udemy - how to create a t-shirt dropshipping store with

Start A T-Shirt Dropshipping Business With Shopify (POD) hi there welcome if you're not already,fami

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Start A T-Shirt Dropshipping Business With Shopify (POD)

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udemy - how to create a t-shirt dropshipping store with catalogs

Start A T-Shirt Dropshipping Business With Shopify (POD)

hi there welcome if you're not already,familiar my name is Brian brewer I'm the,founder of mad kam publishing and this,course or video series or whatever you,would like to call it is going to be how,to start a t-shirt drop shipping,business and we're gonna be using,Shopify and print-on-demand now the,first thing I want to talk about is why,print-on-demand there's other options,with drop shipping but the thing that's,great about printout a man first of all,is its quick to launch using Shopify you,can get your store set up very quickly,sometimes five minutes definitely less,than a couple hours if this is your,first time doing it the other thing is,is with print on demand there is no,inventory to carry there are no vendors,to that there are no products to,research it's as simple as creating your,designs launching your product then once,you get your orders then you go to your,print on demand partner and they fulfill,the orders very simple the other thing I,like about print on demand for beginners,as t-shirts are emotional just like,social media is emotional if you don't,have a huge built-in audience or,following already which if you're,watching this video you probably be do,not then there's a very good chance,you're going to be promoting your,t-shirt store and your t-shirts with,social media,perhaps Facebook ads or Instagram ads,because those are the easiest platforms,to get started on now social media is,social media a lot of people forget that,so if you're on there and you're trying,to dropship gadgets or gear or something,like that there is going to be there's,going to be no emotional connection for,the most part okay if you're trying to,sell a necklace on Facebook there is no,emotional connection if you have a,t-shirt a novelty tee something with a,saying something with a slogan something,with a phrase something's funny that's,something that is niche related then,people become attached to that and,therefore you're going to get a lot more,engagement on your advertisements you,may even get a fair amount of organic,traffic once again we tap into the,emotion and t-shirts especially t-shirts,with phrases or sayings are very,emotional making them easier to sell for,beginners if you are doing physical,products there is a good chance these,days God let me say this gone are the,days of simply putting a product up on,Facebook,and watching it sell like wildfire as,long as the niche is targeted or the,traffic is targeted that's just simply,not the case anymore there's too much,competition in order to be successful,with physical products,you're gonna need long-form sales pages,and you're gonna need funnels to make,money on the backend with t-shirts that,is not the case once again we get back,to that emotional aspect of it there is,no fear of commitment with a t-shirt if,you're on social media you see a t-shirt,that you like you don't think about it,you just go and buy it that simple now,one great thing is the customer service,aspect of print-on-demand,it's quicker shipping times because if,you're using if you're selling in the US,for example and you're using a u.s.,print-on-demand partner you're shipping,from the US,whereas with Aliexpress you're shipping,from China so you're looking at 15 to 20,days shipping times from China this,allows you the opportunity to build a,brand because if someone orders a,product for you and it doesn't show up,for 20 or 25 days sometimes how are you,gonna build a brand whereas if you start,a brand and you're getting shipping from,the US turnaround time of 7 to 10 days,then there is a strong likelihood that,your customer will come back and visit,you again and especially the great thing,about print-on-demand is you can always,be adding new designs and if you are,always adding new designs then people,will come back to your store to see,what's new see what's fresh you can,build a brand this way the other thing,is the trust factor once again if you,are shipping a t-shirt you are shipping,a t-shirt there is no fear of commitment,with a t-shirt people will trust your,brand because it's a t-shirt where it is,electronics especially if you're trying,to dropship electronics people are gonna,wonder if it's actually crap if it's,gonna work as advertised,if the cellphone charger is gonna charge,as fast as a brand name one there's so,many issues that come into play with,physical products that simply don't,exist when you're doing something like,print on a man and the last thing is I,briefly alluded to it when we talked,about t-shirts are emotional this gives,you the opportunity to go viral if,you're selling a cell phone case or a,phone charger that is not going to go,viral but if you have a t-shirt with a,message that resonates with your,audience then there can be a lot over,organic traffic and engagement which,could cause your post or your,advertisement to go viral bringing you a,ton of free traffic to your store so,there is a huge opportunity I truly,believe that print-on-demand is one of,the best ways for beginners to get,started,so in the next video we will talk about,getting started by setting up your,Shopify store

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