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| Part 2 | How to Make $4000 A Week Selling Fragrances?!? what is up YouTube this was a semi-pro,so


Updated on Jan 11,2023

| Part 2 | How to Make $4000 A Week Selling Fragrances?!?

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| Part 2 | How to Make $4000 A Week Selling Fragrances?!?

what is up YouTube this was a semi-pro,so today I'm gonna be talking to you,about part two of how to make $4,000 a,week selling perfume in Cologne so guys,before we get started I just want to say,thank you to each and every one of you,because I've reached over 1,200,subscribers I think like 170,000 views,so I'm stoked about that and I see the,channel growing from here and I think,that there's great things in the future,plus I got all you guys that for the,support and for comments and in likes,and all that stuff so you know I,appreciate that stuff so much I don't,think you guys even understand how much,I do as you can see I'm rocking my,Cleveland Browns mug we are owned seven,and I'm damn proud of it all right guys,but being serious here,today it's all gonna be about the,fragrances so this is part two of the,series the first one I kind of just,introduced the idea of it to you guys,how I actually did end up getting a lot,of people that contacted me I think I,got over a dozen phone calls and texts,over the weekend hear back from you guys,so that's awesome alright guys so one,thing I didn't really touch up on in the,last video is where you can buy these,perfumes and colognes and what you could,get them for so the website is, true and her defect,defect of rating is like zero for me,I've never had trouble with not even one,bottle of hers so and every other,wholesaler I went through that they're,all on YouTube they're all over the,place I bought from them and that effect,the rate was incredibly high so I would,just get pissed off and I was sick of,those people so I finally found her only,reason why I'm helping her advertise,their business number one I have a lot,of you guys contacting me about getting,into the business so I had to find you,guys a reputable source and number two,she is that reputable source she's that,she sees that someone I'm very,comfortable with you know there,there's all kinds of wholesale website,guys that's why I want you guys realize,real quick there's so many places you,could get wholesale things off of but a,lot of them are untrustworthy this video,I'm gonna primarily focus on selling,techniques so let's just go and get,started so this is the aqua 10 or aqua,dgod 10 route let's go um yeah it's like,the compared to the aqua dgo but,regardless um here's what the bottle,looks like so what I normally do to a,customer this is kind of how I sell this,is like my route strategy and it works,for everybody so I'll go up to somebody,and be like or they'll be walking past,my stand at the flea market and I'll,just pop the cap off I'll pick a random,bottle pop the cap off or the ones,aren't selling and really just trying to,get them out sprayed in the cap and then,I'm gonna you got to smell this this is,you this is exactly what you need right,here you just got to get real personal,with people so they'll smell it they'll,go clean up bad looking at percentage,chances with all these different smells,the odds are they're gonna find at least,one that they like so that's the biggest,thing and whenever someone comes over,they have their wife with them they're,their husband with them they have their,kids whatever you know I'll start,getting in with them so how the guy try,that kind of look try not wait a minute,man you need this that it and you just,go back and forth and the biggest thing,the customers love to hear is,compliments for ladies a lot of times if,I see you know 40 56 year old lady come,up to me I'll be like oh my gosh how are,you you twenty years old because this is,you right here this is 20 year old,cologne and I are a perfume and I need,you to try this so they'll start,giggling laughing and then boom you got,the sale just because they love you so a,lot of times it's really not selling the,product as much as its own yourself so,that's the biggest thing and I have,people coming back to me year later then,I went to rest with my previous lot and,they're still like where where are the,Cologne in for a few where that I'm like,I don't really do that stuff anymore and,then I have now I'm in back into it,because I realized how big of a how big,of a demand there is for it I've been,doing fantastic with these and I,continue to keep growing and as I get,better at selling and as I as I develop,my own skills I hope you guys can join,this and I can help you guys and we can,help each other along this process,because the only way you're gonna make,money in this business you need to,realize that you will not make any money,in any business if you do not take the,initiative to start sometimes that is,the hardest part but you,to overcome the mentality that you're,gonna fail all this stuff you just need,to overcome all of it because the fact,is that you will never make any money if,you do not try,take for instance me and Michael Jordan,me and this dude right here standing,next to each other okay we both have a,basketball on her hand and there's a,hoop ten feet from us right now I shoot,the ball Michael Jordan never shoots the,ball he's the greatest player in NBA,history who has a better chance of,making it I do even though he's so much,more talented than me and I'm just a,white small kid who's not that good at,basketball and you got Michael Jordan,who's the greatest ever,I have better chances of making it,because I at least put out the effort to,try and do something so you know you see,all the time so many intelligent so many,extremely good businessmen and stuff,well we'll fail or never start a,business and just kind of be average,because they never actually started,never put in the initiative to actually,get going and in put in the work at the,beginning so guys I hope you learned,something new today I'm gonna be,covering a lot more coat of perfume and,we're gonna get into a lot more detail,like I said the website for hers is,below and somewhere in the description I,hope you guys check that out,just tell her Ryan sent you that would,do me a favor and I'd be really happy so,thank you so much see you guys

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