what is ads in video games

Ads in Video Games advertisements jkas AKA that thing you,see everywhere all of the time no matter,w


Updated on Jan 09,2023

Ads in Video Games

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Ads in Video Games

advertisements jkas AKA that thing you,see everywhere all of the time no matter,where you go and no matter what you do,ads can and we'll find you Brian that is,a certainty in life along with death and,taxes and that thing when the waiter,says enjoy your food and you say I love,you too Senpai in video games the,beautiful magical world of escapism and,wonder that is video game sadly it no,exception video games have been tainted,with the foul odor and slimy snail Trail,of the product placement and advertising,for many a fortnight pun intended son,unfriended what is all advertising and,video games bad are some ads for good,and not just greed how did we get here,and where the hell are we going Brian,dude you're driving just hit me,multitasking he's not one of your,starting attribute fries the year is,1978 A.D vertices Scott Adams releases,Adventureland a text-based game with no,Graphics or even worse no kill streaks,and yet Adventureland holds one of the,earliest examples of in-game advertising,an ad for Scott's next upcoming even,sexier game pirate Adventure shiver me,timbers look out sea of Thieves Scott,it's got me like yo Michael's love see,if these nuts could fit in your mouth,I'm sorry okay so it's the 80s and,product placement is already in ,everything but also PP is starting to,show up in the world of video games as,well primarily in the form of the adver,game which is exactly what it sounds,like a video game built solely around,advertising a single product or company,one of the first adver games is in 1983,with Tapper prominently featuring,Budweiser and sold to be played in bars,but nobody really gives a about the,product placement because they're drunk,but also the game is Just really fun so,fun that a year later the game was,rebranded as a root beer Tapper and sold,in regular arcades for children too so,now all the kids are like hey bud what'd,you put to see it's over you man I'm, Hammer now the big video game Crash,of 1983 would slow things down for a bit,but the late 80s and 90s saw a huge,Resurgence of after games talking about,Donald land over in Japan in 1988,because over there Ronald McDonald is,often known as Donald McDonald which I,yeah I'm just I I am I am just an I am I,am I am just I'm just enamored by that,Capcom publishes,in 1990 who while not as immediately,recognizable as our beloved Don Bon,dovey over here noid was once the iconic,mascot of none other than Domino's Pizza,fun fact about yo noid is that it's,actually just a reskin of this Japanese,game that I will let my anime fans help,me pronounce that's about a ninja boy,who rescues children who have been,kidnapped now I don't know about y'all,but when I get kidnapped first thing I,do is order Domino's Pizza cool spot,drops in 1993 and honestly for a game,where its entire lore and existence is,solely based on the red spot on the 7Up,logo whoa,the game gets pretty good reviews and,people actually kind of like it there's,a closet behind me in this apartment and,I almost just fully fell into it Chex,Quest drops in 1996 bundled with certain,boxes of Chex cereal and is clearly just,a non-violent reskin of Doom which is,kind of Genius but disclaimer if you,have a phobia of rice corn or weakness,game may as well be Doom what the ,Brian I'm gluten-free why did you make,me play the weed level Brian you're a,toad you've always been a toad and,you're gonna die a toad Pepsi man drops,in 1999 only in Japan unfortunately,shout out Donald and I'm I couldn't even,begin to tell you what Pepsi man is,advertising you know I'm looking around,this whole screen and I am just lost,there are so many of these ever games,that I'm sure some of you remember that,just kept going and going into the early,2000s kind of goes without saying but,obviously these companies are dropping,adver games to try and boost sales of,their product right the question is is,it actually working the answer much like,my vision through these shitty glasses,is a little unclear but it seems to be,kind of a case-by-case type deal checks,claims that Chex Quest boosted their,sales by 295 percent at the time which,kind of makes sense because you're,getting a free game bundled with a box,of cereal and that game is basically,Doom I mean that's super smart but then,in the case of something like Pepsi man,where you have to go out of your way and,purchase a game with your hard-earned,money that is a literal walking,advertisement yeah you wonder why that,didn't sell that well Einstein maybe,stick to handing police officers cans,and fixing all of our problems wow does,that guy ever shut up or what hi I'm,Jakey Jakey and Jakey attorneys at law,have you fallen victim to a crappy,internet browser does that crappy ass,browser fail to meet your needs while,gaming do you ever do you ever think,about me Linda please pick up the phone,I just want to talk to the children if,you're like me you love love to have a,bunch of stuff going on in the,background while you're gaming but,oopsie dupsy Mama 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be real just put it in,dark mode everyone knows dark mode is,the best all options located within the,easy setup button in the top right,corner speaking of Corners the GX Corner,in the top left is your One-Stop shop,for all things video games oh you want,to keep track of upcoming game releases,oh you want to stay up to date on,current gaming news oh you want to see,all the best current gaming deals oh you,want an updated and curated list of,available free games to download for,free AKA with us lawyers call a good,deal bye bye bye sell sell sell if you,download Opera GX using my special link,down below your GX corner will also have,the exclusive feature of showing my,recent 12 uploads so you'll always be up,to date when I upload a new video,for every 10 months or so if you think,Jakey Jakey and Jakey attorneys can help,remedy your web browser problems today,use my link below to download Opera GX,thanks to Opera GX for sponsoring this,video and I guess now we'll get back to,whatever the hell Dr dumbass is talking,about this time the history of the video,games for history of Bakugans if I don't,know how to suit his ass throw him in,the slam house but what if your PP isn't,just in a blatant aggregate what if you,sneak your PP into like an actual legit,fully priced real video game well that,started happening like a lot in the 90s,and 2000s sports games are a huge one,with games like Madden FIFA 1080 and,Tony Hawk all having relevant product,placement to each kind of sport same,with racing games like Need for Speed or,Gran Turismo showcasing real car brands,and real car parts same with Croc 2,advertising little guys I should,have just said Crocs it would have been,way better if I just said Crocs damn it,so far all of my non-adward game,examples have been pretty tame and,there's actually a solid argument that,that product placement could actually,add to the immersion of that type of,game but then it starts to get a little,trickier Crazy Taxi drops in 1999 and is,one of the first blatant examples of,product placement in a non-advagame,non-sports non-racing game but the,immersion argument is still potentially,there yeah Brands like Pizza Hut and KFC,pop up in this game a lot but also if,you were a taxi driver you would,probably see Brands like KFC or pizza,like as a passenger it's kind of,hilarious to imagine getting into a cab,just to go to a Pizza Hut by yourself,like just get the pizza delivered but,you get the point Crazy Taxi marks a,point in time I think where the,immersion argument behind product,placement in video games really only,does get trickier and trickier I'm just,going to run through some examples real,quick and you let me know what you think,down in the comments Gamers make sure to,ring that Bell and be notified wide once,a year in Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic's,shoes are officially soap branded shoes,you know like the shoes that you put on,you can like slide down rails or you're,all soapy and hi go off that's kind,of hard Shadow got the Foams on,and Enter the Matrix apparently the only,beverage that exists in this universe is,Powerade maybe because it comes in green,and can just kind of fit the whole,matrixy Vibe,Splinter Cell Chaos Theory a game all,about remaining undetected and slinking,around in the shadows oh you know what,would really help you to remain,undetected is if you just reek,the max body spray and Airwaves gum and,your Nokia phone was like,that last game is notable because it was,one of the first to utilize Dynamic,Advertising meaning that it uses the,internet to change what ads you see in,game depending on your time of day in,region Ubisoft was one of the first to,do this type of chicanery but definitely,not the last but thanks Ubisoft I love,you please don't hurt my family please,it was Brian Brian did it it's surprise,surprise guess what other companies,started doing this in the 2000s as well,EA no not our EA couldn't be precious EA,Madden Need for Speed even the skate,games got in on it with different,Dynamic ads appearing on like Billboards,and buses and but my favorite,example by far is in Burnout Paradise,where in 2008 they ran political ads for,Obama hey kids when you're not too busy,t-boning your fellow Americans in 200,miles per hour vote for me dude I'll put, beer in the vending machine now,going back to that hole but does it add,to the immersion debate that,conversation really only does get,trickier and trickier as gaming grows,bigger and bigger obviously when it's an,adver game that has like the ,King himself on the front of the box,that's one thing like you know what,you're getting into if you buy that but,when the king shows up in your 60 game,that you just purchased with your,hard-earned paycheck that hits a little,bit different I'm not saying it's always,necessarily bad like it could be funny,or whatever but it is different like,when I skip school to drop sixty dollars,on Uncharted 3 and I boot up the,multiplayer just to be assaulted by the,smell of Subway bread wreaking up my,home you know exactly what I'm talking,about that Subway bread is a very,specific thing to it like it's,like it's pH balances all up Alan,Wake is a better example for us to,discuss as far as the immersion ,goes okay it's a single player offline,remedy made game okay I love remedy Max,Payne is like my favorite game ever now,in theory having Brands like Energizer,and Verizon show up in your,realistically portrayed world is,potentially fine especially win a main,mechanic of the game is using batteries,for your flashlight but when these very,specific ads repeat themselves over and,over and you get a achievement,for sitting down and watching an entire,ad on a fake TV in a fake Universe Alan,Wake the up we're going back to,GameStop we're returning this game and,we're buying Yahtzee I don't give a ,anymore we're getting Yahtzee for the,360. I think an argument for immersive,PP with more solid ground is the Yakuza,series now I've never played these games,but based on what I've watched and read,they seem to incorporate a wide variety,of Japanese brands in a much more subtle,and potentially world-building way and,I'm not trying to get preachy and say,you should feel one way or the other,about this I'm just saying I think if,you're gonna argue for immersion there's,more of a substantial argument to be,made with this game series versus Kojima,just straight up putting Brands like,Doritos and Mountain Dew and ax body,spray into the Japanese version of,peacewalker with his reasoning being to,keep things fresh and to surprise,players like okay dude how about you,focus on surprising us with another,two-dimensional character with giant,boobs that breathe through her skin and,not a ad for ride with Norman,Reedus Sundays in a game where I'm,supposed to be taking Mr Reedus,seriously as Sam Porter Bridges get it,his last name is Bridges because he's,gonna Bridge together in the U.S I don't,mean to just roast Kojima okay I own,every game I have art books I have a,huge crush on Sniper Wolf not that one,the one with the polygonal setup but,come on if you even think about going in,the comments and arguing that the,inclusion of Monster Energy or ride with,Norman Reedus Sundays adds to the,immersion of this universe or is a,fourth wall breaking move from an auteur,you just don't understand Alan Wake the, up the Patriots are behind all of,this the,but you want to know what really changed,advertising in video games mobile games,that done went and changed the,entire Galaxy because if you,release a free to play game and you run,ads on and that game does even a little,bit well you could potentially make a,lot of money the Flappy Bird guy claimed,he was making up to 50K a day when that,game was blowing up and then he hated,his life from all the mean messages and,attention he got which is really sad and,a lot of the time the ads in these free,mobile games are just for other mobile,games that ninety percent of the time,don't even exist or are just,like really weird or like really sexual,like an off-brand ass Costco render of,SpongeBob like on an island with like,Peter Griffin and there's some shitty,text-to-speech that's like Grandma Got,Away With It again no one can get past,level 5 without coming,that's a different type of game we all,know what we all know what type of game,I'm talking about make sure to choose,your color of calm and then surprise,surprise the free to play model makes,its way over to consoles with games like,fortnite constantly having different,promotions or events like The Trailer,Premiere for tenant or an Ariana Grande,concert and a lot of that stuff is,actually pretty cool and like well,integrated and because the game is free,nobody really cares that much like,credit where it's due to fortnite,everybody kind of wins well except the,children who are preyed upon with their,marketing to spend money on their,mommy's credit card but,you know,Spiderman but here's the kicker first of,all I'm gonna take this off because it's,really hot and it's like impossible to,see anything through these so I'm just,gonna go soccer mom style for the rest,of the video you know your favorite,companies you know your best friends,well they started incorporating those,same business practices and the free to,play model of in-game microtransactions,and advertising in not so free video,games AKA 60 fully priced video games,like at one point NBA 2K and UFC 4 had,straight up mid-roll ads that played,during down time or even interrupted,gameplay you know like a mobile game,does with the Peter Griffin Grandma,situation also 2K assaulty with,microtransactions like every five,seconds so maybe just don't play that,game just go play basketball outside,like yeah yeah and unlike the subtle,plug that Scott Adams did back in 1978,modern games love to remind you that,their hot sexy new game is out too and,you should really go out and buy that,one but when that adds even one step or,loading screen between me and getting to,play the game that I actually want to,play my patience runs out faster than,Brian on track and field day and let me,tell you that kid is dumb as hell but he,is quick earlier this year Sony and,Microsoft both announced that they're,streamlining the process of integrating,ads into free-to-play games on their,respective marketplaces similar to how,ads are integrated into games on your,iPhone through the App Store now in an,absolute best case scenario of how these,ads get implemented hard-working game,devs getting more money for the Blood,Sweat and fears they dump into their,indie game or whatever while ads are,subtly placed on billboards or benches,are used in like a immersive World,building way like the Yakuza series,that's fine in theory but after going,over everything I've gone through I,think we all know that's probably not,how it's gonna shake out and not to be a,depressing Darren but if history repeats,itself all signs point towards AAA,companies slowly inserting more and more,ads in their paid AAA games too because,again look at how much money ads,make on mobile games you seriously think,those AAA big wig execs aren't noticing,that have you heard the way these,lizard people talk they already tried,doing it with those sports games it's,just like microtransactions years ago,nobody thought they would ever put that, in a fully priced 60 or I guess now,seventy dollar paid game like Gran,Turismo 7 but money talks and,unfortunately Activision Blizzard and EA,and all these companies learn to speak,money on Duolingo because in 2021,Activision Blizzard made over 5 billion,dollars on microtransactions alone,billion billion with a b and an i and a,t for Ted and just like with,microtransactions gamers are gonna push,back and complain but at the end of the,day a lot of you mostly children,probably which is really unfortunate,that children are frequently the ones,preyed upon with this a lot of us,stupid gamers are still gonna buy the, thing because they I can't live,out my Steph Curry power fantasy is the,day I alley oop off this Mortal coil so,help me God so yeah that's where we're,at now not to end this video on a,depressing note but I guess my only real,message that you should maybe take away,from this is don't pre-order games just,don't I've done it you've done it we've,all wanted to play that game the second,it comes out but honestly just wait wait,even an hour to see if a the game even,runs properly like it was advertised to,or B doesn't have a bunch of shitty,business practices implemented that,completely ruin the experience people,should be paid for their incredibly hard,work 100 but also as a consumer when you,buy something you should know what,you're paying for right like when you,watch a video for free on YouTube it,would probably make sense for that,person to run an ad on that video to,make them some money so they could buy,cool stuff like a jet ski right like you,would want them to buy a jet ski even,though they live in the city and they,definitely couldn't afford or fit a jet,ski and maintain that jet ski right you,would want that right,okay,happy we could get on the same page,Brian I I appreciate that man thanks,again to Opera GX for sponsoring this,video and Jakey Jakey and Jakey,attorneys you for watching this video,godspeed and good night and Godspeed,Linda please call me using your cell,phone I really want to talk to the kids

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