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Day in the Life HOW TO LAUNCH YOUR SNEAKER WEBSITE ON SHOPIFYall right so,shout out to trill sanchez


Updated on Jan 24,2023


all right so,shout out to trill sanchez we'll switch,out about right here we set up our,website for it so,everybody asks me all the time you gotta,use shoes man you gotta use shoes you,got cheap shoes,yes look so underneath here we probably,got like 30 pairs or something like that,currently taking pictures of the notebox,and we're just trying to pump them out,this is full of shoes so we're going to,be launching,again and we're gonna we re we redid the,website revamped it trill did,and uh yeah so i wanted to kind of do,this i'm gonna show you guys as we go,show you guys what devin does and even,how we enter it into the shopify so,follow along if you like comment,subscribe please do so if you haven't,checked out our last video at sneakercon,please go do that because,the leonard fournette video blew up the,secret con video not so much kind of,weird but anyways all right so go ahead,and check that out,thanks let's go,all right so then you got so let's take,pictures of those,are these the only no box shoes we have,right now i guess that's the only ones i,found,so basically,yeah i mean i when i buy you shoes guys,i like to get good ones in boxes and,stuff every once in a while if i'm,buying a no box shoe,it's got to be in good shape like hand,me those ones dev in the shadows,like these will be on the website i,think i got them on there for like a,hundred and eighty dollars guys size 13.,like yeah yeah yeah that's what i said,180.,but uh i don't know what he stepped in,right there but i was done cleaning it,but look at,zero star loss,literally zero heel drag,like you know if you're gonna get a used,shoe from me it's gonna be nice it's,gonna be real nice,so we're taking pictures of this wet,grass rug right now,so devin uh tell me,how do you like doing this so far is it,an easy hard can people make a website,do you think it's you know kind of worth,it or just started,seems fairly easy it's kind of,self-explanatory,yeah drew showed me how to do it and it,took him like we were on the phone for,maybe 10 minutes and that's all and i,could figure it out i just had to walk,me through some of it,so when you guys go check out the,website if you want drew to do a website,for you,pop up his name right here again that's,two shout outs to one video drew you,know with our 10 to 20 people that watch,all my videos you really owe me,and then we take pictures of the bottles,why do we do that,just to show the quality like there's,literally barely any star loss on here,literally none at all we got a ghost in,the bathroom what the hell was that,where we caught some freaking,anyways but look we're gonna list this,as no star loss,you know what i mean no heel drag on,these and again guys i'm gonna be under,goat prices on these used shoes because,i'm gonna price them two moves,yeah those are good same hand me that,one really quick same thing with this,dude we have these on the list didn't we,yeah no star loss whatever we're cheap,on these two,i can't remember the price offhand but,when we go over so,right now this segment i'm just showing,you guys what we do how we take pictures,of all these shoes and then next we're,gonna go over to the computer and i'm,gonna show you guys how uh devin puts,all the stuff into the site so devin is,the star of the show today,all right so how many shoes are one two,three four five six or so yeah and then,taking pictures of that's like what,about four minutes five minutes yeah not,even,so we're gonna take about one of each,shoe right now and uh,go over to the computer and we'll show,you guys how we enter it in and also,show y'all,uh how we're rating these shoes i mean,obviously with heel drag and with,star loss it's one of those things where,you look at it and you just go from,there,but when you're rating shoes one out of,ten like that's what i'm doing out of,mine um i'm being pretty uh generous in,my ratings like if it's gonna be a,it's gonna be a nine out of ten i mean,it's gonna be like ds for me most of my,shoes are gonna be eights,um,if they're not eights you know or sevens,whatever,but uh,let's show everybody,how we get it into celestia's town,so since there's music but so coming in,right here um you'll be able to see the,shoes the reason why we grabbed him,again is because we're going to do the,rating on it so now,devin comes over here and explain to the,people what this is what what you're,doing,so right now i'm adding products to the,shoes which would be the products to the,shopify,just a website i'm gonna call it the,website from now on and then you do what,pictures first or what are you talking,about i'll just add the title first,which one should we so let's do the what,this,and then for the title i just name it,what it would be on like stockx or goat,so jordan 5 retro,and then i put the size,to size,so if you are a size,i believe it's a 10. yep size 10.,yep 10. so size 10 what would you rate,this like a 6 out of 10.,i mean it's really cleaned up the,bottoms are amazing,yeah that's a solid six that's a solid,six and the nice thing about this in the,summertime you can go out that's why i,like buying new shoes guys like of,course you know don't get me wrong,i'm kind of a you know a diva i buy a,lot of used shoes or new shoes but i do,have a lot of used shoes too especially,with like sb stuff like this these,jordans what this type stuff you can,take these out and beat them,and especially when you get when you pay,on the low it doesn't make you feel as,bad okay so then now we have like a,description list over here right,six out of ten,so yeah so with our description list now,so he just got done putting the title,and now he's going down to what,description is now we did this,here's our handy dandy note we're rating,the shoes first you know vnds we're,doing uh six out of ten,no heel drag,there's no stars on these so there's no,toe drag,and then down in here we're not putting,no box right since some,so some of the shoes depending on the,day and how tired we are it might say no,box of both of them,but for sure we're giving you guys the,rating and what the bottoms look like,and the six out of ten is just the,overall thing of the shoe so then now,we're uploading the pictures,that was the size 13,uh,jordan one shadow 2.0 that we are,selling for a hundred and eighty dollars,and then wow you took a lot of pictures,of the one i just uploaded some of them,twice,you do pictures of the left side the,right side and the unders,how smooth would you say that this works,compared to putting shoes into other,systems,like i said earlier it's pretty easy,it's self-explanatory,i mean as long as you know how to work a,computer,i think you could figure this out,i think having a website is super,important,go and spend the money on it too don't,let that be something that you skimp on,you guys especially for your resellers,out there that don't have a store which,is a lot of you guys you're just selling,on your instagram and you're just,selling on your,facebook like yeah start a website spend,the money on doing that because it'll,set you apart for most and,people are always going to ask you what,do you got what do you got for your,inventory what you got for size 10s what,do you got for size 11 what do you guys,have for,blah blah blah yo man i got a website,here's the link go check it out all my,inventories on it and then when it comes,to taxes,uh seeing what you sold keeping track of,your inventory boom go to the website,and you'll see so the what does,i'm,we're selling those for a hundred and,fifty dollars,a hundred and fifty dollars,oh come on,i'm gonna buy all my own shoes back,what the hell,so again,i can promise you this i will be one of,the lowest,the lowest,priced sellers for my used shoes,i promise you that i am able to get good,deals in the shop because people know,that they could come here and get money,almost like a pawn shop feel you know,what i mean,and i'm not here to like buy shoes for,crazy low or finesse people but the,thing is that i don't need these shoes,you know what i mean i'm just buying,these shoes to help out the community,with you know any money and you got you,sneakers sitting there that no one would,ever buy like these you know all give,you cash for them,so and then i'm going to return,the uh return it back on to you guys i'm,gonna give you guys great deals,all right so,now when he's uploading those pictures,you got them all in there ready,all right so look blam all three,pictures went up,price went in,always do three pounds that's what drew,told me to do that's what i'm doing,then the size 10 so when you look up,tens of them pop up in all the size,turns it'll be there,and i put the,bam done on the next shoe yeah yep so,we're gonna do all these shoes uh,since i started the video it's been six,minutes so it probably took,yeah three to four minutes to put one,shoe in so if we're gonna be doing 30,shoes,math five times 30 is what,150 minutes to get this done two hours,and 30 minutes two and a half hours so,we're gonna try to get done as many as,we can here before the shop closes out,today,and uh like i said we have quite a few,um but we're gonna get them done we're,gonna get the website up and we're gonna,throw these steals towards you so we're,gonna get these on right now i'm gonna,check back in with you guys here after,we get these no box ones in and then,we'll go show you what we got for the,ones that are in the boxes,maybe i'll show you guys all the other,shoes we got real quick,all right so that's like what we did,seven shoes,no i mean,from start to finish just finished,figuring it out now that's probably,about an hour for the no box shoes right,and maybe we'll catch you guys on a,video but we just had some kids come in,and say how much for those what those,fives and so they might come back and,buy them,we'll see,but uh,so those are all done now,you guys want to see a couple of these,ones yeah yeah yes no yeah,okay we got three,ikea bags full,plus one sitting out like this,so,unzip this over here,show you guys some of the new used,inventory about to go on the site,i got a new pair though that i just,brought in,somewhere,oh,yeah we're gonna have some crazy variety,on the site crazy variety on the site,and not only that this is something i'll,rake a 9 out of 10. maybe even 9.5 yeah,yeah these are clean they're like a 9.5,i think they'll be a yeah that'll,probably be our highest rated one right,now,yeah those foam pockets go hard,all right let's give them one more bag,let's open that bag,no that one well yeah screw we can,probably do both but whatever,so i think all together i opened up the,floodgates and i said yo guys i will buy,you shoes bring me your used shoes,we literally only let it go for what,four days five days yeah we bought like,30 pairs it just was super super fast,that's another,green that's gonna be right in the night,oh right here,jordan 11. those are the jubilees i,believe oh yeah,some 700s are they,bricks oh,they are not bricks,those are clean,another kyrie squidward,nice sweetie,and then i think i'm guessing with what,time it is if we can get through all,these and get them to the computer and,start on the next one that we're doing,well but,yeah let's finish out with these and,then those other boxes you guys can see,that they're mainly easy but we got in,the flight bar it looks like a,yeah i would say they're at eight out of,nine eight or nine out of ten for sure,those are clean what would you think,about what would you rate these what the,fours,are clean,you see one of those literally,look at 9.5 9.5 and i guarantee you we,are way cheaper than the lowest goat off,or two it looks like you barely whoever,these were barely worn god what size of,these uh ten eight times,yeah and a half you're gonna be blessed,be about to bless you if you're an eight,and a half,more,actual spongebob so we have like all,three and i want to say that one of,these pairs these are all nine point,five if not ten out of ten some of them,were ten out of ten because like i think,they were worn once,oh some royal toes,what size these are size 11 and a half,what uh toe drag anything like that,no,little minor minor star law barely any,heel drag nice,i don't know come on come on man,grape tongue,fight no i don't know i can't think of,it right now put it down in the comments,below what you think this shoe is called,refresh devin's memory,so yeah then we got some over there but,pretty much that's the main you know we,have uh the run box ones and then over,here but how many all right so do a,quick count,of how many,shoes 9,10,11,12,13 14 15 16.,and then if you count those 17 18 19 20,21 22 and then that stack right there,23 24 25 26 27 and then and then two,more no boxes over there actually that,we missed some 211s,how many total would that be that 29.,29. so i thought we had about 30 pairs,so we're going to just start up the side,with 30 use pairs we expect them to go,fast because we priced them,to move real quick and we're going to,take those 30 pairs and we're going to,turn it into 40. we're entering into 50,then we'd like to have always you know a,good 50 60 to 100 pairs of used shoes on,there constantly so,all right,so i think right here with what we've,got going we're probably going to end up,the video,um now,real quick if you guys haven't gotten,into the contest yet follow my instagram,at sneakerflavors right here,go to the website when it's up should be,up next week i will keep you posted the,reason why,i want everybody to stay on instagram,and watching for what's going on is,because we're giving away an xbox,with a,controller,and a shoe,we're gonna give away all threes one,what we're gonna do is for one lucky,shopper so we're gonna let our website,go live,one lucky shopper is going to get the,xbox so if you go online or going to my,instagram you need a share and all this,stuff just follow the rules when you see,it also this is something that we're,going to be giving away uh right here,through the website just follow along,and you'll find out how,xbox controller and the shoe bundle on,three crazy all right appreciate you,guys uh watching peace

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Easy Sneaker Copping Targets: Footsites, Demandware or Shopify Sites?

Easy Sneaker Copping Targets: Footsites, Demandware or Shopify Sites?

You did it, didn't you? You’ve decided  to get into the sneaker reselling game.  ,Congrats. Soo... What now? Which brands should  you go to for your first drop? If you start  ,with sites that are hard to crack you might feel  discouraged from all of the Ls you're gonna get.,If you'd rather start with a bang - stick around.  In today's video we’ll break down the differences  ,between the most popular shoe stores and  reveal the easiest sneaker copping target.,Okay so if you’ve done some digging  around Reddit sneaker groups or  ,sneakerhead channels here on YouTube, aside  from the usual suspects like Nike and Supreme,  ,you’ve probably run into these names: Footsites,  Shopify and Demandware. But what exactly are they?,Shopify and Demandware are Ecommerce platforms  that host websites of popular sneaker brands.  ,Shopify is home to many popular brands like  Bodega, Bape, DSM, Undefeated, Concepts,  ,Jimmy Jazz and Kith. Demandware takes care  of both Yeezy Supply and Adidas sites.  ,Footsites is a term made for online retailers  under the wings of the Foot Locker chain.  ,These include Foot Locker, Eastbay, Champs  Sports, Footaction, and Kids Foot Locker.,The main reason why people often refer to  these names instead of names of specific brands  ,is simple. Sites that belong to the same, let's  call it ‘group’ use the same bot protection  ,and release methods. This means that you don’t  need a different setup for every single brand.  ,Just a good one that covers your desired group.,What about the Nike SNKRS app and  Supreme? Today we will ignore both  ,of them as they are generally hard  targets, especially for beginners.,But which of the three: Shopify,  ,Footsites or Demandware would be  the best for starting out botters?  ,To try and answer this question  we’ve considered a few points:,Size of the drops. The more pairs of shoes  ,are released during a drop - the  higher your chance of success is.,Price of required setup.  ,Some sites have very advanced bot protection.  This naturally means that if you wanna take the W  ,you’ll have to invest more money into your  tools. Like bots, proxies and servers.,Drop type. Depending on whether a site  runs raffles, queue or FCFS (first come,  ,first serve), will impact how many  tasks you’ll be able to run at once.,These are some of the main factors  that are important to consider when  ,evaluating the ease of botting. Of course,  there’s more to discuss. So let’s dig into  ,each of the popular targets and determine  which one is the least difficult to crack.,3rd place goes to - Shopify I’ll be blunt:  ,if you’re just starting your  sneaker copping journey,  ,Shopify is probably not the first place  you’ll want to visit. Let me explain.,Shopify releases their sneakers in a first come  first serve type of way. The number of pairs in  ,a drop are also usually pretty low. This means  that to get your desired kicks you have to act  ,super quick. And for that you’re gonna have  to get some truly fast proxies. Then how about  ,Datacenter proxies? Those are cheap and super  fast, right? Unfortunately, DC proxies won’t do.  ,Because of Shopify's pretty heavy bot protection,  you’re better off with ISP proxies that are both  ,fast and look like they come from real users.  ISP proxies are more expensive than DC proxies,  ,but you can definitely find  reasonably priced offers.  ,If you want to know more about the best  sneaker proxies check out this video.,With Shopify drops, encounter a CAPTCHA  and you’re gonna have to solve it manually.  ,And you’ll need to do it rapidly. This is  the main reason why Shopify drops tend to be,  ,well frankly - quite tiring. Of course,  when you get your groove going it’s not  ,impossible to successfully cop multiple pairs  on the platform. Just because of Shopify’s  ,stressful nature we wouldn’t say that it’s the  easiest target for when you’re starting out.,2nd place goes to - Demandware Today we’ll focus on Yeezy Supply  ,more than on Adidas as Yeezy drops tend  to be more anticipated. Of course - the  ,more anticipated the sneaker release the  more money you can expect when reselling.,Yeezy uses a splash screen, also called the  waiting room drop system. This means all of  ,the users are put in a waiting room and then  it’s a first come first served type of deal.,The waiting room usually opens up 15 mins  before the drop. The drops happen at 9am EST,  ,although sometimes they can happen as early  as 7am. To be put through to the sale page,  ,you need a high V3 CAPTCHA score. This  basically means that to cop multiple pairs,  ,you’ll have to get multiple email accounts with  previous user activity. To generate that activity  ,or to ‘warm up’ the emails you’re gonna need  CAPTCHA proxies and tools like ’AYCD 1-click’.  ,We’re actually going to do a video about getting  bulk emails soon. If you don't want to miss out  ,on that and other sneaker-related  content, hit that subscribe button.,So, you do need to make sure you have a rather  costly arsenal of tools ready before the drop.  ,But once you do you can actually kind of relax.  Drops on both and Yeezy supply are  ,not as stressful as on Shopify’s platform. If you  have the right set up it’ll do the job for you.  ,Of course, you might encounter some  problems like proxy bans along the way.  ,But there’ll be no need to solve  complicated CAPTCHAs manually.,1st place goes to - Footsites Footsites use the same drop method as  ,Demandware sites. You are put in a queue and after  you get through the queue you can try to get your  ,new kicks. However, unlike on Yeezy Supply,  you don’t need a high V3 CAPTCHA score. So no  ,extensive lists of pre-warmed up quality emails  are required. This makes the sites easier for  ,botting and running multiple tasks simultaneously.  But, you won’t completely escape CAPTCHAS even on  ,footsites. To deal with them it’s best to use  services like Capmonster and 2captcha. Bots  ,usually have these services integrated. If not  then they’ll probably have an AYCD tool that has  ,a direct integration to those services. So don’t  worry about additionally opening up your wallet.,Drops on footsites last a bit longer than  other sites – usually, around 30 minutes to  ,an hour. These sites are also known for being  generous in numbers of pairs that they release.  ,So it’s not like Shopify where you  have to worry about speed when botting.,If you seriously decided to cop sneakers  you should join a cook group either way.  ,But especially when you're targeting Footlocker  brands since these sites restock randomly. So go  ,get some decent proxies, a compatible bot, join  a reputable cook group and you’re ready to go.,So this is my finished ranking  of easiest copping targets.  ,Do you agree with this list? Let me know  in the comments. Your opinion means a lot!,Before you go, don’t forget to check out our “Best  Sneaker Proxies” video. See you in the next one!

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