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What is Shopify handshake ?the things you do,when you work by yourself and you don't,have autofocus,

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

What is Shopify handshake ?

the things you do,when you work by yourself and you don't,have autofocus,sound check all right let's do this,thing,hey guys welcome back i am in my,studio today and i need to tell you so i,built this studio,in my garage and uh i live in western,canada,and typically western canada it's not as,cold as the east,um and vancouver's particularly is,pretty pretty temperate,but let me tell you we are going through,a cold snap and it is minus,three in here so i had another video,planned that was going to be a full,tutorial,i'm pushing that back a week because it,is freezing,cold so this week we are going to get,just a quick one,that's going to go over something that i,found out that shopify did,that i think is important for all you,wholesaler customers out there,all right so if you've been watching my,channel for a little while you know that,i'm a big fan of using,shopify regular just a simple,installation of shopify,as your wholesale portal so instead of,using the shopify plus,plugin that gives you wholesale access,which funny enough is really just a,proof of concept,to make sure that wholesale for a,company that is just trying out,wholesale,for the first time wants to try a few,things great solution for that that may,already be on shopify plus,it is not a reason for you to just,upgrade to it the solution that i,usually give is you set up a,shopify store you do some modifications,to,the way that users interact with it and,then you get a premium wholesale,experience,i will link to the video up here so that,you can check that out,but one of the things that i came across,last week when i was going through my,dashboard,was this website called handshake and it,turns out that shopify purchased,handshake a couple years ago which is a,marketplace,for wholesale specific businesses so,let's go and check out what handshake,looks like,alright so first off handshake pretty,simple website,um it doesn't even actually look like a,major brand website i kind of kind of,glossed over it the first time i saw it,but when you go into it and you have a,look at what they have listed on here,you can actually go and find state,specific,wholesalers where you can go and buy,things in bulk,now the sign up process is pretty simple,straightforward you head over,to uh the sign up you enter in,your email address and then they will,contact you and you can go through,and set up a uh a wholesale account,um but what this allows you to do as a,small independent that maybe would,normally go to trade shows,as whole a handshake grows um you'll be,able to,push your product out there for so for,as like a simple sales channel to really,boost your wholesale,uh exposure i would definitely recommend,checking it out i'm going to be diving,into wholesale a little bit more over,the next coming weeks,and if i find some interesting stuff in,there i will i will let you guys know,but i thought it would be a great idea,just to quickly send out a video showing,you guys,about handshake and how it works because,you know,i heard this morning that they purchased,it a few years ago and until i saw it,show up on my,shopify dashboard i never even knew it,existed,so in typical shopify fashion they tend,to roll things out quietly,and then let the internet discover them,until they're ready to actually push,them,and really make them into a thing so,this is definitely,a new venture that they're going into,and i think,i think it could be a very profitable,center,for those small businesses that are,looking to push out their wholesale,items i'm going to be recommending it to,all of our customers that have wholesale,channels,one last thing i should mention,handshake is unfortunately only,available for us merchants at this time,so if you're located in the continental,usa and you have a wholesale site,i definitely recommend you go through,the sign up process check it out and let,me know how it goes,um i'm going to be signing up some of,our customers and we'll see how,the experience is but i'd like to hear,from you guys about what you think about,handshake and how it's worked for your,business,or maybe some of the stumbling blocks,that you come across so that we can,share it together we'll make it a,conversation,all right like i said super quick one it,is freezing in here,um i'm gonna head off and start working,on that other video,you guys have yourself a wonderful week,and we will catch you,next week

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What is HANDSHAKE? Shopify Wholesale Marketplace Explained

What is HANDSHAKE? Shopify Wholesale Marketplace Explained

handshake by shopify what is it how do,you sell on it how do you buy on it how,do you use it to make more profit,everything you need to know about,handshake is going to be in this video,remember that in this video i talked,about how b2b should be keeping your,lights on and btc is kind of the cherry,on top but most businesses survive on,b2b,yeah wholesale is important now finding,wholesale customers can sometimes be,really tough and that is why shopify,kind of wanted to help out with a,marketplace called handshake now first,i'm going to go over how you can buy,from handshakes so if you are a shop and,you want to buy from different suppliers,handshake might just be the place for,you after that we'll tell you on how to,sell on handshake but before we touch,about that i just want to launch one,last thing which is handshakes,competition they come in a couple of,different categories first you have the,ones that are really similar to,handshake,which is and which,is basically wholesale marketplace and,then you have the second category which,is everything that's drop shipping and,we covered a bunch of apps already for,that so you want to make sure to check,out these ones as well but all right,back to handshake how do you as a store,owner that wants to have more inventory,buy on handshake first of all you must,be located in the us,you must not resell the products on,things like amazon or etsy you must have,a seller id number and then you must do,the classic things as you know agree to,their terms and conditions and give,valid information about your business,and oh i actually have a business as,well it doesn't need to be a shopify,store it needs to be you know a pop-up,or some sort of store now you can sign,up for handshake you don't need a,shopify store as i mentioned but you,have to sign up with your shopify idea,in order to buy to sell you need a,shopify store but we'll get to that,later i'll show you right here you just,quickly go to the sign up process you,get approved blah blah blah blah blah,and boom you arrive on the actual,handshake marketplace now remember this,is only for us based people and right,now they're not really expanding but,once you're on here you can browse by,category or by search or use the filter,it's a pretty common shopping experience,there's not really much to add you can,contact different sellers and you can,add a whole bunch of things to your cart,now let's say you add the yoga pants,from seller a to your cart and the,candles for seller b that's going to be,two separate transactions,each seller has their own minimum orders,their own shipping,fees and rules and their own return,rules so be careful of that so you might,wonder why would i use handshake to buy,stuff why not juice fair or,any of the drop shipping apps well the,main advantage is that everyone that is,selling on handshake is certified by,shopify so shopify knows there is,specific certain standard it's also free,of charge and you know it's easy there's,a whole bunch of different products in,one area but another big advantage is,it's independent us-based stores so you,don't have some random dude that you,think is in switzerland but turns out to,be in korea buying from a north korean,selling to a chinese going to colombia,ending up in your store no it's pretty,straightforward it's probably a couple,of states away from you now of course,there's also a couple of cons to be,buying on handshake first of all,obviously it's only u.s but i've,mentioned this 10 times already so,most items pretty much all items because,it's wholesale 99 of the items have,minimum orders which okay there's also,no drop shipping so don't expect to find,like drop shippers in this they're not,going to be drop shipping you anything,you have to order in bulk and get it,shipped to you and there is no payment,terms now this might change in the,distant future not in the near future,but for now you just have to pony up the,entire amount and there's no one here to,give you a loan or to break up the,payments that's kind of the downsides,okay now you understand how to buy on,handshake but what about selling on,handshake well as we mentioned before,you need to be approved so you need to,go to your shopify store you need to,have a shopify store to start with with,a minimum of one sale i also know like,there is a certain quality standards,they will be looking at when they,approve you the approval process to be,able to sell on handshake is about 10,days to 14 days,and you know it can be tough you know,there is a bar you need to meet a,certain amount of requirements including,like pictures and stuff like that you,can't just dump anything on it another,thing to note is you cannot resell,products on,handshake like we mentioned before these,need to be your own products and in,addition to that it needs to fit the,categories that handshake already has so,that maybe is a little limitation for,the people selling really strange stuff,out there in order to set it up you just,go into your app store add it as a sales,channel and then that automatically,brings up the approval process which,again is going to take somewhere from 10,to 14 days now you might be wondering,what are some of the pros of me adding,handshake as a sales channel why no i'll,tell you what i think afterwards what,are some of the objective pros first,it's it's easy to set up,there's no fees no commission that,shopify takes it integrates directly,into your shopify you can build solid,relationships because you know your,communication isn't monitored or,anything you're free to communicate with,your buyers they also have the widget,but that falls and they're easy to,integrate and then also your payments,they immediately come into your store,just like any other payments so you know,those are some big advantages some of,the cons of using handshake is that,you know apparently people are saying,that there's not a lot of sales on it,although the ones that do say there,would be sales would they really be,posting it online so,you're not going to break sales records,with handshake is what we're under the,impression the customization of the,templates is also very limited,and like we mentioned earlier there is,no payment term so if you're selling,really big pro products that are,expensive and you want to sell them,wholesale no payment terms it makes it a,little bit difficult and finally there,is very little data about how much your,page is being viewed or like how much it,gets clicked or there is really no,analytics so you don't know if the,platform isn't that great altogether or,if it's your listing that's not,fantastic all right so should you use,handshake to buy products yeah sure,definitely sign up and go take a look,what people sell on there it might be,very useful for you to sell products why,not,sign up if there's no fees no commission,however we do see people being like hey,i'm not getting accepted for handshake,oh my god my life is over no don't break,your head over it like if you're not,getting accepted or if it's too long,whatever,just start to sign up process and if,it's too complex in the end,just okay it's gonna be one sales,channel less and if you pass it's gonna,be one sales channel more there's really,little maintenance to do about it the,bet that i'm taking and this is a bet,you're not guaranteed success on why you,should probably sell on handshake if you,can is that you know it's in the early,stages or it's not getting a whole lot,of attention of shopify for the moment,but shopify did purchase handshake and,they put down,what i assumed to be a pretty penny i'm,assuming it wasn't free we don't know,how much,and so there is an assumption or a bet,to be taken that maybe one day shopify,is going to be like okay we're gonna,push this to the next level shopify,after all has been pushed a lot to do,marketplaces,to be pushing more marketplaces so maybe,handshake is going to be a part of that,if shopify does decide to focus on,handshake and double down their,investment on it and that's an if,you're going to have a first mover,advantage you're already going to be,used to the platform you're gonna have,some experience on it some visibility on,it and if shopify does suddenly decide,to invest hundreds of millions of,dollars in it that could definitely,boost your business as a whole,it's kind of like being the first on an,amazon listing,but it's a big if,on the other hand it doesn't cost you,anything to sign up so why not just do,it well that's it about handshake i hope,you enjoyed it make sure to like and,subscribe and before you leave if you're,not making more than 25 of your revenue,from email marketing,you're leaving money on the table i,talked about email marketing in here but,i just want to make sure that you know,that there is the best course on the,internet about email marketing like,literally i went to the guy and be like,you're the best,can we you know work something out,there's a link down below to chase demon,his course you can research how good he,is he's fantastic it's like a six hour,course you're gonna get your return on,investment guaranteed and you're helping,out the channel so make sure to check,out that link as well thanks a lot and,i'll see you in another shopify video

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