what are the best dropshipping suppliers in 2020

8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for 2023 if you clicked on this video you're a,drop shipper and you're

Bryan Guerra

Updated on Jan 11,2023

8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for 2023

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what are the best dropshipping suppliers in 2020 catalogs

8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for 2023

if you clicked on this video you're a,drop shipper and you're looking for,better suppliers to drop ship from,chances are you're already listing on,places like ebay facebook marketplace,amazon or elsewhere but those are places,to list your products on,what are the best sites to drop ship,products from,who are the best suppliers to use and,why now before we break down these,specific suppliers and why i recommend,them i want you to understand the,importance of using several suppliers,right you don't just want to use one or,two and focus solely on one or two,because that's what everybody's doing,chances are if you look to snipe other,people other people that are listing,products on facebook marketplace or any,of these places,they're gonna be using one or two of,these suppliers and so just by using,several of them yourself and not,building your store solely around one or,two you can diversify your products,obviously increase your margins and,prevent yourself from being sniped,yourself or at least make it harder for,people to do so the first one is amazon,and amazon's a no-brainer amazon's the,one that the majority of people use when,they're first starting and even when,they like get more seasoned and they,start making sales they people still,list from amazon okay there's tens of,thousands if not hundreds of thousands,of products or millions of products on,amazon i really don't know there's a lot,it's a great supplier that obviously is,always going to give you refunds you can,rely on their shipping times that it has,relatively fast shipping times and it's,just a great overall supplier to use,right the issue with amazon that's been,happening recently,is that a lot of people's prime accounts,have been suspended mine included i,actually just got suspended i think it,was like a week and a half ago and it,hadn't happened to me for over 10 000,plus orders and i just got hit with the,ban uh recently now i honestly think,that that's a good thing here's why,the majority of people use amazon and so,those products actually were pretty,saturated and the margins were getting,slimmer and slimmer chances are if you,had a good product on amazon and you,actually searched that product into the,search bar on facebook marketplace for,example,you would see,30 or 50 or 100 other listings just like,yours with the same exact pictures and,relatively the same title selling for,relatively the same price because,everybody is marking up the same and,that gives buyers the opportunity to,choose from a number of different,products obviously decreases the chances,that you're gonna make a sale and it's,just race to the bottom pricing but now,since everybody's getting their prime,account suspended it's actually a good,thing it's gonna lower the competition,on those products it's going to increase,your margins on those products obviously,that way you can still use amazon as a,supplier and here's a little secret,between you and me you don't actually,need amazon prime to drop ship from,amazon the only products that you,specifically need prime to drop ship,from amazon are those low priced,products where you're solely relying on,the fact that amazon's shipping them for,free to keep your margins intact you can,still drop ship products that are like,25 i don't know the specific number but,i want to say it's like 25,and get free shipping on amazon or often,sellers will offer free shipping even if,you don't have a prime account so you,can sign up for an account,not use prime on it and still drop ship,95 of amazon products especially the,ones that are over 25,not have to pay the the shipping fee,anyway and then you're you're still,getting relatively fast shipping time,you can still return the products on,amazon you can still list all the,products from amazon's catalog that's a,good thing because then you don't ever,have to worry about your prime account,getting suspended you really shouldn't,be listing those those cheap products,anyway because the margins aren't that,great on those products if you're,marking a 10 product up uh with amazon,prime 40 or 50,yeah you're making 40 percent but that's,forty to fifty percent of ten dollars,whereas if you're listing something for,thirty dollars or fifty dollars or a,hundred dollars that percentage is a lot,more profit it's the same margin but,it's a lot more profit money wise in the,same exact uh effort on your part for,one sale so that's why you don't,necessarily need amazon prime anyway so,even if you're getting suspended it's,totally fine it's gonna weed out the,competition increase your margins help,you still be able to sell those products,as people drop off and start using other,suppliers and you can still use them,without a prime account a lot of people,are worried about losing like their,personal prime privileges but if you get,a prime account banned and you sign up,for another prime account and you solely,use it for personal use you won't get,that that second account banned it's,only when you sign up for another,account start drop shipping to random,addresses again that they suspend your,account so that's why amazon is still in,my opinion the number one supplier and,the competition for people using it to,dropship on facebook marketplace and,sites like ebay is going to,significantly go down now that amazon,all of a sudden is banning accounts the,second supplier that i recommend is ebay,now i love ebay i've been using ebay for,probably about a year now as a supplier,and it's been phenomenal you never run,into like issues with them cancelling,your orders or issues with them uh you,know like suspending accounts that,you're allowed to use your ebay account,the drop ship just like you're allowed,to use an amazon account to drop ship,but not one with amazon prime right you,can still get uh use ebay and get uh,just like on amazon you can get tax,exempt on ebay as well so that's also a,benefit although it's a little bit of a,slower process in my experience with,ebay um and there's a lot of great,products practically all the same,products on on amazon are gonna be on,ebay typically not all of them but a,large majority of them for relatively,low prices you can look at all the sold,data on ebay so it's literally going to,show you what's selling and what's,selling well and you can list a lot of,products like that and literally use the,the information that ebay is giving you,to find hot products it's also a very,reliable supplier,they're gonna have your back as the,buyer you can always typically return,most things in most cases and a lot of,sellers on ebay actually drop ship,directly from amazon with low margins,which means a lot of the products that,you're going to get cheaply on amazon,are shipping with the same relative,shipping time on ebay at the same,relative price and are practically,barely marked up because the competition,on ebay for amazon products is so like,neck and neck that the margins are,barely there so you're practically,getting the same products and that that,seller is literally drop shipping that,product using their own account from,amazon so you're basically ordering an,amazon product amazon prime product with,your ebay account in a lot of ways so,that's the second one love ebay use it,the third one is walmart walmart is a,phenomenal supplier for so many reasons,just like amazon and ebay it has a large,amount of products in its catalog that,you can obviously use you can also use,uh walmart plus which is basically like,amazon prime the issue with walmart plus,is they also do suspend you now if you,hop into walmart and you start ordering,like you know thousands of products with,your walmart plus account you're going,to lose that account pretty relatively,fast however i've noticed that if you,have several accounts,you can basically use several accounts,and just cycle through your pr like the,orders on those accounts and utilize it,that way so walmart plus is another,phenomenal supplier highly recommend,that you use them and on top of all,these i forgot to mention with amazon,with ebay and walmart,not only do all of them accept amazon,integra integrate with um cashback sites,like rakuten so you're getting extra,cash back on all your orders but on top,of that you can use the amazon store,card to get extra five percent you can,use the ebay store card to get an extra,five percent on all your orders and you,can use the walmart store card again to,get an extra five percent so that's five,percent margins that you're increasing,you might not think that that's that big,of a deal but like over tens of,thousands of products spent or hundreds,of thousands of dollars spent over the,year potentially that's a lot of money,that you're leaving on the table simply,by not using those cards it's a,no-brainer now the next one is cost way,now they have great pictures on their,listing so you're getting high quality,images which is a it is huge it's,probably crucial probably the most,crucial because the picture sells it,obviously once you get people there like,the picture is what's going to sell the,listing it's got great uh descriptions,and great titles so you don't really,need to change too too much a lot of,people are not necessarily using cost,way like a lot more people are obviously,using amazon they're using ebay they're,using walmart cost away is one of those,where it's like in between where like,people use it but not nearly close to,all the other ones so there's not as,much competition on your products there,is a slight issue i know of with a z,drop specifically where it won't pull,the pictures so any friction in my,opinion is a good thing because that,means that somebody else is going to,face that friction and not necessarily,use it so if it's not downloading the,pictures but it's copying the title it's,copying the description it's copying,everything else and marking your price,up well then you can use a plug-in like,e-commerce image downloader or any other,google chrome plug-in to also then just,grab the pictures using that plug-in put,them in your listing,and it's practically just as fast with a,little bit more friction so anytime,there's friction same thing with the,amazon prime suspensions i think that's,a good thing because it means that you,know you're going to decrease your,competition because some people are,going to face that and decide not to use,it okay so that's why i love cosplay the,pictures the great titles the great uh,descriptions and again a little bit of,friction because it won't pull the,pictures at least in my experience with,z drop on my computers the next one is,chewy i love chewy i've been using chewy,for a while again same thing it's a,great supplier highly reputable i'm not,going to get too too much into the rest,of these because they're pretty,self-explanatory overall it's just my,opinion,chewie's a phenomenal supplier i use,chewy to drop ship on amazon i use chewy,not actually not so much anymore but i,used to,i use chewy to dropship marketplace it's,phenomenal place to find products it has,great uh customer service actually when,you go to return it an item on chewy,which i really like because i'm a dog,person i'm an animal person they,actually tell you that they don't you,don't need to return it you can just,donate it to your local animal shelter,which i think is cool they're a great,supplier so i love supporting them,obviously and a great company overall,but on top of that you can return pretty,much any item very very easily obviously,they're going to refund you in most,cases and just tell you to donate it so,you get an extra product anyway they,have great pictures they have great,titles they have great descriptions and,it's really really easy to use now the,little snag with chewy is the same snag,with with a walmart as well where you,need to cycle through accounts if you,just hop on and you use one chewy,account you start drop shipping using,one chewy account you're gonna get yours,your account suspended pretty fast just,cycle through your accounts slowly place,like two or three orders then sign into,another account two or three orders,signed into another account and as long,as you have like five accounts you're,gonna be totally fine you only need five,email addresses you can use all the same,card info you can obviously you're not,gonna be using the same addresses,because you're gonna be drop shipping to,different addresses but it's a,phenomenal supplier that you can use,highly recommend it another thing that i,will say is on any of these suppliers,when you're drop shipping it doesn't,matter if it's amazon ebay walmart chewy,or cost way or any of them,you don't want to just keep adding,addresses so that when they potentially,look at your account you have 300,addresses in there that you're shipping,to that's going to be you know a,complete red flag and it's going to be,super obvious so instead of adding a new,address always edit the current address,and that way you only have one address,in there even though you might be drop,shipping to hundreds of addresses always,edit the address don't add a new one the,next one is etsy etsy's a phenomenal,supplier not only because it it has,everything else that all these other,ones have as well it has a large number,of products that you can drop shipped,from great pictures uh great titles,great descriptions in a lot of ways,although the description descriptions,can sometimes be lacking but one of the,key things with etsy is it has a lot of,handmade and vintage products obviously,because that's their thing that you,can't necessarily find elsewhere so you,can be drop shipping a lot of other,things that you know a lot of other,people necessarily aren't because a lot,of people aren't really using etsy as a,supplier obviously compared to amazon or,ebay or walmart so it's another kind of,semi-obscure supplier that's super,reputable has great image titles and,descriptions but all and also you can,return things very very easily on it as,well has a large number of products but,yet a lot of people aren't really using,it yet the next two are ones that are,going to be just like broad overall but,in my opinion number seven is any,obscure supplier that doesn't integrate,with software i already touched on the,fact with costway that it doesn't pull,your pictures and so that's kind of like,a point of friction that like will stop,some people any obscure supplier that,you can't use software with that like,doesn't doesn't integrate with z drop or,doesn't integrate with fbm fox or,doesn't integrate with any of the other,ones it's gonna stop 99.9 of people,because they can't use software to copy,but how hard is it to actually just copy,the title and throw it over into,marketplace or copy the description and,throw it over in the marketplace or,literally use a plug-in like ecommerce,image downloader and just download all,the pictures with one click and just bam,it grabs the pictures by using all of,those and the fact that other people,won't really be using those suppliers,you're literally carving out your own,niche you're you're using other,suppliers that practically nobody if not,anybody is really even using and so you,can pretty much set your prices like,every once in a while i'll get a message,now where it's like hey this is on,walmart for like 30 bucks lower or like,hey this is on amazon for like you know,50 less like what's the deal whereas if,you're using an obscure supplier nobody,that's not amazon walmart or ebay or,something like that like nobody,searching for that is going to find that,supplier or know of that other website,so there's so many benefits to using,obscure suppliers obviously it adds,friction and adds a little bit of time,per listing but,because it adds that i think that's a,great thing because nobody else is using,that and especially if you're hiring a,va like you're not the one doing that,anyway so it doesn't really matter it's,a no-brainer i promise you try it out,you might not get as fast traction as,you will on another site whereas if,you're like sniping products from,somebody else whose chances are is using,amazon ebay or walmart or home depot,maybe you might get a little bit slower,traction but you're going to build a,more long-term sustainable business and,if you find products that hit and,actually sell because usually that's,what happens on any of these websites,like the majority of your products won't,do anything but then like some of them,will just take off and keep selling,if you find one of those on an obscure,supplier nobody else is going to use,those and practically nobody else is,going to be able to snipe you and number,eight is any wholesale supplier,literally anywhere okay,so wholesale suppliers are great,obviously there's a number of things,that you need to you know figure out,when you're you need to find the,wholesale suppliers first and foremost,and i have other videos on the channel,about that,also you need to know that the wholesale,supplier allows drop shipping so they'll,do order fulfillment for you right,that's a little term that you can use so,don't go ask them if they allow drop,shipping but ask them if they do order,fulfillment it's the same thing but it's,a little more like professional way to,say it and on top of that you want to,make sure that there's no minimum order,quantity so that you can basically order,quantities of one and they'll fulfill,the orders of quantities of one for you,okay now i'll give you a little shortcut,in this video obviously this is not what,this video is about but if you go to,inventory source you can sign up for uh,for inventory source completely free and,then if you go over to the suppliers you,can literally go through the suppliers,sort for the ones that have no minimum,order quantity,allow drop shipping and there's going to,show you like almost 300 if not more,suppliers i haven't counted them,recently that allow drop shipping have,no minimum order quantities and you can,grab the product catalogs for so you can,just start listing from those sites or,have your va's list from those sites as,well not only are you going to get,potential better margins because you're,dealing with wholesale suppliers,the same thing goes obviously if you're,checking out the wholesale supplier and,they're reputable they're going to have,a solid return policy your margins are,going to be better there's practically,no competition on those and you already,know that they allow drop shipping and,there's no minimum order quantities it's,one of the best ways to build a,long-term sustainable business because,right now currently retail drop shipping,is so easy on facebook marketplace and,other sites like that right but as you,know more and more people get into the,game it might not be as easy a year from,now or two years from now or three years,from now whereas wholesale will still be,a very lucrative business model that you,can use to drop ship from right so it's,more of a longer term thing a longer,term play but i wanted to throw it in,there because it's something that i've,been testing out recently and something,that i think that a lot of people should,focus on not necessarily building their,entire store that way trust me like 98,to 99 of my listings are still retail,listings but i'm testing out wholesale,supplier listings in there some of them,also have sold just like anything else,with retail the majority of them have,not sold but some of them do take off,and then obviously just like i said with,the obscure suppliers that don't,integrate with software there's less,competition the margins are better and,it's really really difficult for people,to snipe you if they do even find your,hot selling products because they don't,know who your supplier is ultimately,this is just my opinion i'd also love to,hear from you who are your favorite,suppliers and why let me know down in,the comments section below also if you'd,like a step-by-step blueprint to your,own six figure drop shipping business on,facebook marketplace facebook dropship,pro is linked directly in the,description we just covered the top,suppliers to use for your drop shipping,business but now that you know that what,are the best sites to be drop shipping,your products on i created a video on,just this it lists about 10 sites that,are worth your time and will actually,bring you sales,that video should be linked up in the,right hand corner right now so i really,hope you enjoyed this video if you got,any value from it whatsoever please give,it a like i genuinely appreciate it,until next time

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