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Top 10 EV ads - Tesla-replacement commercials - The best Electric Car adverts EQC e-Tron I-Pace Leaf

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

Top 10 EV ads - Tesla-replacement commercials - The best Electric Car adverts EQC e-Tron I-Pace Leaf

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Top 10 EV ads - Tesla-replacement commercials - The best Electric Car adverts EQC e-Tron I-Pace Leaf

know that norway sells way more electric,cars per capita than the u.s,norway,well i won't stand for it,come on never mind,with gm's new ultim battery we're gonna,crush those losers,crush them let's go america,keenan norway's out eving us wait what's,this oh,it's my daughter's birthday she's really,into pirates i don't care grab an ev,meet me in norway okay can i say goodbye,to my family nope,all right,aquafina's sorry to disturb you but,norway's beating us at evs,uh-huh meet me there in an hour can i,ride with you,no gm's ultim battery is made for all,types of vehicles so soon,everyone can drive an ep,oh why didn't we all just go together,knowing wheel is probably flying private,norway listen up you fish loving oh,this place is adorable damn it,where are you guys we're in finland,where are you,i'm in norway norway you're in sweden,oh damn it,whoa you drive electric,oh,hey mercedes play blinding lights,i know what you're thinking electric,it's not for you and you're probably,right,electric just doesn't have enough range,it will never survive the winter,everyone knows water and electricity,don't mix,no more hanging out here either,charging stations good luck finding one,of those,electric just can't keep up,so maybe an electric car isn't for you,after all,or is it,foreign,how,up,huh,ugh,come look at the lights dinner's gonna,get cold,we get it they're christmas lights you,want to hurry this up clark i'm freezing,my baguettes off be nice dad,come roll please,joy to the world,another dud hey i'll check the turkey,oh i hope no one sees me in my yoga,pants you mean you're sitting on the,couch pants,incredible dad wow,nice whip clark chuckling uh i was first,i'm your dad so,i used to have a mustang back when cars,made sounds,the all-new all-electric mustang mock e,joy to the world i love that new car,smell,i think those are pine needles dad,i've been a fan of gmc for quite a while,um now and the opportunity presented,itself,it was very organic it's rare that you,have a vehicle that's this big,it's just powerful be this quiet,we can get from zero to 60 and threes,that's that's extreme that's nuts,zero limits zero compromises,anytime i have any type of partnership,it's always pretty simple,anything that's organic and then it's,something that i have a good deal of,respect for,gmc hummer ev,the real revolutionaries the ones that,change the game forever,understand that strength is never enough,evolving imagining,seeing the world not as it is but how it,could be,that's how true greatness is realized,that is how you change the world,all electric zero emissions zero limits,uh,what if everything ran on gas,then again what if everything didn't,the 100 electric zero gas nissan leaf,innovation for the planet innovation for,all,auto

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