what ebay account do you need for dropshipping

How To Dropship On EBAY As A Complete Beginner (Step By Step) in today's video what i'm going to be,

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Dropship On EBAY As A Complete Beginner (Step By Step)

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what ebay account do you need for dropshipping catalogs

How To Dropship On EBAY As A Complete Beginner (Step By Step)

in today's video what i'm going to be,doing is giving you guys a mini master,class on exactly how you can start ebay,drop shipping as a beginner and if,you're new to my channel and you've,never seen my face before and you're,thinking why should i listen to this guy,well welcome my name is sam and on this,channel i've made over 400 different,videos breaking down various different,tips and tricks that you need to know,when it comes to making money online but,most importantly over the past few years,i've managed to build various different,ebay stores as you can see from this one,right here i managed to make over 81 000,pounds in a few months which is around,90 thousand dollars so you're definitely,going to learn a thing or two that's,going to help you out on your own ebay,drop shipping journey so as always i,don't want to waste any more time i want,to get right into it if you find any,value in this video don't forget to,press the like button don't forget to,subscribe hit the bell notification,let's jump straight into the video all,right so one of the first things that,you need to obviously do is that you,need to sign up for an ebay account now,to be very honest with you it's going to,be a lot better if you've already got,one because ebay don't necessarily like,it when you sign up on day one and you,try and start drop shipping straight,away so if you've already got an,existing ebay account it's going to be a,little bit better when it comes to doing,the rest of the three steps that i'm,going to go through in this video but if,you don't already have an ebay account,all you need to do is go on to the ebay,website go to register at the top right,here and then from this point you're,just going to sign up for an account,very straightforward very simple but the,key things that you need to remember,when you are signing up for an ebay,account just make sure that you put the,correct details because ebay is going to,validate this and if you don't put the,correct details they may end up banning,you and once you get banned it's going,to be hard for you to open up another,ebay account the next step is that you,need to find a winning product now,there's a certain step-by-step strategy,that i personally go through when it,comes to knowing which item is the best,one to sell on ebay so i'm just going to,walk you through that entire,step-by-step process just so that you,have a full understanding of exactly,what makes a winning product a winning,product so the first place that i like,to start is on the drop shipping,suppliers website so in this example,we're going to be using cj drop shipping,so what i tend to do when i want to find,an item to sell is i scroll down to this,section over here where it says global,warehouses and from this point we're,going to be able to look at items,depending on which warehouse we're going,to be shipping from so in today's,example i'm going to be looking at the,items in the us warehouse so all you,need to do is just click into it and,once you do that this is the page that,you're going to see and it's going to,bring up all of these different items so,all you need to do from this point is,try and find a specific item that stands,out to you that you believe that you're,going to be able to sell successfully,all right so i found this product right,here which is a wi-fi repeater or a,signal amplifier it's basically an item,that people buy when it comes to,extending the wi-fi signal in their,house so it's definitely a useful,product so now that we know that this,product is available in the us warehouse,the first thing that i'm going to do,before i even show you anything else on,cj drop shipping's product page is to go,over to zeek analytics so zeke analytics,is a product research software that i,always advise every single person to,sign up with if they want to do product,research to find the best winning,product to sell on ebay and if you want,to sign up for a seven day trial you can,do that by clicking the link in my,description down below and once you have,signed up for that seven day trial this,is the dashboard that you're gonna see,and then all you simply need to do is go,over to product research right here and,then you're gonna type in the name of,the item which is wi-fi repeater and,because we're gonna be shipping the item,to the us we want to see the data,specifically for the customers based in,america so we need to click on united,states right there and we're going to,change the ebay site to and,then we're going to click on search and,right there as you guys can see zeke,analytics is able to show us that almost,forty thousand dollars were spent on,this product in the last 30 days and,there's a successful listing rate of 71,which means that 71 of the sellers that,have listed this product have been,successful in making a sell so now that,we know that it's definitely a product,that's worth drop shipping we need to go,back over to cj drop shipping and double,check a couple things so first thing we,want to see the inventory amount so we,can see that there's over 1 000 units,currently in the united states warehouse,which is a lot we also want to look at,how long it's going to take to reach the,customer and we can see that it's going,to take three to seven days and there's,also tracking information available too,which is really really good so now that,we know that this product ticks all the,boxes in terms of us being able to make,a sale from the product research the,fact that we can also drop ship it and,get it to the customer in a short amount,of time what we want to do now is figure,out how we're going to list the product,on our ebay store and to do that we need,to sign up for something called autods,so this is what the signup page looks,like and if you want to sign up for a,30-day trial with autodesk you can use,the link in my description down below,for that as well and autods is simply a,way of you being able to connect the,product from whatever supplier that you,want to use directly onto your ebay,store not only that you're going to be,able to automatically fulfill all of,your orders so it's a really good,software to sign up with if you are,looking to take your ebay drop shipping,business a little bit more serious so,all you simply need to do is enter in,your email right here click on continue,so once you've gone through that whole,signup process this is the page that,you're going to see and this is the auto,ds dashboard now the first thing that,you need to make sure that you do is,that you need to make sure that you,connect your ebay account directly to,your autodesk account and the way that,you're going to be able to do that is by,clicking on this option right here and,as you can see i've already connected my,ebay test account as well as my shopify,test account so what you're going to do,is click on add store and then you need,to click on the ebay store option then,click on continue then it's going to ask,you for your paypal account which is,optional and which country that you're,going to be selling in so you can leave,it at united states or you can change it,to whatever you want and then you're,going to click on connect to store then,it's going to show you this page and,then all you simply need to do is sign,in to your ebay account again ebay is,going to ask you to confirm whether or,not you want to go through of it and,then you can do so if you want to once,you do that which is necessary for you,to continue you need to go back over to,your autods account and what we need to,do now is to connect the product from cj,drop shipping over to autods so the way,that you're gonna do that is by clicking,on add products click on single products,perfect and then what i need to do now,is go back over to cj drop shipping copy,the product that i want to sell on my,ebay store,go back over to autods and then paste,the url right there make sure that the,supplier source is correct cj drop,shipping make sure that the region is,correct as you can see it says china so,i'm going to change that to united,states and then i'm going to click on,publish to store and right there you can,see that the draft has been created and,the status is now completed so what we,now need to do is head over to our,drafts complete everything and then list,it to our ebay store the way that we're,going to do that is by clicking on,drafts on the left hand side over here,and as you can see this is the product,that we just created right there now,it's going to give us all of these,different headings that we need to go,through so we just need to make sure,that the title is what we want it to be,on our ebay store in terms of what the,customer is going to see when they're,scrolling through ebay make sure that,the category is correct make sure that,all of the details here are correct in,terms of what you want it to be then go,over to the description and this is what,the customer is actually going to read,before they place an order so you need,to make sure that you put the,information of the product and we can,see that auto ds does a good job of,inserting all of the information from cj,drop shipping so we don't really have to,do that much what we can put here is,maybe information about the shipping,refunds about our company you can add,that information into the description,section the next tab is the variant tab,and for now we're going to leave these,two the black us and the white us model,so we need to delete these ones by,clicking on delete okay next tab is,images so again autods does a good job,of extracting the images from cj drop,shipping so you don't have to spend time,saving them downloading them exporting,them and then uploading them back onto,ebay all of the images has already been,uploaded for you and then finally you,need to head over to item specifics you,just need to add all the item specifics,that relate to this item and you can do,that by clicking on this option right,here enter the name enter the,description and try and add as many item,specifics as possible because this is,going to help when it comes to ebay seo,which is ebay search engine optimization,and this is going to help you be seen in,the search results when a customer types,in a specific keyword so that's all you,simply need to do when it comes to,listing a product to your store and the,main benefit of using autodes is that,you're going to be able to set up auto,fulfillment which means that you're not,going to have to sit there copy and,pasting your customers address and name,every single time you make an order,you're going to be able to set up,everything in the back end of your,autodesk account so that you could just,sit back and let the orders,automatically be shipped out on your,behalf so don't forget that if you want,to sign up to autods make sure that you,use the link in my description down,below for that 30-day trial and moving,on to the final part of this ebay,dropshipping crash course that i'm going,to go through in today's video which is,that you need to make sure that you,maintain a healthy account and i've,broken down the four most important,things that you need to be aware of when,it comes to making sure that you're,running a really good healthy ebay,account the first one is that you need,to make sure that you either become an,ebay top rated seller and once you,become one you also need to make sure,that you maintain your ebay top rated,seller status so with this you're going,to be able to get so many different,benefits you're going to be able to save,money on your monthly ebay fees you're,also going to be able to get pushed to,the top of the search results and,customers are also going to know that,you're one of the top sellers on the,platform which means that it's going to,lead to more sales i always like to make,sure that i'm a top rated seller with,all of my ebay accounts because i know,that it's only going to benefit me when,it comes to saving money on my fees and,getting pushed higher in the ebay search,results the next thing that you need to,make sure that you do is get as many,positive reviews as possible one thing,that a lot of people don't realize about,ebay is that it's built on a feedback,system which means that it's your job as,the seller to make sure you get as many,positive feedbacks as possible because,if you wasn't aware you can never get,positive feedback neutral feedback or,negative feedback and you want to try,avoid negative feedback at all cost,because the more negative feedbacks that,you build up you're putting your ebay,account at risk of getting closed down,and plus customers won't want to buy,from you so try and make sure that you,get as many positive feedbacks as,possible and one of the ways that you,can do that is by making sure that,you've got really good customer service,one of the things that i pride myself on,with all of my online businesses is that,i try to get back to all of my customers,within a 24-hour period and especially,on ebay i like to get back to my,customers within an hour so this is,something you need to make sure that,you're doing monitoring your ebay,messages as well as your emails and,finally you need to make sure that,you're always trying to find a way to,offer faster delivery so the thing about,drop shipping is that of course it,automatically comes with slower delivery,times because you're not shipping out,the order yourself so you can't take,control of that but you always need to,be finding a way to get the order to,your customer as quick as possible now,what most drop shippers do is that they,end up importing stock for an item,that's selling really well and by doing,that they're going to be able to offer,one to two day shipping to their,customers all what you can do is try and,find a drop shipping agent that's going,to be able to ship out the orders really,really quick but either way you just,need to make sure that you're working on,different methods of getting the order,to your customers very very fast doing,those four things it's going to help you,maintain a really good healthy ebay,account and if you're enjoying this,video so far don't forget to press the,like button really helps out the channel,in a big way i really appreciate that if,you got any value out of the video don't,forget to hit the like button and don't,forget to subscribe and hit the bell,notification for more content just like,this and if you want to sign up to a,free webinar where i go through,everything i needed to learn when it,came to building up one of my first ever,e-commerce businesses and getting it to,around 1 000,profit every single day then click the,first link in the description down below,or if you rather watch another youtube,video that i made maybe three four days,ago where i broke down the key things,that you need to know if you want to,become rich with an ebay business then,click the link right there you're,definitely going to enjoy that video if,you've enjoyed this video alright guys,i'll see you on the next one make sure,you stay safe out there peace

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