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I Spent $10,000 On STRANGEST Facebook Marketplace Adsi've got ten thousand dollars in the,clothes on


Updated on Jan 23,2023

I Spent $10,000 On STRANGEST Facebook Marketplace Ads

i've got ten thousand dollars in the,clothes on my back and now we have to,survive on facebook marketplace let me,slow this down for a second about a year,ago i made a video where i spent one,thousand dollars on facebook marketplace,and i said if we got 70,000 likes we'd make the video again but,with 10 times the amount of money,70 000 likes we'll spend 10 000 let's go,baby,i'm mr beast last night i researched,these strangest ads i could possibly,find,in los angeles facebook marketplace so,we've been dropped off on the streets of,los angeles with our boxers and socks we,are starting at the bottom,the ground floor and the first stop is,right over here it's a yard sale where,hopefully we can buy some clothes i did,not tell them that we were showing up,naked so,this could be uh this could be an issue,i'm like loki nervous about this what if,he just like rejects us,i'm also nervous but i would really like,to not spend the rest of the day naked,hey how's it going,thanks for having me i know this is a,little strange we're making a youtube,video when we saw your sales so we had,to come by and get some clothes,uh the options are boundless one of,these right,where is the changing rooms i think,we're making the owners of the house,like,really uncomfortable this is a very,beautiful shop it's not a shop it's a,house,it's not a shop this is just a hint,you're gonna want some formal attire for,the end of the day,what does that mean so i have a secret,plan that i haven't told anybody about,today okay so you guys know fidelius,padillas came from this country called,cypress to america,to be a youtuber literally hunted me,down and now we're friends the problem,is if adidas doesn't get married and get,a green card he gets deported out of the,united states,so this girl damned to me said she,wanted to marry fides and i flew her out,from vegas to los angeles rented out a,giant hollywood mansion and have an,ordained minister coming to legally,marry them,uh everything that we're doing today is,to get fadis prepared for his wedding,that he doesn't know about,okay that's all i had to tell you all,right,and after spending literally five times,the amount of money i had to the guy,kissed his guitar goodbye and we were on,to our next stop,getting custom grills,i think that's our guy right there we,are literally in a grocery store parking,lot right now what's up baby yo,what it is grills if you saw the last,video you know i already actually,already have one for the top something,i'm gonna go in for the bottom and then,you guys,are all gonna get one for the for the,top who's the first,i i guess you're going first okay great,what does this taste like uh you ever,been to a dentist,not in the parking lot that is clean a,little hair in there you know,there's like there's a hair in there hey,don't worry it's just it's not going to,mess without his height,this is a street dentist you know what i,mean,two words i should not go together it,looks like you like it,yes it's just the beginning rest of the,day you're going to be,white right here oh,oh yeah it can't get no better than that,okay you like that way too much,let's go ahead and get these taken care,of for you by the end of the day i will,see you,in 12 hours you may or may not be a more,important part of this story,hint and we are gathered here today,bye buddy and i think our very special,ride is actually waiting for us in this,neighborhood right over here,so i paid sixteen hundred dollars for,this limo listing i found in facebook,marketplace so this is gonna be our form,of transportation,for the rest of the day oh,i saw only the bark and now it's huge,oh my gosh,how good is it do they not have limos in,cyprus not that big for sure,baby,okay literally not even drinking it when,we made,the last facebook marketplace video mac,was sleeping on a couch in my room in,atlanta,and we were completely broke i think i,spent the thousand dollars on a credit,card that i could not pay off so,the fact that we're doing this it's,crazy you guys have helped us get over a,million subscribers you guys are now,blowing fadees up for this you got like,80 000 subscribers,i love you guys so thank you guys for,making all this possible literally,everyone in this car's life has been,changed,by you guys so thank you with that being,said,the next part of the video is a little,thing i like to call hot girl summer,what basically what i mean by hot girl,summer is that i've spent two thousand,dollars on facebook marketplace,on a couple different experiences to,make sure that we look extra,hot i'm afraid of him and those,activities include waxing botox and a,celebrity trainer but first,we have waxing i got substantial chest,hair okay uh that's what lauren's done,with you i think she lives inside of,here,lauren why,but a creepy clown was not going to stop,me i ascended into lauren's lair to,redeem,my punishment i'm lauren who wants to go,first,massage no you wish what is this,you want to take an eyebrow off,no one who's like saying is going to do,that would be the first one,it was a pleasure to meet you bro i,would be a different person from now on,imagine his accent goes away he speaks,perfect english,i want to see in the mirror,i feel like you're going to get,sunburned right here can we find the,eyebrows,it's hot and slimy why is it like that,imagine putting this on your vegetables,so first imagine i have a,all right buddy fun's over for you huh,i'm looking to get my pits cleaned out,you know,yeah oh what the frick,oh my god oh there is blood,oh my god this reminds me of the water, am i good,you're good all right i'm out of here,waxing,hey it was a pleasure doing business,with you i wouldn't touch you,but wow that was great oh next,up in order to be the hottest girl in,summer we need our lips to be voluptuous,i couldn't believe that this existed on,facebook marketplace but you can,literally get your lips injected by a,stranger,lip fillers we're getting we're gonna,get lip fillers oh my god listen i know,what you guys are thinking homemade lip,injections bad idea eric,here's the thing i literally have no,choice but to entertain the mafia she's,got hot girl summer master do you have,medicine,no i have a boyfriend i'm better than,him i hope one day we can get you,married,intent foreshadowing 163.50,i should have made fidelia sign those,papers okay all right this is me huh,all right i'll be right back i'll get,the numbing cream okay thank you,numbing cream i mean dude if i look,significantly different i'm going to be,upset,i'm scared,how are you whoa my lips are so numb oh,no here we go,okay deeply,a girl summer oh my gosh before,this is after thick lips,well boys that was a regrettable,experience i will,literally do anything for the mafia so,you're welcome,our next stop is to get in shape we're a,celebrity trainer that goes by the name,of manly hands is going to be putting us,through boot camp what are manly hands,all right manly hands mr manley what's,up brother,dude you are jacked out of your mind,basically we're trying to achieve a look,that we like to call hot girl summer,any specific ideas or exercises you're,thinking about taking us through today,everybody grab a rock okay up yep now,all right you until i say stop here we,go up down okay we'll get your body,a wrestling match you versus this guy i,will put you in the test mr manley hunt,you've single-handedly gotten us ready,for uh hot girl summer so i appreciate,you,mr manly hands you want to come to our,next event,i'll send you the address right now,we'll be honored if you were there what,do we,owe you for the workout boss it was 6,30. what's up guys how are you what's,your name,carlos good to meet you bro it's your,birthday happy birthday bro,i got a little birthday present for you,okay so this guitar is yours the only,way you get this guitar though,is if you destroy it in front of our,eyes right now,this is the final stop i've carefully,calculated,arriving at this destination at the end,of the day and there's actually a reason,that we're,here and i haven't told you yeah what,better place to host a facebook,marketplace wedding than a facebook,marketplace,mansion this this is our facebook,marketplace house,i'm literally scared why are you scared,this is our humble abode whoa,wow we really did it,well said phidias well said how much of,this place cost uh,2500. don't we eat less if we spend more,money we,eat less the mafia eats more but there,is one way we can eat more about 50,of you guys aren't even subscribed to,the channel i i don't understand why how,could you watch a video not subscribe to,the channel it doesn't make any sense to,me at all,please for the love of god subscribe to,the channel did you enjoy this video,if you did hit that bad that being said,fadius,i have something to tell you no i don't,want to be fired,there's something that uh i've been,hiding from you all day,yeah you've been saying you've been,wanting a wife so,where we are right now this space this,view this is not just a house this is,your wedding venue,so i i had a dm from a lovely lady named,ashlynn who was,begging me to be your wife this is this,is her,what do you think i think she's,beautiful so we flew her in from vegas,today and she's in a car right now being,brought to this location to marry you,oh my god,and that's why we've been doing hot girl,summer all day was to prepare you for,your wedding day,that's why i got removed i'm actually,excited to introduce you to who your,officiant is,yeah who's that,that's right the guy who did our grills,earlier today is a legally ordained,minister and delivered our sweet grills,this is legally binding i get you iced,out get you wiped out,are you ready oh my god mark,it's happening bro i'm excited to see my,wife for the first time and get mad,what's your name,i don't know all that was left was to,keep fading,from getting deported i cannot believe,this is happening,oh my gosh,what's funny about this nothing i'm so,loved you have,beautiful eyes save those for the vows,we are gathered here today,to celebrate the unionization of our man,here fadius,i'm good and our lady ashlynn,the euphodius take miss ashland to be,your lawfully,wedded wife i say yes,and do you ashlynn take our mr fadias to,be your lawfully wedded husband,i say yes you may kiss the bride,we had completed hot girl summer phidias,was a married man but i still had three,thousand dollars to spend our new,married couple i have one more surprise,for you i spent the last three thousand,dollars of today's budget,on come on come with me now ever since,padilla's moved to los angeles he's been,walking or taking the bus so i decided,the best wedding gift for him would be a,car so this,uh that is your new car,shut up you have to drive the life of,kids around here,shut up guys,well we burned ten thousand dollars on,facebook marketplace this time as this,video gets,a quarter of a million likes we'll burn,a hundred thousand dollars on facebook,marketplace shout out to ashland avenue,for following on instagram i'm falling,back one person every single week that's,pretty much it,um i'm leaving yeah there we go

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20 Facebook Ad Audiences For Targeting Gift Givers

20 Facebook Ad Audiences For Targeting Gift Givers

what-up free bosses in this video I'm,gonna show you 20 different Facebook,audiences that you can use to target,gift givers so this means that you're,gonna target these people with the,intention of selling them on buying your,product to give it to somebody else as a,gift but first Before we jump into that,I want to tell you about three different,things the first thing is that I have a,100% completely free course where I,teach you Facebook Ads copywriting for,sales copy email marketing and click,funnels if you don't know what click,funnels is it's a software that allows,you to build out sales funnels and you,can jump into this completely free,course if you visit free vos lifestyle,dot-com the link is below in the,description the second thing is if you,want a free click funnel subscription,there's a link below that if you sign up,for a click funnels account using that,link you'll get a free two-week,subscription the third thing is that you,need to subscribe to this channel if I,bring you value in the next five minutes,of watching this video and you like,these Facebook audiences that I'm about,to show you,then you need to subscribe to this,channel like the video and leave a,comment below letting me know what you,think and if any of these worked and if,you have a favorite audience of mine so,check the links below in the description,click on all three of them click on the,subscribe link click on get that free,click funnels subscription and,definitely jump into the free course at,free vos lifestyle com so let's jump,into the tutorial video now so I can,show you these 20 Facebook audiences now,where it all really goes down is here in,this audience box so it's not we're not,gonna really talk about custom audiences,where I'm going to talk about locations,age gender I mean those could come into,play but it's not the biggest deal right,now this is really what we're going to,talk about it's really available to,anybody these audiences anybody can use,them so that's the really great thing,about them so first what we want to do,is create qualifying audiences now what,I refer to as a qualified on audiences,like if they are inside one of these,audiences and these audiences are,massive by the way if they're inside one,of these audiences then chances are that,they are a buyer they,online they they have money to spend,they are active credit card users they,just think buy stuff online and they're,active online so one that everybody,knows about I mean if you don't really,know about this one then you're about to,know about this one but it's called,engaged shoppers now see how it has 350,million people inside this audience,so basically qualifying audiences means,that you're gonna select this one and,then you're gonna narrow down the,audience using other qualifiers so right,now I'm just gonna show you a couple of,these qualifying audiences that you can,use so engage shoppers is one another,one is active credit card user you type,an active credit card user as you can,see there it's got a hundred and twenty,million people in there you could also,use primarily credit cards premium,credit cards you know things like that,active credit card user it shows that,it's not gonna be available for much,longer we don't really know how long,that is Facebook doesn't tell you how,much longer it's gonna be available so,could be available still when you're,watching this video and it may not be,who knows you know so active credit card,user is one you can also do top spenders,so again 33 million people it's a pretty,big audience this is like Facebook's way,of finding out those people that have,engaged with a lot of ads have bought a,lot of things from Facebook have,triggered and fired a lot of those,purchased conversions and basically have,purchased from a Facebook ad in the past,so I definitely recommend top spenders,to test against see how that one's gonna,work for you this one I use in a lot of,my campaigns again it's just,a qualifier to see to really target,those people that are actively buying,online and from Facebook Ads so using, just because you're not,selling it on like you may be,driving them to a click funnels order,page or you may be driving them to your,Shopify site or your you know any any,other sales channel I would recommend at,least those two don't use Wix don't use,I don't know there's a ton don't use,WordPress for selling stuff on,use click funnels or Shopify things like,that another one is online shopping so,as you can see there's a billion people,inside this one so people are interested,in buying online so this is a good,one to also use as a qualifying question,now we're gonna narrow these down so,again you don't have to put all of these,in the same box I'm just putting them in,there such you can see that you can,definitely maybe do and maybe,active credit card user you know maybe,one or two of these emmos because again,these are gigantic audience sizes so now,we're gonna hit narrow audience and,we're going to use some of these other,ones that are more around gift giving so,first thing we can type in is,anniversary oh I can't spell so I'm just,gonna copy that to show you you know you,got anniversary you got anniversary,within basically a month to two months,and within two to three months and,within a month so you can select any one,of these three and in your Facebook ad,you can say you know this you want to,refer to using to them buying this,product as a gift so you can say this,gift makes a great anniversary present,this is a great gift idea do you know,anyone with an anniversary right around,the corner you gotta be careful with,your copy because Facebook may,disapprove senior ads if you say certain,things but you can say you know you know,any know any friends of yours that are,celebrating an anniversary soon you can,test around with different copy just to,see what Facebook is gonna let you get,away with basically another audience,that you can do is upcoming birthday so,you got here 57 million people so this,is the actual person like the person,that's gonna see this at is their,upcoming birthday so you can say treat,yourself to this gift or if your,birthday is right around the corner this,makes a great birthday gift,with this one you're going to target,somebody that has a birthday around the,corner but maybe they know somebody as,well that has a birthday coming around,the corner so again it's just an option,for you I have this little list up here,on this other screen so I'm checking out,that one so another idea right now it is,July 24th but you can put birthday in,you know birthday in July birthday in,May birthday in December so again this,is gonna be targeting the person that's,gonna see this is going to actually have,their birthday in July so you can say,treat yourself or you know get get,yourself a gift for your birthday I mean,so the better one because you're,targeting the person usually people,don't buy themselves gifts I mean some,people will treat themselves sometimes,it's like a little excuse for them to,buy something you know oh is my birthday,and we got myself a birthday present you,know you can use that kind of thing but,an even better one is when you type in,friends of there's a lot of audiences,that you can see with friends of so,close friends with people with birthdays,in a month,close friends of birthdays of friends,with birth of men with birthdays and,seven to thirty days close friends of,people with birthdays in a week,typically that is unless you do fast,shipping or maybe it's a digital product,well though they'll get it immediately,that one may be a tough one because you,know you got five to seven days of,shipping time and they need to get it,pretty quick right so close friends of,men with birthday and seven to thirty,days that's gonna allow for your,shipping time and knowing that it's men,you can maybe you have a product that,more appeals to men maybe your product,is more about grilling or beer drinking,or football and sports and stuff so you,would want to target close friends of,men who have a birthday coming soon so,then in your ad copy you can say you,know know somebody that has a birthday,coming around the corner I know somebody,that this would make a great gift for do,you know did you know this is one of the,number one gifts that people love to,receive for their birthday you know,there's an idea of,at copy that you can use so you got,close friends of women men so you had,dis different time frames of friends of,so friends of is gonna open up a whole,lot of things friends of recently moved,a lot of people love to get moving gifts,so if you have some kind of gifts that,could be relating to when you get a new,place they're gonna want to buy this,gift or this product that you're selling,then that would be a great one to target,and it's got 57 million people so again,these are all around gift giving,newlyweds newly engaged folks I'm not,sure what BJP is Friends of NRA Friends,of coal interesting wouldn't recommend,using that one but Friends of coal maybe,that's a band not really sure what that,is but Friends of typing and Friends of,opens up a whole lot of opportunities,there and then you have the wedding,anniversary so you can type in wedding,an and you got wedding anniversary right,here so if they're interested in wedding,anniversaries or they have a wedding,anniversary may be coming up or they,know somebody you can test targeting,this audience to see if that is going to,work for you and maybe this will help,spawn off other ideas with audiences,that you can target so one thing that,you can do is if you type in let's say,the whole friends of thing,so let's say friends have recently moved,right you have that in there then you,can hit suggestions and you can get some,more ideas here so newlywed six months,three months you can give you know,target right your ad copy around,targeting people to give gifts to the,newlyweds this makes a great newlywed,gift this is a great marriage gift to,give somebody do you know anybody here's,a here's a 20% off coupon for the next,two days expires in two days and it's,perfect for that newlywed couple you can,do things like that close friends of,people with birthdays in a week so there,are roughly 20 ideas again you can use,your qualifying audiences as a way to,make those people even hotter in the,chances that you know higher likelihood,that they're gonna actually buy,something online because your qualifying,them and then they also have friends or,people that are in their lives that,either have a birthday anniversary or,something around gift-giving and things,like that so test out these audiences,and remember to the three things that,I've done on the beginning of this video,go to free vos lifestyle com sign up for,that 100% free course that I have again,you're gonna learn how to build sales,funnels and click funnels you're gonna,learn more about Facebook Ads and the,audiences and how to build things out in,Facebook Ads you're gonna learn about,copywriting so copywriting for email,marketing for landing pages for Facebook,Ads for all different types of things,there is a ton of information that free,course go to free vos lifestyle com if,you want two weeks free of the click,funnels software then the link is in the,description click that link sign up for,an account you'll get two weeks free and,then you could even start you know open,up another account if you just wanted,another two weeks and you're not ready,to buy it you can open up another,account with another email address and,you can close out the previous account,and then the third thing is subscribe to,this channel if you got a value and you,learn some cool little audience that,you've never thought of before subscribe,to this channel I got a,all bunch of videos that I'm constantly,posting just like this around Facebook,ads online marketing really click,funnels copywriting all that kind of,stuff I want to teach you a ton to help,you grow your business grow your clients,businesses and really be a lot more,sophisticated of an internet marketer so,thank you so much for watching this,video,be sure to hit that like and subscribe,button leave a comment and we'll chat,soon,peace

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