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⭐️ TOP 10 SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING PRODUCTS FOR JANUARY 2023 these are my top 10 favorite products on,mo


Updated on Jan 11,2023


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these are my top 10 favorite products on,month of January 2023 and all the,products on today's list are going to be,New Year bangers and hidden Valentine,gems hey guys welcome to the YouTube,channel my name is Kamil sanon is The,e-con King and I want to first off by,saying Happy New Year to everyone that,subscribed to the channel and everyone,that's watching this video so what I'm,going to be doing in today's video is,I'm gonna be giving you my you my 10,favorite products for the month of,January and for Valentine's Day and,these are also going to be forever green,products the method that I've,the days I've gone to the,industry-leading websites like Peaks to,sell account and those are all indexes,that have already got great products on,there and they're doing extra research,and due diligence by heading over to,Amazon and looking at the sales volume,I've gone to Google Trends to see if,they're trending I've also gone on to,tick tock to see how many organic views,there are for the product as that is a,leading indicator right now to see,success in products we've even gone to,the Facebook ad library to see how many,competitors are running ads for each one,of these products because the whole,purpose of this video is to give you a,list of 10 amazing products for this,month but products that are also not,saturated and have massive potential to,the upside now what I've also done for,you guys is I've created a free Google,doc sheet that's going to contain all,the information for each one of these,products and you're going to be watching,me use it throughout this video and if,you want to get access to this because,it's going to have ad copies thumbnails,links to other stores it's going to have,absolutely everything on there then we,do need to hit 2 000 likes in this video,and it'll be in the pin comment and in,the description below so guys if you're,looking for a great product to start,your new year then you're definitely in,the right place let's get straight into,the top 10 list of products,on today's list is the gesture sensing,smart robot if we look at the AliExpress,link you can see it's almost got 600,orders 4.8 star reviews on 89 people,meaning that people are happy with the,product now what this product is it's a,smart robot that is based on gestures,from you so based on the gesture that,you show the robot it will do a certain,movement so you can see here sidewalk,sidewalk walk forward intelligence,programming so it will do different,commands based on the gesture you use,with the Smart Control and the gesture,hand now the reason why I love this,product so much is because I know,there's been other dropshipping products,that are gestures sense like these ones,that have blown up and generated,multiple seven figures so if we take a,look at the product price and,recommendation I'd recommend this other,product for 44.99 it's going to cost you,24.37 and your profit margin is going to,be roughly 20 now with any product that,you sell I'd always recommend that you,make around about twenty dollars after,you pay for the product cost and the,shipping cost as that will leave you,good margins with the product price,recommendations that I'm giving you this,is the base standard meaning that once,you see success with these products you,can increase the price over a long,period of time so you could potentially,start selling this for 79.99 if people,are willing to pay that price for the,product so if we take a look at the,product description it reads,groundbreaking gesture control,technology smart robot is the toy kids,go crazy for signing and dancing in,response to your actions it's truly,unlike any tour you've seen before this,is the best gift for children or RC,Fanatics it promotes creativity fun,activity for kids that doesn't revolve,around mobile screens it says features,playful robotic the robotic that will,perform dance moves by moving back and,forth dance music you can follow his,movements together at any time and then,it says here educational multi-use,although mainly used for fun you can use,this robot to respond and create a fun,way for your child to learn the basic,numbers and grammar and language and,then it gives you an example here,lifelike joints and movements it has,like life joints throughout knees neck,elbow and even fingers so it can dance,and jump or move around like a new best,friend and impressive thing to witness,even as an adult so if we take a look at,a Shopify dropshipping store selling,this product we're only looking at the,store to see what they've done whilst,you can add it in your store so the,first thing that I like is the way,they've got these bundles the more you,buy the bigger the discounts and then,they've got here a sales that's always,good to offer a sale then they've got,these giffies These giffies are really,important for a product like this,because you're talking about it being a,gesture based product people are going,to want to see that in real life so by,showing them giffies like this by,showing them diagrams and explaining how,the controller Works how kids can use it,is really important if you want to get,sales now if we take a look at a,Facebook video that's got over 250 000,views the opening scene shows a kid,walking with the robot and then it shows,the robot picking things up and it also,shows somebody unboxing the product and,then it shows them giving the mic to the,robot and it starts dancing and this is,really crazy because when you watch,something like this it's going to make,you think wow this is impressive I want,one for myself now if we take a look at,a tick tock video for the product you,can see the opening scene says this toy,robot is awesome and then it shows the,controller that you're using and then it,also shows you the gesture while moving,your hand forward or backwards makes the,robot move forward and backwards and,then they go over it can walk and dance,to the music so you can see that this is,designed in ugc content POV content from,your point of view and these work really,well on Tick Tock now the countries I'd,recommend that you target for this,product are going to be the e-packet,countries minus Mexico Brazil in Italy,as I do find that I get a lot of high,fraudulent charges from those countries,if you don't do the epocket countries,then I'd recommend the top six which is,the UK the US Canada Australia New,Zealand and Ireland and if you're doing,Tick Tock ads I'd only recommend that,you Target Canada and the US now the,interest I'd recommend for this product,is Hot Toys toys Gadget Geeks kids and,then suggested interests now they're,ready to go ad copy read smart robot is,the toy kids go crazy for signing and,dancing response your actions the best,gift for children's and it will reduce,screen time shop here then it shows the,thumbnail of somebody's hand with the,gestures showing that the robot is,moving based on your commands and then,also shows the controller in the bottom,left now when it comes to season success,with these Drop Shipping products the,advertising pot is the most important,part so when you run ads on Tick Tock,Facebook you need really good videos and,that's why I'm recommending launch ads,launch ads are a group of video editing,experts that will deliver really good,quality videos in one to three business,days and if they don't then you will get,your money back and those videos will be,completely free and they will still,deliver the videos and the reason why,I'm recommending these guys is because,the main benefits are there's a,professional team of video editors,there's a professional team of script,writers there's a professional team of,designers and they're going to create,engage in first three seconds and,they're also going to get you a really,good thumbnail for your videos and most,people that start Drop Shipping really,struggle with making really good video,ads because they don't know how to edit,videos in ways that are going to be,really impulsive for people to watch and,it can take months and months and months,to learn video editing skills and make,really good videos so that's why a lot,of people Outsource this work because,they haven't got the time to do it or,they haven't got the skills now if you,go to their website you're going to be,able to see some of the examples and I'm,going to be showing you some of the,examples that they've made for me for,some of my products and and you can see,here they've got the classic ads for,Facebook The Tick Tock ads and they've,got the vertical ads and you've got a,few videos here that you can watch and,you can also see the thumbnails that,they've designed for these videos and,they're really compelling and you can,see here these are the two packages that,they offer they offer split test and,three variations split test them four,variations and if you use my link in the,description with my coupon code you will,get a nice discount so before I move on,to the next product let me show you guys,the videos that launch ads have made for,this gesture sense and robot so you can,see the kind of quality videos that,you're gonna get and the videos that you,guys see I'm also going to include them,for completely free in the cheat sheet,once we hit 2 000 likes my kids love to,play with this induction robot this,clever motion controlled robot talks,walks sings and dances just wave your,hand or press a button to let the little,robot perform the desired command it,helps kids learn basic coding skills and,machine learning Logic the perfect body,for your kids you have to try this top,Tic Tac shopping finds this robot can,sing walk and dance it's so easy to use,and control also controllable with the,gesture let your kid play with this for,hours get yours now so those were the,videos that launch ads made for that,product that were designed for tick tock,ads and for Facebook ads and this is a,great option for beginners so if you,want to check it out there'll be a link,in the description with a coupon code so,the second product on today's list is,going to be the thick knitted turtleneck,shirt if you look at the AliExpress link,you can see it's almost got 2 000 orders,and on combined on AliExpress it's got,around about 3 000 orders and what this,is It's a v-neck shirt it's a normal,v-neck shirt but it's got a fur interior,to keep you warm through the winter,season and this third turtleneck is,designed for the female fashion Market,which is the biggest market and a lot of,drop shippers are sleeping on the,fashion industry and this is one of the,most lucrative Industries in this space,you've just gotta make sure that the,quality is good and the sizing God is,good for the European market the US,market and the Canadian market now the,product price recommendation is selling,for 44.99 it's gonna cost you 11.71 and,you're going to be making around about,23 now the pro description reads never,get cold again enjoy a pleasant feeling,of the warmth even in freezing cold and,go through the winter months with the,attractive look if you want to spend,time in the winter warm then this winter,fleece thick netted bottling is for,you it's a fleece interior keeps all,heat and tested down to around about,minus 30. then it says luxury material,for the maximum Comfort the material of,the knitted swear is a premium quality,is soft stretchy and warm and guarantees,maximum comfort and dops all types of,people then it says here slim fit but so,soft and comfortable suits for women,hardly wrinkles and easy to manage,stretchy lightweight material so if we,take a look at a Shopify dropshipping,store selling this product I want to go,over a few things that you must avoid,number one they're saying that one size,fits all and that is not true so make,sure you don't do this and they've also,not got a size guide here which is a,massive no when it comes to selling,fashion products something that I do,like that they've done though is added,quantity breaks meaning that the more,you order the more you save and I also,like the fact that they've got the,specifications and they've also got,their guarantee and they go over the,shipping as well and talk about how it's,risk-free when it comes to getting your,money back if you're not happy when you,have such bold guarantees it increases,the seat here and the purchase rate a,lot more so if we take a look at a,Facebook ad for this product it is an,image ad and when it comes to Fashion,image ads and Carousel ads do perform,the best and then you guys can see here,it says girls with these fleece full,sweaters will stay warm something to,spend the winter without getting getting,cold and then it shows the image here of,the turtleneck with the fur inside,looking really nice and then the,headline here says winter fleece neck,fitted bottoming shirt and then it says,here the website name and then shop now,the interest I'd recommend for this,product is Asos clothing h m and Zara so,they're ready to go ad copy reads spend,the winter without getting cold free,shipping worldwide shop here and then it,has a finger pointing to the link then,it shows a thumbnail of the different,colors you can get this turtleneck in,and then it shows the insides being fur,to keep you warm in the winter now,before we move on to next product,something that's really important is,your shipping times and the supplier,that you work with especially when you,start testing products so most people,use AliExpress and I would really highly,recommend that you move away from,AliExpress and you use something like,USA Dropship because this company is a,company based in China are all English,speakers as they all come from America,that basically means you're not going to,have communication problems and they're,going to understand how things are in,your market and something that's really,important is the shipping lines that,they work with like FedEx Union express,UPS because these are the quickest ways,to get the product to your customer you,can make an account for completely free,and start using their services so once,you create an account you just want to,go over here to where it says sourcing,and then once you've done that whatever,AliExpress product that you found click,sourcing from AliExpress type in the,link from AliExpress type the countries,that you want to sell it to so for,example United States Canada United,Kingdom then fill out the variants that,you want to sell from AliExpress if you,want to sell all the variants just type,in all variants and then once you've,done that you've submitted a quote and,it'll take around about 24 to 72 hours,to get a response on how much it's going,to cost you to to get the product from,them and how long the shipping times are,directly to your customer from the,countries that you've selected now the,whole purpose of use of views like USA,Dropship instead of AliExpress is to cut,down the shipping times and to make sure,you're working with the supplier that,you've got good communication with so,the third product of today's list is the,astronaut Galaxy night lamp Stars,projector if you look at the AliExpress,link you can see it's got 2 300 orders,so it's a proven product it's got really,good reviews meaning that people are,happy with the product and all this,product is it's literally an astronaut,and inside of the visor of the astronaut,it has a projector that shows you these,nice Galaxy things on your ceilings on,your workspace so it makes it look,really cool from your home so this is a,really good product to buy somebody for,a Valentine's gift or it's a Forever,Green product and stuff like this has,the wow factor and it's going to grab,lots of people's attention and as people,are going to be spending more time from,home in 2023 because of the cost of,living this is a great way to keep,people happy from home now if we look at,the product price recommendation I'd,recommend that you sell the product for,54.99 it's going to cost you 30.83 and,your profit margin is going to be,roughly around about 25 the pro,description reads give your room an,atmosphere with the awe-inspiring store,in Galaxy effects of astronaut,projection immerse yourself in the most,vibrant skeptical Universe has to offer,guarantee to wow you anyone in the,mind-blowing may receive the special,gift bringing star night skies indoors,and experience some boundless beauty of,the space comfort in your own room and,then it goes over the features like what,it's made out of and the specifications,so if we take a look at a Shopify,dropshipping stores to find this product,they've done a really good job of,incorporating this product design into,the website so for example it's a Galaxy,projector so you can see the Galaxy,effect here but what they've done is,they've created gradient colors on their,website to show you the Galaxy effect of,the product which is really powerful and,if you look at just simple things like,the symbols they've used those are also,gradient out to match the color of the,product and you can see here the same,with the star reviews so it's really,nice and colorful they've got their,bundles and discounts they've got their,sticky ad to car the website looks,really nice by going over left to right,specifications and then they've got,their frequently asked questions,shipping and delivery a video and,they've also got their reviews so this,website is perfectly done for the,product so if we take a look at Facebook,video that's almost got three million,views it shows saying here I was getting,bored of my old LEDs and then it shows,him pulling off the LED strips putting,them in the bin and then it shows them,that they've replaced it with the,astronaut Galaxy lamp and then it shows,you here what it looks like when they,put the Galaxy lamp onto their walls and,it looks really cool and really,satisfying then if we take a look at a,tick tock video that's got over a,million views it starts off by saying,take a lot of products that you need and,it shows him clicking his fingers and,then it turns into a projector and it,shows you what gets projected onto the,walls and it's a ugc POV type of video,now the interest I'd recommend for this,product are parents with early school,age children six to eight parents of,preschoolers three to five parents are,pre-teens nine to twelve and Astronaut,NASA space and exploration now they're,ready to go ad copy reads I can't,believe my room transformed like this,shop now and then it shows a thumbnail,saying no setups just plug in and it,shows a remote the astronaut and it,shows the Galaxy effect going onto the,walls which is really cool so the fourth,product in today's this is a dog padded,padded cushion large if we look at the,AliExpress link it's got a thousand,order so it starts to do really well and,it's basically just a really large pet,bed and it looks super comfy for pets to,go on it and it shows you the different,breeds that it can work with the,different colors and it even just looks,really comfy and something like that,I'll rely on myself so I wouldn't want,to imagine what the dogs would think of,it and you can see this dog here looking,really happy with the bed now I don't,know if you guys remember about that old,dog pet bed the circular one that went,viral that got something like 60 000,orders on AliExpress so this is a,similar product in the same family of,category and that's why I know it's,going to do really really well now the,product price recommendation is sell it,for 49.99 it's going to cost you 28.87,and your profit margin is gonna be,roughly 21 so the prescription reads it,is a common dog bed for Senior Dogs and,dogs with arthritis who are anxious the,non-slip bottom can fix position of any,dog bed and it brings security to your,dog there is no need to worry about the,dog wetting the extra large dog bed,because there is a waterproof layer,underneath plush surface and the dog cow,ouch which can prevent liquid leakage,and fully protect the foam so if we take,a look at Shopify drops option or,selling the product it is a niche store,and I like the color theme that they've,gone for and I also like the way they've,got this image with the size guide on it,and the other thing that I really like,is the frequently brought together this,is a very powerful way for you to,increase your profit because you can,select and choose from what products,you'd want to buy with the main products,you can select this one this one and,then you're gonna buy these together,that way you're going to increase the,profits now unfortunately because the,product is so news the market I wasn't,able to find a decent Facebook ad or a,tick tock video ad but I do have some,interest I'd recommend like pet store,pets at home PetSmart dog house dog,training and rescue dog and then you can,use suggested interest to find more,ideas now they're ready to go hard copy,reads it is a common dog bed for dogs,with arthritis who are anxious it brings,more security for your dog get it here,and then it shows a thumbnail of a dog,looking really calm and chilled out with,the bed that's going to get better to,think I want one of these for my pet so,the fifth product on today's list is,gonna be the magnetic cut anti-snow,cover and if you look at the AliExpress,link you can see it's almost got 2 000,orders and what this product this design,is for the winter season and it's got,magnetic technology built in instead of,the typical ones that haven't got it,built in that fall off and they fly off,this one is designed to stick to your,car no matter the weather conditions and,it's also designed for your side mirrors,as well and you guys can see here this,is how the technology works and these,are extremely important during the,winter season to protect your car from,getting damaged which can cost thousands,and thousands of dollars and to save you,time from defrosting your car so the,product post recommendation is sell it,for 29.99 it's going to cost you around,about 5.59 and your profit margin is,going to be around about 23 and the,prescription reads we are here to offer,you an incredible and functional,effective car windshield covers that,will solve all your problems features,Frost guard is the multi-car winter that,is a windshield cover is made of durable,fabric which it can protect from snow,Frost ice slush hail and snow storms as,well as other winter bad weather,resistant to UV rays and dust can be,used as a sun shade as well as keeping,leaves on the cover so it's also,designed not for just the winter season,but also for this summer season to keep,it a Forever Green product now,unfortunately I wasn't able,wasn't able but I have found a Facebook,video that's got over 1.6 million views,and the opening scene shows magnetic car,windshield and it shows somebody taking,it off and the car's got no snow on it,stopping you from that problem and it,shows that it's waterproof material as,well and then they go over how it's good,for leaves then it goes over the normal,typical way that people try and get snow,off their cars with these shovels and,then it shows people putting them on and,showing you how easy it is to put it,onto your car with the magnetic design,so the recommended interests are,driver's license sport car travel BMW,Nissan and then you can use suggested,interests now they're ready to go hard,copy reads magnetic car windshield cover,don't you always want to clear Airways,snow on your favorite car windshield in,the cold winter this magnetic core,anti-snow blanket is ready for your best,choice get yours here and then it says,here rear view mirror reflective strip,design as well so it shows you also,being designed for your side mirrors so,the six protagon today list is called,the horo Juku retro embroidery socks I,think I've butchered that name but I'll,let you guys try and work out how to,pronounce it the AliExpress link for,this product shows that it's almost got,a thousand orders five star reviews,based on 182 reviews meaning that,everyone is happy with this product now,what this product is it's a great,Valentine's gift to buy your partner and,what the product is is these really nice,socks with these beautiful embroidery,patterns on there and you can see that,they're aesthetically pleasing to look,at some people really take their socks,seriously meaning that they only want to,wear socks that look really nice and,really good quality so you can see they,come in loads of different colors lots,of different embroidery designs and,something like this is the perfect gift,to buy somebody for Valentine's Day now,the product price recommendation is,selling for 24.99 per pack it's gonna,cost you 3.55 cents and your profit,margin is gonna be roughly 21 the,proscription reads these con socks are,super soft comfortable breathable sweat,absorbent and deodorant which guarantees,to keep your feet fresh and dry and then,it says these cotton socks are gorgeous,comfortable not itchy and not too tight,around the ankle and cough but they,still pull up the day and then it says,here the knit material is warm but light,enough to fit in any pair of shoes,without being too bulky you can never,wear them with a dress shoes or casual,shoes and held up with multiple,different washes now unfortunately there,was no decent Shopify dropshipping store,selling this product but if you guys,want to know how to build a really good,one product store there'll be a link in,the description to one of my free videos,where I teach you how to do it now if we,play the video that's got over a hundred,thousand views you can see the opening,scene shows the details of these,embroidered socks and you can see on the,different close-ups that these look,really beautiful they come in different,colors different designs and it's just a,video collage of the product now I'd,personally recommend that you do image,ads for this and Carousel ads as I do,find it's going to be performing better,and it's going to be cheaper to,advertise so the recommended interest,for this product are going to be sock,embroidery fashion fashion accessories,winter and then you suggested interest,to find more ideas and then the ready to,go hard copy reads so beautiful the,Delight pattern is the work of art these,are my daughter's favorite socks this,year beautiful comfortable shop now and,it shows a thumbnail of the green option,and then on a white background to make,them pop and the Beautiful embroidery of,the floral design so the seventh product,you can see it's all,it's almost combined on AliExpress,there's around about a thousand orders,and what this product basically is is,just basically a pocket sized water,painting booklet so you can walk around,and paint on it so if you're somebody,that's artistic and loves coloring or,loves painting you can be on the go take,it to your friend's house be on the bus,with it and you can basically color it,in and it's just a really cool product,to have whilst being at home or,traveling or going to somebody's house,and wanting to do something that keeps,you entertained now the product pricing,recommendation is sell it for 29.99 it's,going to cost you 9.54 cents and you're,roughly going to be making twenty,dollars now the prescription reads hours,of painting fun for children improve,your child's creativity and,concentration safety non-toxic materials,pocket waterproof painting book takes,health and safety seriously to Children,pen made out of durable plastic book,made from high quality Plum wood product,meets American toy safety standard,sturdy and durable have fun playing,without worrying easy to use helps teach,you skills gift for ages between three,and five and the gold standard in,childhood play now they're saying that,this could be designed for a child but I,also think it could be designed for an,adult as well so I wouldn't just go with,that one narrative I'd also embed this,narrative with the general Narrative of,the product I have found a Facebook,video that's got over 200 000 views and,the opening scene says 2022 best,stocking stuffer now I would remove that,because we're in 2023 now so you can,replace it with something else and the,opening scene shows somebody opening up,the actual booklet and it comes with the,actual paint on there and it also comes,with the paint brush so you can easily,paint as well so it's a really powerful,product and it shows that it's pocket,size and it also shows somebody painting,it in and then you can use it as well as,a book stamp now the recommended,interest this product our parents in,preschool is three to five parents are,pre-teens nine to twelve are jigsaw and,then you can use suggested interests to,find more ideas now they're ready to go,ad copy reads I didn't know I needed a,pocket watercolor painting book in my,life until I saw it shot now then the,thumbnail shows an image of the pain,books on somebody's sofa on somebody's,chair and it shows the different designs,and the different versions you can buy,and it says in the top left watercolor,paint book and it's really pleasing to,the eye to look at this thumbnail so the,eighth product on today's list is the,katarus keychain storage auction if we,look at the AliExpress link you can see,it's almost got a thousand orders so,it's an upcoming product 4.8 star,reviews on 180 reviews mean people are,happy with the product so I'm not a,musician so you're gonna have to bear,with me when I explain how this product,works so I'm guessing that the Qatar,Hook is what you plug into this amp I'm,guessing this is an amp and then you can,store your keys through the Qatar hooks,that go into the amp so if you're,somebody that loves music then this is a,great product to buy for your house you,can store your keys there so if you're,married to someone that loves music then,this could be a great Valentine's day,product to buy somebody so my product,price recommendation is sell it for,34.99 it's going to cost you 14.70 and,your profit margin is going to be,roughly 20 now the product description,reads hang in the key like a rockstar,it's easy to use the key holder for,multiple music amplifier just connect,one of the key chains into the guitar,plug to your key when you get home just,insert the keychain into the amplifier,like a rockstar it's a lovely gift to,buy somebody as a Qatar enthusiastic or,a musician love it then it says here,easy to install and make sure it,impresses all your friends very suitable,for your house human cave recording room,and so forth and if you remember the,band musician or music lover who often,loses your keys this interesting wall,mount key rack may be suitable for them,and then it goes over the details of the,product now unfortunately with this,product I wasn't able to find any decent,store selling it I wasn't able to find a,decent Facebook ad or I wasn't able to,find a decent Tick Tock ad now that's,good news because that means that for,those guys that are watching this that,see potential in this product there's,going to be a limited amount of,competition so when you see success with,this product it's going to be easy to,scale it up now my recommended interest,for this product is guitar instruments,Fender music instrument Corporation,Gisborne guitar Corporation Marshall,amplification Guitar World guitarist,magazine and then you can use the,suggested interest to find more ideas so,they're ready to go ad copy reads hang,in the key like a rockstar it's easy to,use the key holder of the music,amplifier shop here and it shows a,thumbnail of it mounted onto somebody's,wall at home showing that they've,inserted it into the wall mount to show,you that you can use these keys and plug,them in easy as a key rack so the ninth,product on today's list is the autofill,ink pen if we look at the AliExpress,link you can see it's only got 10 orders,but throughout AliExpress there's around,about 300 orders five star reviews,meaning that people are happy with it,now what is this product it's basically,where you can see the auto Inc base so,when you get your pen you just stick it,on the top and it automatically refills,your pen so for those that are wondering,what is the potential of this product,and why would somebody want to buy it,it's because you've got this big white,canister here and you put the top of the,pen onto the canister and it refills,your pins this way you're going to cut,down on buying more pens it's going to,save you money on the long run and it's,going to cut down on the environment of,recycling plastic now this is a really,powerful product if you advertise it in,a way where you educating people about,cutting down and saving the environment,and also to save money on the long term,now my product price recommendation is,sell it for 29.99 it's going to cost you,9.39 so you're going to be making,roughly around about 20 and the pro,description reads autofill ink pen no,need to worry about ink spilling all,over this place it's very convenient to,use the automatic Fountain pin can be,used nine times this reducing the,trouble when inking the ordinary Phantom,pen and then it goes over the step by,step automatically pick up the ink you,can put it in the ink or with the single,plug this will not stay in your hands it,is more convenient the shell is made of,plastic material comfortable and durable,the nib is made of stainless steel for,the writing smooth and comfortable then,it goes over the classic pen holder that,can be carried onto your clothes with a,clip book and then it goes over the,actual size of the pen tip and then it,go of the materials that it's made of,and then it has a notes giving you the,tips for using the product so if I show,you a Shopify dropshipping stores on,this product the only thing I like about,this store is the imagery the imagery is,really going to help sell the product so,you so you can see here it says,automatic ink pen and then it shows you,how to use the pen to refill it so it,shows you here unscrewing it and filling,it on and you can see these other images,of really nice high quality images,showing you how the packaging looks,showing you how to apply it so these,images are going to really help sell the,product so if you've got images like,this on your website it's going to,really help people understand how a,product works now if I show you guys a,Facebook video that's over 250 000 views,the opening scene shows somebody,unboxing the product and you can see,they take the pen out and it shows the,mountain pen and then it shows somebody,refilling it by putting the back into,the refill machine and then it shows,them writing again and it shows you here,the downsides of ink in a pen with by,plugging it in manually and it shows you,how this doesn't get ink everywhere,because it's precisely putting it back,into the pen instead of you trying to,manually do it so it shows you really,how powerful this product can be so the,recommended interest for this product,are going to be school work office art,and then you can use suggested interest,to find more ideas then they're ready to,go ad copyrights autofill ink pen the,perfect gift for a friend you must have,never seen a pen that can automatically,refill Inc this is so cool shop here and,then it shows the thumbnail of how the,product works with lots of color to grab,your attention so the tenth and final,product on today's list is gonna be the,roller digital teaching stamp and if we,look at the AliExpress link you can see,it's got 315 orders but combined on,AliExpress has got around about 1.5 000,orders 4.9 star reviews meaning that,people are happy with it so how this,product works is it's designed for,teaching kids math equations so if I,scroll down and show you it's this,little device and when you click and,roll it it gives you different maths,equations so you can mix and match the,different maths equations to help your,kids learn how to do add and sum and,subtracting so this is a great Early,Learning educational product to buy a,young kid or a young child and it also,comes in pink or blue to fit the,different gender and this is a great,thing to buy as a parent for your child,if they're at school or they're learning,to go into school now the product post,recommendation is set up for 24.99 it's,going to cost you 4.89 and your profit,margin is going to be roughly around,about 20 and the pro description reads,it's a unique gift idea adjustable,numbers gently scrolling quick questions,no need to pay higher prices for math,questions rotate and adjust the column,type and it can adjust 10 different,unique methods Primary School students,can make one page a day to improve the,speed and accuracy of their maths,equations the imprint is clear and it,dries and it does not fade after,printing add in a printing oil which can,be used repeatedly easy to use and it's,fun and then it goes over the product,specifications and what it's made out of,now unfortunately I wasn't able to find,a decent Shopify dropshipping store,selling it because it is such a new,product but I found a great video that's,almost got 1 million views and it shows,you here a POV video of the different,massive equations and then it shows the,product and it shows by just rolling,down you've just instantly printed,around about 30 different math equations,so it's a rapid working product and this,is a great way to teach kids how how to,do math assumptions so this has got the,wow factor and it also shows that the,ink doesn't stick and gets sticky onto,your fingers and it shows that it's safe,to use from home so the recommended,interest for this product can be parents,with pre-teens age 9 to 12. pencil,Primary School teachers six to eight,years old kids moms and then you,suggested interests then the red is go,ad copy reads sale 49 off this roller,digital teaching stamp with just one,minute there will be hundreds of random,ad subtract multiplied divide,calculations mom don't need to think,much when giving exercises to their,children and then it says shop here and,then it shows a thumbnail of the,different colors with the astronaut on,it and you can see the blue one and then,the pink one and it shows the math and,subtract and then also shows the,equations that are being printed to grab,people's attention so guys those are my,top 10 favorite products for the month,of January 2023 and these are all great,options throughout the rest of the year,and it's also designed for Valentine's,Day let me know which is your favorite,product in the comment section below and,once we hit 2 000 likes in this video,the cheat sheet will be in the pin,comment and in the description below I,hope you guys have enjoyed this video,and learned something and found a,product that you want to test for 2023 I,wish you guys all the success going into,the new year and I'll catch you guys on,the next video

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