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Wholesale Vendors List | Fashion Go + LA Showroom what's up guys welcome back to my,channel thank yo

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

Wholesale Vendors List | Fashion Go + LA Showroom

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Wholesale Vendors List | Fashion Go + LA Showroom

what's up guys welcome back to my,channel thank you so much for tuning in,so today we're going to be talking about,my favorite wholesale vendors on la,showroom and, so if you guys enjoy these,kinds of videos,definitely subscribe to the channel i,would genuinely appreciate it,also click the bell button down below to,be notified every time i upload these,kinds of videos that you do not miss out,so,without further ado let's begin so, and la are,basically,two of my favorite websites where you,can purchase things wholesale so,basically it's like think of a mall like,a huge mall but online,that has a bunch of vendors a bunch of,stores and the stores,so close at a discounted price a,wholesale price,and because it's a low price you're able,to resell it and make a profit basically,that's like the whole point,of buying things wholesale you're able,to resell it online,on a website and make some sort of,profit out of it now just keep in mind,in order for you to have an la showroom,account and a account you,do need an ein number which is your,employee identification number and this,is basically like your social security,number for your business,i will have the website for you guys,listed down below so if you're in new,york or new jersey,try this site to sign up for your ein,number i also have a video on my channel,about how i started my own online,boutique so i'll have that link down,below as well,one thing to keep in mind is that with,these vendors i don't think you can do,a sample like you have to buy the actual,um item and what kind of sucks about it,is that it's either hit or miss like,you're either like it or you don't,and that's something that you want to,keep in mind it's risky,this everything's risky you know,financially it's going to be risky,you might lose money i've lost money,before so we're going to first start off,with hair collection,now have a collection they have so many,cute stuff,they have a mix of like dresses tops,bodysuits,sets rompers swimwear,jumpsuits pants skirts they have,basically everything,they also have some basic simple,bodysuits you know just a regular like,plain color like nude black white,um they also have stuff like that they,have really really cute sets they have,sets with like crop tops,and pants or crop tops and skirts all,right so next we have miss california,so miss california they have a lot,of dresses skirts jeans the whole nine,they also have like lots of bright,colors they have like some really nice,prints as well,some nice cute rompers and also,they have you know some cute like tops,for the summer next up is nikki biggie,nikki bicky has some really cute like,crop tops and leggings and,from their style it gives me workouts,or like a chill day plain and simple,nothing too,much they also sell plus size so they,have cute tops,leggings dresses jumpsuits bodysuits,and they also have you know workout,stuff so i see like a lot of workout,leggings,a lot of shorts and pretty much just,basic,colors they also sell bodysuits so if,you're looking,to sell stuff like that i would,definitely check them out as well,next we have pole now i like them for,their basics you know like they're basic,tops,uh basic sweats basic,just basics like they have really cute,basics and they have like,like basic sweaters cardigans things,like that they have like a home,section where they sell like pajamas,and you know snuggle wear loungewear,stuff like that so,i really really do like this site as,well they have like some really cute,pajama shorts really cute,like slides and slip-ons you know for,bed,so i really do like um i like their,little cozy section it's called home,actually home bipolar they also have,denim so like denim jeans denim jackets,denim rompers,so if you're looking for stuff like that,too check out pole girl,okay so now we're gonna move on to,fashion go, not fashion nova,shout out okay lets me log,in all right so we have,a lot of vendors on on i,saved the best for last okay so,let's get into it so we're gonna first,start off with nick and joe if you guys,have never heard of them before,oh my god like absolutely beautiful,pieces,nick and joe it's nick like nic and joe,when i tell you that they're bathing,suits,fire fire if you want to start your own,swim line you know check out nick and,joe,they have so many cute bathing suits and,you know it's a good time to start,selling bathing suits because,you know everyone's coming out of the,house you know everyone wants to go to,the beach to the pool vacation,get your customers grab them now while,you have that opportunity,this is the vendor this is the best,vendor i've,ever come across the next one is the way,it's just called the way they have some,really,cute club wear pieces so if you want to,sell,you know things for the club things for,like it kind of gives me like miami,vibes in a way,every time i look at their store i just,think of miami like just all of the,different prints and the colors the,patterns the way the clothes are,designed,it really just gives miami you know now,we have gyro clothing,so they have a mix of like,two pieces swim sets club wear i see,here,um like this purple dress kind of,considered like kind of club rear,this one is kind of clever um and then,the beach cover up,they have some cute stuff i don't like,this red top i don't think that's cute,and i don't like this at all but there's,a few things here that's like,decent that you can probably you know,give a try out with your customers see,if they like it,because you never know you have to,really find your customers you'll be,surprised that,like people might like you might see a,piece that you,don't like too much and you just try it,out and it sells out like within the,next day so,next we have melrose with love now,they have a really chill vibe i,see when i think of them in their style,it just reminds me,of just like a chill day with like,friends you know,just want to look cute look decent so,that's kind of what the pieces remind me,of,they have a few you know like you know,dinner with your boyfriend you know,dinner with your significant other,pieces but,overall it just reminds me of just like,a chill you know like a chill fit like,this jumpsuit,you know um this little two-piece set,this dress right here,now on about this grandma skirt they got,going on here but everything else is,pretty cute like i like this little,two-piece set that they have here i,think that's really adorable,you can definitely sell that on your,website i love this brown dress they,have here,even this like mesh dress this is really,cute,this is a really cute little mesh little,set,like that's really sexy and i love oh i,love that,that is cute for the beach,oh honey adorable so yeah,melrose with love really cute,now if you're selling or if you want to,add shoes,to your online boutique i got you okay,so,by the nova they have tons of shoes now,some of the shoes can be a hit or miss,like like these are ugly,these are really ugly they're giving me,i don't know i don't like them they have,they have some cute,heels like this is really cute these are,really cute to me,this with a nice dress the yellow ones,these were like really trending at one,point,these heels with like the um,the little diamond i mean whatever that,is,those were just going crazy they weren't,even,um available anymore i was gonna buy,them,like just to have they wasn't even,available anymore they were going,crazy with those like people were buying,them like,like that but they have a lot of,different shoes they have sandals they,have heels they have boots,um yeah really really cute stuff like,this is cute to me,i think these are really cute they have,different colors they have new they have,black they have green,these are cute they have different,colors too yellow,orange red so if you want to sell some,shoes,check out bella nova they got some,really cute stuff here like i think,these are cute just to walk around the,city,these are kind of cute to me these brown,ones and,only eight dollars so if you was to get,a pack,or two like three hundred dollars,you want to get just one 153,right and up here it show it tells you,like the size that you're getting,now when it comes to shoes it's a bit,different they don't give you like,you know too small to medium too large,for obvious reasons because,shoes come in like the size five and a,half over to 11 sometimes it could be,like,12. next we have melody now,they got some cute pieces it's a hit or,miss like they got some nice cardigans,you know um that's really all i see,okay this is a decent looking top this,one too this is a nice looking top,they have some nice cardigans i see this,dress,all the time all the freaking time and,this is,like probably one of the many vendors,that they're getting it from,um also alibaba is possibly where,they're getting it from too but,this is another vendor that i have come,across i haven't tried them yet,but i like some of their pieces i think,this would be a good vendor,for i think this would be a good vendor,for like,um the fall you know they have like nice,cardigans nice like sweaters and stuff,like that so,definitely keep them in mind also nice,jackets,that's cute for you know of course the,fall winter time next we have a g1k,now their style is a bit different they,have,decent things i would definitely,look into more like um,like this dress is trending a lot this,wrap,situation you see i've already got it on,but this wrap,dress or even top is trending a lot,right now a lot of people are buying it,a lot of stores are selling it so you,kind of want to,be on trend with certain things if you,notice that there's a trend going on,try to jump on that trend but yeah they,have plus size that's good too they have,nice plus size pieces definitely would,recommend them,next we have she now she is very cute,very much my style i really love the,pieces that they sell,they have really cute like beach sets,definitely check out she they have a mix,of like,jumpsuits dresses jeans tops you know,the whole nine,they also have like really cute,cardigans i used to love this,i don't know why i used to just be,obsessed with this colorful,cardigan so last but not least we have,uh,boswell fashion so they have a mix of,stuff too they have like really cute,tops pants dresses,jumpsuits rompers you know everything,that the other sides have,and they have jackets and stuff like,that but let's just view all i just want,to show you guys like their style,so yeah so this is what they sell um one,thing i would say about them is that,their quality is good and the,shipping is quick they have some really,cute summer pieces,really nice prints really really cute,basic things too,like this is a really cute basic thing,to put on and they also have different,colors to choose from,like i love this i think that this is,really really nice,flex like this is something just to,throw on you know what i'm saying they,also have like really cute shorts,you know really cute rompers the dresses,are really nice too,and they also have you know like i said,basics so i really do like them the,quality is amazing the shipping is fast,and i would definitely recommend them to,you guys,so all right so that's pretty much all,of my favorite vendors for la, and,hopefully you guys enjoyed this video,don't forget to check the description,box below for some more information i,will have links down below for each,vendor so that you guys can definitely,check them out,just keep in mind that you do need an,ein number in order for you to access,la showroom dot com and,the link below that i'm going to have,for you guys to register for eia number,is,only for new york so also keep that in,mind each state has their own website,specifically,for creating an ein number so you just,have to google,you know like ein sign up or ein number,and enter your state and it should give,you that direct link on google so yeah,if you guys enjoy these kinds of videos,please subscribe to my channel and give,this video a thumbs up i would genuinely,appreciate it,i love you guys so much thank you again,for tuning in and until,next time bye guys

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