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What is HIP FIRE / ADS in Call of Duty Mobile? CoD Tips for NEW PLAYERS what is up guys johnny here

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

What is HIP FIRE / ADS in Call of Duty Mobile? CoD Tips for NEW PLAYERS

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What is HIP FIRE / ADS in Call of Duty Mobile? CoD Tips for NEW PLAYERS

what is up guys johnny here back with a,brand new call of duty mobile video,today,what is hip fire how to hip fire what is,ads,hip fire versus abs all these questions,i got,lately and i realized some guys been,playing for a while,with the default settings and they don't,know how to hip fire or they don't even,know what,is hip fire so i wanted to take a moment,today to explain all of that,check out some basic settings with you,guys because when you get to grinding,gold,damascus platinum you need to get hip,fire kills,and if you don't have the right settings,you cannot even do it so let's get into,it before we start make sure you guys,subscribe to the channel,for daily call of duty mobile videos,let's go,okay so here's the default setting if,you play in simple mode if you never,really tried to tweak the settings,in simple mode uh it's auto ads or one,type ads,it means if you go in the game and you,shoot,you click your fire button look what,it's gonna do okay,when you shoot it automatically brings,your gun up like that,before shooting so i'm just using one,finger on one button i fire it auto aims,down sight,so ads means aiming down sight is when,you bring your gun up like that,and you aim down sights so the thing is,it limits you it's easier to use but it,has some limits and you cannot hit fire,so what you need to do is you go on your,settings,and you can go hipfire is going to put,hip fire on all your weapons or you can,even customize,and put some of your weapons with ads,and some of your weapons with hip fire,but i want to show you what hip fire is,and what it does so hip fire means,shooting from the hip it means you will,shoot,without bringing your gun up like that,so if i again click the same button with,the same finger nothing else,it's gonna shoot like that and it's,gonna spread,so the thing with the hip fire is it's,got,lower accuracy but why would you do that,why would you fire,from the hip if it's less accurate well,because uh you you move faster while,aiming,uh from the hip if you ats and you,try to turn it's gonna be slower if you,hip fire and you try to turn it's gonna,turn,faster so usually you do that when your,enemies are,super super close and you almost try to,like get past them and then turn and,shoot them so it's faster,if you're moving around your target if,it's very very close because if it's,close to you and you try to,turn like that uh you're gonna miss and,you're gonna get destroyed,now the other reason why you want a hip,fire is because the challenge is,if you're grinding gold camos and you,try to get damascus,they will ask you to get x number of,kills,uh with hip fire kills and you don't,have a choice you have to do it i got a,message last week again,some guy told me primary weapons don't,have hip fire well,it's your settings bro it's not the,weapon so uh,you're gonna have to use a setting like,that with a hip fire,and uh run around and try to get kills,like that with hip fire,shooting at your targets without aiming,now the pros and the cons of that,setting first you have more options you,can't hit fire if you need to in close,situations,but the cons is you need two buttons so,you need to use more fingers,you can also aim without shooting,without wasting your ammo and when,someone peeks then you can,shoot only when he shows up so uh like,there's a couple of reasons to do it,uh but definitely it's gonna have a,learning curve you're gonna have to,play more and get used to the new,settings,but again if you always played on the,simple mode,and you never experimented with the,settings that's where you find it,so there you go that's how you hit fire,in cod mobile you need to tweak your,settings,hopefully that's gonna help you guys get,your gold camos,in order to get damascus camo later good,luck guys with the grind if this video,was helpful make sure you smash that,like,don't forget to subscribe for daily,commentable videos i'll see you guys in,the next one,take care,you

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