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Facebook Business Manager for Agencies Tutorial: Managing Facebook Ads- Are you finally ready to sta

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Facebook Business Manager for Agencies Tutorial: Managing Facebook Ads

- Are you finally ready to start running Facebook,and Instagram ads for clients,but aren't sure how to set up the accounts,,billing, and more?,Running ads for clients is a great way,to grow your business.,But there are critical steps that you need to take,to ensure that you're doing it properly.,By the end of this video, you will have what you need,to start running ads for clients.,We'll walk you through Facebook Business Manager,,connecting as a partner,,getting access to your client's ad account, and pixel data.,And make sure you stick around to the end,because I'll show you how to report on your results,to your client, your employer, or your team.,So before we get into the screen share,,I want to give you a little bit of context,about the best way to run ads for clients.,And that is through business manager access.,If your client doesn't have the Business Manager,,they should.,That is the preferred way of running Facebook ads.,Now, there are two ways to get connected,into someone's Business Manager.,The first way is with a personal account,where you're added into their Business Manager,and given employee access.,The second way is through partners.,And that's where they are adding your Business Manager,into their Business Manager,and giving you access to their assets.,And that, in my opinion,,is the preferred way to run ads for clients.,Now, if your client does not have,a Business Manager account, you'll have to get that set up.,And we have some links for you,to help you do that in the description.,There are several reasons why you want to run Facebook,and Instagram ads on your client's ad account,and not your own.,The first reason is because of pixel data.,The client will retain all of the pixel data,and it will not get confused with any other pixel data,that might be on an ad account.,The second reason is because of billing.,There can't be multiple billing methods,on a single ad account.,So the client will have their billing method attached,to their own ad account and be responsible for that.,The third reason is because,if you're running ads for multiple clients on one account,and that account gets shut down,,you're putting all of your clients' ads at risk.,I'm going to show you one way,to connect your Business Manager,to your client's Business Manager.,So, go to,From there, you should see the name of your Business Manager,at the top of the screen.,Scroll down on the left side to Business Info.,Your Business Manager ID is right at the top.,Then you want to copy that Business Manager ID,and send it to your clients,and walk them through these steps.,First, have them go into their Business Manager,in the settings.,Make sure that their Business Manager name,is at the top of the screen.,Then under Users, they're going to click on Partners.,Then they're going to click on the blue add button,and say, give a partner access to your assets.,And then they will type your Business Manager ID,into the Add a New Partner pop-up.,So once they type that in, then click Next.,Now they're going to select the assets,that they need to give you access to,,which includes both their Facebook page,and their Facebook ad account.,So select Pages on the left side,,click on the radio button next to the page,,and then select Create Ads on the right side.,Before you click Save Changes,,make sure you go to the ad accounts on the left side,to also give you access to their ad account.,From there, you will select the ad account,and then select Manage Campaigns on the right side.,Now you'll click Save Changes,and you'll have access into their Business Manager.,One of the common pitfalls is that their page,or their ad account isn't showing in that screen.,If that's the case, they have not added their page,or their ad account into their Business Manager as an asset.,So they first have to do that,in order to give you access to those assets.,And again, the link to that Business Manager tutorial video,is in the description.,You will get an email notification letting you know,that you have been added into their Business Manager.,Now that you have that connection made,,your final step is to give permissions,to the people in your Business Manager,to be able to access that asset.,So you'll go into your Business settings,,select Pages on the left side.,Then you'll find the page that you've been given access to,and select Add People.,A pop-up will appear,and you will give yourself and/or team members,the ability to create ads with that page.,We repeat the process with the ad accounts on the left side,,select the people to manage the campaigns, and click Assign.,So now that you've got the assets assigned,,you can go into your ads manager and use the dropdown menu,to navigate between client accounts.,One common issue is that,the client hasn't named their ad account,,and so you'll just see a long string of numbers.,But if you use the dropdown menu,,you'll always be able to see,the Business Manager name there.,So, now that you're connected and running campaigns,,your clients are going to want to see the results.,An easy way to do this is using a link,in the ads manager reporting area.,In your main ads manager area,,what you're going to do is customize the columns,to show your clients the data that they want to see.,When you've saved that,,you can then go to the Reports drop down menu,and select Share Link.,Copy that link and share the link with your client.,So, click here to learn about how to create great reports,for your clients,,and click here to learn more about the Business Manager.,And congratulations on learning how to run Facebook,and Instagram ads for your clients.

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Who Pays For Your Clients Facebook Ads? SMMA

Who Pays For Your Clients Facebook Ads? SMMA

so guys you're starting your social,media marketing agency or maybe you,already have started one you're looking,to get clients you have an idea about,how you're gonna do your outreach you,know how to price your services but who,pays for the ad spend so guys welcome,back to Channel Montel Gordon here feels,good to be back on YouTube I've actually,just come back from the United States I,actually had a holiday I took a vacation,out to New York with a couple of friends,of mine,shoutout to my friend if you're watching,this now Holliday was literally,legendary the holiday was something I,wouldn't even it wasn't even remotely,possible this time last year this time,last year I was really just getting,started in the whole consulting offering,a service online type of thing I,actually was helping people generate,leads for their agencies I was actually,being a consultant and actually,consulting people on about how to go,about generating leads because I,actually figured out a way to generate,leads really really quickly with an,automated system which is called my lead,source and alchemy system if you still,want to enroll in that program I am,actually still I'm actually going to be,updating that program as time goes along,as well so if you want to enroll in that,I'll leave a link below but guys if,you're new to the channel make sure you,drop in like comment subscribe make sure,you turn on the notification belt and,actually make sure you drop a comment I,believe I already said that but it,really does help me with the algorithm,here on YouTube YouTube is always,changing share around and it really does,help me with the algorithm helps me,reach more people and spread positivity,and spread my message to more people so,guys like I said I've actually just come,back from New York City I was out there,for 10 days of a couple of friends of,mine I think there were six of us in,total if yes there were six of us and we,had a great time we just went out,partying we did all the sightseeing,stuff well I did anyway I went to the,top of the,Empire State Building I seen the Statue,of Liberty they all sorts of great stuff,went through Central Park High buy for,Central Park I'll probably release a,whole vlog on that but in today's video,what I want to break down is who pays,for the ad spend when you have a client,how do you go about you know charging,the ad spend do you even charge the ad,spend who pays for the ad spend how does,that go about what's the conversation,there so guys what any favor do let's,break this down ASAP so who should be,paid in the ad spend for when it comes,to client campaigns now I'll keep this,short and sweet I'll get straight to the,point,your client pays for the ads you do not,pay for the ads with that being said,what I want you to do is make sure you,keep your ad spend and your service,price completely separate you need to go,in and frame it that way so whenever,you're talking to a potential client you,need to make sure that they understand,that your service fee and the fee for,the ads or the ad spend budget so the ad,the money you're actually going to be,using to pay Facebook to actually run,the ads and serve up impressions and,stuff like that it's completely separate,to your ads metric to completely,separate entities to supper things I,need to keep that that separate so guys,when you keep these two different fees,completely separate it just makes,everything very streamline very,automated very easy to see how much is,going out each and every month from what,you're getting paid and stuff like that,so guys like I said your client pays for,the ads and you want to keep your,service fee and the ad spent budget,completely separate now the best way to,do this is make sure you frame it,correctly and what I mean by that is you,don't want to you don't want to seem,like you're charging your potential,client twice nobody likes paying for,anything twice guys now the way how I,frame this is I'll when it comes to the,sales call at the end of the sales call,I drop my price my service fee I'll save,my fee for managing all of this for you,is only that's a little bit of a sales,strategy I use by the way if you want to,take that feel free to you know take,inspiration from that but what I do is,I'll say to manage all of this for you,so I make it seem big it's only X,dollars per month so I'll say you know,to manage all of your Facebook ads and,your campaigns for you is only one file,dollars per month and then you decide,your ad spend you see that's the key,there I say at the end of my price I say,and then you decide the ad spent so that,key little phrase there and shows that,they know that my service fee is,completely separate from the fee that's,going to be used on Facebook ads now,guys how do you go about doing this and,separating fees and stuff like that so,first and foremost guys how you go about,separating these fees is this so you,want to make sure you're not actually,charging your client for the ads so for,example let's say theoretically speaking,the you're gonna use $500 for the ads,and your service fee is $1,000 you don't,then charge your your your client 1,500,you don't actually take that I'd spend,booted from them what you do is you keep,their card on file and what I mean by,that is in the backend of Facebook when,you get access to that account you want,to make sure that in your onboarding,process they've actually celled their ad,account in the correct way and for those,of you guys who are in my fold,mentorship program I'll show you exactly,how to do this with an automated follow,the onboard clients for you,automatically if you guys want more,information about that I'll leave a link,below,but essentially guys what you need to do,is make sure that your clients card is,actually linked up with their ad account,their own an account and then you gain,access to their ad account when you,onboard them so guys in layman's terms,in the most simple way I can put this,your clients card is connected to their,ad account you then as an third party,get access to their ad account and you,can spend X amount of dollars on that,account and guys you want to make sure,you obviously set a limit when you go in,and actually you know start running ads,on your your clients ad account so you,don't accidentally overspend make sure,you don't actually accidentally over,spend you probably wouldn't overspend,guys because you should be checking up,on your clients campaigns regularly,enough to you know know how much you're,actually spending and whatnot so guys,the big big question I know you guys are,all probably having right now is okay,Montel I understand now my my service,fee is completely separate and by the,way if you don't know how to price your,services I'll leave a link I don't know,which side it is but I'll leave the,little card you know those youtubers,that show,the card at the top trying to upgrade,the personal brand ear so I'll throw in,the card I'm not too sure what side it,is,but you'll be able to click on that,video and that's a video about how to,price your services you'll probably need,to watch that first in order to,understand this next point so when it,comes to setting an ad spending budget,because I know a lot of that you get,confused about this cuz you get you've,asked minutes all the time especially on,my Instagram if you haven't follow my,Instagram make sure you follow me on,Instagram but essentially guys when you,are deciding ad spend budget first of,all you need to be speaking with your,client talking about what their actual,goals are what the outcomes are gonna be,for each and every month how many,customers they're trying to generate,what their customer lifetime value is,what you're actually going to be,charging them service fee wise so you,can see how much it's gonna cost them in,total so you can formulate what it's,going to take you in order to generate,them so that they can get a X or 3x,return on investment you see again this,probably won't make sense to you unless,you watch the how to price your services,video here on my channel so what I'm,trying to say you guys is you want to,make sure you reverse engineer your,numbers you need to know what you're,aiming for for that particular month in,terms of how many customers you're,trying to generate first of all how many,leads you're trying to generate what,that conversion rate is to you know,leads to an actual customer and how many,customers are trying to generate each,and every month and then you can decide,your ad spend budget so guys I wasn't,really planning on jumping into my,computer but I just think it might be,easier for you to see on the screen if I,just break down these numbers really,quickly on my laptop so what I'll do is,I'll jump into my computer I'll show you,how you can figure out how how much I'd,spend what you need realistically cuz I,don't think anybody's actually done this,on YouTube I'm not seeing anybody do,this quite as detail like this so,without any further ado let's jump,straight into my laptop and by the way,if the audio is bad on this video or in,my laptop please forgive me I have,forgot my mics,they're actually at home no home right,now so please forgive me if the audio is,bad but without any further ado let's,jump into my laptop real quick so guys,there's a couple things you're going to,need to,figure out and work out and speak to,your client about so first and foremost,you're gonna need the clients customer,lifetime value that's what C LTV stands,for customer lifetime value so guys,let's say you're in the gym nation your,your clients customers lifetime value is,$500 so each customer is worth $500 to,those now you need to figure out what,the average cost per lead is so how much,is gonna cost you to generate a new gym,lead for them so if you don't know this,number you can actually go and look at,industry average if you just go and,google this so if you go to Google and,just type in what's the average cost per,lead for gyms you can actually go and,find that number pretty easily by the,way guys these are all like really,random made-up numbers so don't copy,this but obviously plug and play your,numbers here where it makes sense to so,guys let's say you talk to your client,and you ask them what their you know,their conversion rate is so you need to,go and ask your client what their actual,conversion rate is so you need to,basically sit them down and be like so,so and so let's say let's say that name,is John so John let's say I if I bring,you ten leads out of every 10 means how,many do you reckon you could convert,into a new customer so you need to go,and ask them that and they will give you,a figure if they don't know a figure ask,them to ballpark the figure but you need,to get this figure so or else the rest,of the form you won't basically work so,guys let's say that the the conversion,rate is 10% now,once you've figured out your service fee,again service fee is completely separate,from adspend budget if you don't know,how to price your services go and watch,my previous video to see how you work,out your service fee now I recommend you,aim for at least a 2x return on your on,your service fee so what I mean by that,is if your service fee is $1,000 so,you're gonna be charging them $1,000 per,month you want to make sure you bring,them back at least double now I actually,recommend you do a 3x ROI but at the,bare minimum you should be doing a 2x,return on investment guys so guys in,this particular scenario to make your,client in this with with these numbers a,2x return on investment on your service,fee you need to basically make them 2k,in a single month based on,my lifetime value again customer lights,on values is basically how much a,customer is worth to your client over a,over their lifetime essentially so how,you figure this out is you take the what,you're trying to aim for which is $2,000,let me put a dollar sign here,and you divide it by the customer,lifetime value which means you need to,generate them for new customers in a,single month for that month to have had,a 2x return on your service fee now once,you've got this magical number it,becomes really really easy especially,when you have the conversion rate as,well because to get for new customers at,10 percent conversion rate you need to,generate them for elite in a in one,single month so what I mean by that is,in order to get them full of customers,you need to generate 40 leads and if,their number is 1 in every 10 that means,they're going to generate for new,customers so the math works out now all,you have to do now is take your four,leads and times by your cost per lead so,for elites will actually cost you $400,based on the cost per lead figure CPL,stands for cost per lead cost per lead,basically means how much is costing you,to generate one new lead and again in,this scenario to get a 2x return on,investment and to generate for new,customers we need to generate 40 leads,which is going to cost $400 in one month,so that would be your ad spend budget so,400 dollars equals ad spend,budget for not mom so guys that's the,exact same formula I use to watch to,figure out what the ad spam budget is,going to be for my clients again make,sure you're factoring in certain things,here in there so let's say your work,with the e-commerce client is going to,be obviously a little bit different,because you're not trying to generate,leads you're trying to generate sales so,you probably need to factor in what it's,costing you per sale basically opera Add,to Cart how many of those ad carts then,turn to actual purchases that sort of,stuff so make sure you just get your,numbers and then reverse engineer your,numbers step by step work with your,client ask them what the conversion rate,is if you're working with like local,businesses where they have to convert,the leads themselves but essentially,guys that's the formula I use hopefully,you can take this and,and reverse the end reverse-engineer the,numbers in your particular niche,whatever an issue may be in I believe,this will work for pretty much every,niche there probably is a few exceptions,here and there to the rule there always,is,now guys with that being said I hope,you've enjoyed this video and I hope,that this formulas helped you out a,little bit I hope that it's cleared up,the whole you know who pays for the ad,spend how do you go about separating it,again guys it's really easy your ad,spend and your service fee completely,two different things you want to frame,it in a way where it sounds like the,clients not getting charged twice the,way how I do that is by saying my,service fee is X per month and then you,decide your own ad budget that basically,makes it sound like they are in control,of the ad budget we also make the sound,like you know it's two different two,completely separate things that's a,great way to frame it and that's the way,how I do it the way you go about getting,ad spend is you don't then charge your,client for example if the ad spend,budget is going to be five hundred,dollars and your service fee is $1,000,you don't then charge them fifteen,hundred dollars you just charge them one,thousand dollars and then what happens,is their card is linked to their ad,account you get access to their ad,account and you run ads on their behalf,and you can spend up up to that five,hundred dollars so you've only tried to,one thousand dollars but they're called,their own MX MX or whatever you want to,call it is on their ad account and then,you can use that account and spend money,for the ads on there and that's how you,want to go by separating it and this,formula right here that I've actually,just shown you a second ago on my laptop,is the same forming that I use to,actually figure out that's been budget,so that being said guys I hope that,you've enjoyed this video I hope that,you you know gain some sort of knowledge,some wisdom from this if you have please,drop me a like comment and subscribe,again you're really helped me with the,algorithm for those of you are wondering,about my four week mentorship program,that is still on I am now on enrolling,new students because it's the you know,start February right now and I do have,spots open I don't like to work with too,many people at one time and that's not,no BS case issue types that you guys,know me I'm straight authentic I don't,like to wear myself in I have clients,and whatnot I have to attend to I have a,business,as well got a YouTube thing the agency,it can get hectic I don't want to take,too many people on at once I'm just one,dude obviously I have contractors and,whatnot but guys without being said I'll,leave the links below for any like,one-on-one coaching you guys need,whoever that be a single coaching call,or the full week mentorship program I'll,leave that below but gang guys make sure,you drop me a like comment or subscribe,it reduce help me with the algorithm and,I'll see you guys in the next video,peace

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