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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads for Contractors and Construction Companiesgoogle ads is going downhill,no

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads for Contractors and Construction Companies

google ads is going downhill,now why do i say that,well i've been managing google ads,accounts for years and a lot of those,accounts i manage are for the same,clients so i've been watching this uh,you know these campaigns slowly,deteriorate in results over time,what's happening is it's just getting,more and more expensive to advertise on,google and the quality of leads and,customers coming in is dropping and i,think this has something to do with,just the general level of spam that's,happening online,um you know i don't know about you but,like cell phone calls emails the level,of spam has really picked up in the last,year and it's the same thing happening,on google,you know i know a lot of people that buy,leads from angie homeadvisor thumbtack,and all of those and over the last year,i mean this trends longer than a year,but over the last year especially,the lead quality has just been,plummeting,and the the thing is i've witnessed the,same thing on google and so i think,there's just a ton of spam going on,and when you advertise on google search,and you're bidding on keywords you're,opening yourself up,to the world really because anybody or,any robot any computer can do a google,search and see your ad and click on it,and every time they click on it you have,to pay for that and sometimes you're,paying 100 even 200 just for something,or someone to click,and google,you know they try to negate some of,those,those bad clicks but they can't negate,all of them and there's been multiple,campaigns that i've run now where,when i dig deep into the metrics and i'm,looking at what's going on it's clear,that the majority of,people or robots clicking on our ads are,not actual people,um so what have i been doing you know my,clients need leads they need new,customers coming in what i've done is,i've pivoted and started using facebook,ads more and i used to hate facebook ads,i'm still not a huge fan of facebook as,a platform i don't spend a lot of time,on it personally but business wise it is,really fruitful for a lot of companies,and,one reason,is when you use facebook ads you're not,opening yourself up to the world like,you are with google search ads,you know like i said with google search,ads you bid on a keyword and anybody and,everybody can,search for that keyword,and click on your ad but with facebook,the facebook algorithm is specifically,selecting people to show your ad to and,so people don't choose to see your ad,therefore you're not open up to be found,by just anybody,and so you get a lot higher quality of,of people or entities,looking at your ads and so when you do,get leads through facebook they're,generally real people where with google,we're getting a lot of crap lately,um,now before you just go bail on google,ads and switch to facebook you have to,you have to understand that the game is,very different with google ads you're,bidding on keywords which means somebody,searched for whatever you you're bidding,on and hopefully you're bidding on,something that's going to lead somebody,to buy from you,and so that that's a different kind of,marketing they call that you know it's,like search marketing people are,searching for these things,you sell these things so you put,yourself in front of them,with facebook it's different,people aren't seeking you out when they,see you on facebook,um you're kind of asserting yourself in,their point of view,and so your approach has to be a lot,different you have to have a really good,offer,the facebook ads i run are not,complicated you know you can do videos,and all these crazy things i literally,do a picture and one sentence and that,one sentence is really what matters and,what i aim to do is i aim to offer them,something they want but that is also,something that they can't just get by,going to google and searching for it,so an example could be,like,windows installed in your home for half,the price,that's a really great offer for anybody,who's in the market to replace the,windows in their house,and if someone's browsing facebook and,they happen to be in the market for that,and they see that offer they would be,stupid not to click on it and find out,more so that's the kind of offer that,works well,for like construction remodeling,if you have immediate availability,that could be a good offer because,there's a lot of people that are 12 or,24 months in line,with a company to get their project done,if someone comes along and says hey we,can do start your project next week,that's something that they might be,willing to,you know detract from whatever they're,doing on facebook and actually go and,become a lead for you,and so those those are the kinds of,things that work on facebook it,you know it's it's it can be difficult,to come up with offers,but really the the question you have to,answer is what is something i can offer,that people would feel dumb saying no to,if you can find something that works,then facebook ads can be extremely,lucrative for you and the facebook,algorithm these days is so good at,knowing what's going on with people you,know facebook knows if somebody's in the,market to buy windows or if someone's in,the market for a remodel,facebook knows this stuff they're,watching everything this person does,they're watching who they contact all,that kind of stuff and so aligning your,advertising with facebook's algorithm,and letting facebook decide who to show,your ad to,works really well these days so,hope that's helpful for you if you have,more questions about this advertising,stuff google facebook whatever shoot,them in the comments and i'll see you on,the next one

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Difference Between Google & Facebook Ads

Difference Between Google & Facebook Ads

hey my name is eugene and i build and,rank websites,so a really popular question that i get,asked a lot is what's the difference,between a facebook ad,and a google ad and how do they work in,this video i wanted to jump in,and show you the super basics of,facebook ads and google ads and,comparing them to search engine,optimization so seo,which is climbing the ranks in google,organically over time,so i was going to do a bit of a demo i'm,going to jump into my computer and show,you,a basic campaign and how a landing page,should look,but i sort of wanted to start off by,explaining sort of the way i view the,differences,so google ads is reactive,advertising so somebody's looking for,something,they're typing in a certain keyword into,google,bang we can pay for that keyword we can,show up so we can say mr google,we only want when people type in,plumber brighton we want to be that,plumber brighton at the top and there'll,be a cost for that click,might be five bucks might be ten bucks,doesn't doesn't really matter,whereas with facebook it's intrusive,marketing,so someone's not expecting that ad to,show up they're most likely not,looking for whatever you're selling,they're sitting at home,watching tv you know an ad comes jumps,onto the tv they grab their phone,and bang you just show up here they're,scrolling and you show up on their,instagram or you show up on their,facebook,and so the what makes a facebook ad,successful is the correct targeting,so facebook allows you to target to,their audiences and it has,categories and some industries it's a,lot easier than others,for example facebook allows you to,target,parents with one month old or parents,with,one year olds or 12 12 year olds so if,you're if you're a school and you want,to advertise to a potential parent uh,you know,you're a high school for example you,might hit parents with 13 or 10 year,olds,or if you're uh you're in the wedding,space and you're a wedding dj for,example,you might target relationship status,engaged,so anyone let's say in melbourne that's,relationship status engaged with a 20,kilometer radius of your location,you're just going to show up when,everyone's getting married they,generally need a wedding venue wedding,photographer,so that is a that is a really really,good way to to hit your space,whereas with google ads it's a bit,different so if you're a wedding dj,both will work because people type in,wedding dj melbourne,you're you're just hitting them in a in,in a different uh,in a different way so once again google,ads is when someone is looking for,something,let's say that you're a dentist in,brighton bang you show up,you're most likely going to get that,call and inquiry it's just a numbers,game,uh whereas facebook ads it's it's the,targeting that matters,you're you're intruding on their viewing,space facebook,if if they scroll through your ad it's,not relevant and enough people scroll,through your ad,facebook isn't going to like your ad,your ad will the cost will drive up so,it's it's,it's it's it's really really easy to get,things wrong with facebook ads,another way another way i explained it,is,we're going to give google a call we're,going to give facebook a call i'm going,to say hey,mr google next time someone types in,that keyword,we want to pay for that keyword we want,to make sure they they land on our page,a specific page that we're going to,create i mean it's up to you where you,run the ads,but the best way is to have a dedicated,landing page,where you drive that traffic so they see,exactly what you want them to see,after you know they searched for a,certain keyword,facebook is the same thing we're going,to facebook or call and say hey facebook,we you've got this library of,of of data of people that we know that,go sailing on weekends that play,golf there's so many categories out,there,business owners home owners right,people that are looking for well we,don't know that they're looking for it,but safe to say that you know someone,with a relationship,status engaged is going to be looking,for,things in the wedding space right uh so,i'm going to dive in,and i'm going to demonstrate some some,of the basic targeting that i use,and also what what a basic landing page,should,look like okay let's dive in so let's,kick off,by having a look at google ads first so,anybody can create a google ads account,and within the google ads account,there's something called,a keyword planner now this pla this,keyword planner will give you search,volumes,average times a certain keyword gets,entered into google,so this is an awesome place to discover,keywords,and we're going to start off by let's,say typing in wedding,dj and we're going to get results,we're looking in australia i might limit,that to just victoria,you can't spell when people are watching,you,so wedding dj in victoria at the moment,because of everything that's going on,obviously with covert these numbers have,dropped dramatically but they're usually,sitting around the two three thousand,combined,but let's have a look so so currently,wedding dj if we wanted to,turn on an ad for the term wedding dj we,can be at the top of google,at a cost of worst case scenario five,dollars and sixty cents,best case scenario one dollar forty five,cents the difference between these is,how,google judges your landing page,so if you're going to send visitors to a,certain,there google sees them as google,visitors,to a certain page they want to make sure,that those visitors get looked after,so if you send them to a page that's,loading really slow and it doesn't have,the relevant content for them,it's it's not only going to probably not,show your ad altogether,but if it does you're going to pay a lot,more than five bucks and i'm going to,explain,and actually show a basic landing page,that i use on on a lot of my campaigns,obviously every every niche is different,every industry is different but i'll,show you the sort of,the structure that you want to have but,right now we're just looking at keywords,wedding dj or let's go,you know plumber melbourne,so every keyword will have its own price,so it's just a it's a live auction here,we go plumber melbourne,two thousand four hundred times each,month uh thirteen dollars to thirty,eight dollars now,you could probably do the numbers right,if uh if plumber melbourne let's say,you're a plumber you're obviously in,melbourne you get a phone call,and you book a job you should know the,average,profit and or revenue that you might,bring in from that job,let's say it's 800 bucks or 600 bucks,well,is 38 for that click worth it,you might need three clicks you might,need five clicks,right before they actually book and,inquire well for example i do a lot of,i do a lot of trades keywords so,builder melbourne or luxury builder for,example,another one is dual lock builder so,build a melbourne sitting at,six dollars that's relatively cheap,considering if you,you know if you book a build that's,let's say 800,000 you do the numbers i mean you're not,gonna unless you're a builder you won't,know,what what sort of profitability they,have but they seem like very cheap,keywords,uh compared to a plumber for example who,am i to judge right,your keyword might be dual,occupancy right so someone's just,looking for a dual lock builder those,keywords are even cheaper,so i'm running a an ad right now where,the keywords are costing around about,that much,uh every five clicks also we get an,inquiry we need maybe about five,enquiries,for a book job that's that's really,really good,so let's say we're going to do an ad for,uh builder builder melbourne,or homebuilder right,and we're we're gonna pay 5400 hits each,month,right okay google we're going to turn on,an ad for home builder,now when they click on that ad where are,we going to send them,i mean you can send them to your website,you can send them to wherever but,what i suggest is you have a dedicated,landing page,the reason for that is that way you can,actually track the success,of this campaign because if you send,them to your home page well,who knows where the visitor came from,did they come from facebook did they,come from google you want to isolate,this if you're going to spend money to,google,and you're going to say hey i only want,people that search for this keyword,you better be precise in that landing,page and so here's an example,i literally just sort of slapped this,together,just before this video i will make it,live somewhere on my on my menu,so here's an example of a landing page,you want to take them to so,imagine this person is looking for a,home builder,keywords bang they land on this page,it's going to say homebuilder in,melbourne,we do dual occupancy builds we do,you know these kind of so you you list,the things that you do,easy way for someone to inquire then you,generally want to talk about your,services,you want to and the way google works is,you want to put the main keyword in the,title,that way when google will send the,crawler to your website,that's how they judge what this page is,about and making sure it's relevant to,the keyword so if you're paying google,for home builder keyword,guess what that needs to be home builder,you know award-winning home builder,best home builder that kind of stuff and,plus city you're going to have your,service,service areas make sure they're relevant,to home building,you know don't don't do things like um,i don't know golf course development or,something like that it needs to be,relevant so this,this page needs to serve that one,keyword,if you're going to do a different,keyword if you're going to do like,bathroom renovations don't,don't run home builder,ads to the same place so bathroom,renovations should receive its own,landing page essentially,so you're going to have your services,then you want to have your proof of,experience so,if you've got any awards if you're part,of any sort of associations that are,well known,uh if you if you've if you've received,any any google reviews,the worst thing i see well there's,plenty of worse things you see is when,people type in testimonials and,a pretty it's pretty clear-cut this is,just this text that's just been copied,and pasted,anyone could have made it so i mean i,could have photoshopped this as well,but these are using sort of logos of,real brands,and if you if you search it up these are,genuine reviews that are on this,business so you can't really,make it up if they go searching for it,they'll see that this is true,so you you sort of i mean this is just,an absolute example you have your,facebook badge your google badge you,might to take some screenshots of some,reviews,you could do you could do anything so,imagine you're someone that's looking,for that keyword homebuilder yep,is this a home builder where is he he's,in melbourne main keywords here he does,these sorts of builds uh-huh,you have your various builds that you,might have so,your images of homes you've constructed,in the past,you've got some reviews so it shows,maturity of the business what did i just,click,uh you have your general call to action,if you can put a video what a video will,do it'll make,people stick around on the page for,longer google will notice is that,we'll notice that not only will the page,rank higher if you're doing seo,but also google will charge less per a,click,so we we saw here clicks uh one dollar,to four dollars so if someone looks for,a home builder,and spends let's say five minutes on,this page,google will will notice that and say hey,this must be a very valuable page,this is serving a good experience to to,google's audience we're gonna we're,gonna give that ad,cheaper and we're gonna we're gonna keep,it up for for,for longer so we're gonna get more,clicks at a cheaper price that's great,so video can be a slideshow of your,services it could be anything you could,be a you know you just,talking to the camera about what you do,and then you have your general,you know about your brand you put the,keyword in the city,so this landing page is could be a good,landing page for seo i know i know we're,not talking about seo but when,google visits your websites it's looking,for these titles so this is the h1 title,h2 h2 and it's judging your page by,those titles,the google ads robot,also judges titles as well so i've been,talking about,google ads a fair bit let's switch over,to facebook ads,i've created some audiences i'll,actually create one from scratch so if,we go saved audience,where we can now uh we'll name this,audience let's do so weddings,wedding supplies so someone's getting,oops,someone's getting married right we want,to target the whole australian no you,might be a wedding dj,in melbourne or you might be a wedding,photographer in melbourne,so we're going to type in we're going to,we're looking for people that live,in this location we're going to type in,melbourne,and we're gonna do 25 mile radius yeah,it's fine maybe lower it a little bit,depending on where you are let's get 20.,uh we're looking for people over the age,of let's say 25,uh 25 to 50.,men women so this is where you start,testing,you run an ad just for men you run an ad,just for women you do a combined one,what i'll do i'd do women i would do,this is the big one engaged,so relationship status,there we go relationship status engaged,there's so many categories here uh you,can spend so much time the,the key with facebook ads,one sec i can't type and talk at the,same time,this is this multitasking problem i have,anyway um,so here we go we've got 33 000,people that are ages 25 to 50 who are,female who are,relationship status engaged i mean,without any additional targeting,i'd be turning on a basic ad i'd do a,video ad,video footages video footage does a lot,better in terms of engagement people,hang around,photos people skim over but if you don't,have a video,just do a photo do a photo with some,sort of an offer,right but bang you you can literally now,show up in front of 33 000 people that,didn't know,about you and now they do um,that's that's the the basics of it so,the where i see facebook ads fall over,is people give up too soon a lot of this,requires,trial and error you you turn on a,facebook ad i mean i've been running,them for years i sort of know what works,to have a bit of a kickstart but you,know if you're someone in the wedding,space it's a no-brainer just with this,targeting alone,to um you know to turn this on or you,might lower the radius and you might,target a certain suburb,let's say brighton for example my area,so if you target a certain suburb,and your ad is specific to brighton so,you're only hitting,you know what is it females in brighton,will be and in your ad you're going to,write you know brighton a wedding,florist for example,so you're you're niching down to that,space and that's,you you'll have clicks instantly you'll,have views instantly,the question is how many of those views,will click,and how many of those clicks will spend,time on your website or a landing page,that's why you might have a landing page,that looks like this or it might just be,something else how many of them actually,inquire and that's the bit that you need,trial and error for a couple of examples,of some of the ads that i'm currently,running,for example actually i'll i'll share,i'll share an example of,this is diving a little bit deeper of,how i set up some of my facebook and,google ads,so with facebook ads we can we we have a,target audience,so we do you know relationship status,engaged,women men whatever,we can a take them to a landing page,bang a certain landing page i showed you,one before,we can just ask for their email so a,good example is i'm currently running,ads,a property management of a property,development so we're selling,london property to people in asia so i'm,sitting in melbourne,and i'm running an ad where i'm i'm and,i'm promoting,property in london where we're targeting,people in in malaysia and singapore in,those areas,and so that particular ad is is really,simple i've targeted it,by the the area the location i've,targeted by,ages and i've also targeted by behaviors,you know people,that drive bmws home owners wealthy,people that like certain brands so,there's a lot of targeting that you can,do,now with those ads i'm simply running,lead capture,so they see the ad they inquire and it,just asks for their details that's about,as simple as it gets so no website,no landing page needed we do have a,landing page but it's just,you could try a whole bunch of things,and see what works so we get emails that,way,then we can just drive it directly to a,website if you think your website,is up to scratch you can do that my,recommendation is always a landing page,now,whatever they spend time on let's say,they spend time on your landing page,or they spend time on your website i,cannot spell website,um have you ever had those ads that just,follow you around everywhere,so that's called pixel retargeting,so through google through facebook,through instagram through linkedin,through any sort of any any advertising,media can pixel you so if you spend time,on my website,i will pixel you what that means is i,can now sort of,not so much follow you around on the,internet but i can i can have my ads,show up around the internet um i i,prefer,the the google banner ads but even more,so i prefer the,retargeting facebook ads so here's,here's how it goes,you've created a wedding you're a,wedding photographer for example,you've created an amazing video and a,slideshow of your amazing shots,you've targeted let's say 30 000 people,in,in melbourne who are relationships,that's engaged you've shown them an,amazing,video and a slideshow they've visited,your landing page,they've spent time on your landing page,maybe they've inquired,but you've pixeled them pixeling them,means that if,they've spent time on it you're you're,just going to retarget to them,now with facebook it's sort of a bit of,a loop you just keep looping around but,where this works really well is that,you might run a google ad where you're,just paying a keyword,i'll show this one,you've turned on a google ad for a,certain keyword that keyword might be,wedding photographer we're talking about,google ads now,you've paid for that keyword they've,landed on your landing page,you've gosh let me just lock that one,sec,lock you've pixeled them,that pixel now can be used on a facebook,ad,so now you're you've you they came,through via google,but now you're you're you're showing up,on their facebook account,so where this might work is they they,might be,engaged there might be relationships,that is engaged just they haven't,updated their facebook page so you,they're not technically an audience to,you,you know or yeah they haven't updated,their facebook page they're still,engaged though,so they may have searched for the term,wedding photographer you've paid for,that keyword you've shown at the top,they've visited your landing page you've,hit them with a pixel which means you're,now showing up on their facebook page,right now once again on facebook you you,take them out to a page,you get grab their details or your,website now that turns into an,enquiry or a sale now this is where i,might,this is where i might lose you guys but,let's say you are selling,a product like a health product i'll,give you an example let's say you're,selling,uh bone broth or you're selling um some,sort of a,a health product let's say you've sold,500 of it,so that means you've got 500 emails of,people that have bought from you you've,got,an audience of 500 people that have,bought from you you can approach,facebook and you say hey mr facebook,here's a list of emails of people that,have already bought from us,go find us more like them a you can,advertise that list first of all,but b facebook loads that into their,database and says aha,maybe 300 of those love golf 300 of,those are ages of 40 and above,and it begins to create this look-alike,audience where it goes and finds,other people like them and bang you,start again you're,now hitting that look-alike audience so,it starts off by,a finding a keyword,paying for that keyword driving the,traffic to a certain landing page that,helps you convert,you can turn on a pixel retargeting ad,or you could just target,enable a facebook ad and hit a certain,target audience there's lots of target,audiences to hit,then eventually you'll get some,conversions you'll get some customers,through the door and you'll have,either a list of emails or a list of,audiences that you can say hey facebook,go find me more people like them so,where this comes into play let's say,you've got,google ads and facebook ads and seo,is if you're a local business,and you're you're a dentist for example,then all three you want to rank for the,dentist in brighton you want to be,number one in brighton,then you want to actually pay for the,keywords dentist brighton,let's see how much that costs uh,if if that's even a keyword so dentist,brighton,there you go dentist brighton has 590,hits every every every month someone's,looking for dentists brighton 500,that's pretty good so that's a key word,that i'd want to a ranking,i'd want to be turning on a google ad,because it's only what 5.66,at worst case a click if the ad is great,and the landing page is great and google,likes it,it'll be 2.57 so let's say we get five,clicks we get one inquiry let's say,well a lot of the time when someone,calls a dentist,they're in pain a lot of the time it's,an emergency a lot of the time when they,call something's available they'll book,but it's still a numbers game you need,certain amount of clicks will equate,to an inquiry does that enquiry convert,into a sale though,it's still a numbers game so do you want,to rank at the top of,of of google yes you need seo,if do you want to you want to show up,instantly and pay for a click,that's a google ad but what you can also,do,is you can run a an ad just in brighton,or let's say a couple of kilometer,radius and you might want to target a,certain age group and you want to do,maybe,you know free dental checkup sure you'll,it's a loss leading product or 99 teeth,whitening,right you hit them with an ad they don't,know that they need it they check oh,yeah that's a good deal they inquire,they book they come in and obviously,that's where you,upsell cross-sell and uh you know,they're they're in your funnel basically,but that's how dentists might might run,a campaign from there they might,i don't know if a look-alike audience,would be too good or for,let's do a um an example on our um,what's another example we could do we,could go back to say weddings or baby,things for example so,baby things or the cosmetic space,or or um say if we type in,you know best cot baby cot,baby cot some of these websites are very,powerful,baby bunting mocker so it's like if i,was to build a website from scratch,i'd be scared to go up against this this,would take years and years to build a,website but it doesn't mean i should,give up,i might just let's have a look how much,it might cost baby cot,get results once again this is just,victoria 6 600 times,88 cents a click i mean that's,relatively cheap i'm not a specialist on,baby cots but that says to me if i get a,good landing page it looks like this,it's going to have images of baby cots,it might have a reviews of the baby cots,it might have a video of how to,set it up and the functionality of the,baby cot,well maybe we can get some conversions,then,that's obviously google ads then we go,to facebook and we say hey,we can we can target um,parents with uh you know under 12 month,old by then,they probably already have a cot but we,might it might be a different,they might have had a bad experience,with their cot we might be selling,something else,um so we're targeting parents with 12,month olds,all you know men women 30 to 50 year,olds,around around melbourne so no this one's,around,australia so 75 000 we can hit basically,bang we can hit him with a with an,ad on baby cots so hopefully that sort,of sums up,and gives you a an explanation on the,differences between a facebook ads,and a google ad if you're not sure which,one might work best in your space just,contact me i'm happy to answer your,questions for free i'm happy to sort of,look at your website and just,give some advice on on you know what you,can do in the space,um yeah hopefully that um that helped,thank you so much for your time,like

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