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Retargeting Ads - What is Retargeting and How Does It Work? howdy remarketing fans so I've got some,

Isaac Rudansky

Updated on Jan 07,2023

Retargeting Ads - What is Retargeting and How Does It Work?

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Retargeting Ads - What is Retargeting and How Does It Work?

howdy remarketing fans so I've got some,good news and I've got some bad news for,you today the bad news is that,statistically you're leaving an average,of 75% of your monthly revenue on the,table by not running professionally,thought out and effective remarketing,campaigns at least 90% of your website,traffic leaves your site before they,take the actions that you want them to,take whether that be buying a product,signing up for a service or just asking,for more information the good news is,that you're just moments away from the,only online training course that's,really going to teach you step by step,how to profitably re-engage with your,abandoning website traffic to get them,to come back to your site and do what,you want them to do the even better news,is that while most people think,developing and managing effective,remarketing campaigns is really hard and,really complicated that's actually not,the case,throughout this course I'm going to show,you just how easy fun and really simple,it is to develop manage and optimize,effective and profitable remarketing,campaigns I co-founded the adventure,media group one of Long Island's fastest,growing digital marketing agencies to,help businesses of all shapes and sizes,increase the ROI of their digital,advertising our agency has since worked,with over 300 different companies,ranging in size from international,publicly traded enterprises to small,mom-and-pop boutiques alike my Google,AdWords training videos have been,watched by over half a million students,around the world and I'm really excited,to help you develop your skills even,further the information in this course,comes from my experience in hundreds of,unique marketing campaigns many of which,you're gonna get a chance to see and the,techniques you're gonna learn will be,applicable to any size budget in any,industry your top competitors converting,the majority of their website visitors,using their remarketing campaigns and,that is a fact and it's not because your,products or services aren't appealing to,your audience or you're not doing a good,job running your business that's not the,case it's because in the age of,comparison shopping and ever shorting,attention spans you need to really learn,how to profitably and effectively,re-engage with your audience reengage,with the people that are,likely to come back and actually buy,from you in the right place with the,right message and in the right time and,that's what this course is really all,about step by step in a super clear,easy-to-understand way I'm going to,explain to you what remarketing is and,how the technology that enables it has,evolved over the years how to understand,your website visitors from a,psychological perspective how to lay the,foundation for your remarketing,campaigns by planning your remarketing,lists in advance how to use Google tag,manager to track advanced audience,characteristics how to use Google,Analytics to collect the right types of,data on your website visitors how to,develop and build successful remarketing,campaigns inside Google AdWords we're,also gonna cover more advanced,remarketing strategies like dynamic,remarketing and we're gonna learn how to,run comprehensive remarketing campaigns,using popular third party platforms like,ad roll by the end of this course you're,gonna have the knowledge and skills to,profitably bring back your abandoning,website traffic and get them to take the,actions that you want them to take but,this course isn't for everybody,if you're not willing to invest the time,and the effort and take your website,traffic seriously then this course is,not gonna work for you but as long as,you're genuinely committed to making,this work for you you're going to,benefit tremendously whether you're an,entrepreneur a small business owner a,marketing manager at a larger company or,just a student doing this on your own,time by the end of this course you're,gonna have more skills and your,techniques will be more advanced than,95% of the people doing this,professionally for a living that's,incredible so seriously guys what are,you waiting for for the price of lunch,out with your friend in the city you're,gonna get complete lifetime access to,the course access to all the new videos,that I'll be uploading regularly to keep,this course completely up to date and,access to the student forum where you'll,be able to ask me any questions on any,topic at any time on top of all that you,get a full 30 days to ask for a complete,100% money back refund no questions,asked from you to me so that's quite,incredible so feel free to check out,some of the free lecture previews down,below or just click the take this course,button now but either way thank you so,much for taking the time to check out,this course and I really very much look,forward to seeing you all soon on the,other,side

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