ios 14 facebook ads what to do

 Did Apple Just Kill Facebook Ads? How to Combat iOS14! (Everything will be OK...) did apple just c

 Did Apple Just Kill Facebook Ads? How to Combat iOS14! (Everything will be OK...)

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 Did Apple Just Kill Facebook Ads? How to Combat iOS14! (Everything will be OK...)

did apple just change all of advertising,forever,i'm sure those are the headlines you've,been reading and i'm sure there's a,video above me below me left,or right ios 14 and digital advertising,as we know it,is going to change but is it the end of,the world,in this video we're going to talk about,what is actually happening,what you can do to make sure that you,have a proper game plan in place,and what we're doing as brand owners and,operators and advisors,to make sure that none of this truly,impacts us,okay so what is it what is this ios 14,update that apple is going to push,and why are all the social platforms and,advertisers and brands,freaking out simply put it's going to,impact two different things,the first is the way that data is,received from these devices,and second the way that us advertisers,brands,marketers are reading that information,in a timely manner now what can you do,about this,that is the thing that i want to get,into but first,let's talk about why this is coming,about apple,has always been at arm's length of,about to sell data about to be in a,position where they need to be in that,information game because why,it's so lucrative youtube google,snapchat pinterest you name it they're,selling the data and that's where a lot,of the income is coming from,apple not so much what they're doing is,they're selling hard devices whether,it's an ipad,macbook or the iphone that is a game,that they're in,but they can't live without each other,because the selling of these devices,and the usage of these devices mainly,around the app store as well as,digital products hello shopify hello uh,woocommerce all these,areas where they're selling actual,pieces and devices and accessories left,and right,that's dependent on these major,advertising platforms so they still need,to play nice,what does that mean for us what does,that mean for the brand owner the,advertiser and the marketer,well some things are going to be updated,let me get into exactly what those,things are going to be,and also make sure you stick around to,the end for a little surprise,so how is this going to impact you let,me just level set early on i'm not going,to save it for the ending,no matter what niche no matter what,industry no matter what you're doing,sas digital physical,local you will be impacted it's going to,practice in two specific areas,the optimization of your ad performance,and the measurement of your app,performance,we'll get into specifically what we can,do to prevent this or at least,have a good game plan before it but,honestly if you're using an ads manager,or a self-serve system you will be,impacted let's get into some things you,can do to give yourself the best,opportunity,to be ready for when these changes do,happen okay,so don't freak out right now we're at,part three,we're gonna talk about things that you,can do to mitigate and,prepare for what's about to happen now,this should have already happened this,was the conversation around january,now we're into february and the update,still hasn't totally happened you might,start to see,some things losing access maybe there's,some data that's not populating,and that might just be facebook being,facebook we're used to that they're,always pushing updates,but i do think there's a little bit of,foreshadowing of what's to come so in,this,i want you to really focus on some of,the context i'm going to talk about,and two action items that you can do to,prevent and be ready for when this does,happen for you,so i'm already here at our business,manager we do have a couple of the,businesses that we work for but i'm,going to show you on one of the main,brands that we own as you never get in,probably going to drop you off into your,overall,business home i need you guys to,navigate towards those business settings,clicking down on the left,coming in now what we see is on the left,side a little bit of our navigation,so what i want us to do is go towards,brand safety,select that domain as you can already,see this business has already been,verified,now say we wanted to add a different one,go ahead and go,david on,it would prompt us to use two different,locations easiest way of doing this,is pulling in the meta tag verification,and dropping it into your actual home,page which,shopify provides this woocommerce,provides this any of these,platforms do provide this i'm not,positive on click funnels,but click funnel anybody here that's an,expert go ahead and comment that below,and help out the rest of your friends,so after this has been verified it will,look something similar to this,it'll turn green you might have to wait,maybe 24 to 48 hours,depending on how you've done it if,you've done it correctly but if it turns,green,you're good to go cool so as you can see,the assets that are connected pages,domain access and it will show you who,can edit this what can make updates,anybody can edit and add links any page,can add links to your domain of their,facebook ads,that way if you have a partner maybe an,agency or freelancer running it,they're able to make decisions on your,behalf and you don't you yourself don't,have to go back and forth and do it,next is going to be prioritizing the,pixel events probably the most crucial,and critical one,for you to do you only get eight of,these it's different,it's new but honestly eight is not that,much of an issue,you don't need more than eight unless,you're trying to do some special custom,conversions,or you're optimizing heavily on value,you should be okay,let me show you what that looks like,what's up guys before we get back to it,if you're enjoying this video go ahead,and smash that like button,and if you have any recommendations on,what you want to hear about facebook ads,as you're launching,getting started let me know in the,comments below let's get back into it,you're gonna head hit the nine circles,we're gonna navigate toward events,manager now once the events manager,populates,you should see this new little,button populating right here,traditional view there it is aggregated,events measurement,and what if we were to hit configure,events it would look something similar,to this,so as you can see david vaughn it's,already been validated it's already been,verified,if i click in it again i already have,eight of these events already assigned,now some of you,it won't look like five events we're,optimizing for,value so that does take up extra events,even if you do custom conversions it,will take up,a couple more events so i would edit,this you'll get this nice prompt once,apple begins enforcing the app,tracking transparency framework or the,att that little prompt that probably,looks something like this,that's going to scare everybody into,selecting out that's my assumption but i,actually don't think,most people do it if facebook and,instagram can get their own prompt which,they are saying a lot about them doing,right before this att prompt comes i,think we'll be in a better position,because right now,this wording is a little bit more harsh,than expected so back in,once apple begins rolling out this app,tracking transparency framework on ios,14 devices,changing the event configurations will,cause any impacted ad sets,and ads to be paused for a 72 hour,period to allow the changes to take,effect,what this means is as soon as this does,roll out and you want to go change the,prioritization or add new events to,optimize for,you're gonna have to wait 72 hours,before things come into play,which in our recommendation if you're,going to change it after the fact,just turn the ads off until everything,gets updated go ahead and hit edit,something to highlight since we are,optimizing for value,and i'll highlight over this,it's a little bit of the optimization,game if you believe optimizing for value,in some of your campaigns is the most,valuable way of going through it,right now in our experience it's very,hit or miss,it's something that i believe that you,should test but i wouldn't if you aren't,running massive volume what i mean,quarter million half a million dollars a,month,something for you to realize you don't,necessarily need to be optimizing for,value,now if you have a custom conversion if,you're running any leads sas maybe,pay-per-click pay-per-call,this might be important because there,might be a step two or step three that,you really do need to optimize against,but for a traditional e-commerce play,this should be more than enough,as you can see we prioritize view,content as the lowest priority,added cart then initiate checkout and,then finally purchase,i am going back and forth between adding,an ad payment info just to get another,data point,but yet i'm not fully convinced that i,want to make that decision just yet,but if you have i would love to hear if,you did in the comments below,so as you can see we have purchase,initiate check edit cart and view,content,the events that matter the most this is,the order we want this is the order i,recommend,if you did need to change it or make any,sort of updates,and i needed to lower this down it would,allow me to do so but right now since,i'm using all eight out of eight,everything is already grayed out,ultimately these two specific changes,of verifying your domain and,prioritizing your pixel events,are going to give us the best,opportunity to be prepared when this,stuff,does drop and honestly like i said,before it's in february 2021 right now,and we still don't know when this is,going to come out,they said it was going to happen back in,january and honestly,will it ever happen i don't know but,everybody's still freaking out about it,let me tell you exactly what i and my,team are doing to prepare,so that when this does happen if this,does happen we're ready and we're gonna,be the first ones out the gate,all right so what are we doing to make,sure that we're prepared,we're ready and we're not freaking out,well that's exactly what we're doing,we're not freaking out this hasn't,happened yet and there's a lot of,chatter especially across a lot of my,friends and,and those are in the industry nothing,firm has happened,so we're definitely not buying software,tools that are going to give us,server server communication that's one,thing we're not,now we're taking business calls and,we're taking calls with the hiros,the get lavarz the wiki reports we're,looking at these data tools that give us,a nice bigger picture of attribution but,we're not freaking out,educating ourselves what i recommend for,you which is probably why you're,watching this video,second we're doubling down on,understanding what creative is going to,work,it's crazy that we're in 2021 and we're,having to discuss the importance of,understanding and analyzing,specific elements of creative that drive,revenue,consistently it really is a puzzle it,really is a mathematical equation,with a nice creative element towards it,so what i do recommend is understanding,and breaking down the type of content,that we're running towards,now this means the type of content shot,the duration of the content shot,the models or people used in the shot,the structure of the ad itself the,duration the placement of that,what we like to call is our content,bricks breaking down analyzing and fully,understanding,where conversion's happening at four to,five seconds of this one specific,creative,we're starting to see that the,click-throughs are increasing because,the click-throughs are increasing,revenue is being driven more likely from,this type of ad versus this ad over here,that's the type of conversation that you,your team and other marketers should be,having,because at the end of the day it's all,creative baby and it's an iterative,process,it's not seeking for perfection because,you and i both know if you're watching,this video you care enough,to continue to find solutions personally,ads die out,ad fatigue is real but a concept is,forever,especially if you can keep reiterating,upon it so what i like to say is,hire a designer get to know their style,if not use a service that are able to,give you more iterations,more variables consistently as constant,as you can get into your system,and lastly map towards an mer,marketing efficiency ratio that simply,put,dollars spent to dollars returned,previously,we're able to make decisions on an ad,account and we're able to map exactly to,the revenue driven within shopify or,whatever your cart is going to be,you have to take a little bit more of a,zoomed out approach,so many of us are running through the,trees and not taking a look at that,forest,that forest is profitability what is,your net profitability,on a one day three day seven day and,that monthly basis,that's our guiding true north a lot of,us are sitting in these ad accounts and,going day over day optimizing,and being really frustrated because,guess what that one change or impact,that you did within the ad account,is not necessarily going to feel the,impact or you're not going to see in,your pocketbook,for a couple more days that's what,optimization is especially as we spent,the millions and millions of dollars,that we are spending you have to give,yourself,kind of like a final one room for it to,breathe launch your test,understand your decision making metrics,making good decisions that mgd,and begin to optimize if you want to,learn a little bit more about how we're,doing all this stuff,go ahead and click the description below,because i guarantee you you'll learn one,or two things if not,come back and leave me a comment i'd,love to do some more education for you,let's take a breath together,you're going to be okay the digital,advertising world has existed for a long,time and it's going to continue to exist,so for you right now go ahead and put,those domains,verified prioritize your pixel events,and get to learning your creative those,are the three areas that i think will,give you the best opportunity,to weather anything that's coming down,the line hey and guess what,if you need some support if you need,someone to listen to you if you need a,shoulder to cry on,i'm in the comments below hey guys i,hope you enjoyed that video and learned,heaps from it,and if you did i'd love to invite you,right now to see my free training with,founder,i'll be teaching you how to get started,with facebook ads i'll be revealing,everything i've learned from spending,100 million,on platform and all you have to do is,click the link in the description and,i'll see you inside,hey guys hope you're loving our videos,and that you're getting heaps of value,from them,if you are make sure to hit the like,button and make sure to subscribe to,join the founder fam,if you did enjoy this video and want to,continue to master your skills,make sure you click here to access your,free training now,we will go into way more depth with this,founder

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