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How do I remove products in Google Shopping Ads Campaignshello everyone and welcome to another,feed


Updated on Jan 25,2023

How do I remove products in Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

hello everyone and welcome to another,feed army video in this video i will,explain to you how to exclude products,in google ads or in google merchant,center however before you do that make,sure that you've exhausted every,opportunity that you can implement for,example improve the data feed quality by,changing the title the description the,image etc,also add extra attributes to ensure that,you have maximized the data feed quality,as that will increase the ranking of the,product,change also the for example the website,content that you have if you think that,you can improve,improve it and make sure that the,checkout workflow,is sufficient also consider for example,changing the price to be more,competitive because a more competitive,pricing will allow you to get more,impressions on google shopping,for example uh change the sale price or,add a promotion all of these should be,done before you consider removing a,product so that you don't lose out on,any potential sales,what you can also do if you have a lot,of products is set up a script to send,the data to exclude a product based on,specific criteria to a spreadsheet and,from the spreadsheet you can then use a,data feed mechanic where you can then,exclude based on the spreadsheet info,not all data feed solutions offer this,solution however i do have a,solution on how to do that so you can,contact me on how to implement,a more advanced,exclusion rules,so for now i will teach you how to,exclude a product in google ads or in,google merchant center including,performance max,so let's get into it,okay so now that we have our google ads,account open let's go into your shopping,campaign so this one is the standard,shopping campaign let's simply click on,it,and then we are in the ad group section,click on your specific ad group that you,want or sometimes it will say all,products or all,groups,let's click on that,and then to,show the individual products what we,want to do is hover over the,product group and then you will see the,plus icon and it says add subdivisions,so let's click on that,now change your subdivide by to item id,and then if you want to,either select just one specific one but,i recommend you do all of them and then,select save without editing bits,this will then show all the products,make sure that you also,check the,everything else that it is enabled,sometimes this will set to excluded and,we don't want that to happen because,otherwise everything will be excluded if,you're adding a new product and if you,don't if you forget for example to,manually add a product then it will fall,into this section and if you have that,excluded then of course that is not,being advertised so enable that to,ensure you avoid that issue,now let's say we have a very bad,performing product and we have improved,everything that we can all you have to,do is just go hover over here and then,click on exclude,so now that will exclude that specific,product,here it is,so if we want to re-include that simply,go to include,selection and there we go everything is,included the same we can do with,performance max so all we do is select,our performance max campaign,then go to asset groups and if you have,encountered that sometimes it's loading,constantly without showing the asset,groups all you have to do is click on,right click on the browser and then,select reload and then it will show up a,lot quicker i've noticed that it,sometimes just hangs not sure for what,reason,but it does,improve the speed and showing that if it,constantly cycles like it is a little,bit doing now,i would say after 10 seconds if it,doesn't load reload,so now,we go to listings groups,and we do the same so if we have a,subdivision this is already subdivided,but you can subdivide into item,ids all the time regardless of how,you've set it up so for example if we,want to choose scarves click on the plus,icon,change the subdivide by to item id,select all of them,and then save,drop down everything as you can see,everything else here is set to exclude,so make sure that you include that to,avoid accidentally,excluding new products as well so let's,assume this is a bad performing product,down here for example and then just,click on exclude and that will stop it,the benefit of doing it within google,ads is that it's a lot quicker for you,to exclude a product so you don't have,to wait until for example the data feed,is processed or,when the data feed app has been,reprocessed so that can sometimes take,up to 24 hours so if you have,an emergency and you need to do it,immediately then this is the best method,that you do,now let's go to google merchant center,and there are two methods that you can,do it here as well the first one is,using a supplement feed so let's assume,we,already know which item id we want to,exclude so i will just copy a random id,here,let's copy that there we go and now go,to feeds,and we want to add a supplement feed,we can call this exclude,and then google sheets,it will pop up with your account if you,have multiple accounts,and then i use generate a new google,spreadsheet from my template click on,continue let's apply that to the uk feed,now that,has been added you can go and open the,google sheet,and what we want to do is add an id,column then underneath it we will paste,our id,and then in the second,column we will type in excluded,destinations,destination,with an underscore and then what we want,to type in is shopping ads with also an,underscore,now that you have saved wait till that,says saving saved then go back to google,merchant center open your google sheet,feed supplement feed,and what we want to do is fetch now or,you can click in the top right corner,fetch now and that will then apply the,excluded rule within,half an hour you can also do that with,the feed rules so let's go to the,primary feed and let's select this one,that's the uk feed,and select feed rules,let's click on the plus icon and then,type begin typing excluded and there we,go we can select process attributes,and what we want to do is if id,equals,the id that we've just copied,then we set it to exclude shopping ads,you can also if you want to exclude from,three listings select multiple and then,you can actually add both of them,there we go then we want to click on ok,save as draft,and then click on apply,this will not apply straight away,because the feed needs to be reprocessed,so what you can do is either click on,fetch now in the top right corner or you,can click on reprocess feed,as mentioned earlier there is also a,more advanced method that you can create,a script within google ads that says for,example if impressions above 10 000,and the ctr is below 0.2 percent then,add this id to the feed to a spreadsheet,and then with the data feed rule that,depends of course on which data feed,solution you're using but you can then,set it to exclude if the id is present,in the spreadsheet this will then,automate uh the heavy lifting if you,have a lot of products this will be very,useful to exclude products this way,so that's pretty much how you exclude a,product in google as or in google,merchant center both will work but there,are benefits and negatives in both,platforms so if you have any questions,feel free to ask i'm happy to help thank,you for watching

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Why Your Google Ads Campaigns Suck (Shopify)

Why Your Google Ads Campaigns Suck (Shopify)

what is going on everybody shri kanasa,here and in this video i'm gonna be,telling you exactly why your google ads,campaigns suck now this is one of the,most common problems a lot of e-commerce,store owners face and that is they're,just unable to find out why after,spending so much money on google ads,their campaigns are just not performing,up to the level that they want now a lot,of people think that there are some,crazy different maneuvers or tactics,that you might have to do but trust me,on this when i say that there's actually,a few quick strategies which you can,implement right away in order to really,turn around your campaign performance,but let's just jump right into it now,why exactly do your campaign suck we're,gonna be dividing this out into two,types of different sucks number one suck,is the stagnant stuck where your,campaigns are simply stagnant no matter,how much you increase the budgets no,matter how much you increase the bids or,whatever else you might do your,campaigns just don't perform at the,level you want they're not increasing in,profitability they're not increasing in,revenue nothing is happening this is the,stagnant suck number two suck is called,the unprofitable suck now this is where,your campaigns are actually losing you,money and you're pretty much better off,without them there are other different,scenarios which you might be facing with,google but for the sake of this video,we're gonna be assuming that you are,within one of these two categories now,the number one most common reason,why your google ads campaigns actually,suck is because of number one too high,bits or number two too low bits now to,illustrate this i have opened on my,screen a client's account and this,client is under my google ads marketing,agency euro marketing more on that later,but as you can see we're looking at,right now the last 14 days worth of data,and there's a bunch of different,campaigns running on this google ads,account at least they were running,previously before we came into this,account but majority of the ad spend was,gone to these top four campaigns so that,is where we're gonna be diverting our,attention to what i want you to look at,is this second campaign right over here,this is a general testing campaign the,same way i always teach on my youtube,channel but let's take a look at the,statistics so it has spent so far 177,dollars and 23 cents by the way this,account is targeted towards the united,kingdom market but the owner lives in,the united states so the amount is in,dollars but the target market is for the,uk 177 dollars an ad spent for a total,of zero sales and we can see that the,bid was around 28 cents that the,campaign was getting if we go inside the,campaign we'll be able to see within the,settings section exactly what bid this,campaign was running it so it was,running on maximize clicks the same,exact way that i always recommend but,the bit in this case was only 30 cents,if we convert this to great britain,pounds this will be much lower in terms,of pounds now going back to the main,dashboard and looking at the first,campaign which is another campaign which,we started running after realizing that,this second campaign was not running at,a lower bid what we want to do is now,look at the stats the first stat which,is the cost is 427 dollars and six cents,for a total of four sales and this,campaign has been running at around a,hundred dollars a day budget it has not,been running for too long less than a,week so far but still we have managed to,get four sales at a 2.23 robust now is,this robust amazing absolutely not but,it is still break even and slightly,above break even for the store we have,gotten 952 in sales and it is much,better than what the second campaign was,at now let's take a look at the cost per,link click the cost per link click for,this campaign is much higher than this,second campaign which we had running,it's at 35 cent per link click if we go,inside the campaign now to the settings,section we will be able to see that the,maximum cbc bid limit here is actually,49 so the bid limit is much much higher,about 19 cents higher and the weird,thing is this campaign is the campaign,getting the results and getting the,sales not this second campaign which was,running at a much lower bid so exactly,why is this happening google ads is a,very tricky platform there are bids that,work for certain niches and there are,bits that just don't work for certain,niches if you tried a 50 cent bid for a,much more competitive niche like watches,this campaign would not be spending any,money at all however within this niche,and this is a general drop shipping,store this bit just works i've seen it,happen time and time again ever since i,began with my own e-commerce store a bit,of 45 cent to 50 cent has just worked,regardless of the country that you,target regardless of the kinds of,products that you sell especially if,it's just a general drop shipping store,and that is exactly what we see so,number one most common reason why so,many ad accounts and so many people,really fail to get success with their,shopify store with their google ads,account is because they have too high of,a bit or too low of a bit now if this,ecommerce store was running that,campaign at a one dollar bid this,campaign would have sales that's for,sure however it would be extremely,unprofitable it would be losing money my,client would have already fired me by,now so you want to make sure your bid is,just right again watch some of my other,videos which i'll leave the links in the,description for but have the right bit,for your niche and this is kind of like,a little bit of a test that you will,have to do for some stores a 50 cent bit,is ideal for other stores it's just not,going to work so again don't have too,high of a bid don't have too low of a,bit you'll most likely know if your bid,is ideal or not because if it's too low,the campaign will not spend the budget,fully if it's too high it will just rush,through the budget within the first few,hours of a new day and you will be most,likely unprofitable so that's the number,one most common reason why your google,ads campaigns suck this brings me to the,number two most common reason and that,is you're just running the wrong,campaign type now what do i mean by this,exactly when i say wrong campaign time,i'm meaning if you are a brand new,shopify store there is no reason why you,should be running smart shopping,campaigns and if you are an established,shopify store with a lot of data there,is no reason why you should not be,trying out smart shopping campaigns so,when i say campaign type i'm referring,to smart campaigns versus standard,shopping campaigns or even versus search,campaigns and this gets kind of more on,the technical side when you go inside,and look at the individual bit,strategies like maximize clicks manual,cpc etc of course you want to make sure,those are ideal as well for the products,that you sell but normally here is the,rule of thumb i apply for my own,e-commerce brands as well as for any new,clients i take on if it's a brand new,shopify store with little to no data i'm,always starting a standard shopping,campaign aspect at maximize clicks,around a 50 cent bit of course this is,gonna depend on the niche if it's a,established store maybe it has a lot of,data from facebook ads tick tock ads,maybe it has a lot of data already from,google ads itself then i'm most likely,going to be starting a smart campaign,with no target robust check now i'm,going to be making more videos on,exactly how you should be starting your,campaigns but this is the general rule,of thumb you want to be following for,new accounts go the standard campaign,route for established accounts with a,lot of data not just from google but,also from other advertising platforms go,the smart route this is exactly what i'm,achieving the most success with both for,my stores as well as my client stores,but if your own google ads campaigns are,sucking make sure that you are running,the right campaign type for the amount,of data that you have gotten but this,directly leads me to point number three,as to why your google ads campaigns suck,and that is you simply have the wrong,kind of beta strategy now always i,recommend for new accounts especially,with a general testing campaign to go,the maximize bid limit route if you try,to run a general testing campaign with a,manual cpc,there is a very high chance your,campaign is going to be unprofitable and,is not going to get you the desired,results now is there a chance that it,will end up getting results of course,there's a chance but based on my,experience running google ads for so,many years now time and time again for,multiple different niches for multiple,different ad accounts i have seen,maximize clicks is really the way to go,especially when you go with the standard,shopping route there's some different,strategies that can work checking the,target robust box can work in that case,but also not checking it can work both,work perfectly fine now personally for,me i just like to leave it unchecked,nowadays for smart shopping but make,sure you have the right kind of bid,strategy if you're a brand new account,don't try to go the automated bidding,strategy types like target cpa target,roads etc where you're giving google too,much control and the reason is if you,are a brand new ad account with not a,lot of data google has no kind of data,to fall back on to get you those desired,results so if you put a target cp of 50,google does not know what kind of data,to look at to get those kinds of cpas,for you because it doesn't know what,audience converts at those cpas so that,is where manual cpc maximize clicks,really comes into play but maximize,clicks in that case performs the best if,you want data fast and that too good,kind of data but don't let this stop you,from trying out different things after,all you're only going to figure out,whether your account responds to smart,shopping the best or standard shopping,the best it's all worth the test but,what i like to do is for brand new ad,accounts again with the bid strategy,maximize clicks standard shopping for,more established then i'll go from,testing between standard shopping,maximize clicks as well as smart,shopping without the target robust box,check but of course at the end of the,day this is worth a try and to,illustrate this further i'm going to,open my screen right over here within an,ad account you won't be able to see the,names here because this is again another,client account which i'm running ads for,the first campaign right over here is,actually a standard shopping campaign,we're looking at the last 14 days worth,of data let's go ahead and change that,to last 30 days worth of data so right,over here the second campaign in this,case is the standard shopping campaign,the first campaign is a smart shopping,campaign these two campaigns are,targeting two completely different,countries the first one right here is,targeting the united states only the,second one right here is targeting,canada only but the reason why we,decided to try smart shopping for the us,is because this ad account had a lot of,established sales data over six figures,worth of data previously before we came,so it was pretty straightforward to try,smart shopping in this case for the,united states however here's the big,thing with smart shopping for the,different country like canada for,example it completely wrecked it did not,do well this client lost money on that,campaign type and the reason is there,was not enough data within canada for,this account to do well so that is why,we ended up doing a standard shopping,campaign and this is exactly what i mean,when i said test out different ad,strategies now the first campaign type,was a wrong bid strategy for canada but,we would not have found that out if we,had not tested the bid strategy as a,whole so you definitely want to be,giving it a try and as you can see right,over here smart shopping is performing,much better for the united states,because majority of the customers for,this brand come from the us and we have,a 3.15 robot for this brand right over,here for canada right over here we can,see a 3.02 robas but this is with,standard shopping and of course there's,a big difference in sales because smart,shopping is more google ads oriented,google is controlling the bidding and a,lot of different stuff so google is,trying its best to basically optimize,for the bid strategy here we're doing,maximize conversions not maximize,conversion value hence why this has a,lot of extra conversions and this one of,course maximize clicks we're running it,at a set bid limit for that works for,this campaign and we're getting decent,amount of results from that but again be,sure to always test out different,bidding strategies to really find out,exactly what is going to be working the,best for you but while you are testing,different things out while it is,extremely important to get these tests,done it is also important to abide by,the rule of not testing too much too,quickly and this brings me to point,number four as to why your google ads,campaigns suck you are basically making,a lot of changes way too fast it is,messing with the google ads optimization,it is messing with the algorithm and,google is having trouble really staying,on track trying to get you the right,kind of audience because every time you,make a change every time google ads,starts to take its first initial steps,towards right direction you come in and,you mess something up you change,something maybe you change the budget,maybe you exclude a keyword that is not,the ideal way to go in 2022 and onwards,if you want the right kind of results so,instead you want to kind of ease out on,the amount of changes that you're making,within the campaigns because in my,experience so far in 2022 running these,campaigns what i have found out is that,making too many changes too quickly is,the best way to completely wreck a,campaign's performance and all of these,changes that i'm referring to include,product optimization so excluding a,product excluding a keyword making a,change within the devices section or,whatever change affects the performance,directly affects the campaign you want,to give it a bit of time just let it run,after you make a single change don't,change anything for the next four to,five days i would even recommend seven,days regardless of the budget that,you're running at maybe if you're,running at a thousand dollars a day,budget make changes every four days or,so but besides that you should be really,waiting seven days because in 2022 the,less changes you make the better it is,going to be i mean look at all of the,changes google ads is making towards,giving google more control over the,bidding strategies like smart bidding,and the things it has done with that,performance max campaign so clearly,google wants to take a lot of control,away from you you want to let google do,this because the more you let google,control your campaigns the better,performance you are going to have in the,long run so simply ease out on making,too many changes focus on the other,things that matter and just let the,campaigns perform as they need to,perform because they will optimize on,their own they're smart enough to do,this and this brings me to the final,point this is more related to the search,ads directly but this can also relate to,the standard shopping campaigns do not,make too big of those negative keyword,list and do not add too many negative,keywords at a time this is one of the,biggest lessons of 2022 i've taken so,far with my clients accounts as well as,my own ad account every time i've tried,to add those negative keywords whether,it is a few negative keywords to maybe,even a few hundred at a single time it,has always wrecked the campaign's,performance basically gone from spending,the entire budget getting 100 200 500,impressions a day to getting 100,impressions 50 impressions to around,zero impressions and this is simply,happening more and more often especially,for search ads but also for those,standard shopping campaigns so what do,you do in this case you simply want to,stop adding too many of those big,negative keyword list and if you see a,lot of keywords that you're ranking for,that your campaigns are showing up for,which you don't want to be basically,spending money on just wait until the,seven day period after you have made,that specific change and add those,keywords in the broad match match types,so what i mean by this is if you are,ranking for the keyword 3d printer,jcpenney instead of adding the entire,keyword 3d printer jcpenney as a,negative keyword what you want to do is,you want to go ahead and create a,negative keywords list you want to put,the word a jcpenney in quotation marks,you put it as phrase match so now,anytime something like 3d printer,jcpenney or any word that comes with,jcpenney is shown for your ads you,simply don't spend money on it because,it is now part of the negative keywords,list this is the best way to go when you,add those negative keywords and it is,going to prevent google from just,tanking your results from getting good,results spending a good amount of budget,every single day so basically not,spending anything at all this has been,my personal experience so far in 2022,with the google ads but that is pretty,much my five list of exactly why your,google ads campaigns are sucking in 2022,and onwards now i have been referring to,my google ads agency often within this,video so the google ads marketing agency,is something where i directly handle,google ads accounts for for clients so,if you are doing over 30 000 in sales,with your e-commerce brand and you want,to take it to the next level with google,ads go on to my website at,,book a call with my team and let's see,if we can work together to scale your,brand even more but if you found any,type of value in this video and you have,stayed until the end make sure to,destroy that subscribe button make sure,to destroy the like button down below,and i'll see you guys next time

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