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Top 10 Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2022 these are the top 10 best Black Friday,deals at Best Buy in

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

Top 10 Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2022

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Top 10 Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2022

these are the top 10 best Black Friday,deals at Best Buy in 2022 and they have,an amazing deal for everyone on your,list in the first spot it's a 79,Chromebook from Lenovo this 11.6 inch HD,laptop has a list price of 139 dollars,and for Black Friday at 60 off this one,surprisingly has 64 gigs of storage and,has very good reviews this 4K Samsung,60-inch TV with the price tag of 3.99,for Black Friday at 150 off from its,list price of 550 is very well rated and,good bang for your buck based on a TV of,this size if you expand the video,description box you will find a link to,buy this as well as the Chromebook there,is no link to buy the Hisense 40-inch,LED smart TV you see right here for one,hundred dollars this is an in-store only,deal with a list price of 240. make sure,to check the stock of your local Best,Buy before you waste any money on gas,driving out there prior to this Black,Friday Best Buy would be one of the,least likely places I'd purchase a,doordash gift card but think of this,offer right here as twenty dollars of,free money for free food perfect for the,holidays or for your turkey sometimes,turning out like mine and you need to,quickly get a substitute delivered you,can buy a hundred dollars of doordash,gift card for just 80 bucks in the,number two spot let's continue with some,of the biggest Black Friday TV deals the,55-inch qled TCL Smart TV is 230 dollars,off this is a really solid price for a,qled TV although I wish it had a higher,refresh rate I love that it has,Chromecast built in this Samsung 75-inch,LED 4K smart TV at 580 is another one of,those deals you can claim right now and,get delivered at 270 off this is a lot,of screen bang for your buck and one of,the least expensive 75-inch TVs from any,major brand you'll see this Black Friday,let's talk sound bars before I get to,laptops and gaming the Samsung 2.1,Channel Soundbar you see right here with,wireless subwoofer and Dolby audio at,130 is a 150 dollar price drop,surprisingly fantastic sound on this,system and far superior to anything,coming out of your TV's ultra thin,speakers I would recommend this if,you're on a budget if you have more,wiggle room for sound bar spending this,Black Friday the Vizio 5.1 Channel,v-series sound bar is essentially a home,theater in a box at 50 off if you,struggle to identify dialogue amidst,background noise or you watch a lot of,fast-paced action content this is a,solid system in the number three spot,it's one of the least expensive brand,name touch screen laptops you'll find,anywhere this Black Friday the Lenovo,Flex 3 Chromebook right here at 99 is,reduced by 90 from a list price of 189,for a more capable laptop this is one of,my favorite entry to mid-range units,under 300 bucks also equipped with a,15.6 inch touchscreen if you simply want,double the solid state drive space and,otherwise nearly identical specs but the,only big difference being a 14 inch,touchscreen versus the lenovo's larger,screen this one right here is 200 more I,much prefer computers that have at least,16 gigs of RAM so this HP victis is 300,off it's got a great graphics card and,i7 and a 512 gigabyte solid-state drive,I'll discuss apple and Appliance deals,shortly but for point four I was,surprised by the number of new Dyson,products at aggressive discounts from,Best Buy typically on Black Friday it's,just the older V8 or V10 vacuums on sale,everywhere but at Best Buy the brand new,Dyson V12 detect slim cordless vacuum,that's a mouthful at 150 off includes,the new laser stick head from Dyson that,reveals microscopic dirt and dust that,our eyes can't detect on their own and,the new Dyson v15 detect cordless vacuum,is a hundred dollars off in the past,I've referred to Dyson as an overrated,brand in my personal opinion but people,who buy Dyson find that their vacuums,typically last much longer over the,years despite the overall initial,investment at first they typically come,out ahead so maybe I'll eat my words,these Shark cordless pet stick vac you,see right here for 150 dollars is also a,hundred dollars off it has a list price,of 260. this is the more affordable and,extremely well rated option if you want,to bring a mop into the vacuum mix this,three-in-one mop vac and self-cleaning,smart floor washer from taniko is 170,off this brand is a more recent addition,to the vacuum world and they've,developed quite a large following the,iRobot Roomba i7 plus self emptying,robot at 400 off is still very expensive,at five hundred dollars but it's dock,from which the robot self empties has a,60-day Dustbin capacity freeing you from,really having to fuss over a very,intelligent robotic vacuum for a,two-month period if you are willing to,accept a 30 day spin capacity which is,still more than ample as far as I'm,concerned the 220 dollar shark robotic,vac you see right here is 220 dollars,less than the Roomba I just showed you,and this could be a great contender in,the number five spot it's gaming,starting with the Xbox that you might be,better off purchasing from Target at,Best Buy it's fifty dollars off for the,Microsoft Xbox series s512 All Digital,holiday console but at Target you get,both the 50 discount and a free 50,Target gift card to further incentivize,your purchase let you make that decision,as an in-store only offering it's the,PlayStation 5 as part of a game bundle,the PS5 was impossible to buy at any,price last Black Friday and I did,overhear a manager at my local Best Buy,informing a shopper there's a lot of PS5,stock in the back so if you don't see it,on a store shelf do not be dissuaded,speaking of plentiful stock I also,enjoyed seeing this Nintendo switch,joy-con Mario Kart bundle display all,stacked up if that's on your list for,one of the most aggressive overall,reductions that Black Friday is known,for by now most gamers are well aware,that the up to 80 percent off video,games this Black Friday at Best Buy for,PC gaming Xbox PlayStation and Nintendo,is one of the better promotions,available I've mentioned in a prior,video my wife and I love the meta Quest,you can buy the two-game 128 gig version,of the bundle for 350 which is a 50,price drop for PC gaming the HP Omen,gaming desktop right here is 450 off,with a great graphics card if you are,searching for a gaming desktop that,could double as a personal mirror this,highly reflective gaming desktop is,nicely specked out at 300 off although I,feel it would look much better at night,than it does through my smartphone,camera inside a Best Buy store to pair,with a gaming desktop or for anyone,working from home looking for more,screen real estate the LG 27 inch LED,monitor right here is eighty dollars off,and 170 for Black Friday and for just,under 32 inches in size and just over,two hundred dollars in price I really,like the size of this gaming Monitor and,if you are enjoying this video feel free,to subscribe and turn your notifications,on in the number six spot let's talk,Apple starting with 200 off this MacBook,Air just to be clear this is the older,version of the MacBook Air and there's,still a good chance it will be fifty,dollars cheaper from Amazon this Black,Friday which I'll be covering right here,on this channel at 400 off this is the,latest model of the 14 inch MacBook Pro,Series and it's very powerful at 600 off,the display on this iMac is stunning and,while you are paying more for an Apple,product with a 5k display I really feel,this should have more than eight gigs of,RAM but perhaps the display is worth the,price of admission the latest model of,the iPad Mini is a hundred dollars off,and if you are considering an Apple gift,card as a Christmas or Hanukkah present,and you spend a hundred dollars or more,in Apple gift cards you get a free 15,Best Buy gift card with that purchase,I'll get to Smart Home in a moment but,first for point seven just how good is,Best Buy's Appliance promotion and my,answer is that if you are going to buy,just a single Appliance you might be,better off purchasing it from Home Depot,or Lowe's for an appliance Suite or if,you are purchasing several appliances,from the same brand Best Buy is offering,up to a hundred and fifty dollars in,gift cards plus additional incentives,assuming you are buying several,large-scale products from the same brand,for a smaller Appliance many Shoppers,are unaware that you can buy the coveted,KitchenAid 5 quart stand mixer from Best,Buy for the same Black Friday price is,everywhere else just so you are aware,this costs twenty dollars more than it,did last year but it is very popular,this ninja foodie six in one for 130,dollars is a very strong deal this is is,the 10 quart model and most other,retailers this Black Friday are selling,the 8 quart model for 120 dollars for,ten dollars more at Best Buy you score,two more Courts at a hundred dollars off,it's the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 72,ounce blender for a hundred dollars this,ninja 14 in one eight quart pressure,cooker and steam fryer at a hundred and,fifty dollars has a modern nice,aesthetic and this is the last time I,will say the word ninja in today's video,for those of you wondering in the number,eight spot and at a hundred and ten,dollars off it's a two pack of the,Google seven inch Nest hubs assuming you,want two of these this is a great smart,home deal equipped with the Amazon Alexa,voice service this Lenovo smart display,for thirty dollars is forty dollars off,at seventy dollar list price and likely,one of the least expensive Smart Home,Products with a screen and surprisingly,good audio quality you will see for,thirty dollars this Black Friday this,four pack of 4 K indoor outdoor wired,cameras at 280 dollars is a great deal,with the built-in LED light system and a,generous two terabyte hard drive for,those of us that hate paying,subscription fees tied to surveillance,cameras speaking of subscription fees,but still an amazing deal assuming you,want five outdoor wireless security,cameras from blink this is one hundred,and ninety dollars off the blink video,doorbell and sync model wired or,wireless doorbell with no subscription,fees assuming you pop a solid state,drive card into the module is a good,inexpensive entry-level doorbell but the,quality on the Google Nest doorbell you,see right here for 120 dollars and sixty,dollars off is a much better picture,quality this is the newer version,available in white or gray although I do,not love the higher priced Nest,subscription fees the Netgear Nighthawk,Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 router you see right,here is a hundred and fifty dollars and,half price if you have any streaming or,buffering issues or you do a lot of,Gaming this is a good system and the,next best thing to a mesh system from,smart home to smart watches for the next,point on my list it's the Samsung Galaxy,4 aluminum 44 millimeter smart watch at,a hundred and seventy dollars this is,110 off list price I happen to wear an,Apple Watch but I've spent a lot of time,testing this Samsung Beauty and it does,pretty much everything an Apple Watch,can do with a better battery life and a,much smaller price tag the Samsung,Galaxy watch 5 Pro at 400 off is not as,good of a discount as the prior one I,showed you but this is brand new more,features and more powerful at 51 off,it's the Garmin Forerunner 45 GPS smart,watch this is the preferred brand for,runners apparently clearly I don't run I,don't really have the stamina and I've,barely had a chance to interact with,this smart watch so I'm not going to,pretend I know anything about it other,than the price at fifty dollars off the,Fitbit charge 5 fitness and health,tracker is a great entry level more,tracker than smart watch but it also has,a fantastic battery life I'll discuss,iPhone deals in a moment but for the,next point on my list air purifiers are,a hugely popular purchase over the,holidays perhaps as a result of many,family members with their random cologne,or 11 variations of that same perfume,this Honeywell Insight air purifier,handles 500 square feet for 170 dollars,although the Honeywell isn't the,prettiest air purifier this Dyson pure,cool purifying fan at 300 definitely has,the aesthetic despite its 300 price tag,and for a system that can purify a,whopping 1200 square feet for just two,hundred and thirty dollars this shark,air purifier is a wallet an allergy,friendly device if you want to deck out,your trees or parts of your home with,some of the most vibrant smart lights,you can buy these indoor outdoor app,controlled lights are capable of,displaying patterns and animation you,can buy a 100 pack at forty dollars off,and a 400 pack at one hundred and eighty,dollars off the GoPro Hero 11 action cam,at a hundred dollars off is another more,luxurious popular holiday purchase it's,a fan favorite for ski videos and all,sorts of other outdoor recreation that,people like to document and now for the,bonus section many of you been asking,for iPhone 14 or 14 pro discounts at,Best Buy which is kind of the best of,what's available it's only a measly five,percent reduction on a new model you are,activating with a trade-in you can get,up to eight hundred dollars off,depending upon what carrier you are,activating with through Best Buy I'm,very intrigued by the Viper remote start,system you see right here for two,hundred and ten dollars if you have an,older car without remote start,capabilities tis the season you might,wish you had a remote start this system,includes a remote start a fob a tilt,sensor and a siren in addition to a GPS,tracker in the event of theft this would,also be great in the summer to have your,car pre-air conditioned surprisingly,still in demand which has been the case,for years the hoverboard self-balancing,scooter right here is 90 off for Black,Friday and one tip to share I would,however avoid any impulse toy purchases,from Best Buy even if the brands,advertised to you are highly appealing,the reductions seem much stronger from,Target and Walmart this Black Friday,which I am covering on this channel also,included as a bonus since this is an,off-season deal but unbeknownst to many,people the price drops on the Traeger,Grills are phenomenal at Best Buy 200,off this model many other ones on sale,and as a mid-level grill at a price,that's good assuming you can't wait for,clearance next Labor Day this Weber,Spirit three burner propane gas grill is,ninety dollars off I'll be back with,more awesome Black Friday deals right,here here tomorrow I love you bye bye

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