what does ads b stand for in aviation

Chapter 1: What is ADS-B hello and welcome to the ADSP university,powered by free flight systems my

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

Chapter 1: What is ADS-B

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Chapter 1: What is ADS-B

hello and welcome to the ADSP university,powered by free flight systems my name,is Pete ring in this first chapter we,will cover the basics of what a DSP is,let's jump right in,what is a DSP by definition a dsb stands,for automatic dependent surveillance,broadcast which means messages are sent,out periodically without the need for,interrogation the system is dependent on,aircraft being equipped with what the FA,defines as a high integrity position,source for all intents and purposes that,means a lost GPS a DSP will provide,radar like surveillance services,providing aircraft position and other,data to air traffic control a DSP will,broadcast aircraft position and other,data continuously to a DSP ground,stations and two other a DSP equipped,aircraft the final rule for a DSP,requirements was issued by the FAA on,May 27th of 2010 in that final rule it,states that all aircraft operating,within a set guidelines of airspace in,the United States will have to be,equipped with a DSP out by January 1st,of 2020 this date was selected to allow,a 10-year window of opportunity for the,industry to equip with a DSP equipment a,DSP out is when your aircraft transmits,its precise location to a DSP ground,stations and other EDS be equipped,aircraft with this mandate current,transponder requirements are unchanged,from the requirements that exist today,it's important to note that this,regulation does not mandate the,equipment of avionics that provide a DSP,in services the air spaces that a DSP is,required for aircraft operation after,January 1st 2020 are as follows,class a airspace 18,000 feet and above,Class B and Class C airspace --is,including the areas above these air,spaces up to 10,000 feet and also,including all airspace inside the mode C,ring that surrounds class Bravo airports,Class E airspace 10,000 feet above,across the continental United States and,in the Gulf of Mexico 12 nautical miles,out and at 3,000 feet and above,why does a DSB make sense a DSP is a,major component of the FAS next gen,airspace overhaul program it is designed,to make flying safer and more secure,from an operator standpoint a DSP will,provide air-to-air as well as,air-to-ground surveillance capabilities,it will also provide surveillance,services to remote or inhospitable areas,such as Alaska the Gulf of Mexico and,mountainous areas virtually any place,that is not suitable to house a,ground-based radar system one of the,major benefits to the operators who,utilize ATSB is that it will provide,them with real-time traffic information,along with subscription free,aeronautical information such as data,link weather with a dsb air traffic,controllers will have a clearer picture,of all the aircraft operating the,National Airspace system allowing for,reduced separation minimums and,increased predictability helping to,reduce delays in arrival and departure,procedures built into the a DSP network,is a protocol that will allow fleet,operators to track any of their aircraft,in the ad SB Network this program will,not show all ATS be equipped aircraft it,will simply show the aircraft that you,have verified ownership of this is done,as a safety precaution a major benefit,to this change from ground-based radar,to a DSP is the substantial financial,savings the FAA will incur by,eliminating duplicate radar coverage in,the United States with a DSP fully,implemented the FAA will begin shutting,down several ground-based radar stations,throughout the US as a DSP becomes the,primary source of surveillance for air,traffic control currently the FAA is,spending some 950 million dollars per,year to own and main,ground-based radar Network ad SB will,help reduce that number by two-thirds,with improved routing and greater,arrival and departure predictability a,DSP will play a major role in helping to,reduce the environmental impacts that,aviation has on the environment thank,you for viewing this chapter of the ad,SB university if you have any questions,on the material you just viewed please,feel free to contact our sales team at,sales at free flight systems comm one of,our qualified ad SB experts will be more,than happy to assist you with any,questions you may have,thank you

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