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SHOPIFY TUTORIAL | HOW TO ADD CUSTOM HTML 2022welcome back graduates so today i'm,going to be showin


Updated on Jan 25,2023


welcome back graduates so today i'm,going to be showing you how to add,custom html sections to your shopify,theme now we're using dawn theme it's a,great free theme but it's missing a lot,of core features that you know i think,you guys need you know in our previous,videos we taught you how to add parallax,image overlays taught you how to add an,faq section we even taught you how to,add this beautiful instagram section so,now we're going to be teaching you i say,we i'm going to be teaching you how to,do custom html sections as you can see,we got an embedded map here which is,pretty cool,now this this custom html,section allows you to do a lot of unique,things with your store you can embed,things you can write your own html so,anyways let's get right to it and show,you how to do this and as always show,you step by step by step now what we got,here is our sections so our custom html,folder and you just have one file now,let's go right into our theme,as always we start off with that home,click on the online store you'll end up,in themes and let's go and edit the,theme that we want to edit so you're,going to go and i'm going to open up the,customizer in another tab,as well as edit code now on here i will,show you that there is no custom html,section,we've got our parallax feature that we,that i showed you how to do,and what else do we got in here we've,got the instagram faq but there's no,custom html all right let's go and solve,that it's kind of cool though they got,custom liquid that's really cool,all right,now let's go back to the code editor now,we're going to go into the sections,folder i'm going to click on add new,section,and we'll do we'll call this eg hyphen,custom hyphen html,hit enter now you're going to want to,open up a text editor,like i always suggest use it use vs code,or sublime but for this case notepad is,fine for this tutorial,i only advise people to use code editors,when you know you're actually trying to,do development work,all right so drag it over,copy it all,go into here get rid of all that and,paste it,hit save,it's really that easy it really is we,make it painless for you because that's,what we strive to do so now what we're,going to do is we're going to refresh,reload,and wait for shopify to take its time,now what we want to do is go into add,section,and we want to click on custom html,so as you can see here we've got an html,section we also have a,an option where you can add you know,text you can align it you can adjust the,spacing the margins the padding the,background color text color,max width you can wrap it in a container,if you want but i'm going to show you a,really cool site called, and what it allows you to do it,allows you to embed all these unique,things there's all kinds of different,apps that they got they have social,feeds you got media galleries count on,timers form builders,more form bill builders i don't know,what these things are it seems like,they're saying the same thing over and,over but for this case we're just going,to go into the countdown timer,maybe you're running a sale and you're,counting down the days until the sale,ends or drops or whatever,got it so now we'll publish,and we'll embed with code we're going to,copy this code we're just going to go,into the customizer we're going to paste,the html code right there,hit save,and look at that,how cool is that now because i'm logged,in it shows,that uh it shows it shows this little,button but isn't that pretty cool i,think it's pretty unique let's go and,add another uh html block,or section rather,what else do they got in here maybe we,can go to like,,and we'll uh,we'll type in,i'll just go to a previous line,embed share,map,copy html let's go and add a map to our,store,we're fancy like that hit save,and,now you'll notice that some things right,here won't always look great so if,you're trying to embed a map,we'll change this to a hundred percent,and voila we got ourselves a fancy fancy,map,i think that's pretty unique,so now you just learned how to add a,custom html section to,your,theme and then again this works on any,theme we're just using dawn,so if you really enjoyed this tutorial,make sure you smack that,subscribe button i really need to get,better at saying subscribe button and as,well as liking the video because it,helps us it motivates us it allows us to,create more content reach more people,and if you're feeling fancy go and join,our facebook group it's a community of,like-minded individuals who,help each other out teach you how to do,different things and there's some,content in there that you won't,necessarily be able to get on our,youtube channel,and anyways guys thank you so much for,watching and check the links in the,description below and we've got a lot of,a lot of upcoming things that we're,working on like apps custom themes,tools you know to help you find products,we're doing all kinds of cool things,that you know behind the scenes that we,want to release this year,it's a lot it's a lot let me tell you,that okay and um definitely look out,you're going to want to subscribe to,this channel because you will see,you want to get notified you want to,know about our upcoming products and,yeah anyways i'm rambling so,subscribe talk to you later bye

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Google Merchant Center Shopify Verification - Easy Tutorial in 5 Minutes

Google Merchant Center Shopify Verification - Easy Tutorial in 5 Minutes

need to get your shopify website,verified in google merchant center,i'm going to show you exactly how to do,it in this video let's go,hey guys in this video i'm going to show,you how to get your google merchant,center account,verified with your website for your,shopify store,okay let's get into it so i'm in the,google merchant center dashboard right,now,i'm going to go up to settings over here,and then go to business information,it's going to go to this page here you,should add in that those details anyway,if you haven't already,but i'm going to go to website here is,when we put in the url so make sure you,include the,https www.this is my website,,save make sure you get this right and,make sure if you're using www,you actually use that okay you can try,using uh google analytics and verify,that's,a really easy good way to do it but,sometimes that doesn't work with shopify,it's just how shopify works but you can,click that as long as the email,in your merchant account is the same as,in your analytics account and you have,installed analytics properly on your,shopify site,it it it can work but sometimes it,doesn't so i prefer this way because,it's super super,easy so it may seem a bit hard because,you're doing code but,i'm going to walk you through it exactly,so don't stress,so firstly go over here that says i have,access to my server,and then here you can select these two,options but we're definitely going to,choose this one,add an html tag to my home page what,this means is that,we're going to go to our shopify store,and add a little bit of code which is,super easy to add,so that google can check it and go oh,yeah sam or whoever you are,actually knows that actually owns this,store okay so it says to copy to use,this method you'll need to add this meta,tag to your,site's home page so let's copy the meta,tag and let's go over to our shopify,dashboard here so i'm in my shopify,dashboard here for my website,i'm going to go to online store,it's going to open up the themes panel,here so this is just the the default,theme that's installed,but we're going to edit this anyway go,to edit code,and maybe this seems to be scary for you,if you haven't done much html work,or code work at all but i'm going to,make it really easy so make sure you go,over to theme liquid so this should say,theme.liquid here and this is the main,template for your shopify theme,and so we're going to put it after the,head what i want you to do,is i want you to press i want you to,search so contr can,con command f it's going to pull up this,and type in,this it's going to be little square like,the arrow brackets,slash head that's going to find the end,of this section here we want to put it,at the end of this section,and you'll know it's the end because it,has this slash head there's only one of,those,in the file in the in the sheet here and,then after that you'll see this it'll,say body,that's where the actual content starts,don't worry about that too much,what we want to do is just before the,the head we want to,paste in that code that we got from,google merchant center,so it's this code here you've copied,that and then you're gonna just gonna,put it right here,super easy we're then gonna click save,it's gonna save and sometimes it takes,about five to ten minutes,to actually show up on your website,sometimes this happens,so what we can do now is we're going to,go back and click verify,but what i like to do sometimes is also,just double check to make sure it's on,the store,so you can click the little i symbol,it's going to open up your own shopify,store so here's my store,terrible store i haven't done anything,to it yet but if i go here and go view,page source i mean google chrome,it works in firefox as well and it'll,show the code,same thing com control f and i'm going,to search for head oh there it is and,there's that bit of code that i,added so that's now live on my website,so now it just means that google needs,to make sure that they've crawled that,site,and shows it there so let's verify and,see if this works,give it a second boom we're now verified,woohoo,yeah verified now we need to claim our,website url,so that means that only we can use that,boom,we have now claimed and verified our uh,url,our website and we're all good so now we,can start um setting up the rest of our,account,i hope that helped you get verified in,google merchant center if this video was,helpful,please give it a like that tells youtube,hey i'm making great content for you,guys out there,if you have any questions at all about,this process and how to get your shopify,store verified on google merchant center,leave a comment below i answer all the,comments i go through and provide,a good response to everything so please,leave a comment and i'll get back to you,as soon as i can if you want to see more,tutorials about how to grow your,ecommerce store consider subscribing i,release a lot of content out there and i,provide all that information there for,free,to my audience so take a look at the,rest of my channel too,thanks so much for watching and i hope,to see in the next video bye for now,you

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