can i,tell people to make it,clear that we're the best option to work,with,so if you're in your google ads account,and you select a campaign,or even an ad group and then you go,under ads and extensions and click,extensions if you don't already have,call extensions set up then you just,click this add new,uh you can click callout extensions here,i'm actually going to browse through to,the callout extensions,so it's pretty simple i mean you just,add in,whatever you think is going to be most,appropriate for,your potential customers to see,and then google is going to go ahead and,test those out and try running them on,different ads and in different,combinations and figure out,you know basically automatically it's,going to figure out what's going to work,best,now if we go back to the extensions here,you'll notice that there's some,different,metrics showing up here now this can be,a little bit confusing because you can't,actually click on a site link extension,uh you know it's just part of the ad you,can only click on this link up here so,when it says that there's been 27 clicks,what that means is,your ad was clicked 27 times when your,site link or excuse me when your callout,extensions were displayed,and when your callout extensions were,displayed you got an 18 percent,click-through rate,from 152 impressions meaning these call,out extensions appeared 152 times got 27,clicks which is 18 click-through rate so,if you switch over to something like,conversions,it doesn't necessarily mean that these,call-out extensions got us 10,conversions all it means is,we got 10 conversions while these call,out extensions were displaying on our,ads,so i hope that's helpful,if you have any questions about call out,extensions don't hesitate to reach out,you can drop your questions in the,comments section below i'll be sure to,get back to them there,and until next time take care,look if you're the type of person that,just doesn't even want to deal with,google ads anymore,then you can always reach out to me,my company is missoula seo geek,i'll leave a link to my website down,below but we do manage google ads for,different companies in different,industries and,you can come learn about,what we do what makes us unique you can,even read some of the testimonials from,some businesses that we've taken from,zero to over a million in revenue,like this one here,and really just see that you know this,is the type of thing that's going to,explode your business growth so feel,free to reach out you can always give us,a call or contact us through our website,and look forward to working with you,you

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