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How to Launch Facebook Messenger "CONVERSATION" Ads to Start Conversationshey it's nathan williams w

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Launch Facebook Messenger "CONVERSATION" Ads to Start Conversations

hey it's nathan williams with crazy,marketing in this video we're going to,talk about setting up a facebook,messenger ad,and so what that means is we're going to,create an ad where somebody clicks on,the ad,it prompts them to send you or your,business a facebook message,and you know that's how you start a,conversation and you know talk to people,and sell them or whatever it is you,might want to do,when you're talking to somebody so let's,go ahead and get into it,you need to be in your facebook ad,account obviously and what we want to go,ahead and do is hit create,and now i'm in the guided creation so if,you're not seeing a screen that looks,like this you can go ahead and switch,back and forth between,quick creation and guide to creation i'm,just gonna do it in guided creation,because,it's a little more visual and all that,type of stuff and then we have to go,ahead and select our objective,now since we're going after facebook,messenger,ads we want to select this objective,right here messages,so select that option and then come on,down here,go ahead and name your campaign name it,whatever is relevant i'm just going to,leave it messages,for the time being not going to mess,with split testing or campaign budget,optimization or anything like that,i have other videos on that so if you're,interested link in the description down,below,and we're going to come down here we're,into the ad set settings now and so now,we're going to come on down here to,destination and of course we want to be,on messenger,and we can click this option so we can,do clicks to messenger which is what,we're going to set up in this video but,you could also do sponsored messages and,if we hover over the little eye here it,tells us the difference,so send a targeted message to people who,have an existing messenger conversation,with your business so you've already,been talking to somebody and you can,send them you know,push a message out to them or clicks the,messenger which is what we're doing,so send people from ads and facebook,instagram and or messenger,into messenger conversations you will,create both the ad,and the message people see in messenger,so that means when they click on the ad,it'll pop up messenger and they'll start,the conversation right so,that's what we want to select there we,get into audience and targeting and,stuff,and the recommendation for these,messenger ads is to use them further,down your like advertising funnel,when you want to start a conversation,with somebody like you probably wouldn't,do a messenger ad to cold traffic,or if you do would be because you're,targeting like a really small location,and you're a,business a service-based business or,something like that and you want to,start that conversation with somebody,but,if you're targeting you know the united,states or something like that with two,million people,you probably don't want to do a,messenger ad to that many cold traffic,individuals instead you want to do it,with people that are about to buy,something from you,you know further down their funnel on,your email list something like that so,you probably want to create a custom,audience,and retarget individuals and see if they,want to start a conversation with you so,that's that's the recommendation if you,need help with,custom audiences uh of course there's a,link in the description and you can,check that out so i'm just going to do,it for visit,any page in the last 11 days and i'll,leave it at that for this example,i'm not going to mess with any other,settings at this time and now we get,into placements and i recommend just,going with automatic placement so that,way facebook can automatically optimize,to get you more people talking to you in,messenger like that's what it's going to,optimize for because,that's the type of campaign we're,setting up a messenger campaign,but if you did want to mess with,placements you can see down here the,various placements that messenger ads,can be presented to people so,here's the options here you see that,it's limited to you know,feeds and stories basically i'm going to,go ahead and select,automatic placements go with,recommendation or what's recommended,and then we get into optimization for ad,delivery and we have conversations,versus leads,now we're going to focus on,conversations here which is pretty,simple to understand,somebody clicks on your ad pops up,facebook messenger and they start,conversing with you leads on the other,hand has like it's kind of more like a,messenger bot,basically somebody starts a conversation,with you it automatically asks them some,pre-qualified questions and then,you know determines whether you want to,talk to them or not,based on how they answer those questions,so it's like a simplified version of,manychat basically so if you're familiar,with manychat or other,bot building tools it's kind of like,that but simple,but we're going to focus on conversation,so select that option and then we have,some bidding options like bid control,and budget and schedule,i'd recommend not messing with this one,leave that blank,and then go ahead and set your budget,for what's relevant for how large your,audience is i'm just going with one,dollar a day,and then i recommend leaving everything,else the default settings we'll go ahead,and hit continue now,and now we get into the ad creation,portion which is where we set up the,messenger stuff and all that so come on,down here we can select two different,formats we got carousel or single image,or video ad so select what's relevant,i will go ahead and select the image and,if you need help creating ad i have,other videos in the description down,below on how to actually create an ad,that's not the important part for this,video we're trying to get to the,messenger,part so now we have our ad set up and,so we can add some primary text primary,text,and over on the right hand side we see a,little preview of our ad so this is what,the ad looks,like and we see down here we have a call,to action button that says send message,so that's what,you know triggers messenger so we can,change our headline so,chat chat chat now,and we can change our description if we,want to description,and then we have another option that,allows us to send people to chat with,another page,and basically the reason you might want,to do this is if you have like a main,brand account but then you're running,ads out of different like sub brand,accounts basically but you want people,to talk the main brand account,well then you might go ahead and set,this up so that way you send everybody,to,to your main brand account so that way,all your conversations are happening,over there instead of you know,on all your little sub brand accounts,but that's really the only instance,where i see this is relevant really but,maybe you have another reason in which,case here it is and you can select if,it's relevant for you,we could change our call to action,button if you want to but more than,likely send message is what you want,because this is a messenger ad so,we'll leave that default there and now,we get into the cool,messenger type stuff so this is what we,wanted to get into for our video,and you see right here kind of gives us,the definition between conversations,and leads so that was that option we,selected to optimize for under ad set,and we selected conversations,so start conversations suggest topics or,questions to tap,chat with everyone interested in your ad,reach people,most likely to chat versus generate,leads so ask questions with automated,chat so that's what i was talking about,it's more like a bot and follow-up,series and maybe i'll create another,video on,on this option so if i create one it'll,be in the description down below if,you're interested in it,chat with qualified leads reach people,more most likely to complete,your questions and so obviously to get,started we just click the create button,right here,and then we go ahead and kind of follow,the prompts right here so,we have the greeting so welcome people,to the conversation after they tap on,your ad so as soon as they tap on your,ad this is what's going to pop up,in their messenger account so we could,go ahead and add text only,text and image or text and video so,pretty self-explanatory options,of course this is what text only looks,like right here and you notice that we,do have some,personalization we could go ahead and do,so like it enters my,my first name here we could go ahead and,click this little option here so we,could do first name of recipient last,name recipient full name and recipient,so a couple different options,you see that we got the option for,inserting emoji so you could come in,here and select an emoji if you want to,and add it to your messages and you know,you could customize it and be friendly,and all that type of stuff a text an,image so this is how this kind of,functions,come in here i'll go ahead and select,this image and paste it on in there,so boom they get a text message plus an,image right here so,that's relevant cool you see how you,could go ahead and add it you could add,an image,title or subtitle so let's see what that,looks like,title and so there we go with our title,and subtitle so,okay cool then we have some customer,actions and it tells us exactly what,that means to suggest questions or,replies for customers to tap,or use a button to send people to your,site so we got,quick replies which show short replies,that people can send to your business,multiple quick replies will appear side,by side as,options to tap versus buttons where you,can send people to a destination,outside of messenger such as a website,so we'll look at both of these real,quick so quick reply we can see what,that looks like over here so basically,somebody pops this up they're greeted,with this message and then they can tap,one of these quick replies like i'd like,to learn more,they tap it and they get they receive an,immediate response,and we can choose between text or none,so no response so,basically like they'd be waiting for an,actual human to respond to them at that,point,so we're gonna have awesome an actual,human will be in touch within eight,hours,or we could go ahead and add another,quick reply if we want to and be like,i'm not interested and then we could,reply with no problem we'll leave you,alone,and as you can see in the little preview,here this is the two quick options so if,somebody taps on this,it automatically replies with this and,then you know i go into my facebook page,messenger and i go ahead and reply to,people,or if they tap i'm not interested well,then it replies with no problem we'll,leave you alone and then,i'd still see the message in my facebook,messenger but obviously i would ignore,it or delete it or something like that,so i don't bother anybody,or obviously you can make these quick,replies whatever you want you don't have,to be like i'm interested or i'm not,interested you can make it whatever,makes sense to you coming on down here,we have buttons as well so if you want,to,link over to a website or something like,that you could go ahead and,do that quite simply pretty pretty,simple to understand so,visit website and as you can see now,instead of those quick reply options,down here,somebody has a button that they can,click on which will bring them over to,my website once i'm happy with this i,could go ahead and save it as a template,so i could use this same kind of,structure later on if i'm going to,create other campaigns ad sets or ads,with this type of messenger set up and,i'm just going to leave it the default,right here i'm going to go ahead and hit,save and,finish and then i can come on down here,to tracking and if i want to turn on my,tracking pixels i could go ahead and,flip the little switches here and i,recommend turning it on,so that way you can track people if they,visit your website after you chat with,them and all that stuff and then all you,got to do is hit confirm,and your ad will go through facebook's,approval process hopefully get approved,and go live and,you'll start having conversations with,people now of course when you go live,with the messenger ad like this,people are going to be sending your,facebook page messages so you need to,make sure that you monitor it,and so just just to be a reminder if you,go to your facebook page and on the left,hand side you should see the option for,inbox here,and you'll want to go ahead and monitor,your inbox here and your messages will,pop into this messenger,area just like normal it's just like,normal messenger it's just people are,you know coming into your messenger from,an ad instead of like from your facebook,page or,something like that so that's really all,there is to creating these facebook,messenger ads it's pretty,straightforward and again you probably,want to use these for people further,down your funnel when you're ready to,have conversations with them,or i see it working with small local,businesses where you're trying to start,conversations with the,local population that's a good place to,use these types of ads as well,if you have any questions please don't,hesitate to ask them down below i'm here,to help you out,if you found this video helpful i,appreciate any sorts of likes comments,subscribes anything like that,i hope you have a great rest of the day

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