on average how many ads does a person see

Confessions of an Advertising Man - David Ogilvy | Rob's Best Business Books hey and welcome to anot

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

Confessions of an Advertising Man - David Ogilvy | Rob's Best Business Books

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Confessions of an Advertising Man - David Ogilvy | Rob's Best Business Books

hey and welcome to another edition of,rob's best,business books now if you are creative,or you're,you are in any kind of creative industry,or you create things for your job,today's book is a must must buy,hey rob spence here the managing,director of paragon sell solutions i'm a,sales trainer sales author,and overall sales geek now i've been,reviewing some of my best books,over the past couple of weeks and,i've loved sharing every single one of,them and now the book i want to share,with you today,is perhaps one of my favorites i'm not,gonna lie,it's not only favorite because it shared,a lot of information knowledge,and experience with me but it was quite,a fun read and kind of really took me,back to i guess,the old um you know the 1980s sales of,advertising space,i guess now i'm really rubbish with,pronunciation of names so,once again please do let me off if i,make a bit of a boo-boo,here but we're going to be looking at,confessions of an advertising man,by david gilvey ogilvie or gilvie i,don't know drop a comment below let me,know where i'm going wrong on that,confessions of an advertising man now,david gilby,was is probably known as the ultimate,advertising man the ad man,and we'll go on to that in a minute now,this book um i've picked up just by,chance i i,said when i bought i didn't really know,who he was i just saw it i think it was,probably cheap on ebay or something,knowing me i thought you know what,i will give that a go and it's been,a fantastic book i've just been flicking,through it again now before i've come on,to record this,and i actually found myself just sitting,here reading it i just,forgot that i actually had to record a,vlog here and it's such a great book now,it's not just a book for you know,marketeers,sales people creative people graphic,design web designers anything like that,it's a book for any business owner,because i'm a big believer that if you,are a business person not only are you a,salesperson but you're a marketeer,as well and at some point you're going,to have to either create,some form of content copy graphics,videos but you might have to oversee the,project delivery of some of those,and so you need some background,information on those things so that,when you are cross-checking those things,you got some knowledge to,to back you up so confessions of an,advertising man we'll just go through,the blurb here,david ogilvy was considered by as the,father of,was the father of advertising and a,genius by many of his high profile,clients,confessions of an advertising man is the,essential guide to modern advertising,and has become an international,bestseller translated into 14 languages,so this book includes the following how,to build great campaigns,how to manage an advertising agency how,to illustrate advertisements and posters,how to get clients how to keep clients,how to make good campaigns for food,products tourist destinations,proprietary,medicines how to be a good client how to,make good television commercials,how to write potent copy so,like i said earlier all the things that,as a business owner and sometimes even a,salesperson,you're gonna have to know and understand,um,let's have a little look at what it says,in here we admire people who work hard,who are objective and thorough,we detest office politicians toadies,bullets and pompous asses,we are bore ruthlessness the way upon,that is open to everybody,in promoting people to top jobs we are,influenced as much by their character as,anything else so said david gilby,pioneer,pioneering adman one of the founding,fathers of our modern,consumer society gilbee was an,advertising genius and this book is a,distillation,distillation of his successful concept,concepts,tactics and techniques expressed in a,typically robust style the author's,views are timeless and form a blueprint,for good practice in,business if you aspire to be a good,manager in any kind of business then,confessions of an advertising man,written by a brilliant salesman and an,inspirational boss,is a must read ultimately this book is,important because it's not just about,advertising,it's also about how people think and,behavior the sharp end of business,any business and that was um written by,sir alan,parker who i'll be honest i don't know,who is either,who is alan parker drop a comment below,let me know be good to know,um in terms of length of the book,because we always look at that,um you're looking at around 200 pages,201 page or something like that um,wording and the font is not too big,either and it's sh,it's cut up into lovely little,paragraphs so and one thing i really,love about this book is all those,lessons,we spoke about on the blurb there are,individual chapters so,you can literally pick the book big pick,the book up,quite easily put it down quite easily,too so confessions of a,advertising man is on our list of the,best,business books that you should buy,as always i cannot thank you enough for,watching this mini series i think,this one is our last one i think there,might be some more but i think it's the,last one,so there'll be a new mini series on the,back end of this,so i really appreciate you taking the,time to watch this i hope you've enjoyed,them i really do and look,your views are always important to me so,let me know what you think to these,videos drop a comment below what could i,be doing better,what do you want to know the more i,learn from you the better i can deliver,please do hit that subscribe button if,you're watching on youtube,and i really look forward to sharing the,next mini series with you,until next time all the best,you

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