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How To Fulfill Orders With Oberlo and AliExpress | Shopify Dropshipping 2020 hey everybody my name i

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Fulfill Orders With Oberlo and AliExpress | Shopify Dropshipping 2020

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How To Fulfill Orders With Oberlo and AliExpress | Shopify Dropshipping 2020

hey everybody my name is Baird welcome,to a new video for today and in this,video I'm going to be showing you guys,how to fulfill your first order,so congratulations hopefully you're,watching this video because you got your,first order on Shopify if you haven't,gotten your first order but you just,want to find out how to fulfill in order,for when that first sale does come in so,let me hop into my computer and let me,show you guys exactly how I fulfill an,order it's a lot easier and a lot more,simple than you think so let me hop into,my computer and let me show you guys,exactly how it's done alright so we are,here in my over low for this one store,that I'm running I've started this story,around three days ago and we are already,getting some sales but everything else,is blurred out we are only going to,fulfill this one order right here this,one work out punching ball this is a,store that I'm currently taking from,absolutely nothing zero sales zero pixel,data whatsoever to over a thousand,dollars in sales it is day three we have,currently passed a thousand dollar mark,this store is going to be for my course,I'm showing you guys exactly how I scale,a store from zero to over a thousand,dollars and I might even scale the store,to ten thousand dollars a month right,now I'm just going to show you guys how,beautiful fill in order for this one,product right here the product that we,are fulfilling today is a workout,punching ball let's go to the product,page you guys can see right we were,getting it for only a dollar and I'm,selling it for 2495 with some upsells so,but anyways this person only ordered one,for 24.95 so let's go into my or below,and I'm going to show you guys exactly,how I fulfilled this order so you need,to make sure that you have one in,Aliexpress account or if you're using,overload to fulfill your orders you have,an overload account what you already do,but for this one product my supplier is,on Aliexpress so I need to make sure,that I have an Aliexpress account and,that I am logged in to my Aliexpress,account if you're not logged into,Aliexpress account then your over low,extension could mess up it would just,switch a little bit you have to start,all over again make sure you have the,Google Chrome overload extension right,here Aliexpress product importer,extension it'll make it a lot easier for,you to fulfill these orders when you,have that one extension and you guys,will see exactly what I mean by that but,right now let's click on order product,and fulfill this one order so I'm gonna,go over here click on order product wait,for Aliexpress to open it'll add that to,the one product page you can see it,selects the variant clicks on Add to,Cart now it goes to my shopping cart,change the shipping information to that,one person I'm not gonna include their,personal details obviously but their,name is Mauricio Sandoval and now once,that's already in there all you have to,do is scroll down here make sure you,have the correct,shipping time so right now this is,setting 918 days shipping to the US so,actually we're paying an extra $5 79,cents for 9 to 18 day shipping to the US,for this product I do not mind spending,an extra $5 79 cents because it gets to,their customer a lot faster I don't want,to do 25 days a packet for this one,product if I have the opportunity to,spend a little bit extra to get it,delivered faster because I care about,the customer the customer comes first,yes I might lose a couple dollars on the,end but that customer could come back,and purchase more from my site so if I,have the opportunity to deliver that one,product in a shorter time period I'm,going to do that now that being said I,also leave a message for my seller,saying something like this I'm drop,shipping do not leave any invoices QR,codes promotions blah blah blah I am,drop shipping this one product don't,include the receipt for this product,don't include that it shows that I only,spent 688 for this product make sure,that's not in there because I am drop,shipping so make sure you tell your,supplier that you're a dropship and make,sure you tell them that you are sending,this product to someone else so they,don't include that invoices the QR codes,the receipts all of that because that,will turn your customer off when they,see that this product was only 688 but,they spent 24.95 to get it so once you,have all that filled out you've got your,shipping you've got your message to the,seller you've got your correct,information for shipping then all you,have to do is put in your payment method,I have a lipe so to set up al you pay,you just go into an Express search and,Alipay add your credit card and then it,will automatically put in your credit,card so you don't have to manually go,ahead and type in all your your numbers,your codes all that information you,don't have to do when you can just skip,that step because it's already put it in,there so once I have all of that figured,out all I have to do now is go down here,and click on confirm and pay and now,that it's how you fulfill an order it's,that simple,now it'll process your payment and then,once the updates I can now go over back,here to over low and once i refresh this,one page right here order number 110,let's go into my orders let's search it,up and boom right here we fresh the page,and now it does not say ordered product,like these two below it says get,tracking code so that means that our,order has been processed it has been put,through and Aliexpress has synced with,or below and now over lo has updated so,we have our highly order number right,here we have our product we have our,shipment we have all of that and now all,of our work is done we just have to wait,for an email in a couple days saying,your product has shipped and then once,we do receive that email all we have to,do is click on,a tracking code once you click get,tracking code it will update your,tracking code and you can either send,that tracking code to the customer,directly through email or you can have,an app that automatically sends it out,to the customer like after ship or any,other app like that I personally use,after ship to automatically send out,tracking codes to my customers because,it does it automatically and I don't,have to go in there and send it to the,manually and now I don't have customers,in a week or so asking me where their,tracking number is so today's consulting,Hall winner is mr. best pyro,congratulations mr. best pyro you,commented income can you explain your,thoughts of sales funnels quit funnels,compared to Shopify cheers brother thank,you for your comments I can definitely,make a video talking about click funnels,if you guys want to win a free consult,and call with me all you have to do is,one be subscribed to like this video and,three comments EECOM along with a video,recommendation you would like me to make,in the future and you're entered to win,a free consulting call so it's that,simple,congratulations mr. vest pyro you have,won today show me a message on Instagram,give me your phone number and we will,talk about whatever you want it's a free,consult and call so that is how you,fulfill an order it is very simple very,to the point I made this video because a,lot of you guys were actually asking on,how to fulfill an order and a lot of,Shopify youtubers do not have a video of,them actually fulfilling in order so,here it is guys I just went through and,I have failed in order for you guys I,hope this video helped if it did please,give me a thumbs up subscribe if you,haven't and I will see you guys in the,next video,peace out

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