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How to Find out Which App Is Causing Pop-Up Ads on Android Holloway's welcome back to Detroit tips,i

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to Find out Which App Is Causing Pop-Up Ads on Android

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How to Find out Which App Is Causing Pop-Up Ads on Android

Holloway's welcome back to Detroit tips,in this video we're going to talk about,how to stop completely getting ads I,mean pop-up ads in any Android devices,socially what happens is you know some,things while using any kind of apps it's,really annoying yourself when you're,getting any kind of apps when you're,using something and it's too horrible,and it's very hard so how does,completely stop this because we have,many kind of videos and I have done a,video in the past who begins in how to,stop completely getting push,notification apps I mean pop uh perhaps,any kind of block base and even the ads,in any kind of mi I mean mi devices so,this means another part so in this we,are going to teach you how to completely,stop getting any kind of ads in any,Android device not in a particular one,but completely how to stop this so let's,get started it's the first in order to,do that what we have to do is we have to,use a frequent app which you are kick up,keep on using for example in my case I'm,going to do with this one,for example I'm going to do with,whatsapp so imagine that I'm using,what's up and suddenly something comes,in between and it's very hard so what,happens is when you get something in,between what you have to do is you have,to press in the home button and you have,to get back to the home and once done,that if any kind of apps are being come,in between while using any apps you just,have to press on the home button and you,have to wait for a few seconds and once,after that all you have to do is follow,these very simple instructions to,completely say goodbye to the ads,popping up so once after that go to the,Play Store and now at the top left you,have a hamburger button which you have,to press and once after pressing on the,hamburger button now you have to go for,the top one which is my apps and games,you have to press here right it's one,that done with that you have to go for,install option over here in the,parallely and right so these are the,apps so as you can see at the top right,it has been written in the middle,mid-range of the right it has been it,can be slurp on all the apps are being,sorted such a way that it's in,alphabetical right so I have to select,this now what I have to do is I have to,go based upon last you said right so,what happens is the last you said as you,know when the starting of the video ever,has been using the Watson business so it,comes in between the first so if in,between while you are using any kind of,app in my case right now when I am using,the word sub know what's the business,know add some ads comes in between so I,wanted to tell you guys while you are,using any kind of,in most of the cases there will be some,apps coming up so if that happens the,particular apps that's coming up and,from the which app we don't know from,which app it is coming so it's very hard,to find it right so we kind of feel very,difficulty so in this video once they're,done with us we're getting this last you,set what once after the words of,business app the particular app will be,shown here from whom the apps are,loading up I mean from the whom the,particular app they are making money,through by showing to us so you can,select the particular app over here,right to this there will be the,particular app you can select that,particular app then you can completely,install it and say goodbye to the,completely for this so this is how you,can do this right so what happens is,this is how you can do and this is how,you can completely say goodbye to any,kind of apps coming up in between while,using any kind of Android devices in,your phone so that's about how to stop,this so don't forget to subscribe and,click on the bell icon for further,notification you can ask any kind of,questions in the comment session we our,team will try to get back to you,this is Shahen signing off from,conservatives

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