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How ADS Helps Auto Dealers Sell More Cars with Google Ads Campaigns justin here with ads auto market

ADS Auto Marketing

Updated on Jan 07,2023

How ADS Helps Auto Dealers Sell More Cars with Google Ads Campaigns

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How ADS Helps Auto Dealers Sell More Cars with Google Ads Campaigns

justin here with ads auto marketing and,i want to talk to you real quick about,advertising using google ads and listen,i know,that you guys talk a lot about this with,your,manufacturers rep right he's bringing up,your digital advertising he's probably,trying,to win that business to advertise on,google ads for you and maybe you are,using,your current website provider for google,ads and other sem purposes,you've also got people in your lobby,every month,wanting to talk about proprietary,algorithms and geo-fencing,and overall managing your google ads for,you and at ads,i want to start by saying we are car,people,advertising on behalf of car people so,we've been in the business we've worked,the floor we've been in the offices,and we know the business and we have a,different approach because of that,we don't speak over our clients we talk,directly to you using the language that,you understand,and we report with 100 transparency,meaning if you want to see where your,money is going at any time,and want to see how google ads is,performing at any time,you have a link that goes to a report,with real-time data you can access,whenever you want,and that's huge because i know that some,of your reporting for how you spend your,money is simply,not available this is complete,transparency that we offer and it's,really one of the main reasons our,clients enjoy spending money,with ads on google ads so look our,philosophy is really simple okay,there are so many searches every single,month in your pma,for things like dealership near me or,year make model searches like,2020 jeep gladiator or 2020 chevy,silverado,we want to not just win those clicks and,bring that traffic to your website but,we also want to attribute,leads to that traffic so how do we do,that using,google tag manager and google analytics,we will set up conversion goals for,every,form on your website including your,parts form your service appointment form,a finance form and any form related or,attached to a vdp,we're also going to track phone calls,every month and attribute those,to google ads as well and report every,single month on it,our approach is simple we want you to,own your backyard we want you to own,your pma we measure that by search,impression share,out of all the available searches in any,given month as a percentage,how many did you win that's search,impression share and we value it very,much,at ads and we will talk about it each,month with you as well,second thing is we will advertise,outside your pma we own we want to own,your backyard and then we want to go,fishing in other ponds,every store has that one lucrative,neighborhood or lucrative part of town,that they want to go extract new,relationships and new leads from,and that's what we do so it's a two,campaign system one's in your pma,own your backyard second campaign fish,and lucrative markets outside your pma,transparent reporting conversion,attribution,and people who are from the business,working for people in the business,that's ads auto marketing and i hope,that we can set up a time,to give you a free audit on your,existing campaigns or an opportunity to,discuss about how,advertising on google ads with ads could,be beneficial to your store

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