i'm getting ads in my newsfeed in facebook how to stop

Block Facebook Ads | How to Turn Off Ads on Facebook 2022in this video i am going to show you,how to

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Block Facebook Ads | How to Turn Off Ads on Facebook 2022

in this video i am going to show you,how to turn off ads on facebook in 2022,nowadays,we all are disturbed with,annoying ads,which we don't want to see on our,facebook,profile,or news feed,we all are disturbed with this kind of,sponsored ad,which,shown on our news feed,i'll show you one more here is another,one,if you want to stop this kind of ads,or,while watching a video,sometimes you will find,ads,today i am going to show you how to turn,off this kind of ads on facebook,watch the full video to learn,open your facebook app and tap on the,three vertical lines for menu,scroll down,and,find settings and privacy,under settings and privacy,tap on privacy shortcuts,scroll down and find add preference,here we'll find ad preference,learn how,ads,work on facebook and how we used data,to make the ads that you see more,relevant,from here,facebook will decide which ad you should,watch or not,tap on this,and then,tap on add settings,scroll down,you will find,manage data,used to show you ads,here you will find four option,data about your activity from partners,category used to reach you,audience based advertising,ads shown of facebook,we'll go through,all of these one by one,tap on the first one,and you will find,choose whether you can use data from our,partners to show,your personalized ad,turn this off,was this section useful,yes,go back,tap on the second option,here you will find,profile information,turn off all of this,and then,tap on the fourth option,turn off,you can review this what you should know,after turning off all of these,tap on advisors,which,companies ad you are,showing now,you can hide all of these,if you hide all of these they will not,be able to show their ads to you,here you will find some more ads,you can hide all of this one by one,it may take some time but you will find,result,was this section useful,yes,go back,at topic,by this way you can turn off ads on,facebook in 2022,now,close,facebook,and,open again,you will find less ad,thanks for watching this video if you,like this video share with your friends,give a like,thanks for watching till the end

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i'm getting ads in my newsfeed in facebook how to stop catalogs

How to Share Your Facebook Ads to your Facebook Page or Personal Facebook Profile

How to Share Your Facebook Ads to your Facebook Page or Personal Facebook Profile

hey what's going on got a great question,here on how to actually take one of your,ads and turn it into a Facebook page,post so I'm going to show you two,different ways you could do that first,requires access into the ads manager you,could have view only or admin rights in,this case I'm in here under view only so,I've come into the campaign ad set in,ads and I'm looking down through the,post I potentially want to share and I,can come in here and click on whichever,one click the preview button over here,and you'll see a little preview of what,its gonna look like on mobile newsfeed,if I wanted to change that to desktop,newsfeed here's what it would look like,but I'm gonna click here on the ad,preview drop this down and go view,Facebook newsfeed this is gonna put it,right into my newsfeed here okay as I,come down here you're gonna see the,share button is enabled so I can come on,this and I can share this and when I do,I can share it now share it to a page or,just share it to my story right so you,have the option on how you want to share,it even you can share it into a group,which is really nice so if you're,managing like a buy here pay here type,group or a buy sell group that's in one,of your local areas I see a lot of,pre-owned dealers creating these groups,you could just take this and go ahead,and share that right in there so if I,want to go ahead and share this right,now my friends here's what's gonna look,like I just go ahead and shared it I'm,gonna come back to my poke my my time,line right and take a look at what this,would look like if I were looking at my,time line so here it is so you can see,it just posted that in here gave you my,header my shop now will bring me right,in to wherever I had it now the one big,difference is gonna remove all the UTM,codes that we have on there and it's,just gonna come in looking like a,Facebook organic post so just know that,it won't tie in to any of your Facebook,ad metrics at this point as a whole,second way you can do this is you can,actually come in to page post and the,way to do that is underneath your little,menu bar up here you're gonna see,there's a whole bunch of different areas,but if you come up and you look for,engaged customers page post your header,might look a little different this is,the latest version of it you're gonna,drive into this screen where it gives,you your scheduled post publish post,there's also a great tool by the way if,you want to create posts and schedule,them in the future without using a,third-party tool and doing it natively,inside Facebook you could just come in,here and do that right here here's all,the published posts that you've done so,far so here's all the different ones,that are coming up all your engagement,on here but,here's the ads that are connected to,this page and what's cool about this you,could just scroll down find the one you,like so let's say it's this one here you,click on here nice carousel that you've,got this one hasn't started running ads,yet it looks like it's in pre-approval,but what we can do here is we could,share it again you get you could choose,down here how you want to share that if,you wanted to share it under your,freaking out with the screen recorder,here but you can share this as yourself,if I came back on here or you could,share it as the dealership so in this,case I'm just going to go ahead and,share this as the dealership when I come,on here share I can pick this as share,page you might manage and I could just,pick it right here I can either add a,description on here which is nice or I,can just choose to post it right now on,here in general right you can also share,it to your Timeline do some other things,on here so it's a great little quick way,to share things out to your page put it,out there and be able to share some of,your ads that we're building for you out,on your organic side so hopefully this,helps you if you have any questions let,us know

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