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Ads Are Coming To Your Lockscreen (For Real) okay take a look at your phone lock,screen with your fa

Enrico Tartarotti

Updated on Jan 08,2023

Ads Are Coming To Your Lockscreen (For Real)

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what are lockscreen offers and ads catalogs

Ads Are Coming To Your Lockscreen (For Real)

okay take a look at your phone lock,screen with your fancy wallpaper your,clock your notifications well that is,probably an endangered pcs because very,soon you could find yourself opening up,your phone to check notification and,find your lock screen some video of,youngsters dancing followed by an ad for,the latest sandwich rumors are reporting,that the lock screen company glance is,in talks with the u.s carriers to launch,in the country as early as september but,what is glance glance is an alternative,lock screen so basically whenever you,open your phone you will be greeted with,all kinds of content whether it's stick,to style videos that they think you like,live streams games and more for example,in india they just held the glance live,fest which in their words is india's,largest digital carnival of live,interactive experiences on lock screen,and yes if you are wondering they also,got advertisements there now wait a,second i know what you're thinking this,is terrible i would never want this on,my phone or my lock screen anywhere and,to be honest i agree with you so yeah,you can just end the video now if you,want but there is so much to unpack here,especially because the core concept,behind glance is actually not bad now,there is one thing where i agree with,what glance is saying and that's the,fact that our lock screens both on ios,or android have always been just a clock,and some notifications there's never,been some real big innovation in that,sense so yeah on android you can change,for different third-party lock screens,and on ios we just had a big update with,some new customization options but that,doesn't change the basic formula of,clock and notifications and now sure if,it ain't broke don't fix it but consider,this if we look at how many phones there,are in the world and how many times we,unlock them on average per day the lock,screen on ios and android is displayed,every year around 150 trillion times,there is surely an opportunity to do,more also because the alternative,is looking pretty bad because our lock,screens will soon be home to one of the,internet's favorite recipes content and,ads,now let's start with the part that got,most people triggered and that's the,advertisements because the ads are not,the problem and in fact they can,actually be great now don't get me wrong,i hate it when i get the same ad on,youtube for the 50th time or when i,visit the news website and i get,surrounded by pop-ups but ads are only,half the story and the other part is,value because for any ad to make sense,the user that is watching the ad needs,to get something in return many,advertising companies claim they are,building an engaging ad experience,something that provides value in and of,itself but in most cases the real value,of an ad is that it allows users to have,a product or service for free or at a,reduced cost take youtube for example,the value that they are delivering is a,high quality streaming service with,billions of hours of entertainment and,education delivered to you for free and,you can choose to sit down and watch ads,before every video or you can just pay,for youtube premium and have an ad-free,experience amazon is very happy to sell,your kindle or fire tablet at a loss,because it's gonna have ads on it and if,you don't want the ads then you have a,choice you're gonna pay more for the,device but you're gonna have an ad free,experience and you see that the exchange,of ads versus value does work in these,cases and yes in some cases like,instagram you don't have the option to,go premium or without ads but you're,making a choice of entering and opting,into the product into using that service,with ads and we could push this even,more this week i bought a flight from,milan to london round trip and i paid,around 35 euros for it that's a good,price but imagine if i had the options,to get it for free in exchange for,sitting in an airplane in front of a,screen full of ads for the whole,duration of the flight and of course,that's not a great flying experience but,for somebody on a budget this could mean,that they may be able to visit some,relatives or have a vacation that,otherwise they wouldn't be able to,afford and the two key parts to make,this work are deliver good value and,give people choice and the whole glance,lock screen has none of that,so let's unpack this piece by piece what,value is glance giving us in change for,these ads you might think hey they're,gonna work with carrier so they're gonna,give us cheaper phones,no that's not the case because actually,what glance is saying in all their,marketing material is that the value,that glance is providing is content,pushed right in front of you without the,need of apps they're not making any,reference to making technology more,accessible they keep claiming that their,value is the content now let's unpack,why this is terrible value so you might,have some problem trusting somebody on,youtube saying this but i personally,believe that the amount and the quality,of the content that we have today has,never been better we have,hundreds of millions of hours of great,content that is entertaining that is fun,to watch that that can actually help you,build your life and career i think i owe,a lot of the things i'm doing now to,youtube and to things that i learned,online through content and what we need,now is a faucet a way to control the,flow of content in our lives and big,tech companies are starting to follow,this trend and go in this direction,already tick tock for what it's worth is,starting to put alerts when you're,spending so much time on the app and,google and apple are both having great,embedded applications for digital,well-being in android and ios to help,you control the time you spend on,certain apps and the notifications that,get to you while we are in the process,of building a much needed content faucet,what glance is doing is simply,and now that we've seen that glance's,balance of ads and value does not make,any sense at all let's get to the second,part which is choice,you see having ads throughout the,phone's ui is something that is new for,the western markets but it's been going,on in asia for a long time now companies,that make budget phones like xiaomi and,redmi but even samsung has started to do,this in the past years and none of these,companies are giving users the choice of,an ad-free experience and i have a,feeling that glance would simply be the,default lock screen without any,consumers having a choice about it and i,know what you're thinking you can always,disable it you can always turn it off in,settings and in fact one of the,companies executive claim that their,lockscreen has a very low opt-out rate,and i truly believe him because what's,happening here is the classic example of,the default bias this is a chart of the,percentage of organ donors among the,population in different european,countries and as you can see there are,two groups of countries ones where the,donor rate is very low and ones where,the donor rate is super high so why how,come there's this difference well the,only difference is the choice they had,as a default one in austria for example,the default is to donate your organs,when you die and you just take a box to,opt out of that while in germany you,need to take action opt in to donate in,your organs when you die the power of,default is just so much bigger than we,can imagine and yeah in the case of,glance me and some other nerds can go on,and install some custom roms to our,phones to make them ad-free,but the average person is just not going,to do that and they will accept the,default choice there is a last dark side,to this which is that glance is actually,backed by google and this comes as a bit,of a surprise because google and their,whole android efforts in the last years,have been very focused on digital,well-being this can actually really,damage android's reputation being the os,that is filled with ads and bloatware by,making ios been perceived as the more,premium option and it's something that,surely google doesn't want i think it's,a shame because glance has the potential,of being a product that democratizes,access to technology that uses,advertising to create some good for,everyone involved and also make money in,the process but right now it's a content,machine with the sole purpose of,increasing the profits of carriers if,you like this video consider subscribing,to the channel and here is another one,that you might enjoy

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