what is a good ctr on linkedin ads

What's A Good Click-Through Rate (CTR) For LinkedIn Ads? hey how's it going it's sam frost here,back

Sam Frost

Updated on Jan 08,2023

What's A Good Click-Through Rate (CTR) For LinkedIn Ads?

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What's A Good Click-Through Rate (CTR) For LinkedIn Ads?

hey how's it going it's sam frost here,back with another short digital,marketing video now in today's video,we're looking at linkedin ads and what,constitutes a good click-through rate on,the linkedin ads platform so if you're,not really that familiar with the,click-through rate concept basically,it's a measure of how many people see,your ad versus how many people click and,generally speaking uh the higher the,click-through rate the better for a,whole bunch of reasons which i'll go,into in a different video i want to keep,this one nice and short but basically if,a hundred people saw your ad and five of,them click you'd have a click-through,rate of five percent so with linkedin,advertising what's a good click-through,rate what should be what should you be,aiming for well according to the most,recent data i could find and i'll leave,a link in the description of this video,to the sources i've used,linkedin ads click-through rate as a,sort of global average across all,industries and advertising types and,sort of locations sits around 0.4 to 0.6,percent so roughly around half of a,percent so a linkedin ads click-through,rate that's higher than about half a,percent higher than 0.5 percent is,basically going to be pretty good and,obviously the higher you can go from,there the better so if you're running a,linkedin ads campaign and you've run it,for the last 30 days and you've looked,in your stats and you've seen a,click-through rate of one and a half,percent then you're about three times,the sort of global average of what you,might expect as a,average linkedin ads click-through rate,on the other hand if your click-through,rate for linkedin ads are sitting under,half a percent or under 0.4 of a percent,it's really on the lower side and you,might need to go and revisit your,advertising so how your campaign's,structured in terms of objective how,your collateral set up so have you got,compelling messaging and ad copy and all,those kind of things but what i do want,to say is that with click-through rate,it's it's only kind of one measure,that's indicative of the performance of,your advertising it's really only,indicative of the performance of how,appealing your ads to cl are to click on,so click-through rate in and of itself,is kind of meaningless if it doesn't,translate into results so if your goal,is to get as many people as possible,seeing your ad and then clicking on it,then sure thing a high click-through,rate all other factors being equal is,going to be a good thing and if you do,get higher click-through rates it tends,to be as well that you are rewarded with,kind of better performance in terms of,cost per click this is the same thing,that you see on facebook ads and google,ads and so on so obviously aiming for a,robust click-through rate is good,regardless of what it is you're doing,but you do need to also think about what,the overall objective of your campaign,is so is it actually to get more people,simply seeing your brand well in that,case if you're running something like a,video view campaign on linkedin you,might have a video ad that you want to,run at the top of the funnel and you,want as many people in your target,audience as possible to see that and,watch that well clicks through to your,landing page that you happen to have in,your ad copy that's kind of a secondary,objective right it's not that important,compared to your primary objective which,is getting that exposure of your brand,via uh getting people seeing your video,ad so,look at the objective you've got you,know if the objective in on the other,hand is very much dependent on someone,clicking on the ad going to your site,and filling out a contact form or or a,opt-in form to download something then,obviously a high click threat is good,but even there you might be looking at,running conversion ads on linkedin,instead because ultimately uh it's,better to get five really good quality,clicks that convert into leads or,convert into sales of your product than,it is to get 100 clicks at a higher,click-through rate that don't go,anywhere in a sort of lower quality,overall so click-through rate is really,just an indicative measure but if you're,looking for an average linkedin ads,click-through rate something that would,be a good figure yeah really anything,over sort of half a percent point five,percent in my view is pretty good and,obviously going up from there you're,starting to get into that good territory,one percent and over uh is definitely,starting to look pretty sharp in my view,but as i said it's very much how long as,a piece of string question,a high click-through rate in and of,itself doesn't necessarily mean your,advertising is successful it just means,it's good at getting people clicking on,it if that's the objective that's great,but if you've got something else you're,trying to achieve like more brand,awareness or exposure or lead conversion,or anything like that you're better to,focus on those outcomes those kpis,instead but certainly trying to get good,click-through rate is is something you,should always be focused on on any,platform really now the final point i,want to make is if you're wondering why,linkedin ads click through rates at that,sort of half a percent average figure,are so low compared to something like,google search advertising well really,it's all to do with the way people are,interacting if you go on google to,search for a product or service you're,looking to buy something you're looking,for more information so your intent is,sort of stronger so it makes sense that,you'd be more likely to click on an ad,whereas with linkedin same with facebook,it's interruption marketing it's sort of,digital equivalent of driving down the,highway and seeing billboards some catch,your eye catch your attention some don't,you're not going on linkedin really to,look to buy anything most people are on,there to connect with their industry,peers their colleagues see what's,happening you know the world of business,and so on so that interruption uh,marketing effect typically results in,lower click-through rates it's why you,see lower ctrs or click-through rates on,banner advertising and facebook ads and,those kind of things as well so,hopefully you found this helpful if you,need any more advice on linkedin ads and,linkedin ad click-through rates please,do feel free to leave a comment please,like this video if it's helpful,subscribe for more digital marketing,advice and i'll see you next time,you

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