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Why Are There So Many Medicare Commercials??? hi folks christian brindle here medicare,health plan e

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

Why Are There So Many Medicare Commercials???

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Why Are There So Many Medicare Commercials???

hi folks christian brindle here medicare,health plan expert and specialist and,today i'm going to answer the question,for you why are you seeing so many,medicare tv commercials all the time,let's just jump right into it so,essentially with medicare tv commercials,one thing that you can understand is,99 out of 100 medicare tv commercials,you're going to see the joe namaste of,the world the jj's of the world the joe,theismanns of the world right all of,these different tv commercials i would,say that 99,of them can be expected to be medicare,advantage tv commercials,and the reason for this is because,medicare advantage plans are much more,lucrative for insurance companies for,you to enroll into much more than,medicare supplements when you first get,onto medicare you're going to be given a,choice which one do you prefer more,medicare supplement plans or medicare,advantage plans they're very different,from each other and the medicare,supplements just don't get a whole lot,of,attention these days and primarily just,because they're not as profitable to the,insurance companies,the reason for this is because when you,get a medicare supplement plan let's say,it's 100 bucks a month 110 bucks a month,maybe it's 200 bucks a month depending,on what's available in your state,that might be a monthly premium payment,that you're making to the insurance,company but with the amount of bills and,claims that they end up actually paying,out it doesn't actually usually end up,being as profitable as one might think,for the insurance companies now you,might think how can a plan that's a zero,dollar premium to me where i don't pay,anything monthly,be more profitable to the insurance,companies well your mother might have,told you growing up that nothing in life,is free,that's actually a very true statement,medicare advantage plans are not free,they might be zero dollar premium plans,to you,but they're getting their money from,somewhere and that would be in through,through federal funding through medicare,through the federal government medicare,is going to fund these private insurance,companies every month to take care of,you and i'm not going to actually going,to tell you how much they actually get,funded but you can if you're if you are,even a little bit resourceful and you,know how to use google you can actually,find out it's actually a large sum of,money and depending on what kind of plan,it is and depending on what part of the,country it is it might be even larger,than you might anticipate so the these,these these insurance companies are,getting funded by the federal government,and that's how they make their money so,the reason why you're seeing so much,advertising for medicare advantage plans,part c plans two names for the same,thing is because the insurance companies,make cash hand over fist on these plans,it doesn't mean that they're bad plans,in fact they're actually very good and,lucrative plans for a lot of people but,it doesn't mean that medicare,supplements are completely um phased out,or don't have a place in my opinion i,think of them like apples and oranges,they're not there one isn't better than,the other they're just different which,one do you like the taste of better,that's the way you can think of medicare,advantage plans versus medicare,supplement plans they both have their,own unique strengths and differences,we've done a lot of videos on this,channel kind of breaking down the,difference between the two,but that is why you see so much medicare,advertising is because it's extremely,profitable particularly for medicare,advantage that's why you see so much,advertising for it,so anyway anyway folks um i hope you,found this video helpful if you did if,it answered your question very quickly,do me a favor drop a like in it it helps,so much with the youtube algorithm it's,going to help so many people just like,you find the answer to this question,easier um make sure to drop a comment,below do you think that's right do you,think that's wrong i'd love to hear your,thoughts on this and have a friendly,discussion about it maybe answer any,questions that you have going forward,make sure to hit the subscribe button,hit the notification bell so you're,notified when we upload when we post,more medicare educational videos just,like this one and until next time thanks,so much for watching,happy medicare

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