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How I Find $10k/Day Winning Products (Full Strategy) in this video i'm going to show you,exactly how

Sharif Mohsin

Updated on Jan 13,2023

How I Find $10k/Day Winning Products (Full Strategy)

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How I Find $10k/Day Winning Products (Full Strategy)

in this video i'm going to show you,exactly how i find ten thousand dollar a,day drop shipping winning products and,then actually find one live with you,guys later in the video and now now hold,your horses before i actually get into,these methods i'm gonna show you guys,some results generated with some of,these methods i show you just so that,you guys know that this works and sort,of see what's possible when done right,so you guys can see on my screen here uh,we have this store at 10k a day uh for,today and uh this is just one of them,here is another store right here that we,did about 470 in sales for today nothing,crazy but this is a new product test and,yesterday we did 1200 so not bad but,this is just to show you guys that this,is possible,so mainly there are four important,factors that i look for when i'm looking,for these products and the first one is,don't reinvent the wheel find products,that are already selling in the market,by others and are already working for,others and grab those ideas and put your,own twist on it now the next criteria is,being able to market up by three times,so if you get it for 10 bucks make sure,you're able to sell it for at least,29.95 29.99 or whatever the case may be,now this doesn't apply to every single,situation so if you're getting the,product for two dollars don't try and,sell it for six and think it's fine,because you're gonna be left with no,margin there you know you've made a,profit,margin moving on to the next one is room,for improvement make sure you see some,room for improvement so if you're spying,on a competitor and you see that their,product page isn't that good or their,creative is just weak as hell you can,come into the market with a better,landing page and creative and crush them,now that's not always how it works,because a bad creative to you may be a,good creative to the market but you just,have to test it out now the last,criteria is having a problem solving or,some product that adds value to,someone's life in some certain way,knowledge now tick tock is a bit weird,and funky so some of the products can,just be quirky products and it might,work but in general if you're looking,for a product that is sort of guaranteed,and you want to be assured make sure it,solves or benefits or entertains the,customer in some way shape or form,all right with all that in mind we can,actually begin to look for a product to,start selling so i'm currently on this,software called pp ads i don't know why,in the world they would name it that and,another disclaimer it is a little bit,expensive so if you don't want to use,this i do have an alternative after this,so stay tuned for that but anyway once,we are in here we're going to be able to,see a bunch of other people's tick tock,ads so anyone who is running tick tock,ads their ad might pop up here and we,can pretty much spy on it look at their,store look at what they're selling look,at their videos and pretty much,everything so before we actually start,we're going to want to mess around with,these settings here for the country and,region i'm going to select united states,for the action button i'm going to do,shop now for the econ platform i'm gonna,select shopify and for the ad type i'm,gonna do non-branded right here and then,for the total likes i'm gonna move it up,to 400 right here and then that is,pretty much it you could play around,with just a bunch of these settings if,you'd like but with these current,settings we can pretty much start seeing,drop shipping ads so if you scroll down,we have body finesse right here you can,see the website name you can see the,impressions days and the popularity,pretty much this ad has been up for nine,days which is still pretty good and once,we click on the ad we can see the video,and it's for these shorts right here and,it's just some girl doing so your,average tick tock dance anyway we have,the ad right here and we have the,website so we could go over their,website and we can see how much it's,being sold for so it's being sold for,27.95 and if we go over to aliexpress i,have it pulled up right here for seven,bucks and that is a 3x margin so this,product might be a product you can,actually go for and if we just go to,their product description not gonna lie,it is pretty mid so that is something,that you can actually improve upon but,overall i think we pretty much found a,good product that you can actually start,selling we can get it for seven dollars,we can sell it for 27 it's something,that we can actually improve upon and it,is a problem solver so we pretty much,found a potential winning product on the,first try now there's multiple different,things you could do with this you can,also go ahead and type in 50 off in here,and click search and then we'll see just,a bunch of ads with 50 off and this is,what mostly drop shippers use so if we,keep scrolling we definitely might find,another potential product all right so,uh literally here is another potential,product it is pretty much a cup holder,and you can see it has 476 likes 10,comments and 114 shares which is pretty,crazy so basically if we go over to the,site uh we can pretty much see that,they're selling it for 26.99 and on,aliexpress it's at a solid 10 bucks,around so the margin is a little bit,lower than i want it to be you can see,what they're doing here is by two by,three and by four for a discounted price,so this is definitely helping their,margin increase so these are the cases,where you can actually sell at a lower,margin potential you can see their,website is pretty straight to the point,they have reviews um and it looks good,their creative is pretty on par but,there are just a ton of products on here,which you can find and also make sure to,play around with the settings don't just,use the settings that i showed in this,video play around with it tweak it a,little and make it your own,alright so with this method it's pretty,much free and all you need is your phone,so right here i am on tick tock and,basically what you want to do is scroll,on your feed this could be a new tick,tock account or an old tech talk account,and just keep scrolling until you see a,drop shipping ad and once we scroll i,already had this one up here what you,want to do is follow that drop shipping,account you want to play the video until,it is fully done playing so you just,want to watch it all the way through and,you just want to click shop now and go,ahead and add the product to your cart,you don't have to purchase it or,anything just add it to cart so now tick,tock thinks that you're interested in,these types of ads and it will start,feeding you more drop shipping ads so,you can see here we have another drop,shipping ad i'm gonna go ahead and like,it maybe even comment on it and then we,can go ahead and click purchase it now,uh maybe add it to cart and now we're,just gonna keep getting fed drop,shipping ads and here is another one yet,again or you can also go ahead and click,the three lines at the top click,settings and privacy go over to your ad,section right here click add experience,specialist and click join and watch ads,now this is going to feed you only ads,now not all of these are drop shipping,ads but if you keep scrolling you're,going to notice all of them are,sponsored and some of them may be drop,shipping ads like this one right here so,we can keep scrolling scrolling and here,is another ad now i'm not sure if this,is drop shipping or not but pretty much,you guys get the point of this so this,is pretty much a cool feature not all of,them are going to be drop shipping ads,but as you scroll you'll definitely find,some that are drop shipping now the last,thing you could do with tick tock is,actually go ahead and type in tick tock,made me buy it inside of the tick tock,search engine and then you could go over,the filter section right here and then,in the date posted you could go from all,time to this month and then you could go,ahead and click apply so pretty much,what this is going to do is show you,people who have posted this month on,tick tock with the hashtag tiktok menu,buy it which is typically tick-tock,trending products so we can see right,here the shower head is going insane now,one note to keep in mind is not all of,these products work with paid ads so,that's just something to keep in mind as,you're looking through these but there,are a lot of cool and unique products,through here as you keep looking so this,is also a pretty good way to find,products if you don't want to use other,softwares and you could literally just,do product research from your phone,all right moving on to the last but not,least product research method number,three,okay so this third product research,method is by a tool by the name of, and the link will be below,no rhyme intended there basically this,is for you if you don't want to do any,of the previous steps that i mentioned,and you pretty much want these given to,you so how it pretty much works is,there's going to be a daily winning,product delivered straight to your inbox,every single day uh once you are a part,of the box and you guys can pretty much,see here there are new products being,imported every single day and the,benefit of this is that if you click,view product you'll be able to view the,competitors video ad you'll be able to,download assets such as a custom video,if you'd like to download a video with,text and one with no text as well as the,ad copy and thumbnail and you can decide,whether you want facebook products or,tick tock products so it's pretty much,an all-in-one software it comes with the,description as well as the aliexpress,link the amazon link and the competitors,store link so this pretty much does all,the product research for you if you want,to join vans box the link will be below,but hey if you learned something new,like the video comment what videos you,want next and i'll see you guys in the,next one peace

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