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How To Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences in 2023in this video i'm going to show you how,to create

Ben Heath

Updated on Jan 17,2023

How To Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences in 2023

in this video i'm going to show you how,to create facebook look-alike audiences,in fact i'm going to show you a better,way to use look-alike audiences in your,facebook ads and instagram ads a way,that can get you much better results,today so let's first quickly get started,with what a look-alike audience actually,is so here i've got meta support doc,about lookalike audiences and i'm not,going to spend a lot of time on this i,just want to quickly read out the first,sentence where meta is defining what a,look-alike audience is and they say a,look-alike audience is a way your ads,can reach new people who are likely to,be interested in your business because,they share similar characteristics to,your existing customers and the way,look-alike audiences work is you take a,source audience a group of people it,could be people that have bought from,you previously it could be people that,have visited your website perhaps people,that have watched 75 or more of a video,of yours on facebook or instagram and,you say to mata you say look these,people,are just the sort of people i want to,reach they're they love my stuff they're,engaged they bought for me previously,can you take this group of people that,i'm giving you and go out and find,people that are similar to them that,have perhaps similar interests um,similar behaviors online perhaps they're,similar from a demographic standpoint,they're they live in similar locations,and create me an audience of people that,are similar to this group that's who i'd,really like to advertise to these people,are highly likely to be interested in,whatever i have to offer if they're,similar to my existing customers it's,going to be a no-brainer it's going to,work really well that's what a,look-alike audience is,and that's how it's structured so that,we'll explain more as we go through and,you'll understand more if you're new to,look like audiences of how that's going,to look but hopefully you can already,start to see the power of local,audiences when used properly meta have,so many data points based on people's,activity not only within facebook,instagram but also the stuff they track,outside of those platforms and that,really allows them to work out very,accurately who is similar to your,existing customers website visitors etc,and these can be really really powerful,cold audiences allow you to scale,facebook and instagram campaigns and can,be a huge part of facebook ad campaigns,being successful and being able to be,scaled and all that sort of stuff so,with that said let me show you now how,you create facebook look like audiences,and then we'll get into how you use them,and how you get the best results out of,them today which is very different to,what we did even a year ago so i'm here,in ads manager i've got an example ad,account up and you want to go ahead and,jump over to the audiences tab so if you,click on these three,little lines on the left hand side and,select audiences,so that brings you through to this page,now if you haven't created any,look-alike audiences or custom audiences,before then you're not going to see um,these like examples like i've got in,front of me and that's absolutely fine,don't worry about it you'll see,something slightly different but you can,just ignore these for the time being the,important part is to go ahead and click,on create audience now you can see,there's a few different options now it's,tempting obviously we're creating,facebook look-alike audiences here to,click on look-alike audience but that's,not actually what you want to do first,first you want to click on custom,audience and the reason why is because,we need to create a source audience for,our look-alike audience first if we're,going to ask meta to create an audience,of people that are similar to another,group of people we need to tell them,what that initial group is that source,audiences first you do that by creating,a custom audience now there are tons of,different options different types of,facebook look-alike audiences that you,can create and i actually recommend that,you use a bunch of different ones i'm,going to go through each one in this,video it's all going to be covered and,what i'm going to do is i'm going to,create these in order of priority so,starting with the most effective down to,the least effective but the old order of,priority the one that most facebook,advertisers are still using that is now,pretty much all of a sudden fairly,recently outdated so i'm going to create,them under the old setup and show you,exactly how they all work it's important,because you still need to be able to,create all of those and use them in your,facebook ad campaigns and then i'm going,to show you the big change that we're,making now,to get the best results from lookalike,audiences given the changes we've seen,the the many changes we've seen to,facebook and instagram advertising over,the past 12 months or so because things,are different so historically the best,look-alike audience to create is one,based off your previous customers so,people that have bought from you,previously,obviously advertising to people that are,very similar to people that have,actually parted with their money for,your whatever it is you have to offer is,going to be a great option so there are,a couple of different ways to do that,the easiest one is to select customer,list and then click on next and then,from here we can import the data that we,need to use um to create our source,audience from previous customers and,then we can obviously use that as a,source for our lookalike audience so if,you use mailchimp um as a place where,you store your customer data,maybe use it as your email service,provider then you can just very simply,import from mailchimp so you click on,that button you just walk through the,steps it's very straightforward you log,into your mailchimp account you select,which list you want to use you import,that in done really straightforward and,simple i'm not going to demonstrate that,because you can just follow through,if you don't use mailchimp perhaps you,use another email service provider,perhaps you store your data in a crm,perhaps you've just got like an excel,file um with your previous customer,information something like that,all those setups absolutely fine you can,still do this process you just want to,go ahead and click on next then you,decide whether there's a column within,that let's say excel file if you imagine,it that way um,that,has value so if this is a previous,customer list do you have it recorded,how much each customer spent some will,some won't depending on where you're,getting that data from,i'm going to select no um if you do have,that information you definitely want to,click on yes and again go through the,steps involved because it's useful not,only for meta to be able to see,okay these are people that bought from,this company previously who's like them,but also within these people that have,bought from them previously some of them,have spent three times as much as others,can we create a lookalike audience that,is more weighted towards the people that,spend more the types of people to spend,more with this business so worth having,if available i've just got an example to,upload that doesn't so i'm going to,click no for now and then you just,upload a list you can see that and you,can do that in a csv or txt file,you'll,almost certainly depending on what crm,email service provider use be able to,export a list that is in csv format and,then you could just simply go ahead and,upload that again you could do the same,basically with a with an excel file so,if i go ahead and click on upload file,and then click on example customer list,and open,we can see that that's gone in there,example customer list name your audience,example customer list is fine just,obviously name it something that's going,to mean something and resonate with you,and when you come back and check it it's,going to be fairly obvious and then i'm,going to click next and now what we need,to do is match the data within that file,um to,met as identifiers so for example this,column that's enabled email and i've,just got bearnat as i said,it's just demonstration purposes meta,have thought okay that looks like an,email address is that your column for,email yes it is but if it wasn't we,could come in here and select a,different option but email is correct um,you can see that was been mapped and,then one action needed we've got name,and has been,met we've been able to work that one out,so we would just go in and say that is,first name um the more information you,include in the list that you upload the,file you upload the better,that the more what you want is to,provide meta with as much information as,possible so they have a better match,rate obviously we're uploading data of,individuals meta need to take that data,and work out which facebook accounts,which instagram accounts that,corresponds to to then be able to,advertise those people and identify them,if you provide more information meta has,a better chance of working out okay this,this person within this file corresponds,to this user,and you get match rates of a higher,percent a high percentage typical match,rates when you're uploading a customer,list might be something like 40 to 50,percent and not be able to match,everyone people use different email,addresses for when they purchase versus,when they create their facebook accounts,and things like that so the match rate's,never going to be super super high but,anything you could do to improve that,percentage is a good thing to do so,we've got two maps that's all that's in,this um,this example file and we're gonna go,ahead and click click on import and,create okay now we're gonna park the,creating a look-alike audience based off,of this for now because i want to run,through all the various sources and then,we're going to come back and show you,how to do that later on so let's go,ahead and click done and we've created,our example customer list custom,audience that we can use as a source,audience for a look-alike,but i want to move on to the next type,of source audiences that we've created,so historically a customer,a source audience of previous customers,is your best option after that it's your,email list and the way you upload that,is exactly the same process so you click,on customer list click on next again if,you can use mailchimp use it next value,probably not going to have a value,associated with people just on your,email list if these are people that,haven't bought from you previously,typically click on upload file and then,we use example email list and pop that,in there,it's a lot of people have this as one,audience they would have their people,have bought from them and people that,are just on their email list all bundled,in together i would encourage you to,separate them out at least for uploading,to,your facebook ad account purposes so in,my mind anyone on our customer list has,bought from us previously everyone on,our email list has not that's how i tend,to split it up i appreciate some of you,will have this um overlapping then we go,ahead and click next and it's exactly,the same process right so um one action,needed it's a same file same information,first name important create done,so that is now a custom,um audience if i close that down created,from you can ignore these previous,options created from an email list and a,customer list customer list highest,priority email list next at least under,the old system next type of source,audience that i would like you to create,are ones based on website visitors and,here we have tons and tons of different,options so if i go ahead and click on,website and click on next,um,there's,lots of stuff here lots of different,things you can experiment with i would,encourage you to get started with all,website visitors said everyone that's,visited your website and use the longest,retention period possible which is,currently 180 days um,wait the way that works is that let's,say i create this custom audience today,right now it will include everyone who's,visited my website within the last 180,days provided of course we can track,them ios 14 permitting and things like,that i'll explain more about that later,on and provided of course we had our,pixel installed on our website to be,able to gather this information during,that time period as well but that's now,gonna move so,100 if i create it today it's always,going to be from the day at which you,look at it from today 180 days into the,past so every 30 days it's going to move,on and it goes through that way now i'd,encourage you to get started with this,because this is going to give you the,largest possible website visitor custom,audience,and when it comes to creating source,audiences for look-alike audiences the,larger the source audience the more,people you have in the source audience,the better the reason why is because the,more data you give meta the more,accurate that look-alike audience is,going to be if you give them three,customers um well that wouldn't be,enough meta wouldn't let you do it but,let's say you give them a couple hundred,customers,and say create a look-alike audience off,this,yeah sure better could do it and that,audience might perform well but if you,were to give them 20 000 customers,there's so much more data going in the,first place that the resulting,look-alike audience is gonna be more,accurate and more accuracy leads to,better results so the most data you can,get in here the better if you have a,website where there's lots of different,types of products or services being,offered and you want to get more,granular you can absolutely do that so,instead of all web services you could go,with people who visited specific pages,so you can use things like url contains,so let's say you're an apparel business,and you want to create a custom audience,of everyone who's visited page on your,website to do with hats right so you,could say any url that includes the word,um hat if that's how you've got your url,url structured on your website um i want,to create a custom audience out of those,people,you could obviously do different options,for scarves and jumpers and trousers,whatever it you know whatever it happens,to be okay,as an example so that's one thing you,can do people who visited specific web,pages you can also create custom,audiences of people that have spent more,time on your website than others so,visitors buy time spent so instead of,just creating a custom audience out of,everyone that has visited your website,you want to only create a custom,audience out of people that are in the,top 5 top 10 top 25,in terms of time spent on the site the,idea being that those people have,demonstrated more interest in what you,have to offer and,advertising to people like them is,better than advertising to just everyone,that's visited your website okay so this,would be a good option if you get tons,and tons of website traffic hundreds of,thousands millions of visitors every,month you might want to start getting,more specific,with all these options particularly when,it comes to creating custom audiences as,source audiences for a look-alike again,the more people in that source the,better so retention i want that to be,180 days don't go with a 7-day 14-day,30-day retention period and you're just,limiting yourself unnecessarily okay um,so let's go ahead and go back to all,website visitors because that's the,option i think most people are going to,use so i'm just going to quickly call,this all website visitors,180,and then we're going to go ahead and,click create audience,now historically the thinking was that,your customer list is obviously the best,source because those people have bought,me previously then it's your email list,people on your email list have typically,taken an xbox they have taken an extra,step to demonstrate their interest in,your product services etc over just,someone that's visited your website,which is why we're going down the list,in in priority this way,the more someone does to show their keen,the higher we rank them and the better,they are as someone included in a source,audience for a look-alike audience,moving on let's click on create audience,and custom audience and here we start to,get into meta sources now i said there,are other options i'm not going to cover,those because they're either,fairly niche and not that people,watching this will be using them or we,just typically don't use them all that,often so we've covered the your sources,section and now we're getting into meta,sources and let's start with video so if,i go ahead and click on video and select,next,and then the first thing you need to do,if you click into here is select how,much of a video of yours or multiple,videos of yours someone needs to have,consumed in order to be included in this,source audience now obviously someone,who has watched three seconds of your,video,may or may not be interested to be,perfectly honest they might have just,watched your video whilst stood in line,or watching the tv or they're having,lunch and just scrolling through their,phone didn't really weren't paying,attention whereas someone who's watched,95 or more of your video is likely very,engaged very keen um a really good,representation of someone that's,interested in your stuff,a good starting point for me depending,on how long your video is is people who,have watched at least 25,of your video,and of course you're going to have to,adjust this depending on the length of,your video for example if you've used a,video that's an hour long you would want,to reduce the requirement to include a,custom audience because how many people,are going to make it to the 25 mark it's,going to be not that many likewise if,you've got a video that's really short,then you might want higher than 25 you,might want a 75 or something like that,so just think about it go through the,logic there and think about what might,work for you so once you've selected,that you then need to click on choose,videos and here you can select which,videos you want to be included in this,so which videos do people need to have,watched um in order to be included in,this custom audience so you obviously,start with your facebook page instagram,profile because it may be in different,places is it within an ad campaign etc,um and then you would just select from,the drop down if you've got access to,multiple and then you can go through and,select and you can you can add multiple,ones of these and the way it works is,fairly straightforward so um someone,doesn't need to have watched say 25 of,all the videos are selected they just,need to have watched 25 of at least one,of these videos um hopefully that makes,sense you could go through and select,all of these it would depend on the type,of content you've put out there if again,you've got different videos on quite,different products and services that you,offer maybe you want to create one,custom audience out of all the videos,related to your you know apparel line,and a different video on all the,a different custom audience for all the,videos related to your personal training,services or you know however your,business is broken up into its various,um segments um where possible again the,larger,the source audience the better so i'd go,and add in a whole bunch and almost,something i'm going to add in right now,but that's how i make it work so click,on confirm retention the maximum you can,use is 365 days that's great we want,this as big as possible so that's what i,go in there and then i'm going to go,ahead and call this,video viewers,365 and then you might need to get more,specific if as i said it's,not all the video viewers it's people,within a segment and so that's now,created us a custom audience of everyone,who has watched at least 25 of those,videos,on facebook and instagram,and that's a really good source audience,to create lookalike audiences from i'll,explain more about why um um later on,okay so let's move on to the next one so,if we click on create audience again and,custom audience next one i want to talk,about is lead form so we go ahead and,click next so if you are running lead,campaigns using instant forms which is,the setup of what you'll see with the,new odac's campaign menu or you're using,the old lead generation campaign you'll,be using forms forms that appear on,facebook instagram now called,instant forms and,you can create custom audiences for,people who have interacted with these,lead forms again if someone's perhaps,submitted their information or even,taking a look at a form that shows that,they're interested in whatever you are,offering perhaps using them as a source,audience for a look-alike audience can,work really well so the first thing you,need to do at the top is select events,okay anyone who opened this form or,people who opened a submitted form which,one of these two you go for would,usually be based on the volume you're,generating if you've generated tens of,thousands um of submissions even,many thousands of submissions not quite,the the ten plus i'd go with people who,opened submitted form if you're not,there yet i would just go with anyone,who opened form there's always that,trade-off which hopefully you're,understanding going through this between,quality so someone who's bought and,spent tons with you is the highest,possible quality versus quantity how,many people have actually taken that,action we want obviously in ideal world,the best quality people possible in our,source audience and tons of them but,that's why there's a trade-off right,because the lower down you go in terms,of quality the more quantity you get and,this is part of the reason why it's,important to experiment again i'm going,to talk about that more later on so,we're going to go with anyone who opened,this form that's what i recommend people,do then you just need to select your,form from the drop down menu we don't,have any forms associated with this um,example account so there's nothing i can,show exactly there but just if you've,got multiple ones just select the one,you want to use and then we move on to,retention so the maximum unfortunately,we can use retention-wise with lead form,um custom audiences is 90 days so again,that works just like i mentioned,previously with the web services where,it's going to update and continue to go,forward and yeah we can only have 90,days which means that's going to reduce,the size of this custom audience but if,you have been using lead generation,campaigns loads this is still a great,source for local like audiences to test,we're obviously going to go with the,maximum then you want to go ahead and,call it's something like lead form,openers you could have lead form,submitters depending on which of these,two options up here you select as i,mentioned previously and then i'm going,to go with 90 and i don't actually have,any lead forms associated so i can't,click create but you just click create,audience and it looks like exactly what,we had before okay couple more hopefully,you're still with me next instagram,account if i go ahead and click on,instagram account and click next then,the first thing to select is your source,so this would be assuming you're,operating with multiple instagram,accounts otherwise it'll just be,defaulted into the right one there and,then your events okay so again like with,previous different types of custom,audiences like all website visitors,there are various options,so we can go ahead and create a custom,audience out of everyone who is engaged,with professional account and you can,see that meta provide more information,around exactly what that means so here,they say includes people who have,visited this profile or took an action,on this post or ad such as likes,comments and saved carousel swipes,button taps or shares we can get more,specific so instead of just people who,have engaged it could be anyone who,visited this accounts profile anyone who,is engaged with a post or ad anyone who,saved a postal ad i would recommend,going with the largest option here which,is everyone to engage which is going to,include all those other ones and that's,going to give you the largest custom,audience the largest source audience for,your look-alike audiences and that's,what we want okay retention 365 days,that's the maximum that's what we want,to go with and then we just want to give,this,lookalike audience and name so instagram,um actually not ad account that's not,right instagram account engages because,they could just be engaging with you,organically as well,365 okay and then we go ahead and click,create audience,and,and then close that down and the last,source audience that i want you to,create is one based on people who have,engaged with your facebook page so much,like the one we just created around,instagram accounts you can also create a,custom audience out of people that have,engaged with your facebook page and,which one of these you want to use or,both is obviously to some extent can,depend on where you're doing most of,your advertising most businesses are,going to advertise on both um to a large,degree you might be 70 one way 30,another some are gonna be more closer to,a hundred percent 100 other in which,case maybe you leave one of these out it,just depends on your specific,circumstances so again there are lots of,different options and i would go with,everyone who engaged with your pages the,default it's going to give you the,largest audience for much the same,reason as with the instagram account,engages retention 365 and then we're,just going to go ahead and call this,facebook page,um engages,365 and then we're going to click create,audience,okay so now we've created the custom,audiences that we typically use as,source audiences for our look-alikes and,we'll talk about priority and how we've,changed things and also stuff in a,minute but first let's go ahead and turn,some of these into look-alike audiences,so if i just go ahead and select for,example all website visitors then you,click on these three little dots up here,you select create look-alike,and meta will automatically put this in,as the source so you see select your,look-alike audience source we've got it,here but we could delete that out and,add in a different custom audience in,here next thing we need to do is select,location so for example if i put in,united kingdom as our location,and i'll talk more about locations in a,second and then we want to select our,audience size so the way this works is,you're selecting a percentage of the,total facebook and instagram users,within this location that you would like,to include so a one percent lookalike,audience will include the one percent of,facebook and instagram users within the,uk that are most similar to our source,audience and again we've talked about,meta's going to use all sorts of,different pieces of information like,demographics interest behaviors online,all that sort of stuff to work out who,is similar to our source audience,i would recommend that you go with one,percent that's going to be the most,accurate the most targeted but only if,you are targeting an area that has,enough people to make your resulting,audience size large enough so,if your one percent comes out at um,less than 250 000 i would go with a,higher percentage let me show you what i,mean so if for example i put in ireland,and this is just purely based on,population within that area right if i,put in ireland here and i go with one,percent you'll see that the one percent,lookalike audience has,37 almost 38 000 people that's too small,we're going to need to go with something,like,seven percent to get over that 250 000,person mark just because there's far,fewer people living in ireland than,there are in the united kingdom okay,hopefully that makes sense obviously,countries like the united states with,much larger populations are going to,have much larger,um audiences,you know the one percent comes out 2.7,million you can't create anything,smaller than that that's absolutely fine,don't worry about it being too large,that's not a concern particularly at one,percent um even if you're targeting a,really large country but i just want to,talk about the smaller side because,that's really important i've had lots of,comments from people over the years,whether i say things like oh i created a,one percent lookalike audience and i got,500 000 people in the uk is that good,you're like well it's not anything it's,one but that's just one percent of the,users in the country that's you know,that's not um,it's not something to,it's not good it's not bad it just,always is if you're creating a one,percent in a country it's always going,to be that size the reason why one,percent in the u.s is 2.7 million is,because there's about 270 million,facebook and instagram users in the us,it really is as simple as that um so i'm,going to delete this out and go ahead,and put in united kingdom and that will,make more sense in a minute,and we're going to go ahead and use one,percent the higher percentage look like,audiences are larger sizes as you scale,later on you're obviously going to want,to use larger percentages but to get,started with go with the most accurate,the most targeted i have other videos on,how you go about scaling look-alike,audiences and things like that okay then,we click on create audience and here we,have it okay this is our look-alike,audience this one is based on all,website visitors over the last 180 days,as the website visitor audience changes,as time goes on remember it's always 180,days into the past so will the,corresponding look-alike audience it,will update automatically so don't feel,like you need to come back in and,recreate these that's all going to be,taken care of which is great you can see,it says populating right now estimated,audience size is really small and just,give it some time about 30 minutes,usually look like audience would be good,to go and you could start using it to,run ads and that exact same process that,i went through for all website visitors,you could go through for all these other,source audiences when it comes to,creating your look-alike audiences,exactly the same just select here three,little lines create a look-alike and,then go through and um and work out,which you know and then work out your,percentages and locations and all that,sort of stuff okay so now we need to,talk about what we're doing differently,to get the best results out of local,audiences because since i was 14 last,year and throughout that time period to,now we have seen a lot of advertisers,say local audiences don't work anymore,look like audiences don't work as well,as they used to,and that is true for certain types of,look-alike audiences okay so let me go,ahead and click on create audience and,custom audience,and what we see here is that these,sources there's two big categories,there's your sources up here,and then there's meta sources okay,the lookalike audience is based off of,your sources,the ones we've created in this instance,has been customer list email list and,website visitors they have gotten less,effective,and the reason why they've gotten less,effective is because,meta is not as not able to track the,activity and the people are doing,outside of the meta suite of apps so,facebook instagram and etc as well,and that,lack of tracking ability leads to,reduced data which leads to reduced,accuracy when it comes to creating your,look-alike audiences for example if we,click on website and click next again if,we look at all website visitors as an,example um you can even see that we've,got a warning up here that,not everyone who visits your website is,now going to be included in your custom,audience in the first place particularly,if they're using an ios,device a phone ipad something like that,if i close that back down and go back,into here,however,we have very very accurate data for,actions that take place on,meta within the app itself so within,facebook within instagram,because the ios 14 update and a lot of,the privacy related rules that are that,are coming in and been brought in all to,do with apps not being able to track,what you do once you leave that is seems,to be where a line has been drawn,however if you're taking an action,within the app the fact that that's,trackable is somewhat inevitable so all,these things here are stuff that take,place within the meta family of apps so,video views are taking place on facebook,and instagram um lead form again on,facebook and instagram instagram account,engages is obviously what people do on,instagram facebook page engages,obviously what people do on instagram,so,if i cancel this out,the old priority list of effectiveness,was sort of what we created here in,reverse right it was customer list first,then email list then website visitors,then video viewers then lead form,openers or submitters then instagram,account engages and then facebook page,engages that was the list of how things,went that has completely changed so,these ones down here,customer list source email list source,website vista source those have all,gotten significantly less effective so,we are relying much more on,in app lookalike audiences so the,priority list amongst those is still the,same so if i go ahead and click create,audience custom audience the most,important video viewers then lead form,this is of course assuming you're losing,lead generation campaigns or even using,video ads in the first place if you're,not then you know you can obviously,discount that for your specific scenario,but it's going to go video viewers first,lead form engages next and instagram,account engages next facebook page,engages after that and that is the order,of priority that we're going to use i,would still very much encourage you to,test lots of different options both meta,sources so ones things that take place,with a meta and of course your sources,and as the platforms evolve there's,going to be all sorts of things that,happen for example i expect that as,people use facebook shops more and more,and more there's going to be interesting,stuff going down with shopping i don't,think most advertisers have most used,behavior is there yet but we will have,more information on that but using meta,sources used to be seen as,lower quality in terms of the people,going into the source therefore the,lookalike wouldn't do as well but the,extra data that we can track and also,the extra volume you could have way more,people that have watched videos of yours,than have bought from you and,are on a customer list for example that,has really shifted the balance so test,the whole bunch test both your sources,and meta sources see which performance,best for your v if your business but,just be aware that now,after all the updates we've seen,previously meta sources are becoming,more and more and more effective if you,tested look like audiences recently and,it didn't work and it was based on,website visitors or your email list try,a bunch of these meta sources you might,be pleasantly surprised at what you see,and how good the results can be using,some of this stuff okay so the next,thing i need to show you is how to add,your lookalike audience into an ad set,and the adjustments you need to make if,you're advertising on a local basis so,let's go ahead and jump back into ads,manager and then i'm quickly going to,create and a quick example campaign so,let's go ahead and just select sales,click continue and then if we jump over,to the ad set level and i'm not going to,adjust anything else i'm just going to,show you how to add in the look like,audience so we scroll down to the,audience section and under this custom,audiences part which can be a little bit,confusing because we've been creating,custom audiences as a source audiences,but it's all um treated as the same,thing at the ad set level you want to go,ahead and put in your look-alike,audience so if i pop in look-alike here,we go gb one percent all web services,180,boom that's what we've got in there now,a couple of things to mention around,targeting look-alike audiences right,firstly you don't want to go ahead and,add in other detailed targeting options,so don't go in here and start adding in,you know interest demographics behaviors,things like that because that's gonna,work as a narrowing function it's gonna,take our lovely nice,look-alike audience that's got plenty,people in it and can make it just too,small so avoid doing that you also want,to leave your age,nearly all the time sometimes you might,want to be more specific but nearly,always you want to leave your age and,gender parameters wide open,because we've uploaded a list of people,that are into our stuff if that happens,to be 95 female well,meta's created audience of people that,are very similar to the ones on our list,in this case the ones who have visited a,website so if our source audience is 95,female our look-alike audience is also,going to end up being overwhelmingly,female so you don't need to go in and,manually add in this age and gender,stuff the only exception to that would,be when you're using a source that is,perhaps,not quite as representative as you would,like of the new offer so let's say for,example you sell,men's and women's shoes but in this new,campaign you're only going to be selling,women's shoes well then you'd want to,use a lookalike audience based on some,of the stuff we've talked about,but,then that's when you'd want to go in and,edit the genders to just be,female because you've taken you know the,new campaign is on a slightly different,track to what you had previously that's,when you'd want to use um something like,this it's also quite important to only,use one look-alike audience per ad set,okay so we've added in for example a,look-alike audience based on all website,visitors,we're also going to want to test,look-alike audiences based off video,viewers and instagram account engages,and the stuff i've already described i,don't want you to add them into this ad,set because if you do that then you'll,end up seeing the data for it'll be a,blended average if we added in three,different lookalikes audience in here,and we got a cost per purchase of,fifteen dollars,we don't know how well they look alike,based on all website vista's performance,versus the lookalike based on video,viewers whereas if you go ahead and,create multiple ad sets you can have the,exact same ads in each ad set that's,fine and make sure you keep it within,the same campaign then you can see aha,okay the lookalike audience based on our,web services doesn't do as well as the,lookalike audience based off our video,viewers let's focus going forward on the,video viewers it's a small point but one,that can make a really big difference so,just one lookalike audience per ad set,no other detailed targeting options,honestly if we were targeting the whole,of the uk,um and we wanted to look like audience,based on or website listeners this is,exactly what our targeting would look,like it would just have the lookalike,audience in everything else would remain,the same keep it really really simple,now when i've created lookalike audience,videos in the past one of the questions,i always get is what you do if you're a,local business if we jump back to,audiences,and we take one of these examples let's,say instagram account engages,and we go ahead and create a lookalike,audience based off of this you'll see,that let's say i just wanted to toggle,brisk target bristol in the uk which is,a city and i can't do it right it's not,coming up as an option i have to add in,the united kingdom and a lot of local,businesses are like but hang on how does,that work i don't want to advertise to,the whole country i just want to,advertise to people within the specific,area here's what you do you create the,lookalike audience here for the entire,country and then you add in your,location targeting parameters at the ad,set level,top tip if you are doing this go with a,much larger percentage because,if it's one percent of the whole of the,uk and you're already targeting a tiny,little area,relative to the size of the country of,course um you want as many people in the,overall lookalike audience as possible,so that when you narrow it down you're,not ending up with a small audience so,if we're targeting just the city of,bristol for example we would very often,go with a 10 look like make it as large,as possible if we go ahead and click,create,audience and then jump back over to ads,manager,and then jump to the ad set level if i,just select this,and click edit,and if we scroll down now,and what i can do is i'll delete that,one out and put in the new one because,we've created a 10 look-alike because we,need the larger audience size so we've,got a 10 based on instagram accounting,gauges and we only want to target,bristol so you come in and add in here,location and instead of united kingdom,delete that out,you would just want to add in the,specific you know whether it's a city or,um,town or whatever or county or state or,whatever happens to be,uh bristol england and uh they didn't,copy the options was just looking for it,and then of course you do the same thing,do we want 25 25 miles do we want that,to be more like 15 it's up to us now,this local audience hasn't populated yet,so this audience definition stuff on the,right right-hand side is meaningless,don't worry about that once you've given,your um look-alike audiences and custom,audiences more time to populate this,will make,more sense but this is how you do it if,you're running this for a local business,create a large look-alike audience at,the country level add that in and then,remember all this stuff in here operates,as an ad function they must meet this,criteria the look-alike audience,criteria and they must fit into whatever,you add in here age gender,location etc and just before you go,there's a free resource i want to,quickly tell you about and that's a,webinar i've created that focuses on one,facebook and instagram ads technique the,single most important facebook ads,technique that you need to get right if,you want the best possible results if,someone came to me and said what's the,one thing i can do to massively improve,my results this is what it is exactly,what i cover in this webinar there's a,link in the description below it's,completely free strongly recommend you,go ahead and check it out and i also,want to make sure you've heard about the,latest announcements from facebook it,looks like we're in some really big,changes when it comes to facebook and,instagram ads i share all the details in,this video here if you're involved in,facebook instagram advertising if you,want to be running campaigns in the next,few months i'd strongly recommend you go,ahead and check it out

The above is a brief introduction to lookalike audiences target ads to facebook users who are

Let's move on to the first section of lookalike audiences target ads to facebook users who are

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lookalike audiences target ads to facebook users who are catalogs

The NEW Facebook Lookalike Audience Approach

The NEW Facebook Lookalike Audience Approach

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i'm going to talk about a new approach,to facebook lookalike audiences,a lot of people have been complaining,recently that since the ios 14.5,update was released and the changes that,have accompanied that have been put into,effect,they've complained that they haven't,seen as good results,with their facebook ads look-alike,audiences the look-alike audience,specifically,haven't performed as well as they used,to for a lot of facebook advertisers,look-alike audiences where our go-to has,that changed all that sort of stuff and,we've seen,some of the same stuff with our own,clients and we've,worked out a way to mitigate some of,that and help improve performance so i,think if you've,been advertising to facebook look-alike,audiences anyway but particularly if,you've seen a bit of a drop off after,the ios 14.5 update,and this is going to be really useful to,um,to help improve performance and to to,get things back up and running because,local accordances are great we don't,want to have to stop using them,before we're going to a very quickly ask,you to smash that like button and of,course subscribe to my channel if you,haven't done so already,um i release facebook advertising,related content all the time if you are,into facebook ads wanting good results,facebook ads,um i would strongly recommend you go,ahead and subscribe,anyway let's um let's get into it so i'm,in an example facebook ad account here,and,there's a bunch of stuff in here that's,just sort of created for demonstration,purposes hence why everything's below a,thousand,um over there and the issue that we're,having with lookalike audiences,is really around the source audiences,more than anything else,so we know that the ios 14.5 update,has reduced facebook's ability to track,user activity,that reduces the amount of data that,facebook has that reduces the,effectiveness of,a lot of things that facebook do within,their platform from a machine learning,standpoint,now look like audiences and if you don't,know what lookalike audiences are how to,set them up i'll include links to video,videos in the description of this video,to show you exactly how to do all that,i've got tutorials and all that sort of,stuff,lookalike audiences have been fantastic,and still can be,i want to make that quite clear but they,have been absolutely fantastic because,facebook's machine,learning around how to take a group of,people,and closely match those to other,facebook and instagram users,to help you get the best possible has,been amazing so you uploaded a list,a customer list previously and you say,these are the people that have bought,from me so far,go out facebook and find me an audience,of people that have bought,that are just like the people that have,bought from me because they're just the,sort of prospects that i want to,advertise to,those people that are gonna give me,great results and that's exactly what's,happened,and i've been an advocate for many years,of creating look-alike audiences based,off of in fact let's let's go ahead and,and pop this in there so i'll start with,the custom audience because that's,really where it starts,i've been a big fan it's probably my,favorite look-alike audience to be great,it's been a look-alike audience based,off of this source audience so it's been,website,uh visitors,and then specifically people who have,triggered,the purchase event okay and we'd,normally,increase that as much as we can 180 days,right,and that has been a fantastic um,source audience this isn't a look-alike,this is a source audience a custom,audience that you create a look-alike,audience off the back of,this has been a fantastic source,audience but as i just mentioned because,of the reduced tracking capabilities,who is being registered as a purchaser,within your facebook ad account and the,number of people that are being,registered,has decreased so we know that the people,that,haven't opted in to be tracked who are,ios users and have,updated to 14.5 which is most ios users,at this point,um they're not going to be included in,this and,that reduction in the size of the source,audience,has led to a less effective,look-alike audience and we've known that,that relationship has existed for a long,time so,if someone had a you know 500 people on,their customer list and they created a,look-alike audience from that or 500,purchases,as this sort of custom audience would,create and they created a look-alike,audience from that,and they completed that they competed,with someone um,who's got say 5 000 purchases registered,and they're using that as their source,audience to create their look-alike the,person with,5000 purchases registered is nearly,always going to perform better that,audience,the source audience has a lot more data,that helps facebook create a much more,accurate look-alike audience and that,helps improve performance,now for a long time there's been this,debate around which sort of,source audience you should use for your,look-alikes like should you go for,purchase,as this is this would be a source,audience for a purchase um,based look-alike should you use,something like i mean i haven't got it,set up because an example that account,but should you use,add to cart or something lower down,the facebook advertising funnel and what,you might have is a situation where you,say have you have 200 purchases,registered,but you have a thousand to add to cast,and you're thinking,well purchase is better because that's,more representative exactly who i want,to advertise to,but add cart has more data which one's,going to perform best and my,advice in that sort of scenario and,that's something i get asked a lot would,be to test both,usually thinking that purchase is going,to win particularly as you get more and,more,conversions but i think that what we're,seeing after the ios 14.5 update,is that creating look-alike audiences,based off of source audiences,that are larger is it has increased,priority,so whereas before let's say six months,ago if you had 200 purchases,and a thousand add to carts and you're,thinking which one should i create a,lookalike audience from,my recommendation then would have been,to test both but probably the look-alike,audience based off your 200 purchase is,going to perform better,now i would still recommend that you,test both,but the look-alike audience based off,the thousand add to carts,might now perform better and that's the,that is what i want to discuss in this,video and that is what i want to,describe and what we're trying,is to improve our look-alike audience,performance,we are increasing the size of the source,audience,if based on website data and that,is proving to be quite effective now of,course you could create a look-alike,audience of something,higher up in the funnel that has even,more data perhaps initiate check out,perhaps it's a pageview perhaps it's,based on all website visitors i'm not,just going to give you,this is the source audience for your,look-alikes,because it will depend on your business,the business with,10 000 purchase conversions registered,or 10 000 leads registered who is,optimizing for either purchases or leads,still wants to go ahead with that,look-alike audience that's going to,perform best so the best one for you is,going to depend on your circumstances,others to have,150 leads might want to go with all,website visitors,but i think that the shift that's,happened is you know along the continuum,of,going basing our look-alike audience of,people that have done exactly what we,want them to do versus,basing our lookalike audience off people,that have,that haven't quite taken all the steps,we want them to take but there's a lot,more of these people,okay we've just shifted from say here on,that continuum,back a notch with the ios 14.5 update so,i think you want to be using,larger source audiences where possible,particularly when you're creating your,look-alike audiences based off of custom,audience website custom audiences so,things like um purchase event or website,listeners or people who visit specific,pages and things like that,and i know that the majority of,look-alike audiences in my experience at,least,are based off of website custom,audiences that's the most common,the other thing that you can look to do,and that's that's the first major point,around,a new way of creating a facebook,lookalike audience is a new,approach to it that should help improve,performance particularly if you've seen,a drop-off,the other way that you can can do it,is by changing the type of custom,audience that you're using as your,source audience for your look like,audience,so if for example you are using,this setup so you've got um,you're using it based on website custom,data anyone who's triggered the purchase,event um you've gone for the maximum,days allowable which is,definitely recommended again in making,your source audiences larger you don't,want to put this at 30 days or anything,like that like make this,as big as you can instead of using this,setup instead in fact let's just go back,you could upload a customer list and you,would most likely have this data,somewhere,um and you would upload this customer,list that would contain,the information from the people that,have bought from you previously perhaps,you have that stored in an email list,via,mailchimp or whatever and that could be,a a different way to target,to basically end up with the same,results so instead of creating a,look-alike audience based off people who,have triggered the purchase event pixel,uh the purchase event via your um,you know the purchase event that's part,of your facebook pixel on your website,hopefully i haven't confused you too,much there but instead of using that,option,you could instead upload a list that,facebook can then match the people on,that list to facebook users,to then create a lookalike audience,based off the back of those,should come out with a similar result,now previously i was a fan of doing it,the other way so using the website,custom audience option because that,updates automatically,which is great um and saves a lot of,um manual work to come in and re-update,this,it also meant that you would match at a,higher percentage rate,so when you upload a customer list which,is what i'm now recommending by the way,when you upload a customer list,facebook has to take that data and match,it to facebook users facebook and,instagram users,they can't always do that so you might,see match rates of 40 50,something like that you're not going to,match everyone on that list so it's,better to do it or based off pixel data,before,but with these changes the ability to,track using pixel data has been,curtailed,therefore we're leaning more and more,towards customer lists and,of course another advantage of uploading,customer lists and this is more,important if you've been going a while,is that you might be able to upload,three years worth of customer list data,you can't go three years into the past,with um,facebook pixel data the maximum is just,gonna be 180 days so you can potentially,have a lot more people on that list,and as we now know the thing i want to,really get across here,is that the larger your source audience,so the larger your custom audience is,for your source audience the better,the resulting look-alike audience will,perform because facebook has more data,with which to create it,and accuracy and data matter a lot to,facebook's machine learning process,and these audiences by the way so you,can do it based off a customer list and,there are some other options you know if,i go back you could create,um a look-alike audience based on people,who have watched video of yours on,facebook or interacting with lead forms,or whatever,you know however your business is set up,you could do it based on facebook page,engagement or,instagram account engagement um which,would be really sort of,top of the funnel um source audiences,for lookalikes,always test this stuff you know don't,just be like this is the one test a,whole bunch test four or five see which,one performs best for your business,but what i'm getting across here is that,the larger audiences that are higher up,the funnel the larger source audiences,that higher up the funnel,are now performing better than they were,previously,after the ios 14.5 changes you want to,be shifting,your sources away from the end up,towards,higher up the funnel it's the big change,that we're making we're seeing that's,helpful,i think that facebook's basically,suffering from a bit of a,it's almost like a bit of data it's like,fasting it's like a little,mini little famine for facebook or on,the data stamp standpoint,so whatever you can do to add more data,into your,setup to help them out is proven,beneficial it's why larger retargeting,audiences are working as well,it's why um broader targeting is doing,well for a lot of advertisers,opening things up in general is helpful,certainly applies to,facebook look-alike audiences okay,before we go a couple of things i want,to quickly mention the first is our,facebook advertising services my company,lead guru is a facebook specialist,facebook and instagram advertising,agency,we create manage and optimize facebook,ad campaigns for our clients if that's,something,you would be interested in you can book,a free call with one of my team members,just click on the link in the video,description below you go through to a,page and a website,book straight into a calendar super,simple we do ask that you have at least,a 3k,uh facebook ad budget that's sort of our,minimum budget that we can start working,with a company,but if you do meet that criteria you can,book a call completely free no,obligation we can just find out more,about your business see if we can help,you can find out more about our service,um quite casual in in that sense um,other thing i want to quickly mention is,my facebook ads mastermind group so,we've gone past a hundred thousand,members,107 000 members right now my facebook,ads mastermind group,amazing community full of facebook,advertisers just like you completely,free to join you can ask questions get,them answered,i'm in there daily i do live trainings,free live trainings,links in the description go ahead and,join if that sounds like something that,you'd like to be part of,and if this video has been useful let me,know in the comments um i try to get as,many comments as i can,give this video a like thumbs up that,really helps me out and of course,subscribe to my youtube channel if you,are new and haven't done so already,best of luck with everything thanks a,lot guys bye for now

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