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Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents 2023 - SELLER LEADS TUTORIALfacebook ads for real estate agents,

Mike Sherrard

Updated on Jan 22,2023

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents 2023 - SELLER LEADS TUTORIAL

facebook ads for real estate agents,2022. if you want to know exactly step,by step click by click how to run the,highest converting real estate lead,generation ads on facebook in 2022 then,this is going to be the video for you,and i want to explain a couple quick,things before we get in number one what,worked in 2021 does not work anymore in,2022 if you want to get the highest,conversion with the lowest cost per lead,so what i'm going to be doing is number,two,showing you the secret the wizard trick,at the end of this tutorial that people,like ryan sirhand and ad agencies use,that people usually get charged 5 000,a month in order to use and i'm going to,show you exactly what the trick is and,i'm excited to announce what everybody's,been asking for i just launched my brand,new free social media master class,breaking down all of the different,platforms facebook instagram youtube,tick tock google ads and everything you,need to do in order to crush it in 2022,on social media as a realtor and how to,close up to five more deals per month,entirely from social media with no,prospecting so if you want my brand new,free 2022 social media training drop a,comment below and i will reply to your,comment with it so without further ado,let's dive into this full facebook ads,for real estate tutorial and show you,how to crush it in 2022 all right guys,it's time to walk through this full,step-by-step click by click tutorial and,i'm going to do it in a way where not,only is it hopefully going to be the,clearest explanation you'll be able to,find on youtube but also by the end of,this you'll be able to run your first,facebook ad a couple of other things i'm,going to do just to give you even more,value number one i'm going to give you,all of the little ninja tricks along the,way so that you know how to get the best,results with your first facebook ad i'm,also going to at the end explain how to,do it for not just buyers but also for,sellers and listings in this crazy hot,competitive market and after that we're,gonna bring it full circle at the end,with that ninja trick i was telling you,about the people like ryan sirhan and,his group as well as big ad agencies use,that they don't tell anybody unless you,have to go you know pay for their stuff,for 5 000 a month so without further ado,let's dive in what we're going to do you,can see up here is we're going to on the,left hand corner go to facebook ads,manager,this is going to load up our ads manager,account,and we're greeted by the campaign,setting so as you can see here at the,top there's going to be three different,components to a facebook ad which is,campaign ad set and the ads the campaign,level is basically building the,foundation or the structure of the,intent of the campaign the ad set is,going to be things like you're targeting,for location for specific types of,people as well as your budget and the,duration of the ad and then the ads is,going to be the creative aspect of it,both the copy and the visual and if,we're doing lead generation like we are,it's going to be the lead form so what,we're going to do is click create now,you're greeted after you click create,you're prompted with choose campaign,objective or what they used to refer to,it as your marketing objective so you,can see there's three different,categories here and i'm going to explain,a caveat to this at the end because you,might see something slightly different,you'll never have to worry about,conversion because that is for,e-commerce products online products,awareness is something that is important,but again if you watch my free training,you'll see why that's the first ad you,ever need to run if you want to,absolutely crush it on facebook ads but,that's in my training and then,consideration is where we'll be able to,start,so what we're going to do here is you,have two options that you primarily need,to take into consideration traffic which,if you hover over the eye you'll see,send people to a website or lead,generation which is using a lead form to,capture information now the caveat that,it was saying is that facebook as always,as frustrating as this is is always,rolling out new interfaces of how this,looks so this is how most people are,going to see it however you might see,something slightly different the good,part is is even though it's going to,look different i've seen what the,alternatives look like and they still,have traffic and lead generation so,don't worry about it now,you're going to use traffic if for,example you can see here at exp realty,where i am,all of the agents from organization use,kb core because we get it for free it's,a free idx website where it also,captures lead information and goes,directly to the crm so if you have an,idx website with lead capture what,you're going to do is going to choose,traffic if you do not you're going to,have to choose lead generation in order,to capture the leads information so what,we're going to do is we're going to do a,lead generation ad and the only,difference with traffic versus lead,generation is traffic is just less steps,because at the end the whole process is,the same at the end instead of creating,a lead form you just plop the link in,there the same link i will show you for,the lead form and then you're done so,let's go ahead and click lead generation,and go,now,for the campaign name i always recommend,uh making the campaign name very literal,and again you can see here the three,different steps we'll go through,campaign ad set and add starting with,the campaign so let's just say for the,first one we'll start off with you know,buyers lead generation,march and then we can see it's march 1st,2022.,so i like to make it very literal just,because that way when we're looking at,the dashboard that we just came from,you'll know exactly which ad you're,looking at so that if you need to make,adjustments or see the performance you,can do that now for the special ad,category we have to use this for housing,so you always have to select this and i,know there's people that are going to,say well mike i'm just promoting my real,estate team or an event your facebook,page is a realtor's facebook page it,doesn't matter how creative you want to,get if you try and avoid the special ad,category so that you can get other,targeting options a couple things might,happen your account can get disabled,your ad will get,uh you know paused or not run,and you can just get completely,deactivated you don't want that always,choose a special ad category and you,have to choose the country of which,you're going to be running your campaign,so if i'm using my country canada or if,you're using the united states you have,to do that,now the last two things are a b testing,and campaign budget optimization you,don't need to be doing a b testing too,much over time you can do this and,that's just to test different creatives,if you want to choose two different,images of a property and see which one,converts the highest i've more or less,seen that it doesn't make much of a,difference,especially on lower budgets when you're,spending twenty thirty dollars a day and,campaign budget optimization or cbo is,what some call it with the acronym is,let's say you've got three different ads,that you wanna run and you wanna test,which ones are going to perform the best,instead of just doing ten dollars ten,dollars ten dollars what campaign budget,optimization allows you to do is put 30,dollars towards all three of them and,then facebook's algorithm is going to,know which ones perform the best and,which ones perform the worst and it will,automatically allocate the budget to the,ones that perform better and remove from,the ones that don't this is more of an,advanced strategy that you do not need,to do until you get to the point where,you're spending a little bit more money,you know 50 60 a day and you do not need,this in order to get leads so we're,going to ignore it now,we're going to come up to the ad set,name so typically what the ad set is,going to again be the targeting so let's,say if we're using my city for example i,would say calgary buyers,lead generation,and then we're going to select the lead,method for the lead method we want to,select instant forms we don't want an,automated chat,because chat bots,can work but they don't work like they,used to they do not work incredible like,they used to they still get by but i,don't recommend it compared to what the,performance used to be and you don't,want calls either because it just simply,doesn't convert,and you want to select your facebook,page so we're going to come down here,and select mine,now if you have not selected or actually,accepted the terms that you need to for,a lead generation ad you'll be prompted,to go through it and it's the only way,you can run a lead at now you come down,here you've got your budget and your,schedule watch what happens over here so,on the right hand side you have your,audience definition so is it too,specific is it too broad is it just,right and you've got your estimated,daily results now again estimated is,very loose here but it's going to show,you the reach and the amount of leads,i'm going to show you a couple things to,because i see a an issue that some,people run into that scares them um and,i'll hopefully be able to ease your pain,a little bit so we're going to usually,choose a daily budget you have daily or,lifetime i like to choose daily and it,will spend this amount daily within,reason a little bit less,if need be,so you can either edit this by switching,the toggle and if we look down you'll,see this continues to change on the,right side and one cool feature is if,you spend you know more than you're used,to in this account then it's going to,give you a bit of a warning so that you,don't overspend,now the issue that i was going to tell,you about and you can come up here and,edit this here as well is let's look,down here at leads in the bottom right,corner and if i go to ten dollars a day,you're going to see four to seven leads,five dollars a day three to thirteen one,dollar a day you'll see no leads now,i will come back to this once actually,select the location and it'll make more,sense but it's going to say zero leads,down here this does not mean you're,going to get zero leads,it's just facebook trying to get you to,spend more money in order to get better,results so after we choose our daily,budget which by the way i recommend,starting at least 20 a day because ad,cost is increasing choose your start,date i typically recommend starting you,know tomorrow to give your ad time to,get approved and then maybe we want to,run it for two weeks and run it,now i always recommend selecting an end,date because sometimes you'll run your,ad completely forget it's running and uh,you know you're you're wasting money so,now we've got our audience now again,this is the ninja stuff that i'm going,to be showing you at the end which is,basically going directly to the people,that are confirmed to be in the market,to buy or sell or most likely to be in,the market to buy or sell right now,that's where the craziness happens uh,but for now let's run our first ad so we,have to address the location so we're,going to come here you've got a couple,options people living in this location,or recently visited people living in,people recently in or people traveling,if you're in a market with a lot of,relocation you can get away with people,living in or recently in this location,because they might be recently there to,look at moving them however for markets,that are not popular for relocation,typically you just want to have people,living in there so we're going to choose,my city for example here,and again you'll only be able to do a 15,mile radius so let me show you what i,was talking about in terms of seeing,zero leads if we go down to ten dollars,a day you're going to see zero leads,here that's not the case you could still,get leads at 10 a day,but it is better to start to spend a,little bit more because again over time,ad costs has gone a little bit more,expensive so you can't choose age or,gender because of the fact that again,it's a specialized category this is,where things get crazy so not many,people know this which is really cool,trick so if you're in the united states,now you don't do this for canada i'll,explain what you do after but if you're,in the united states let's look at some,of the targeting options that we have we,have things like,zillow,and again for whatever reason facebook,sometimes takes a second you know for,this stuff to actually show up but,you've got things like zilla zillow jeez,trulia look at this one,for sale by owner,let's look at this mortgage loans,you have fha loans,you have you know,so what you can do is in the united,states you can kind of niche down a,little bit extra by going to people that,are more or less the type of people that,would be interested in buying or selling,right now now in canada i typically,leave this blank,just because we don't have some of these,options up here and thankfully uh,facebook's algorithm is so powerful that,it always is able to kind of within,reason after a few days figure out what,the right audience is,so that you don't have to so don't worry,about it if you're in canada leave it,blank but in the states you just have a,little cherry on top languages leave it,in most cases if you are running a,spanish ad maybe you're you know you've,got a big pull in the spanish or,hispanic community sure you can go ahead,and adjust this or french whatever,but i usually leave it blank,now you do not want to choose automatic,placements this is a big massive,waste of money,i spent over a million dollars on,facebook ads in 2021 and i've proven,what works so we want to make sure that,we're going to what works and not,wasting money this is facebook just,trying to use more of your money so what,we're going to do is we're going to just,use the trustee 3 that i've always used,and we've again approved this with,millions of dollars worth of data um,that we've spent with our own money,so usually what i like to do is use,facebook news feed instagram feed and,marketplace and those are the three that,i always recommend using so you don't,waste money now what we're going to do,is come down to the last part you can't,choose anything for you know optimize,leads because we want leads and then,cost control,you can leave this as well so now let's,go on to the last component which is,going to be the ad set or the which is,going to be the ad and this is going to,be the copy the creative in the lead,form and then we'll get into sellers and,the ninja trick so again typically,recommend the ad name so maybe,you know,own,buyers lead gen whatever just think,literal,you have to connect your instagram,account,so making sure that you've got that,dialed in,and then now what we're going to do is,we're going to come down here and for,your ad setup you've got a couple,different options you've got single,image or video and then carousel now,i typically find that for most,properties unless they're stunning and,the photos are incredible the single,image works very well because it,intrigues people however,when you have a property that is,gorgeous inside or any unique features,inside that really would entice people i,recommend using carousel let's play a,little game here because there's three,photos that you should not be including,in a carousel because they are the three,key decision making photos and if you,give them your ad cost goes up your,conversion goes down because people have,enough information to make an educated,decision if you leave them out your ad,cost goes down and your conversion,skyrockets drop a comment and let me,know if you think you know what the,three photos you should leave out are,and i will reply to you with the correct,answer so we're gonna use a single photo,for this example and now we get to edit,the media which is going to be the,creative the photo or the video so let's,go ahead and edit this,now we can come back and you can see,here,we're going to add media now we're going,to be doing first the buyer's lead,generation so we'll just choose a,picture of like a a property for example,um you know something that relates to,your market this was a,um you know all of these were my,listings so we can do this now,original or,one-to-one square,always choose square if you look at this,and you choose original and the,horizontal landscape picture it for pun,intended takes up less real estate space,on somebody's screen because you can see,the blank spot above in the bottom,whereas square takes up the most amount,of space possible so you want to choose,square so that it takes up more people's,screen now we've got the options of text,so for the buyers one what we're,typically going to do is like a custom,list of homes on the most popular,properties under a certain price point,in your market,and you want to choose a price point,that's the average price point in your,market so people that are moving up,first some home buyers moving down,moving laterally can afford it it's,going to open up your volume of,potential leads additionally you want to,use a photo that's about 50 to 100 000,more than that price point so that it,entices people to click because they,might think that that's a property that,is actually of that price point but you,didn't say that it is it's just a,representation um and you always want to,choose a property that is relatively,specific to your market and the types of,homes that are there so in my you know,free training if you comment below,you'll get it i actually give you the,exact text but i'll just make it up so,attention calgary,the market is,hot,and we can just toss some emojis kind of,break it up,and buyers are losing out on homes every,day,these are the,most popular listings,under,500k,active rate now,this list is updated in real time,every day,so you won't ever miss a property,when it,goes,active or whatever,and then typically what i like to do is,just put in your contact information,down here,just again another opportunity to,potentially get reached out by,every opportunity account so you know,mike at,you know whatever uh dot com,and you can see over here on the right,hand side you've got the ability to look,at how this is going to show up on,facebook instagram and marketplace let's,do the headline first um and then i'll,show you what that looks like most,popular listings under,500k,right now something like that um and,then if we look we can check facebook,instagram newsfeed and the facebook,marketplace,and usually for the call to action you,want to use learn more just because it,converts the highest again we've spent,endless amounts of money testing this,and now what we're going to do is come,down and create the lead form so we're,going to click continue now for the lead,form name a very literal calgary home,buyers march 1st 2022 whatever,two types of forms more intent higher or,more volume higher intent if you're on a,smaller budget 20 or an under i,recommend more volume if you've got a,higher budget you can do more intent the,only difference is with more volume it's,the lead form is going to capture their,information and then it's just going to,submit it to you with the higher intent,you'll see look down here review screen,it actually prompts the uh you know the,lead to confirm their information so,hopefully you get warmer leads um so,we'll do more volume you've got your,intro,i typically recommend just using the,image that's in your ad but you can,change it if you want to,where,would you like us to send the,free list of homes,you don't need to put a paragraph down,here don't worry about that,now for the questions i always recommend,you want name email phone number so,typically you want naming you a phone,number like this um and you can drag and,drop if you want you know name to show,up first and then you get a privacy,policy so the privacy policy if you have,a website which everybody should and,that's you know one of the many benefits,of getting kvcor for free at exp um,come down here put the um or sorry put,the link up here for the privacy policy,and there you go,now the last part is completion so let's,talk about this for a second thank you,click below for your free list of homes,and then you can put something like a,call to action if you want to,know more about these properties or book,a showing or know anything else about,the market feel free to contact me put,your contact information there so let's,look at this for example view free list,of homes you've got a couple things for,this link and this link again with the,exact link if you use traffic in the,beginning to just send people directly,there so in an ideal situation if you,were doing traffic again we would be,doing for this example,in my city calgary we're going to do,single family,and we're doing under five hundred,thousand dollars is what we chose for,this ad,and we're just going to select this and,this is automatically sorted by,popularity so it's the most popular,listings under 500 000,and we are just going to put this link,in here but again i said that you can do,lead generation if you don't have an idx,website so a couple different variations,if your brokerage has an idx website or,a website with properties toss them over,there if not what you can do is you can,just put you know,view my website here or something like,that and then what you can do is you can,put a link to your facebook page your,website or anything even if it's not an,idx and then because you've got their,information you'll just have to manually,reach out and then set them up on an mls,search and then you'll be able to get,the lead going now let's talk quickly,about sellers so if you're doing sellers,exact same process start to finish the,only difference is that for example for,the media typically what you want to do,is one of two options either a a photo,like this that i'm gonna use which is,the big sold sign of happy clients,outside of the property this works,incredibly well because they can relate,to it people can relate to the fact that,again it's an emotional thing when,people can see the excitement the,happiness and the emotion that you know,other people that have worked with you,have gotten then that's going to be a,great opportunity the alternative is,like this photo here,where you can if i hover over this,you'll see,and what this is is you can see it's,like a property with a sold banner,and contact information so if you sold,the property that's a great way to get,other sellers because you prove you got,the job done i prefer to take the more,emotional connection route which is like,this,where i've got happy clients that sold,that property so all that you would do,is change the image and write texts more,so along the lines of you know congrats,to my incredible sellers for selling,their product home for x list price in x,amount of days um you know and then put,like a a bit of a testimonial about how,much they loved working with you and,then the call to action there is usually,if you want to know my creative and,innovative marketing strategies to get,home sold for more money in less time,then click below and you know you can,get my free seller's guide and drive,traffic to a free seller's guide or you,could drive traffic to a website blog,article or even better yet a youtube,video so now let's look at the ninja,trick so we're going to come back here,and we're going to exit out of this and,what i'm going to do is i'm just going,to come over here and i'm going to,take you on a little bit of a journey,and show you this ninja trick that,people use if you really want a niche,down,so what we're going to do,is we're going to come over here to,campaigns again if you want to see um,validate that i spent a million dollars,last year you can see my daily budgets,on many things that i was running the,entire year um what we're going to do is,come up here to tools and go to,audiences now this is where you're going,to actually create your,retargeting audiences so if you wanted,to create a retarget audience you would,click custom audience now i've got,lookalike and special ad audiences so,the strategy here is a special ad,lookalike audience and what a lookalike,audience is is you can upload your,database and a past clients that have,already bought or sold with you and what,facebook will do is go find more people,like that because of their online search,patterns facebook knows exactly who else,is you know having those certain,patterns and behaviors online which,means they are the most likely to buy or,sell right now in your market and the,only way to do that is come up here to,the customer list and your sources will,be customer list you can see all the,different other options,you can download the formatting guides,to see how you can actually do this you,don't need a lifetime value of a,customer because that's for e-commerce,and products and again if you just want,to see like a really quick example of,this i'll use like a mock,kind of example of a csv,and then you would just come through,here and you would kind of you know put,in you know names and,um kind of match each of these fields,and then you'd import and create um so,what this is going to do is again you,can see that all of these rows updated,and it's right here and it's populating,because we just uploaded it and then,what you'll be doing is come over to,special ad audience and this is going to,allow you,again i like two degrees of freedom it's,going to allow you to create a,look-alike audience using that customer,list so you come over here pick the one,that again is your past client database,um you have to choose the country and,again don't worry about it i'll show you,how to niche down after this and then i,usually like ten and two,and then you just create the audience,i've already created it as an example,right here and then the only difference,is whenever remember back when i showed,you here's all the crazy crazy audiences,that you could choose from when we were,choosing the targeting well,that's exactly what we're going to do,is whenever you want to go back to,creating this ad then you will just go,to that so let me go ahead and just show,you quickly,so that you know exactly what you could,do we will come back here and go to,my other account,that we were using previously and then i,will show this to you um in terms of the,ad set so if we come back here to the ad,set and we wanted to edit this,for calgary buyers legion this is the ad,that we literally just created um if we,wanted to come down here,i would be able to again under the,audience i would just click here special,audience or crush some audiences and,here's where they would be it's right,there so use that to run your ads so,that hopefully guys is going to give you,a clear explanation of all the different,ninja tricks you could do in order to,crush you with facebook ads in 2022 if,you have any other questions drop a,comment below hopefully you'll check out,my free social media training that,breaks down every single platform,because facebook,is great but i can tell you that there's,other platforms that are way better way,cheaper and way higher converting for,lead generation and if you want to know,check it out so thanks so much for,tuning in as always please make sure to,like comment subscribe and we will see,you next time

The above is a brief introduction to seller ads on facebook how to

Let's move on to the first section of seller ads on facebook how to

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Want real estate seller leads? Here are 3 Facebook ads to attract sellers you can create in minutes.

Want real estate seller leads? Here are 3 Facebook ads to attract sellers you can create in minutes.

well hi everybody ray wood here for best,agents and we've been getting a lot of,email traffic in the last month or so,from agents looking for more information,about,facebook marketing that actually gets,results so that's what we've been,focusing on probably for the last couple,of years so in this video i'm going to,actually show you where have i written,my notes here here we go i'm going to,show you how to set up three lead,generating facebook ads i'm going to,show you how we set up the visual ad the,copy and the all-important landing page,that captures the seller info and sends,it directly to you for follow-up so the,mission is that you spend,less time actually prospecting looking,under rocks for listings,door knocking whatever,and more time following up with people,that actually want to hear from you so,this is a prospecting,method that you can use that you can,actually scale to win more listings and,more sales so let's take a look,individually at these ads i'm going to,show you the copy which is right here so,this is just sample copy ocean grows,real estate market is running hot right,now so we can the the graphic here is is,really doing the heavy lifting for us,people can see that the market is up 36,percent we're telling them that the,larger dots obviously indicate the,higher price properties the smaller dots,the smaller ones,and,social media has really taught us to be,visual animals so we're looking more at,the visuals our eyes are drawn more to,the visual than the copies so i think,the eye normally goes okay we're on to,the visual from a marketing point of,view,next we're looking at the copy to find,out what it's all about okay i'm,interested so i'm clicking on the,virtual market update,link below now if i click that it will,take me to this page here and it's,simple simply inviting the clicker to,find out how much their property is,worth in ocean grove or,in barwon heads and they complete that,information and when they complete that,information and they click order down,here that is automatically sent to jason,who's who owns this ad,as you can see jason bermstro from,hodges in ocean grove good day jason and,that is that information sent to jason,for follow-up so,he all he needs to do is set up this ad,and he is off to the races ad number two,is a little bit different and it's,actually an ad for buyers and you're,going to say ray don't you know that the,market's booming and buyers are falling,out of trees,hey i'm aware of that i know exactly,what's going on the reason that we do,this is because many buyers are actually,sellers so what we're doing is kind of a,reverse way we're giving buyers some,attention and some care,and it's kind of a reverse way to,attract sellers because as i said 20 to,30 percent we're finding of buyers are,actually sellers so you want to get,these names and this con this contact,info into your funnel so here we go our,complimentary buyer's support program,not only keeps you posted on recent,sales you'll also be first to be the,first to discover new homes as they hit,the market click here to get started now,when they click on that link it,automatically takes them straight to,this,online buyer support program where they,jump through a few hoops so if they're,not serious buyers they're not going to,be completing this,and you want to be making these,relationships with potential buyers in,your area so when you do get a new,listing you can give them the heads up,on what's going on and also,they might be selling as well so you can,see down here do you need to sell a,property yes maybe or no the third ad,that we're looking at here is all around,um selling in the area it's it's a,visual lovely visual of the beach of,ocean grove at ocean grove and you can,see here we've started with a,testimonial which is a pretty cool way,of doing it so i love testimonials or,client reviews because,instead of us telling the potential,client how good we are somebody else is,actually doing the work for us so in,this case if you're looking for the best,agents in ocean grove i promise you,won't be disappointed damon nash sold an,ocean grove with jason and lauren find,out how much your home is worth today,now this actually leads to a third,landing page that we've built for jason,and his business partner lauren and it,looks like this,nice and easy,you all the co the copies on the left,the opt-in information is on the right,and,all they need to do is log is is,complete that information and when they,click book your market update now again,that information goes straight to jason,and lauren so you can see,there there are the three ads that that,we've completed,one two three and there's no reason why,they can't be running uh at the same,time,to attract different sellers in,different markets and you can test them,against each other and actually see,which one is working and then you can,decide on your ad spend so,how do we create these visuals well,pretty easy actually if we're creating,where are we here's here's the ocean,grove is up now this is already a preset,uh template inside of jiggler so you can,actually grab this one inside of jiggler,the other two are in our jiggler teams,account for best agents members if,you're not a best agents member and,you'd like to know more email me with,your postcode or area,and i will let you know if it's,available setting up this content is,really easy,all you need to do is if you want to,just add another property you can add,something there like that change it edit,it do whatever you want to do so if i,want to make that's another sale there,say for 4.81,and there we go it's that easy and all,you need to do there is save it,and it's saving,then all you need to do is download the,jiggle and you download it as a jpeg,straight there like that and that just,takes seconds and that's automatically,done the second ad that we did is this,image here so what i did is i found a,lovely image online now be careful with,the images you need to own them or you,need to purchase them if you're looking,for a good beach image you can go to a,site called,dot where you can,either buy or get images for free,so that's a pretty cool way to to get,images but that's exactly what we did,there so i found the image i uploaded it,and i put my copy there and it didn't,really look as,it didn't really look as sharp as i,wanted to so i set this i set this type,up,over the image i wanted it i wanted i,wanted it to stand out just a little bit,more so what i did in this case is i,grabbed simply a shape,and i put it over,the whole thing like,that,and i made it a darker color,like so,and,i click select to keep it then i wound,back the transparency,so i can get a better look at my image,behind it now at this stage,this image here is you can see down,there it's still in front of the type,right of the white type so i put that,over and while this is highlighted i,simply clicked move down,and it moved it straight down and,there's my image so same thing i save,and it's going to save it into my,jiggles and i download it as well as a,jpeg,bang download it as a jpeg and again,that's only seconds the third one okay,this is the one okay same thing this is,where i got an image and i did the same,thing here i put some copy together,pretty quick and easy and i just got a,circle and again you can see how i've,wound the trans transparency of that,circle right down so my copy stands out,a little bit stronger and sort of draws,the eye,to it so,so it's that easy if you'd like to know,more if you'd like to set up some some,facebook advertising you can do this on,a shoestring let me know we'll find out,if your area is available now just a,disclaimer,yes the leads come in and they work but,they need to be followed up there is no,magic,to,prospecting or there's no magic to to,social media marketing and having leads,come through when listings fall in your,lap it can happen people can call you,and say hey i'm ready to sell can you,come around,but,for the large part you're putting you're,putting potential sellers into the top,of your funnel you're nurturing them,then converting them to listings and,sales,so that's the scoop that's the mission,and that's the message from me,like i said if you'd like any more info,please reach out let me know dream big,and take names,i

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